Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 121

[121] New encounter (2)

“all right. Then can I meet Amy now?”

“of course. The lady is waiting for you. Get in the carriage.”

As the carriage departed, a beautiful garden with roses in full bloom spread out the window. 

If the Ogent family expressed their family style with Daejikdo, the family style of the Karmis family seemed freewheeling. Individual works that ignored standards and uniformity were erected throughout the garden.

“That’s really cool. I feel like I have entered dreamland.”

“I’m glad you like it. The Karmis Garden reflects the tastes of all members from generation to generation. It is to designate an area and decorate it to suit your taste. This can be said to be a unique family tradition that values ​​individuality. The artificial fountain you see here was built by Miss Amy when she was 10 years old. We call it the Rainbow Fountain.”

Sirone stuck her face out the window. When the cone-shaped fountain sprayed water, the water droplets scattered and created a beautiful rainbow.

“haha! a rainbow fountain It’s like Amy.”

Adele watched with benevolent eyes as Sirone looked around the garden. She could guess why Amy’s face was brighter than before when she returned home from the semester.

“The Karmis family has an ability called the Red Eye. Thanks to that, no matter what I do, I stand out much faster than others. Knowing that fact, I tend not to interfere with family members. Reports also came in about the Arcane incident, but the head of the family only checked the safety of the lady and gave instructions to leave it alone.”

Sirone opened his mouth blankly. To let it go when it was an incident in which his daughter’s life was at stake. I could feel how bold the people of the Karmis family were looking at the world.

“Of course, it is not that there is no affection between family members. It’s just a tendency, but there were times when Amy, who was a late child, couldn’t understand such a family. She even wandered when she was younger than she is now.”

“Ah, I know that. But I didn’t know there would be such a story.”

Sirone remembered his first meeting with Amy. When he was 12 years old, when he was bullied in an alley, he resented it a lot. But now it was all in the past, and it felt like we were getting closer when we learned about the circumstances of the past.

“When I look at you these past few days, I think that you have changed a lot since I was young. Shall we say now that he enjoys his work like the rest of the family? Maybe it’s because of Sirone. thank you.”

Sirone could read the sincerity from Adele’s lowered head. Well, if she’s the one who’s been taking care of Amy since birth, she can’t just have the feelings of an employee.

The reason why he evaluated Sirone harshly also stemmed from that. Of course, her jealousy, as if her cute granddaughter had been taken away, must have played a part.

“I’m sorry I lost face because of me. It wasn’t like the butler would come out to meet you.”

“Sirone-sama is nice. But don’t worry. Lady Amy allowed entry, I was a butler who happened to pass by, and the head of the household just ordered someone to go right away.”

Sirone was curious about the Karmis family. Even the butler thinks of Amy terribly, how strict will the family treat him? I was afraid to even think about it.

“eww. I’m nervous. I hope I don’t get kicked out of the door.”

“Chuck! It will exceed your expectations. But that’s how it is, so don’t be too offended.”

While talking about this and that, the carriage arrived at its destination. 

Sirone followed Adele into the mansion. A splendid hall decorated with numerous works of art greeted him. To the left and right, winding stairs like cochleas led up to the fourth floor.

“Holy Head, Lady Amy’s friend has arrived… … .”

“Kyaaaagh! oh my god! A real man!”

A woman who looked just like Amy patted her cheek and shouted. She was Isis, the mistress of the family.

As a dancer who made his name known in the kingdom when he was young, he still looked young even at the age of over 50. But is that so? The feeling of being immature came out in every single action.

“what? You mean Sirone was a man?”

“me too! I want to see you too!”

Two men came running from the hallway leading to the living room. They were the eldest son Diane and the second son Ares. 

Diane looked young, unlike someone in her mid-thirties, and Ares, who was two years younger than her, had a thick beard, making it impossible to guess her bare face.

The two stared at Sirone in disbelief. Just by looking at their shocked eyes, you could tell how confused they were.

“Uh, there… … hello. I’m Amy’s friend Sirone… … .”

“Now, let’s skip the greetings and come here quickly. Honey, Amy’s boyfriend is here.”

Isis reluctantly grabbed Sirone by the wrist and sat her down on the sofa. A person was waiting there. It was Shakora, the head of the Karmis family, whose name even Sirone knew. 

I heard that he was a man who exerted great influence in the political world, but he was disillusioned with all sorts of corruption and retired.


