Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1223

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First Jorah (4)

that it is strong.

I wondered if the human intellect and the system we had created were all because of weakness.

before Ymir.


The moment Ymir’s fist hit the ground, the earth shattered in disgrace.

“Is it like this, the day humans are annoying


Tons of dirt piled up on the crater’s outskirts exploded, revealing the appearance of Gangnan.

“Oh, Mr.… …

Spitting out the dirt in her mouth, she tried to forget the fact that she was Gaia’s body.

“Thousands Arms Guanyin.”

The two arms of the maze moved, and the incarnation of the Thousand-Handed Guanyin filled the sky with repeated blows.

All of Mir’s joints were bent as the huge palm hit the ground.

“Is this all?” It was only a shock, but defeating Ymir was a completely different matter.

“You only came into my world this much?”

As Ymir strained his arms, the first level of depth began to shake terribly.

Miro gritted his teeth with a tired expression.

‘What’s with all that stuff?’

If everything in the world could be converted into numerical values, it seemed that all conditions had been raised to the end.

“Shim Kwon.”

The moment Ymir held out his fist, the fist was right in front of him before he knew it.

‘Thousands Arms Guanyin.’

Time slowed down, and afterimages of the arm unfolded at each minimum unit of time the maze split.

And all those afterimages… … .

‘Ten thousand.’

It was an incarnation technique applied as a real shock.


Ymir’s waist was bent at the jangju that poured down at a gap close to vibration.

‘Is this pain?’

In the first place, since I had hardly felt pain, there was no definition for it.

‘I know it’s quite an unpleasant feeling.’

Ymir raised an eyebrow.

“Why do you hate something that feels so good?”


Power entered Miro’s eyes.

‘You should know too.’

Even if it was 1/10,000 of the pain Gaold felt.

As she moved her arms, the incarnation of Guanyin with Thousand Arms did the same.

‘Coming again.’

Ymir had a hunch.

‘It’s an impossible ability to evade.’

To Kannon, who contemplates the world from the edge of the universe, there is no blind spot.

Ymir snorted.


Then, he threw his fist at the place where the Thousand Arms Guanyin’s Fifteen Lyojang Law surged.

The moment when a shock is applied to the center of the field law, how overlapped it may be.

The maze was languid.

‘ uh?’

The landscape is distorted, as if copied

Children with the same faces burst into laughter, and tens of thousands of puppies were shaking their waists in the same way.


As with Ymir’s attack, it wasn’t just material things he destroyed.


When the state of the extreme line returned to its senses, this large body of Mir filled the field of vision.


Time slowed down again, but this time Miro wasn’t sure if he would be able to match the timing.


When everything is done in slow motion.


The only thing that came flying at great speed hit Ymir in the temple.

The giant’s head snapped to the side, and he stopped his charge in that state.

Miro and the others barely escaped delirium and blinked their eyes in surprise.

Blood trickled down Ymir’s temples.

”… … 。}<and.”

It was unpleasant, obvious pain.

Where he turned his head, Gaold was standing with the air gun fired.

“Was it you?”


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The person who opened the in-depth level 1.

After observing the maze for a while, Gaold turned his head and moved on.

“Why, what are you doing?”

Ymir’s expression returned to Gaold’s words.

“Geuk, what with the torn skin? Well, I’ll tell you it’s quite good for a human.”

Sein let out a quiet voice.

‘Ymir is right. The situation is still hopeless.’

In a situation where it was all about conveying the senses, it only gave a little pain.

‘Battle is to completely destroy the target. Being happy that some blood was shed is something that happens only in children’s fights.


As Gaold charged, Ymir also took a receiving posture with a delighted expression on his face.

“wait! Pincer… … !”

Before Miro could finish his words, the delirium broke out again as they were hit.

‘This is really irritating.’

Meanwhile, Ymir was intrigued by Gaold, whose magical powers had not diminished in the slightest.

“Is it psychic?”


A madness shone in Gaold’s eyes in great pain.

“It has a taste from the beginning.”

When the air gun exploded like a shotgun, Ymir’s expression began to wrinkle little by little.

‘This child… …

If only the pain that can’t be repeated twice exceeds this limit, the number of walls Gaold has crossed.

“Air Press.”

Because it is equal to the suffering of all mankind.

“Three? OOOI” He was still the deepest human being at the center of good and evil.


The moment Ymir, unable to hold on, screamed, the sound of a crunch was clearly audible.

Then the earth collapsed into a cylinder, and a tremendous explosion rushed through the basement.

It was absurd because it was a spiritual world, but if it was real, it would have been a disaster comparable to a natural disaster.


When the maze and the others, who were blown away by the strong winds, came back, shaking off the dust, they opened their mouths in disbelief at the unreal sight.

“I-that… …

Ymir’s right arm was broken.

“how is it?”

Gaold asked.

“Are you sick now?”

Ymir looked back at his grotesquely bent right arm.

‘ sick.’

It was not at the level of expressing discomfort in words.

‘It’s similar to the senses that Ogent gave me. No, maybe even more than that.’

