Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1222

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First Jorah (3)

The time was going towards 9:00 at night.

A bloody smell came from the engine room of the temple, the warehouse, or the cellar where the wild rats hid.

It was the smell of goblin blood, different from that of humans.


Kido, who held the double-edged spear wide, rolled on the floor with his amber pupils flashing.

The figure spinning on its back looked like an ant hell with dozens of blades.

“Jincheon witchcraft.”

The magic eye of the Anchal flashed.

“A mighty giant.”

The bricks on the ceiling became hollow like water droplets, and then they became huge feet and stamped Kido down.

Kido’s eyes widened as if they would bulge out, and his body sank inside as if imprinted in the dirt.

Natasha moved.

‘I blocked it.’

She isn’t aiming for Kido, but for Uorin, who is clinging to the wall.


‘Can I just kill that?’

The moment she rushed at the speed of sound and stabbed her sword at the nape of Uorin’s neck.


Kido, who pushed off the giant’s foot, blocked his way before he knew it and grabbed Natasha’s wrist.

It wasn’t pushed back by the power of Jibakryeong, but the sonic shock wave was delivered intact.


Natasha turned her head to avoid Kido’s blood.

“… … They are really strange animals.” Kido, covered in blood all over his body, proved his fighting spirit by revealing his sharp teeth.


“You’re slower than me, how can you catch me?”

At that moment, Wu Orin, her face pale, sat down on the ground gasping for breath.

“ha. ha.”

I thought I was dead.

Because it was so fast, Natasha’s capital even felt the pain going through her neck.

‘however… … Illusion?’

After the battle started, I experienced the same dozens of times, but I still couldn’t adapt.

that death is.

‘It can’t end like this. I must live.’


“Kid too.”

The moment the words leaked out between his clenched teeth, Rai cut Kido’s side.


Kido’s pupils shook, but Rai was displeased with the lukewarm taste of his hands.

‘I couldn’t cut it.’

The moment the blade entered, tremendous flexibility was activated and the trace of the sword was shed.

‘You’re more sensitive than me?’

No, it blocks the giant’s mighty power, and even captures Natasha’s speed, which is hard to follow with the naked eye.

‘It’s a monster in a different sense.’

Wu Lin asked.

“Kiddo, are you okay?”


“help me. i must live know?”


She was not disappointed because only Sirone lived in her heart.



I was thirsty again.

‘Why are you doing this?’

Just like when I protected Andre’s labyrinth, I felt like it would dry up if I didn’t fill it up.


Almost instinctively, Kido opened his mouth wide and bit Natasha’s arm.

“Jjong! Soong!”

Natasha was motionless as she slit her flesh with her fangs and sucked the blood that flowed out.

Then, when Kido raised his head with glossy lips, he slowly stepped back and asked.

“… … Is it delicious, my blood?”

“It is foolish.”

Rai drew his sword and approached.

“He eats other people’s memories. That guy’s skills are made up of the talents of many people. To offer up your incarnation so easily. The battles will be more difficult in the future.”


Natasha shrugged.

“But I was curious. What it feels like to have my body eaten by another creature.”

There was no reason to cooperate anyway since they were of different nationalities, but Rai didn’t like it.


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“I surpassed your talents simply out of curiosity.

Are you aiming for it?”

“haha! is it?”

Lai, who believed that he was not a match for words, sighed and looked back at Kido.

‘Did he absorb it too?’

The eyes were different, and in fact, Natasha’s blood was passing through Kido’s veins and conveying memories.

‘This woman.’

Kido’s nose twisted.

” genius… …

… … before winning.

“How hard have you been?”

The number of walls she had to overcome before she could activate Shinigami’s Dance from the state of her spine being severed.


It was not something Kido could dare to absorb.

“I just did it until it was done.” Rai’s face contorted.


Isn’t that a contradiction?

‘Can I do it until it’s done? If that doesn’t work, then the world is unfair. That’s why I’m talking about talent.’

Rai suddenly stopped thinking.

talent, talent, talent.

‘Lian, that idiot… …

He was a swordsman who did not have as much talent as his fingernails.

said Natasha.

“what? I see a nail. I was looking forward to seeing how the goblin danced. Then can we start over?”


Once again, fresh blood spurted from Kido’s neck.


Uorin’s nervous voice brought his mind back from death.

‘I know, I know.’

That I can no longer die at will.


Natasha stopped in her tracks just as Kido, who had picked up the spirit that was falling apart, was about to jump out again.

“ah-ha, I see.”

Then he pointed at Uorin and asked.

“Do you love this woman?”

It’s like saying how a goblin or something can love the queen… … .

“Come on.”

Kido’s heart was drying up even more.

That moment.


Anchal’s voice was heard.

“Yes, that’s fine. Please speak.”

The bell-shaped earrings only swayed, but it seemed like they were having a conversation with someone.

“I haven’t dealt with it yet. But soon… … . all right. Yes, I will.”

It was an instruction to return to the Jincheon sector.

