Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1220

First Jorah (1)

“Are you Cain?”

After hearing Sirone’s words, Iruki and Nade carefully examined the king’s face.

Although he is middle-aged, it is because of his mischievous eyes that he feels as if he has not aged.

‘No, that’s not the problem.’

Humanity’s first murderer was a long time ago in the era in which they live.

“How are you alive?”


Sirone said.

“Melkidoo’s time is different from reality. It is because it is a world that has been dug into the mind in reality.”

It wasn’t possible just once.

“In reality, the outer track, the outer track to the inner track, again the royal palace, the grand hall of the royal palace, the throne of the grand hall… … . By creating a new world like that, you suspended time.”

Pena asked.

“Is that possible? You say you can live forever?”

“Not forever.”

Even if you keep digging with fear, there is an end to the concept of infinity. The first thing Sirone realized.

‘World No. 19000 of Andre’s labyrinth.’

This is the reason why the utopia project that humans started for eternal life did not succeed.

‘The coercion program Argo could not calculate infinity and instead caused a malfunction.’

He gave up thinking and started breeding humans.

“Yes, cowardice cannot overcome infinity.”

Cain said.

“But that is only when there is such a thing as infinity. Do you think this universe will last forever? As far as I know, there shouldn’t be much left?” Legally, 5 hours left. Sirone asked.

“Were you waiting?”

From the beginning of mankind to the end of mankind.

“It has been a long and tedious journey. Can you imagine how many stages of coercion we went through? The world I live in is only this chair. Even if you take just one step, you become a higher world. It brings you one step closer to reality.”

Time will pass faster.

“I was like that. I waited for today to come in the deepest part of Melkidoo I made.”

“For what?”

“Do you want to go to the core?” Cain gave instructions.

“Free me.”

As the knights withdrew their swords and retreated, Curtis stroked his neck and spat out softly.

“… … sorry.”

There were a lot of things I wanted to hear from Curtis, but it was important to go to the core first.

Sirone walked over to Cain.

“The pass to the core, how can I get it?”

“You know what? You have to convince me.”

“What about the rules?”

“haha! A little awkward. Usually by pretending to be a non-player. My personality is chaos. The rules are my own. You don’t have to pay crime points. But you only get one chance. If you can’t win here, find another way.”

Cain, who gave him time to think, asked again.

“Who will do it?”

After exchanging glances with her friends, Sirone turned her head again.

“I’ll do it.”

“Good judgment.”

The landscape changed, and the topological space for calculating the dice match stretched endlessly.

Cain, who seemed to be sitting in midair, looked down at the Sirone team and said.

“The rules are simple. Use only one die. If you throw at the same time and get the same eye as the one I threw, you guys win. Lose if the other eye comes out.”

Iruki’s expression became serious.

“at the same time… …

Sirone can control the numbers she wants through quantum decay.

‘But this isn’t it. Even Cain doesn’t know what number he wants.’

Literally chaos.

When Sirone watched with a displeased expression on his face, Cain smiled and said,

“Why, the one who persuaded half of mankind? Was not Yahweh a master of the heart?”

The chance was only once.


When Sirone agreed without thinking, Eden looked back in surprise.

‘What are you going to do?’

‘I win anyway.’

Sirone was confident of victory.

‘You can use incarnation here. If so, Hand of God, hand skills are also possible.’

After seeing the number of Cain’s dice, it was just a matter of changing the result with the skill of the hand.

“Shall we begin?”

When Cain rolled the 7-sided dice in his hand, Si Lone also snatched the dice in front of him.

A system message was heard.

-We start counting only for this match. The counting time is 60 seconds, and the judgment range is the last 1 second. 60 seconds, 59 seconds… … .

As the count started, Sirone and Cain couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

-3 sec, 2 sec, 1… … .

At the same time, the dice flew through the air.

‘The opportunity is fleeting.’

Sirone strained her eyes and watched each other’s dice roll.

The moment when Cain’s die stops at 4 and Sirone’s die rolls to 3.

‘The skill of the hand.’

The Hand of God snatched Sirone’s dice and rolled them to the floor once again.

As the old case was erased, a new case unfolded before everyone’s eyes.


The moment Sirone was convinced, the dice stopped.


Nade, who had been watching blankly as his eyes pointed to the number 3, murmured.

“… … Did you lose?”

It’s an obvious fact, but everyone who knew Sirone’s abilities didn’t understand.

Sirone slowly raised her head.

While Cain smiled meaningfully, the phase space began to collapse.

Seeing the scenery of the Grand Hall in their eyes, Sirone and the others were making faces.

Cain opened his mouth.

“I won.”

Sirone was also not stupid enough to live with the idea that it was only natural for him to win.

“How did you do?”

