Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 122

[122] New encounter (3)

‘Whoa, is this boy making my daughter nervous? Amy of the world.’

Although the Karmis family tends to be open-minded, Amy’s personality is particularly bold. The reason why he was able to control the gangsters from a young age was not just because he was a noble.

The brothers also stared at Sirone, probably thinking the same thing. She became jealous when she thought that her younger sister, who had not listened to her brothers, was paying attention to her outsider.

“This is my second brother, Ares. And what you do… … .”

Amy asked rather curiously.

“What the hell is your brother doing?”

“ha ha ha! I am an explorer They excavate ruins or roam the backcountry to make maps. The Dragon’s Nest in the Alpones Mountains and the Crystal Cave in the northern limit of Corona Kingdom are representative of my works.”

“Oh, I see. I know the Alpones Mountains.”

Known as the habitat of various dragons, the Alpones Mountains were a place full of danger and adventure enough to appear in literature.

The other day, Lian also said that he wanted to go to the Alpones Mountains while reading the novel Knight of the Dragon.

“That’s really great. I heard it’s a very dangerous place.”

“There are dangers in romance. I am satisfied with my job If you succeed in making maps, the pay is good. Amy doesn’t seem to like it.”

“Please, at least shave that beard. I’m not unemployed, and if I’m stuck at home, I won’t think about going out for months.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. Anyway, since the expedition was organized this time, I won’t be able to return for two years. I waited all this time to even see the face of my beloved brother.”

“joy… … .”

Amy turned her head in disbelief. Seeing that, Sirone smiled. Even if she was unemployed, she was actually worried about her brother, her explorer. 

It took more than a year to go on an adventure, so it was inevitable for a family member who couldn’t even check if he was alive or dead.

“Still, I think it’s cool. I really want to try something like that someday.”

“Once you fall in, you won’t be able to come out. Because you can get tired of things that normal people can’t experience in their lifetime. Come visit us anytime after graduation. I’ll put you on a special expedition.”

“Ugh, that’s it! Don’t flirt with the kid for nothing, and everyone leave when the introduction is over.”

When Amy issued a celebratory order, the family started asking questions as if on fire. It’s fun from now on, but can’t we get out before it even starts?

“By the way, what did you like about Amy? Surely you haven’t crossed the adult line?”

“yes? No, over there… … .”

“Amy’s personality is not normal, so how did you approach it? melted into words? Or kiss like a man in a dark place… … !”

Amy’s eyes burned red.

“Did you tell me to leave?”

There was a knocking sound, and suddenly Amy was the only one left in the room. The door was still rattling because of how hastily they fled.

‘It’s worth knowing what kind of personality he has at home.’

As the crowded room became sluggish, the contrast effect of the silence increased.

Missing the opportunity to speak out, Sirone looked around the room embarrassedly. 

Amy also pretended to drink tea, hiding her face and thinking. She was so awkward that she broke into a cold sweat.

‘Why did you come here, you bastard?’

There’s no way I can say anything about her. Even if it was an important business, it was really unexpected that you would come to her house.

“what? Speak when you come! I don’t think I came here to play because I was bored.”

Sirone took her eyes off the scenery and looked at Amy.

“Ah, actually, I have a favor to ask of you. But when he came, he came without a message, so I thought he was rude. I’m sorry to her family.”

“it’s okay. What’s wrong with coming to a friend’s house? What is a request anyway?”

“if… … When the time comes, won’t you come and play with me? On Galliant Island.”

Amy froze, holding the teacup. I couldn’t even imagine it, let alone expected it. Shirone brought out the words of her going to play first. Also with a woman. on the island too.

“So, you and I want to go to the island?”

“Actually, I have a friend named Lian. The friend suggested it first. But Rihanna says she’s bringing her friend, so I need a friend to go with me too. That’s why we’re going with four people.”

“Hoo? The friend that Lian is bringing… … Is it a girl?”

“I think so. what? how did you know?”

Amy swallowed the tea without answering. Things were quickly sorting out in my head.

‘In a word, this is a couple’s trip. A bastard named Lian, you’re sneaky. huh? Wait, a couple trip?’

Cold sweat ran down Amy’s spine.

‘You’re taking me there? Why?’

It was embarrassing when Sirone, who had not been shaken like a wooden stone even at the time of the camouflage romance, suddenly proposed a couple trip. Because she couldn’t ask herself if it was simply to get her head count.

Since the graduating class is the final competition at the magic school, intense study was required even during vacation. 

I couldn’t help but think that Sirone, who knew that fact better than anyone else, had a special intention to come to my house and ask for a favor.

“Why do you want to take me? Do you have friends in the advanced class? You know I’m in my senior year, right? How other seniors do special training during vacation. But why me?”

Even after Amy asked, she was afraid to answer. She probably isn’t what she thinks she is. 

But maybe it could have been. The hand that brought the teacup to his mouth trembled slightly.

“Amy, no matter how much I think about it, there is only you.”


Amy spits out not a single drop of the tea she was drinking. Shirone, who had been hit by tea water, had a dazed expression like someone who had been hit by a shower.

“What are you talking about all of a sudden! You stupid idiot!”

cried Amy, wiping her mouth with her sleeve. Her face flushed like her persimmon, she left her seat as if to run away, and returned with her towel.

