Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1221

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First Jorah (2)

At the Delta Headquarters, Code One and summit meetings were progressing rapidly.

Sirone headed for Jincheon’s sector.

‘This is a tie.’

She had received confirmation from the Tribal Union of the South, Corona of the Ivory Tower, and the King of Arachne.

‘Kessia and Paras will be impossible to persuade, and if they only embrace Jincheon and the Moon Kingdom, the victory will increase.’

All 12 countries already knew that Yahweh was working for Tormia.

In any case, listening to the story won’t hurt them either.

There was only one country that shut down the door, Jive.


Of course it is.

In a situation where the world map country is confirmed, you don’t want to make a variable.

When her thoughts were over, Sirone arrived at Jincheon Sector and entered Jingang’s room, guided by Oh Ryongjang.

“Are you here?”

Although he was already as pale as a corpse, Jin Kang dared to greet him in the chair.

‘You’re really upright.’

If human vitality could be converted into numbers, what was left of Jinkang would not be even 1%.

“How are you?”

“You can hold on. That’s right, I triggered Code One. The reason for meeting the kings of each country is about voting, right?”

“yes. This is the only way to stop the Jive Alliance from dominating. Please gather your strength in Tormia.”

Jin Kang smiled.

“You see me too easily.” “I don’t know about other countries, but an empire is not just a kingdom. Another world. We cannot easily yield to the kingdom of Tormia.”

“Jive will become a world leader.”

“What is different? Jive or Thor Mia, Jincheon can fight anything.”

It was the emperor’s pride.

“Sirone, you did your best. Jincheon is grateful to Yahweh. But it’s not between countries. Even if I die, Jincheon must continue.” Since the empire was made up of numerous kingdoms, I had expected that it would not be easy.

“I fully understand your Majesty’s words. But now is the time to gather strength. Humanity is on the verge of extinction. Geese will not be able to rally us. Above all, there will be a rebellion in those who do not support him like your Majesty. Leave it to me. Seong-eum will be hoping for that too.”

Jin Kang, who had been listening calmly, gained strength in his eyes.

“Am I selling my daughter now?”

“The truth is that it is. voice

and I… …


The floor rumbled as he slammed his leg down.

I was worried that my bones had not been broken, but more than that, this energy itself was surprising.

“My daughter is in Hell.”

A demon’s face formed in Jin Kang’s eyes.

It was the heart of a father who buried his daughter in eternal pain, even turning that powerful flesh into reverse.

“Lord, do you know why I am still alive? It is to save my daughter and wipe out all the demons who dropped my daughter into hell. All preparations are complete. I’ll shoot my daughter with the perm light, but the demons will also realize what true hell is. I will never forgive you.”

‘It’s already a ghost.’

Although outwardly human, his mind was already tinged with madness.

Jin Kang waved his hand coldly.

“Go back. Abandoning the cause is shameful within the company, but I won’t compromise with anyone anymore. I will reject your offer.”

If Sirone had not been Yahweh, he would have drawn his sword the moment his daughter’s name came to his lips.

“I can’t go back like this. I’m here to get Your Majesty’s vote.”

“I don’t say it twice.”

Jin Kang sat down, put his hand on the handle of the sword, and came out of the chair like a sword.

“There is a way to obtain the vocal consonants, the true consonants.”

Jin Kang, who was about to swing his sword with his teeth clenched in front of Sirone, raised his head.


“I am not dying. It means that we might be able to bring His Majesty’s daughter into reality.”

Jin Kang’s beard trembled.

“Didn’t I say there was no way? If you’re lying to get a single vote… …

“Teacher Etella is the Bishop of the Karsis Monastery, and the Master I respect the most.”

Jin Kang kept his mouth shut.

“If Jin Seong-eum chose eternal suffering for mankind, he is heading towards extinction while embracing all of that pain. It will be infinite pain.”

The candles lit everywhere swayed in disarray.

“I have an idea if the teacher can do it. Maybe your daughter will come back.” “Black!”

Jinjiang stumbled.

“your majesty!”

Oh Ryongjang tried to come closer, but he held out his hand.

“His name is… … what?”

“Romi Ethella.”

Jin Kang, who repeated the name over and over again, wiped away tears with his trembling hands.

“I’m sorry. Forgive me for this narrow mind that was relieved for a moment. Na Jin-gang looked up at the sky and threw a fist.

“Even if I die, I will not forget that name.”

“You will do that.”

This time, Sirone was cold.

It is not because the voice lives and the ethera dies.


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I’m just angry at the reality that only one human being has to bear everything and sacrifice.

‘Why does someone… …

Do you think you can carry it yourself?

‘If everyone makes a little concession… …

Even right now, this world would face a cataclysm like an earthquake.

“I will tell you how.”

“I will hand over the right to vote to Tormia.” immediate exchange.

It was a matter to be pondered over, but it was also a matter for which the outcome had already been determined.

“There is no need to turn around. tell me How are you going to bring my daughter?”

Sirone raised her index finger.

“Perm mineral nature.”

Tormia Sector.

Albino and Rufist drank tea in a dark room relying on a single small light.

“The finale will start in an hour. That concludes the official temple ceremony.”

