Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1216

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Last 5 Hours(1)

Green Ocean.

The tribal war intensified with the joining of the angels.

“Damn it!”

While the 12 apostles were scattered, the one dealing with Uriel was the fire dragon Inpercus.

The goon of paradise rotated with a roar, and Uriel flew away like the wind.

“The war is over.”

Infercus, who was attacked by the archangel’s flesh bullets, hugged his thick chest.

“You are talking nonsense.”

The battle setting changed, and half of Infercus’ face began to distort like a monster.

Eventually, the upper part of her neck turned into a dragon, and she fired a small breath into Yuriel’s face.

“Quoooooo!” When I kicked the steaming Yuriel in her face, it flew dozens of meters and landed on her floor.

“You’re annoying me.”

The machine dragon Argan and the black dragon Aviris, who discovered it in the sky, landed next to her.

Argan had a troubled expression.

“What if I use a breath? If you do this, the elven forest will burn down. Have you forgotten what the Messiah said? Don’t break taboos unless you’re protecting someone… …

“Are you kidding me? Can’t you see all the angels came in? I’m not in a position to back and forth now. We have to win to protect the elves.”

Abyris slowly stood up.


A dark-skinned female warrior, with a strong impression, began to light up amber.

“Was it like that?”

After releasing the polymorph, she became a 20-meter-long black dragon and soared into the sky.


The moment they looked down at the ground with fearful eyes, both the apostle and the angel raised their heads at the same time.

“I-that… …

It was the apostle who was more surprised than the angel.

“That crazy!”

The moment the apostles hurriedly flung their bodies, Abiris opened her jaw and cast a breath.

‘The shadow of the abyss.’ A dot smaller than a fingernail was imprinted on the ground, then spread at a frightening speed and engulfed the forest.

Darkness has no substance.

Therefore, there is nothing, and all life on earth experienced the realm of perfect nothingness.

Because he couldn’t even feel where his limbs were attached, his power of action was zero.

‘I’m completely stranded.’

Abyss’s breath, the shadow of the abyss, that embodies the abyss of the other side world in a desired place.

The charging time was 12 hours, which was the fifth longest delay among the 12 apostles.

Abyris laughed.

“Ha ha ha! Experience the terrible nothingness! I am the Black King’s Wide Dragon, Abiris!”

Peyton shouted.

“You are laughing! You are just a crazy dragon! What would have happened if we were involved?”

As the other apostles arrived in the sky one by one, Abiris raised a long brow.

“Hey, is this good? Now I feel like fighting a little. What are you doing? You guys do too.”

“But will you be scolded by the Messiah? You’re negative about forces you can’t control.”

The dragon Argan raised his index finger and said.

“Oh, that’s fine. Mr. Inpercus was supposed to be in charge. We are not doing well.”

“hey! How can you say that…

The moment Inpercus was about to argue, Thunder Dragon Blitz spoke.

“No one came.”

The eyes of the apostles turned to the darkness of the abyss that completely covered the Green Ocean.

“Who is that lesser apostle?” After quickly identifying the 11 members, they could not criticize the remaining apostles on the ground.


In the huge abyss where even he lost himself, the white dragon, Assryker, was on his knees.

She has the best ego and is a favorite of all living things.

“Is it the abyss?”

In the realm of nothingness, it was shining so beautifully that even that had no meaning.

“Do something useless.”

As an apostle who was afraid of being disliked by Messiah, it took a lot of courage to make a decision.

As her gaze into the darkness became hazy, her body spread in white light.

After canceling the polymorph, Assriker’s true form is a pure white dragon made up of spiritual bodies.


It had a sharp impression like that of a fox, but except for the huge eyes, it was terrifying because it was blank.

Breath – White Bone’s Wrath.

Even in the abyss, the skeletal spirits that glowed shrieked and spread in all directions.

Charging time is only 6 hours.

The soul of the being pierced by the white bone’s wrath recognizes itself as a perfect death state.

‘Eternals, those with transcendental will, and inanimate objects cannot be breathed, but… …

It was an ability that could cause mass destruction when activated with Shadow of the Abyss.

The angels fell to the ground as the forest, which they felt was already dead, was drying to black.



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Since it has a lifespan of eternity, there is no extinction, but the fear of death shook my mind.

“That is your grave.”

After casting Polymorph again, Asriker sat down and savored the abyss.

Poine smiled.

“Major. It’s spectacular.”

The forest looked like a giant hole.

And in the darkness, countless white-bone spirits were wandering around in disarray.

“I did it in the end. As-Skiker is also an accomplice.”

Poine looked back at Blitz, ignoring the words of Inpercus, who was obsessed with it until the end.

“How many hours do you have left?” Thunder Dragon Blitz was silent.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know. With Karatorsa’s disappearance, we lost our core. If I had to convey something, I would have done it to you. Omega 999. How long before it ends?”

Dragons are the apostles of time.

If it was a Mudeungryong who went through 999 years from the 1st year of Omega, it would have been possible to roughly calculate it.

“from now on… …

Blitz opened his mouth.

