Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1217

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Last 5 Hours(2)

When I arrived at the meeting place after packing the goods in the warehouse, Pena was already meeting the captain.

“How is it?”

“Good. I’ll tell you later.”

The captain also said that the purchase had already been completed, but it seemed better to talk about it in a place where he was not.

said the captain.

“Let’s start slowly. To be clear, I am a guide. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to buy the head of the guard. I am a strict principled person.” After leaving the port, Sirone’s party entered the royal castle, to be precise, through the back gate of the royal castle.

It had the same structure as the real castle, and many people were working non-stop.

Iruki said.

“It’s a program where each of them plays their part. Maintaining the huge world of Melkidu will not be an easy task. From what I’ve played so far, it’s honestly a well-made system.”

Sirone agreed, but was heartbroken about the reason for creating such a world.


According to Omega’s records, he was the son of Mitochondrial Eve, more precisely the son of Lilith.


The captain pointed to the captain’s office and knocked.

“come in.”

When I opened the door and went in, a hard-looking man with scars on his face was waiting for me.

“Hello, Captain of the Guard. Here’s a list of supplies that arrived tonight. Your signature, please.”

It was a process that required high privileges.

The captain of the guard, who was slowly going through the documents, glared at the party with only his gaze.

“What are they?”

“that is??????

Sirone came out.

“My colleague is falsely accused and is in prison. I ask for mercy.”

Once the purchase was successful, the logic was irrelevant, but I couldn’t bear to do it like Nade did.

“colleague? who?”

According to Curtis’ information, someone must be in prison to bribe the chief of the guard.

“This is Curtis.”

The guard’s eyes changed.

“no. That guy is a felon. Even if the crimes are listed in terms of murders and stolen goods, dozens of documents come out. I can’t let him go.”

“No, Mr. Curtis is innocent in Melkidoo. Please give me a chance to convince the captain of the guard.” He glared at Sirone fearfully before opening his mouth.

“Are you going to convince me? My personality is stubborn. The cost of persuasion is 50 million points.”

It was as expected.


When Sirone answered, the captain’s office turned into a phased space, leaving only the accomplices.

message was heard.

-The buyout program has been triggered. Destroy the captain’s principles with crime dice.

From the other side of the phase space, the guard captain walked.

‘Is this unexpected?’

While Sirone and the others panicked, the guard captain took out his crime dice.

Nade, who saw the four 8-sided dice, wrinkled his brow.

“What, are you stronger than us? Wasn’t persuasion about winning with the same dice?”

Sirone’s party’s dice were 3 7-sided dice, and the number of eyes and dice was one level lower.

The captain of the guard smiled coldly.

“Heh, I don’t know who I bought to get to this point, but I will be different.”

Sirone sensed it.

‘Principalist. Unlike other managers, the captain of the guard doesn’t break his own rules.’

message was heard.

-Crime points will be deducted according to the number of dice rolled by each other. One Crime Dice eye is worth 10,000 points. The team or user that first reduces the opponent’s crime points to zero wins.


Nade realized the seriousness of the situation.

‘It’s not a one-time match. 3 of the 7 faces can basically get 42 points, including doubles. I don’t know how many points the captain of the guard has, but Sirone can’t handle it alone. In the end, we also have to roll.’

Iruki asked.

“What is the guard’s crime point?”

-50 million points.

Eden made a puzzled expression.

“On the other hand, we… …

Since 50 million points were deducted a while ago, there are approximately 8 million points left.

‘If 800 marks on the dice are gathered by simple calculation, we are bankrupt.’

Sirone put her chin on her head and thought.

‘This is what Mr. Curtis meant when he said at least 50 million. Could it be that I was too unprepared?’

No, it’s not.

‘We’re just a special case, other people will come here with 100 million points. It could be a fairly easy game with a simple game of dice.’ So, this match… … .


Sirone asked.

“Can I use the item?”

-The guard’s principle is to risk everything and fight. There are no restrictions on this persuasion.

“Can you change the order too?”


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-it’s possible. However, one person cannot participate more than once before taking a turn. Same rule, 1 person cannot use 2 items.

“It was like that.”

If it was an item, he had obtained a considerable amount while searching the warehouse in the port.

“Nade’s kleptomaniac would be helpful at a time like this.”


He shouted with an expression of regret, but Nade was also relieved inside.

‘thank god. I insisted on using the points.’

Sirone said.

“Once the item is applied, it will not exceed 20 turns. Even though one turn is as important as that.”

said the captain of the guard.

“I will do it first.”

This was also unusual, but it was futile to complain in front of the principled.


he pulled out a card

“The captain’s authority.”

“what? What item is that?”

– The captain of the guard uses a manager-only item. Not available for purchase in the store.

The effect of the card appeared.

-Divide opponent’s attack power by the lowest number of crime dice. Lasts 3 turns.