I heard that artists from all over the world decorate the finale.

“The long one is the same, the short one is the same. I guess I should have done all I could.”

“okay. I don’t even know what other variables will arise. Humans seem to see far away, but in fact, even if he tries to look one second behind, his eyes go dark. we are all blind It’s like groping for one second, one second with your hands.”

“Jive rejected Code One.”

The albino laughed at the words he spat out like a surprise.

“Do you know how to play dingkang, too? Oh stand. You are too old, and I am too old.”

Rufist sipped his tea.

“This is the first time the head of the Magic Association has been so sensitive. Do you feel any remorse?”

“I feel it. I just don’t get swayed by emotions. Fleur is a talented person, but it’s a waste to write like this.”

“To kill someone who could rule the world. Isn’t that enough to sacrifice for the country?”

“… … I bet it is. Sirone is collecting votes from all over the world, and you can’t just accept and eat.”

It is also a time when justification is needed.

“Don’t worry too much. Flu will do just fine. It will solve our remaining problems.” the albino asked over his tea.

“I must have liked it quite a bit, that wife. Are you feeling any other emotion?”


Rufist changed his attitude.

“I don’t look at my subordinates with special eyes. What I think is, she is a key component of the kingdom.”

“Like, like Jane?”

In front of the name of the former Chief of Staff of the Magic Association, Rufist couldn’t even open his mouth.

Meanwhile, Geese, who had finished his work, was blowing his whistle and heading towards the Jive Sector.

‘it’s over. won.’

Rule the world tomorrow.

Of course, the situation would be different when the official letter from Fermi arrived in each country.

Even the information scattered through the window was only circulating among the maids and cleaners at the temple, and it was still a long way before it reached the officials of each country, especially the king.

Perhaps that is the distance between the king and the citizen.

“Hey, Phaedra.”

Seeing Arachne’s prime minister at the end of the hallway, Geese opened his arms and approached.

“You worked hard all this time. It’s not worth the money I spent on you. How does it feel to be the Prime Minister of the world?”

“Well, that… …

Pedra, who had already made some kind of agreement with an albino, could not enjoy the present like Gis.

“What’s wrong with your expression? Have confidence. It’s over. The Jive Information Bureau is also expecting an easy victory.”

“Haha, that’s right. however… … Where are you going?”


Geese shakes his collar and winks.

Fedra stuck out his tongue at the sight of him still full of energy after lying around like that in the afternoon.

“You are amazing. I don’t think I’m going to pee today. Who is that blessed woman?”

“Why are you there, Tormia Magic Association Secretary General?”

“Ravid… … Flu?”

“What’s going to take you long? Tomorrow, not women, but all mankind will fall at my feet. I need to get rid of it right away.” ‘It’s Tormia.’

Fedra, who focuses on beauty, began to doubt the situation itself.

‘Huh, look at these?’ Geese asked.

“why? Is there any problem?”

Phaedra, who was lost in thought for a moment, smiled and shook her head from side to side.

“no. You seem pretty strict, but I was curious about how you did it.”

“haha! It’s all my own wild nature. As for women, they need to be treated roughly.”

“I envy you, great confidence.”

“Cheuk, I’ll introduce you later. anyway i’m going See you later at the finale.”

“Yes, take a look.”

When Phaedra, who had been bowing down following Gis, looked up, there was no expression on his face.

‘okay. Take a look, Geese.’ can’t go far

Flew, who was leaning against the wall at the entrance to the Jive Sector, felt a presence and turned his head.

Geese said.

“What, are you here already? Surprisingly, he has a quick temper. Or could you not wait?”

“I tell you that I am impatient. A lot of people are still wandering around, isn’t it too early?”

“Is it my fault? The schedule has been moved up. That Habits… … . No, that’s over. He said he had to attend the finale in an hour. I do not have time.”

Fleur sensed it.

‘You’re going to throw me away. It’s the lowest.’ It didn’t matter anyway, because what she wanted was a one-time opportunity.

“great. I also have to attend official events.”

Geese boldly hugged Fleur by the shoulder and headed for the sleeping quarters prepared in advance.

When I opened the door and entered, the Xinjiang of the Jive Guards was waiting in full armament.

‘It’s as rumored.’

Gis, who is very suspicious, always has a knight of the royal guard by his side even when he sleeps with a woman.

Gis asked, taking off his coat.

“Are you fine? It’s a little weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. Just think of it as decoration.”


Fleur didn’t hesitate.

“haha! Do you like it. A woman who can design the future is my ideal type. Right then?”

“I will wash.”

Fleur went into the bathroom without asking permission.

“Cheuk, being picky.”

She washed herself slowly, knowing that there was no one to blame here anyway.

‘The height of the Guard.’

There would be no way to escape against the 1st Legion, who had risen to the pinnacle of sword art.

‘I’m dying, me.’

As the warm water dripped down the ends of her hair, she smiled like a girl.

‘ are you okay.’

After wiping the moisture off the mirror, she looked at her last self and refined her mind.

“I am Ravid Floo.”

He is the Chief Secretary of the Tormia Magic Association who is loyal to the country and its people.

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