“Five hours.”

Silence passed.

“According to Karatorsa-sama, today is the last day of history as determined by God. But it’s just an estimate.”

Light Dragon Phaeton said.

“Messiah must have guessed too. I got an omega. After all, you only need to protect the elf for 5 hours, right? The shadow of the abyss will also remain for a while. Is it easy?”

If all 12 apostles broke the taboo, they would be able to stop it for about 5 hours.

“There must be a variable.”

Poine was not vigilant.

“Did we expect angelic support? It’s not a battle of power. If the elves are completely destroyed, the war will be lost.”

“Then how do you kill it? We are blocking it.”

“well… …

Poine’s eyes narrowed.

‘What plan are those little things plotting?’

Melkidoo’s middle layer.

While Pena, who was not an accomplice, went into hiding, Sirone and the others wandered around the warehouse at the port.

Of course, the security was tight, and in order to open a warehouse, the guard had to be bought.

“stop. who is there?”

When first caught by the patrols, Sirone figured out the conditions for disarming them.

“Oh, that’s because I got lost.”

“Lost? what time is it now And you guys users… …

“Give me a chance to convince you.”

The patrol immediately changed their words.

“Oh yeah. My personality is timid. The number of points required for one persuasion is 1 million points.”

‘Surprisingly cheap.’

However, once they entered the dice showdown, the level of difficulty was incomparable to that of the store clerk.

Of course, difficulty is irrelevant to Sirone.

“Quantum collapse!”

Let’s succeed at once, the patrol said with a smile.

“what? you are a good boy But be careful. If we meet again, I won’t forgive you then.”

‘In addition, one-time persuasion.’

After searching for about 3 hours in Melkidu time, the party came to a realization.

“Most of the items in the warehouse are food used in the capital or items of users. If you keep going like this, there will be no end.” Eden added.

“Even if the persuasion money is cheap, you can’t keep buying it. Your clothes get wet in the drizzling rain.”

There were about 20 warehouses they investigated.

“You will earn points by selling items, but you have to go through the middle floor. It is useless here.”

said Iruki.

“Now I only have three points to try. I want to leave about 7,000. Even 50 million people might have a middle leg to convince the chief of the guard.”

“Then let’s do just three more.” Nade turned around and pointed to a small warehouse that immediately caught his eye.

“How is it over there?”

“Two guards? It’s less efficient.”

“It’s a gamble now. I have no choice but to try something I haven’t done before. Follow me. I will tell you.”

As they walked along, two guards held out their spears and shouted terribly.

“stop! owl! Give me a password!”

“Hey, let’s buy some.”

The guards, who had been looking at each other with a bewildered look on their faces, lowered their windows.

“good. My personality… …

After the purchase was over, the guards left the warehouse door after giving them 10 minutes.


The moment he opened the door, Nade felt it.

“Royal supplies.”

Since it was used by those who manage the system, the rating was of course the highest.

“Because if the user has a stronger item, he can’t control it. But more than this… …

Iruki pointed to an unsealed, medium-sized box that probably arrived tonight.

“Don’t you think this would be more fun?”


When everyone gathered and looked at the lid of the box, there was a label that said ‘subject to censorship’.

‘It’s not an official registered product.’

When I removed the nails and looked inside, I found various items neatly wrapped in plastic.

What you get is… … .

“Look at this. Fast Recovery Pass Necklace. The description is written in strange code, so I don’t know.”


Sirone confirmed.

“It’s a hidden code. This is an item that can break through Melkidu’s physical barrier. It’s probably used when a building collapses or there’s a problem with an underground facility. According to the description, it says to fix the bug that couldn’t penetrate the existing underground water, and to improve the ability to pass through iron walls of 3 meters or more.”

Eden said.

“The reason it is subject to censorship is probably because it is tested before being applied to the system. in short… … It’s an item that even the manager doesn’t have yet.” Nade had already picked it up. “How many can I bring? Five?”


“Oh right. Mr. Curtis is there too.”

Iruki pushed back Nade, who was holding a jeweled necklace in his arms.

“Look out. I’ll see.”

What Iruki found was a guard registration card.

“Security was an option. If we have this, we will be guards too. on the system.”

Everyone who understood Iruki’s words lit up their eyes.


And after 10 minutes.

“What, you guys! I’m sure I’ll give you 10 minutes… … ! huh?”

The two guards who had shouted at Sirone and the others blinked for a moment.

“Loyalty! Nothing beyond the boundary!”

Nade, wearing an officer’s name tag, cleared his throat and walked towards them.

“Hmmmm! yes, good job All right’?”

“yes! doesn’t exist!”

“You have a lot of trouble late at night.”

“no! Sacrificing for the kingdom is my calling!”

“Chuck! I’m all proud to hear you say it. Then give me a little help. Come on, go.” As Sirone and his party followed suit, the guards raised their weapons and shouted.

“Go carefully! Loyalty!”

Sirone and the others who came out of the warehouse giggled, and Nade turned around while waving his registration card.


The box was empty.

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