Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1218

Last 5 Hours(3)

The captain of the guard collapsed on his chair.

“… … Quite right.”

Then a burst of laughter broke out.

“ha ha ha! It’s really good. you persuade me All right, I’ll free Curtis.”

The setting immediately changed in their favour.

“thank you. And one more thing. We want to go to Melkidoo’s core. Do you know how?”

“Hmm, only His Majesty the King can issue core passes. It’s better. I was going to introduce you too.”

It was such a process.

“It is an honor. When will it be possible?”

“The process is a bit complicated. Still, I’ll try my best There will be a message tomorrow morning.”

‘Tomorrow morning… …

Melkidoo’s time is different from reality, but there wasn’t much time in reality either.

said Iruki.

“It must be the process of processing data. If this itself is an event, it cannot be arbitrarily changed.”

Sirone nodded and asked again.

“What about Mr. Curtis?”

“That is easy. All you have to do is file the paperwork. If you’re waiting outside the prison, I’ll let you go.”

After receiving the promise, Sirone and the others went outside through the guard barracks.

“Finally out, middle floor.”

The splendid and beautiful scenery of Parme, the capital of Melkidu, came into their eyes.

“It’s called the Play Zone. Maybe it’s because I only went through the back door, isn’t this more awkward now?”

As Nade agreed, the iron door opened and Curtis appeared.

Penna shouted.


He was limping on his legs and his face was bruised from how many times he had been beaten.

“Are you okay? What happened to you’?”

He passed by, ignoring Pena, and asked Sirone with a nervous expression.

“Did you find a way?”

“yes. I decided to meet the king tomorrow. Perhaps this is the final gateway to the core.”

“… … Right.”

Curtis’s expression softened, but more relief than joy.

“Let’s go at once. I need to get some rest.”

“okay. please let’s go Because I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

Pena asked while moving downtown.

“Tell me quickly. Because I’m dying of curiosity What do you do when you go to jail? Can you give me some rice? What kind of place was it?”

“If you’re that curious, go and see for yourself.”

Pena was disgusted.

“Crazy, do I go there? what? I hope you… … Did you really lose your virginity?”

“Have you lost your virginity?” Curtis said no more, and Pena didn’t want to know more.

Sirone comforted him.

“You worked hard.”

“it’s okay. It’s something I’ve been determined to do anyway, and it’s meaningless. If only I could get to the core… …

In the face of their tenacity to catch the killer who murdered their daughter, Sirone and the others became solemn.

“Now you guys tell me. Are you meeting the king tomorrow? What happened while I was gone?”

Sirone said what had happened so far.

“Right. You guys must have suffered a lot too. But if so… … How many points are left?”

“It is almost at the bottom. Convincing the captain of the guard left about 1 million points. However, considering the case of persuading the king, there is no such thing.”

“Hmm, that’s right.”

While Curtis was resting his chin on his chin, Pena cleared his throat and said.

“excuse me… … I will live.”


Pena looked away and said.

“No, Curtis got out of jail too, and he needs to eat a good meal and rest for a day or so. I’ll pay for the lodging, so don’t worry and go wherever you want.”

Curtis laughed.

“You say you get food from Pena, the sucker? The biggest incident has occurred in Melkidu.”

“what? I mean, when I write, I write. And I got a lot of help… … anyway! I know that!”

“Well, okay. First of all, accommodations are provided by Pena. But even so, it’s a problem that Sirone’s team doesn’t have points. Because only Sirone can succeed 100% in persuasion. You never know what kind of confrontation the king will propose.”

Even the guard chief’s case was quite difficult.

“So I have an idea.”


The party paid attention to Curtis’ proposal.

“Come on! Miguel Luxury Store. We have all the new items that just came out a week ago!”

“The cheapest house in Parme! Selling for 10% below average market price! Urgent sale welcome!”

On the west side of the plaza, where the royal castle could be seen at a glance, a large number of people were swarming.

“Wow, are those all merchants?” Curtis said.

“Parme is the place with the most floating population in Melkidu. Because points can be traded. People also stay for a long time to make money on items for entering the royal road.”

“That’s how the market is activated.”

“okay. Do you guys have any items? If you sell it, you’ll get the points you need for persuasion. However, since there is no time, everything is sold quickly. I know you guys value efficiency, but we are VIPs when it comes to sales. If the transaction is long, the flies are attracted. You guys won’t like that either.”

The group understood.

“There are no philanthropists among merchants. It’s safe to leave it to the big guys. Let’s go to that guy.”

It was a neatly dressed man in his 30s.

“welcome. This is an Ottoman luxury store. If you look through the catalog and see what you want… …

“No, I have nothing to live for. I want to sell something.”

Osman immediately nodded.

“Of course you are welcome. Nowhere else pays the price as high as we do. Shall we go to the office?”

“No, not here. Most of them are card items.”

There were also expensive weapons in the port, but I couldn’t afford to carry them.

“yes. Then show me your stuff. Are you on this side? I will make a deal.”