“When you live in the early days of human history, you hear a lot of stories. Is that a Gaiaman’s ability that has only been passed down in mythology? The moment I’m sure the roll of the die is a 4, the heart becomes the law, and you can change it. indeed… … You can call it a miracle.”

“You’re not sure?”

If you had closed your eyes, you wouldn’t know, but if you controlled your mind to that extent, you were already in the realm of Yahweh.

Cain laughed.

“You are overestimating me. I am the first murderer Such a state is impossible.”

“then… …

Sirone had only one hypothesis left.

“Yes, it is manipulation.”

-warning. Data in the main system has been corrupted due to an unknown code. Run a quick recovery. Critical system failure may occur.

“What, what?”

Users’ cries were heard from outside the castle.

“Was that the whole message?”

Cain said.

“I changed the system parameters. Well, there must be users who lose or benefit.”

That means it’s messed up. Iruki asked.

“Did you not want to send us to the core even after doing that? What is there?”


Cain got up from his seat.

“I am sending you guys to the core. The only reason I manipulated it was because I wanted to get my justice done.”


“The Efficiency of Evil.”

Cain escaped the end of cowardice.

“In Melkidoo, many users are struggling to enter the core. i made it like that They think of this system as an unchanging principle, that is, God… …

Is the system perfect?

“Actually, rules are nothing. Just changing one parameter changes everything. Yahweh, even the heart you believe in so much. Your heart longed for a 4 on the die, but it ended up being a 3.”

The system governs the mind.

“Is that why you killed him?” “Did you go so far as to break the rules to get what you want?”

Sadness flashed in Cain’s eyes for a moment, but soon returned to a mischievous expression.

“Yes, I am evil. No, to be precise, should I say a scholar who studied evil? Why can’t I just kill him? If you break the rules, you can get what you want much easier and faster. Look at it now, it’s convenient to come in through the back door.”

Cain insisted.

“Humans have no choice but to eat. They have to find a mate and reproduce. We kill all races to eat, and we have to compete with our own kind. is that so disgusting? So, after setting up strange rules, do you wrap it up with words like we are good, we are good? Where is the line that does not eat? Where is the line that can’t reproduce? that’s a ball Yahweh, the love you speak of cannot be made good. That evil must accompany it.”


Sirone did not deny it.

“I don’t think the system is perfect either. But just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean it’s wrong. We are going to find a better way.”


Cain snorted.

“Where are you going? look back we are beasts Man will kill life unless he becomes a machine, and he will wound his rival. In the process, some lose and some gain. Some mate with their loved ones, some are abandoned. Envy and envy, selfishness and lust. A system that can contain all of this is impossible.”

If possible it would be an ultima

“Then why did you make Melkidu?” Cain shut her mouth.

“If you’re that confident, can’t you just live as a murderer? You don’t have to go out of your way to prove that you’re right. Shall I tell you? You already know.”

Sirone said.

“No matter what logic you put forward, there is no holy ground for evil.”

Silence ensues… … .


Cain raised his head and burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha! what, have you heard?

Come to think of it, I guess that’s what I said. It was so long ago that my memory is fuzzy.”

“You will remember. If it wasn’t for that, there’s no way I could have endured here for an eternity.” “Now I get it. The reason why you made Melkidu. It’s not to prove the legitimacy of evil. Rather, half the land.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Cain’s smile had disappeared before he knew it.

“You want to erase it. what he did. The terrible memory of losing everything, disappointing loved ones with one mistake.” Cries were heard.


Curtis dropped to his knees and began to speak in a weeping voice.

“I thought about dying. I didn’t come here because my life was precious. I can’t bear to see my daughter in her afterlife, so I’d rather it never happened… …

From his tears, Pena guessed a lot.

‘Is that so?’

so you… … Was it a mess?

Sirone turned to Cain.

“Through Omega’s records, I knew about you. And what your mother, Mitochondrial Eve, did.”

Cain was speechless.

“Being a scholar who studies evil is proof that you also view evil critically. send us to the core At least, you don’t have to know the one thing you’ve been enduring all of human history and have been wanting to ascertain.”

In an atmosphere of silence forever.

“… … God says.”

Cain groaned.

“Agrippa, why are you weeping? Agrippa said, The woman I love has married her brother.”

It was Agrippa’s Ecclesiastes 3.

“Lost lamb, stay away from envy and resentment. Kill your brother and take your sister-in-law.”

That’s how you get to the last verse.

“I will be with you. You won’t have to pay the price to get what you want. Take anything and bring it to you. A haven for murderers… … Cain slowly raised his gaze and spat out.


At the same time, the scenery of the Grand Hall began to break like glass, and a strong wind blew.

It was completely dark outside the landscape, but I felt that I was moving at the speed of light.


Finally, the darkness is lifted, and the middle of the dense forest where the sun of reality shines… … .

Melkidoo’s core revealed its true nature.

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