The moment he realized, Ymir’s temperament changed and he raised the corner of his mouth at Gaold.


That face with black pupils and only red pupils smaller than grains of rice.

“It means you’re alive.”

It was so terrifying and alien that I didn’t even think of beings living in the same universe.


Kang Nan couldn’t stand the moaning.


It could be said that there was nothing more terrifying than that, but Gaold remained unconcerned.

“It’s great, I feel alive.” This is because there is nothing to be afraid of for a philosopher who has reached the deepest level of human beings.

“It has to be alive, because it can be killed.”


Ymir’s body disappeared after a short laugh, and Gaold twisted his back rapidly.

In a fleeting moment, Sein remembered.


An unprecedented collision.

There was no sound, no sight, no impact, just a phenomenon close to the limit of flames.

The shock that transcends the five senses raised the dream time to a level close to reality.

In the midst of that enormous amount of information, Sirone’s body trembled as she was receiving the lore dream.

Another huge piece of data.

The most intense event in the life of the first Jorah, Yorahhan was being transmitted.

“haha! That is also true.”

Johann, married to Armand, has a ball every day.

He went out to the field and preached philanthropy to the Hwajok.

“If someone hits me, should I hit that person too? hard problem. But I think so. If I fight back, the violence will be justified. On the other hand, if I forgive that person, that person will also forgive someone, and then one day… …

The fire tribes shouted.

“It becomes a world full of love!”

“that’s right. Of course it’s not easy. But if we don’t get here, there will be no life on earth in the very distant future.”

Yorahhan’s lifespan is short, but the ideas he created will last for eternity.

‘We have to decide now, our destination.’

“Sir, I have a question for you.”

“okay. Ask me anything.”

“Today’s content was about love. Then, teacher, how do you fall in love with Armand?”

“Today’s class is over.”

When Yorahhan closed the book and stood up, the Hwajok moved their bodies with crying expressions.

“iced coffee! Tell me, sir!” He shook his head as he returned home, leaving behind the children’s voices and running away.

“Anyway, I can’t dry it.”

S = rot ▲ 己

– ‘ O ? 1 1 ~ ■ O ?

Sitting on the floor of the cabin, Armand was sharpening his sword on a wide whetstone.

“what’s the matter? Did the kids have another accident?”

“haha! Nothing. Anyway, why the knife all of a sudden? Are you preparing to hunt?”

“huh. All the birds I caught are gone. Maybe I should move the hunting ground.”

In just two years, the territory of humans had expanded further, reaching even the territory of the Hwajok.

“Come with me.”

“not today. It’s too late. If you go by yourself, an hour will be enough.”

Even if he was accustomed to hiking, it was impossible to catch up with the best warrior of the fire tribe.

Johann grumbled.

“It’s because I’m worried. The area of ​​the blue river has already been cleared. I heard that it is the Mikas Kingdom.”

“What kind of place is it?”

“I’ve heard rumors, but haven’t seen it. At the time, it was a provincial domain, but it seems to have grown rapidly.”

Steep growth means that the leader’s disposition is also belligerent.

“I guess I will have to move. I’ll look for a suitable place tomorrow.”

Armand’s movements as he sharpened his sword stopped abruptly.

“Actually, I don’t know.”

“Of course I know how strong you are. There’s such a thing as just one thing… …

“No, the philanthropy you claim. Do you really think that is possible?”

Armand turned his head.

“Look at me now. You’re trying to kill a bird to get food. this

Could it also be violence?”

Johann sat down in his chair.

“maybe… … I guess so.”

It is not something to worry about in reality, but there should be no contradiction in the idea of ​​immortality.

‘Absolute fraternity. A world where everyone is considerate eventually gets stuck in the problem of eating and breeding.’

If this issue is not resolved, the logic of fraternity will one day collapse.

“How about going out to the human world?” Yohann doubted his ears.

“huh? what?”

“No one raises an issue here. Wouldn’t there be a better way if we hit it directly?”

Of course it is.

That’s why Yorahhan didn’t intend to stay with the Hwajok for a long time at first.

‘Not now. They say everyone is family.’

More than anything, I was worried about Armand.

“no. won’t leave enough here A little more research will surely give you a solution… …


Armand has arrived.

“I didn’t trust humans. I didn’t inherit the will of my ancestors. But after meeting you, I realized If all humans can be like you, I will be brave too.”

“Armand… …

“Let’s go together. we are one If it’s what you want, then of course I should too.”

she continued with a smile.

“Besides, I am different from the other fire tribes. There is no passivity, and you can eat food. You can live like a human.”

“Hey, honey.”

Johann was in tears.

“thank you. Thank you so much. I love you, honey.”

“… … Squeezing.”

at this point.

Even while accepting the dream, Sirone’s subconscious questioned.

‘Feeding and breeding.’

This is because even after countless hours have passed, the contradictions of living things have not been resolved.

‘But he is the first Jorah.’

Indeed, Yorahan faces the biggest homework of living things: feeding and breeding.

‘Love without an inch of evil, absolute fraternity… …

What did you define?

continues in the next volume

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