Osman pulled out a card.

“Activate. shop.”

The card glowed and a system message popped up.

– The transaction between the Sirone team and the Ottoman team begins. Points can be exchanged for 1 hour. The effect automatically disappears when the transaction approval between the two sides is concluded.

‘It’s an anti-fraud system. and… … This person is also an accomplice.’

It would be in the office, and there should have been a few people around here now.

“If I open a shop with an item, do I continue to use points for every transaction?”

“yes. If you want to do business, you have to give up that much. It’s not particularly expensive, but it’s big when it accumulates.”

Of course, it will be included in the fee.

“The problem is people who come to trade without having points or stuff. It’s half a joke, half a competitor’s sabotage. That’s why there is a limit of 1 hour. If the person who uses the item does not approve the transaction, that person cannot trade for 1 hour.”


“You can rest assured. As long as the store is active, the property is protected by the system.”

After confirming that Curtis nodded, Sirone handed over the item.

“yes. I want to sell this.”

“Hmm, let’s see… …

Osman’s eyes began to shake as he calmly passed the cards one by one.


He stroked his chin and was lost in thought, then handed over the card again.

“I have seen Mr. Curtis and Mr. Pena several times, but Mr. Sirone is the first. Did you collect all of these cards without ever stopping by Parme?”

Through system messages, merchants remembered users’ names.

“Yes, by chance.”

Osman realized.

‘It’s the back door.’

Of course, there are only rumors and no reality, but sometimes there were customers with different feelings.

“All right. Then I’ll give you a price. A total of 37 cards, including the best cards… …

Osman raised his head.

“120 million points. How is it?” It was a larger amount than expected.

‘Then it’s basically more expensive. Well, I haven’t been to the high-end shops on the inner track.’

Osman continued.

“You’re not here to bargain, are you? Knowing that, I hit it as high as possible. Some of these cards also contain crafting items. In other words, we will take care of the aftermath.”


The conversation continued without the main point

“I don’t know that either. If there is a problem, there is a separate company that takes care of it. I entrust them.”

‘It’s a gang.’

“I can promise you, however, that no one but me will know where this item came from. That alone will save you a lot of hassle.”

I’ll go into the core tomorrow anyway, but thinking about suffering all day made my goal hurt.

“Yes, I will.”

“thank you. Then shall we begin?”

-120 million points have come to the Sirone team.

Sirone also turned over the card.

“A total of thirty-seven chapters. Has confirmed. Initiation, transaction approval. Just say the same to me.”

“Activate, transaction approved.”

– The deal is closed.

The shop card is gone.

“thank you. I will come again when the opportunity arises.”

Osman gave me a card and said.

“This is a discount coupon for a top-notch restaurant. If you use this item, it will be 20 percent less.”

“haha! yes.”

Pena, who received the discount coupon, is thrilled


“and… …

Osman asked.

“As I said before, there will be nothing to worry about, but on the other hand, it will be a little annoying. Get out of Parme as soon as possible.”


There was no need to hear the details because Sirone had gone through all of the prenatal battles.

After leaving the merchant area, Sirone and the others headed for the restaurant, holding on to their hungry stomachs.

“Voucher, what kind of restaurant is this? Are there any steaks?”

A group of people blocked the way.

“Didn’t you talk if you want to eat meat? We can buy whatever you like.”

Curtis’s expression crumpled.

“A wicked merchant.”

“Are those people merchants?” The impression was ferocious, and above all, all the weapons he was holding were top-notch.

“Parme allows point transactions between users. That’s why guys like that install them.”

“haha! That’s right. choose Will you stick with us and become dog hair, or will you pass the point?”

Attacks between users are deducted until one person’s points become zero.

“Wouldn’t it be better to give it to us to use than to blow it into the air? I’ll take half of it if you’re willing to give it to me.”

Sirone said.

“What do you believe in and be so proud of? If our points are higher, you guys will become dog hair.”

“Cheuk, right? Then give it a try.” Sirone sensed it.

‘It’s a point conglomerate.’

It is to extort the points that can win against anyone and use threats.

“Hey, is that Pena? Did you stick to these bunches this time? Then I guess you have some points.”

Penna shouted.

“You are talking nonsense! What do you see people as?”

“What do you see? that’s your specialty Clinging to someone with money and then hiding like a maggot in case of danger.”

As Pena’s face heated up, Sirone stepped out.

“Don’t speak carelessly.”


The evil merchants made exaggerated expressions.

“Hey, that’s cool. So what are you going to do? Would you have 50 million to trade with Osman? Let’s end it like that. Or rob them all and go to jail.”

‘It’s annoying, these things.’

Even if he wanted to be hit, the point would become 0 the moment the attack judgment was entered.

“Sirone, I’ll do it.”

“What are you going to do?”

Nade, who was walking towards the evil merchant, turned around and winked as he lowered his collar.

“Leave it to me.”

The guards officer’s certificate was hidden.

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