“Quickly wipe with this! I’m filthy to death, really!”

“… … It’s you who blew it in the face. Anyway, to continue, do you remember the Miro I talked about before?”

“huh? maze? You mean the one who was the first president of the Supernatural Psychic Research Society? He said he met while Immortal Function was in progress.”

“that’s right. It’s a recent hypothesis, but I think the immortal function is related to the speed of light. So she wanted to know about her. The headmaster said it would be okay as long as it was to investigate the Kergo ruins, so I thought I’d give it a go as long as Lian suggested it.”

Only then did Amy regain peace of mind. If it’s Kergo Ruins, isn’t it a famous ruin and tourist attraction on Galliant Island?

“Aha, so let’s investigate there together, right?”

“Of course I don’t think it’s dangerous. However, when I listened to the principal’s words, I also thought that it was not just a simple tourist destination. If you go with me, I think I can be relieved.”

As long as Rihanna suggested a pair trip, the partner must be a woman. But even without that condition, Amy was the strongest of her friends that Shiro had ever known.

Hong’s uniqueness is also a great strength, but with her ability to compete with strong players every day and settle in the middle of the graduating class, they would be able to overcome danger together in any situation.

“joy! of course! Because I’m different from the kids who talk about the supernatural.”

“No, I didn’t mean that, but anyway.”

Sirone smiled awkwardly and hesitated. In fact, even Amy knew. That she wasn’t the type to attract her friends just because she was strong.

Sirone saved Amy from falling off a cliff. A special incident that happened in a short moment further strengthened the trust between the two.

So you can ask for it. Even knowing the danger, he asked to accompany him because it was a relationship that shared life.

“I see, that’s what it is… … .”

Amy walked to the window and thought. She wasn’t traveling alone, so there was no burden. No, rather, that’s why I wanted to go.

There would be many things to gain from this trip, but more than that, I thought it would be fun to do something with Sirone.

‘Damn it, I have eyes to see. Okay, I owe you something anyway, so this time I’ll help you a little bit.’

Amy slowly turned around. She smiled as she saw Sirone waiting for her answer with a nervous expression.

No matter what the purpose of the trip is, on the surface, it is to take a woman and stay out. I wonder if I could wrap it up as flattery or not, but if the man was as firm as if he was going to do something like that, no woman would follow.

‘Nothing has changed between when I was 12 and now.’

When will this child grow up? Maybe it was because all the growth energy was focused on magic.

Amy nodded happily.

“Okay, let’s go to the island.”

* * *

“hello! I’m Lian’s friend, Elzaine Tess!”

Tess, who visited the Ogent family, was courageous and polite. Beside her stood Rian, looking nervous.

The reason why Rian had been staying at Sirone’s house so far was because he planned to use Tess as a shield to invade the main house.

After finishing last in swordsmanship school, there would never be a parent who would let their son play easily. 

But if you put your friends first, it’s a different story. In particular, it was calculated that if that friend was a model student who ranked first in the swordsmanship school, the drug would work.

“Well, I’ve heard of Elzain’s reputation. Is your father in good health?”

“yes. Even while staying in the occupied territory, he sharpens his sword every single day.”

In fact, Elzain did not know how her father was doing. She also had no desire to know. 

But Rian’s father, Bischoff, nodded as if he deserved it.

“As expected, someone who made a family out of swords is different. If there is a chance, I will visit you once.”

Tess’s father, Elsaine Veron, was a master of the sword nicknamed the Flash.

If Ogent’s swordsmanship was subversive, Elsaine’s swordsmanship was terrifying and sharp. 

Whose skill is high depends on the person who handles the sword, but pride in maintaining the legitimacy of the sword could not be distinguished.

“Lian, you dated a good wife unlike you.”

“It’s not dating. We are just friends.”

Tess glanced at Lian with a tingling look. But what? A thirsty man dug a well, so he had no choice but to endure to go on a trip with Lian.

“So, you want to go on vacation to Galliant Island?”

“uh. I thought I was going to die hard at the swordsmanship academy. You need time to recover your mind and body. Oh, Sirone will come later. to start right here. Can I go?”

“I’m going, it doesn’t matter, but did you really work hard? Even if you ask for private tutoring, you have to be able to believe the guy who won’t listen to you when he says things like that.”

“haha! I brought it because I thought I would talk about it. Finally, I also opened the schema!”

Rian took out the object of conversion. Her report card was taken away by Reina, but she had the proof of passing the strength test.

It was a useless piece of paper after it was revealed that it was a placebo effect, but Bischoff, ignorant of everything, had no choice but to believe it.

“Hmm, you really passed. Congratulations.”

Bischoff did not show his emotions according to his personality. But his voice was trembling slightly.

As a parent, any child who is ugly is more likely to be stepped on in the eyes. Since he had successfully completed the scheme he hadn’t been able to succeed with, he must have clenched his fists in his heart.

“Now, do as you promised. The sword that your grandfather said he would give you when you master the schema, can I take it?”

“Of course. Now that you’ve opened the schema, you should learn Ogent’s swordsmanship from now on. By the way, where are the report cards? Judging by how confident he is, he looks pretty good.”


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