During the explanation, the die was thrown.

‘1 Come out! please!’

Contrary to Nade’s wishes, the eyes of the dice stopped at 3, 6, 2, and 7, respectively.

‘Division 2.’

For the next 3 turns, it meant that the number of attacks on the guard commander would only go in half.

“No, what kind of items do you have?”

“Because it’s for managers only. First of all, let’s change the order. There are enough items, but it is inefficient for Sirone to attack while the captain’s authority is activated.”

Sirone’s turn was critical.

“I’ll do it first.”

Eden pulled out a card.

Create the maximum number by combining the eyes of the dice with the top-notch item ‘Invention of Genius’.

However, in the case of a double, the two results are added, so the highest expectation was 15.54 million.

“7, 3, 4.”

Only the maximum value of 743 was divided by 2.

“… … it’s a shame.”

Of course, it was an excellent effect, but considering the opponent’s 50 million points, it was not satisfactory.

The captain of the guard held up his card.

“The Conviction of Punishment.”

– Each time the turn progresses, the result value increases by 2 times. Lasts a total of 5 turns.

Iruki’s eyes narrowed.

’32x crit on last turn. In the end, I think I’ll finish it within five turns.’

The number of guard captains is 5, 1, 7, 4.

“Deduction of 340,000. It’s still manageable, but from the next turn it’ll be a bit bloody.”

Iruki’s eyes sparkled.

“Wait, I’ll do it first.”

Having inherited Nade, he used the ‘accountant’s illusion’.

– The value of this turn is applied to the next turn.

‘Even if we build up our strength, we have too few points. I can only bet on this method.’

A double comes out and the total is 27.

“You fool. Giving up the chance to use another attack item because you’re afraid of the captain’s authority.”

It’s the captain’s turn again. This time, 4 times was applied and 1.64 million was deducted.

The guards captain raised an eyebrow.

“Next turn I will be stronger. You guys can never break my convictions.”

The reason why no one answered was because they understood all of Iruki’s strategies.

‘This persuasion is not a 100% chance. You can’t win with just quantum collapse.’

The reason why you can’t reveal the strategy is because the opponent can defend with items.

“The accountant’s illusion.”

When Nade used the item, the guard captain frowned.

‘ also?’

-Accountant’s Illusion stacks 2 times. This result is carried over to the next turn.

‘These guys are planning to use wind gods.’ The guards commander realized.

‘User-only item. It’s a good strategy, but it’s hard to expect an actual effect. Unless the big numbers come in quick succession… …

The multiplication effect is drastically lowered.

‘I’ll win anyway. The probability of deducting 50 million at once is laughable.’

Nade threw the dice vigorously.

‘please! double! double!’

When the eyes of the dice that fell on the ground were all different, he despaired, but soon his heart fluttered.


It was 17 with 7, 4 and 6.

If he used Wind God on the next turn, he was guaranteed 4.59 million points.

The captain of the guard held up his card.

“You like to gamble. Then shall we judge your destiny? Trigger, emergency.”

– +2 is applied to the scale of all dice.

Another double took place, bringing the total to 4.8 million, leaving about 1 million left for Sirone and the others.

“The next turn is unconditionally over. Get ready to go back.”

“Shouldn’t you be relieved yet? Because the authority effect of the captain is gone now.”

“so? Nothing will change. Can you deduct 50 million in one go? The odds… …

“give it to me.”

Sirone took the dice.


-All eye operations are converted to multiplication.

Sirone asked.

“Why can’t you free Mr. Curtis?”

“You sound natural. He committed many crimes.”

“You guys made it.”

The guards chief kept his mouth shut.

“It is only natural for those who commit a crime to take responsibility. But who created this system? If you have points, you are innocent no matter what you do, if you don’t, you are guilty. Is this system normal, where the more crimes you commit, the more points you accumulate, and whoever doesn’t adapt always have to start over from the bottom of the game?”

Sirone’s question was directed beyond the captain of the guard.

“I don’t know what you mean. no one made it If you don’t want to go to jail, you don’t have to commit a crime. Could it be that you hate the sin, but not the people?”


Sirone gritted his teeth.

“If you hate the guilty person so much… …

As he waved his arms and threw dice, three crime dice bounced.

“I’m talking about hating sins together.”

When 7, 7, 7 appeared, the guard commander opened his mouth in a daze.

“Eh, what is this… …

– It’s a double. You will be given one more chance.

“If you really want to punish the guilty.” Sirone again snatched the dice that had fallen in front of his eyes and threw them in the same place.

“I want you to seriously think about why sin has to exist in the first place.”

Again 7, 7, 7 popped up.

-The accountant’s illusion is triggered. With the wind god effect, all operations are multiplied.

27x17x7x7x7x7x7x7=54,00 0,891

Iruki smiled.

“It is our victory.”

Phase space disappeared, and time began to flow again.

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