‘To miss all the fish I’ve caught.’

If it was the empress of Kashan, it would have been a great deal, but Anchal was also not dissatisfied with this order.

‘Really? With Perm Mineral… … It was because there was nothing more important than rescuing Jin Seong-eum, the princess of Jincheon.

“The Empress.”

Anchal, who was about to say something to Wu-rin, shook his head as if it was no use.

backed away.

‘Princess, please be patient.’ A grim reaper was born and her body disappeared as if sucked into the spirit world.

Breaking the silence, Natasha said.

“I want to stop too. The time Vulcan said has passed. The Empress is taken by Tormia.”

Rai was speechless.

Although Gustav 4 was originally insane, he was a soldier who obeyed orders.

‘the problem is… …

That he could never overcome Kido with his own strength.

“let’s go. We have to run away now.”

Kido, who pulled Uorin by the arm, slowly moved while watching the two of them.

Natasha waved her hand.

“cheer up. In fact, even from my point of view, it is not the appearance that women will like, but the heart is important.”

He couldn’t express it because he had no eyelids, but he seemed to be smiling.


Kido left a threatening sound as he disappeared into the darkness, but Natasha was relieved.

“Should I go too soon?”


Rai called.


“Did you say you can do it until you can?” Knowing what Rai meant, Natasha put on a puzzled expression.


After being cut by Rian, it was because she also understood the sense of defeat a little now.

“sorry. I didn’t mean that. just i… … I just said that in my case.”

Rai was tough.

“You don’t have to sympathize. What I want to know is the fact and the truth. Do you really think so?”

“Hmm, if you ask me that much. uh, right I just did it until To be honest, I think that’s all there is to it. After fighting him, I became more confident.”

“that person?”

“They say it’s Ogent Lian… … Rai’s eyebrows twitched.

“That’s right, if you’re the same prosecutor, you’ll understand. I heard that you are uniquely strong in swordsmanship.”

“Of course you know. Because he is my brother.”


Natasha pursed her lips.

“Are you really Lian’s brother? But at all

It’s different.”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly like this. You put meaning into every single word. That guy was the exact opposite. I just said it because my hair color is different and I can’t relate well.” she pointed to herself.

“I lost to Lian.”

‘Is it so?’

Having seen Natasha’s strength, I could tell how high Lian was.

“That was when I first learned what defeat was. Perhaps the reason he was able to defeat me was because he was aiming higher than I was.”

“The best prosecutor is everyone’s dream. But not everyone can be the best. I don’t think my efforts are inferior to him. If all you do is do it until you are done, why can’t everyone be strong?”

Natasha laughed.

“You really don’t know anything.”


“sorry. it’s not ignoring Actually, I am a dancer, so my field is different, but I think that the meaning of doing it until I am perfect is different from working hard for a month or doing it efficiently.”

“Then what?”

Natasha raised her index finger.

“It means doing everything you can.” Rai was dazed.

“Learning something means you have inscribed that skill into your body. So what should I engrave with? As far as I know, there is only one. It is pain.”

Natasha continued.

“People are selfish, so they have a habit of repeating the same mistakes. That’s why I carve it with pain. because… …

Natasha said, recalling the years of endurance.

“Human beings never go through the same pain again.”

Rai frowned.

‘Am I being lazy?’

Maybe he did, but he had never sought comfort since being overtaken by Rian.

” I am??????

“Yeah, I know.”

Natasha knew what she was talking about.

“But you keep doing the hard work over and over again. Whatever you did, if you can do it again, it means it wasn’t painful enough. Of course, my skills will improve, but I can’t overcome the wall at that level.”


Something that Ryan had and that he didn’t have.

‘ is it?’

He’s every moment… … .

“Do you want to go over the wall?”

said Natasha.

“Then, carve your skills into your body. In such terrible pain that I will never be able to do it again. When you’re so sick, you’re sure you can’t do this again… …

She drew a parabola, moving her index and middle fingers.

“Humans go beyond their limits.”

“That guy is every moment… …

Were you pushing yourself into territory that could never be repeated?

Seeing Rai’s dazed expression, Natasha turned around.

“So goodbye.”


“What else?”

Natasha turned around with a look on her face.

“Why are you telling me this? Tormia is Gustav’s enemy country, and in the temple… …

“What’s so complicated? It would be nice if we let each other know and help each other. Do you like swords too?”

She sighed as Rai still stood there with a face that didn’t understand.

“It is really different. Even though they are brothers.”

A bitter smile soon formed on her lips.

“… … Is it because it’s not like everyone else?”

It was true that Rai’s jealousy and nervousness reminded him of his old friend Daphne.

Although she broke Natasha’s back, Rai hoped the outcome would be different.

“I wish you well. Then really goodbye, Mr. Yeminnam.”

Even she disappeared into the darkness, and Rai murmured in the empty basement.

“Mr. Sensitive?”

Then, with a sudden frown, he drove his sword into the hard stone floor.

“shit! You’re looking at me funny!”

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