When Shakora lowered the newspaper, her intelligent appearance was revealed. She was the tallest in her family, and her body was perfectly proportioned for her age.

Sirone broke out in a cold sweat like a rabbit that had jumped into a lion’s den. He was unbearably burdened by the gazes that ran over his body as if he were appreciating his art. 

As the men’s eyes glowed red, Sirone swallowed. The sight of three people activating their red eyes at the same time was quite frightening.

‘Oh, I remember. They keep me in their heads.’

Knowing the power of self-image memory, Sirone felt shackled. Perhaps they could transcend time and space and remember this moment forever.

“Hey, how are you?”

Sirone, who couldn’t stand the awkward atmosphere, greeted her again despite her embarrassment. Only then did the red eyes disappear from the men’s eyes, and Isis clung to them as if they had been waiting.

“Wow, he is handsome. Do you want this? Are you really Amy’s friend?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Ohh? So are you in your senior year too?”

“no. I am Class Five.”


Isis frowned. The brothers also tilted their heads. Perplexed, Sirone opened her mouth thinking that she had to add one more word.

“But starting next semester, it’s class four.”


Suddenly, the three of them smiled brightly. It was the same expression, the same reaction. Sirone panicked. From the beginning, it seemed that he had no interest in classes.

‘Where the hell are you? What are these people… … .’

Sirone suddenly remembered Adele’s words.

– It will exceed your expectations. Don’t feel bad.

Adele’s advice was no lie. However, it was a family that exceeded expectations in a different way from what Sirone thought. Would you say that you have a pleasant yet eccentric temperament?

“When did you and Amy meet? Are you dating right? huh? Do you go hand in hand at school?”

“yes? no, that’s… … .”

Sirone took as much time as possible. Since Amy’s position had priority here, it was better to spare her words.

“What did you see? There is no party involved, so what are you doing around your family?”

A voice from upstairs saved Sirone from the brink of collapse. Amy was looking down her hall from the snail’s stairwell on the second floor.

Ares, the second son, said with a twitching beard.

“what? did you change clothes? When Sirone came, he ran frantically into the room.”

Amy blocked the misunderstanding in advance.

“whatever? Shall we meet in pajamas then? Anyway, everything disbanded. Dad, is it okay if I talk to a friend?”

“So be it. Isn’t that the boyfriend you brought for the first time? It’s Karmis’s family tradition to do everything possible so that you won’t feel unfair later. ha ha ha!”

Amy didn’t raise an eyebrow at Shakora’s mischievous joke. It was important not to give her a chance at all, as she would persevere if she was swung just a little.

Even as Sirone climbed the snail stairs, Isis continued to ask questions.

“Amy, be honest. Are you a lover? Are you dating? huh?”

Amy accelerated her steps as if she couldn’t hear anything. But her mother, who passed on her blood to her daughter, was as tenacious as her Amy.

“Stop talking about it. What are you two doing? You two are dating right? yes?”


In the end, Amy couldn’t stand it and shouted ferociously and headed for the room. 

Isis’s mouth fell open in a daze. This time, Shakora looked up at the stairs as if surprised.

However, the figures of the two had already disappeared from sight.

Sirone and Amy entered the room and awkwardly sat facing each other across the table.

Sirone looked around the room first. The library was full of magic books, and in a corner out of sight lay a few unopened love stories.

‘haha! That must have been lent to me by Seriel-senpai.’

At school, she is known as a heroine, but the room was surprisingly feminine. She was especially drawn to her large doll as she sat on the bed. She was a teddy bear with ferociously torn eyes.

“I have a doll. A teddy bear, too.”

“So what? Shouldn’t there be dolls in my room?”

“No, I just think I look like you. haha!”

Amy clicked her tongue and shut her mouth. To be honest, she couldn’t think of anything to say. It was also the first time she had ever shown her room to a man outside of her family.

“But are you really okay? You only pretend to be dating at school, but I don’t think you need to lie to your family.”

“don’t mind. Because you won’t be interested anyway. They just do it because they have fun with each other.”

As Amy said, it was a freewheeling and unique family. However, in a place that is not revealed, I could vaguely feel that they were connected by family love.

“It’s a nonsensical sound. What happened to my house all of a sudden? Do you have something to talk about?”

“Actually, that… … .”

Sirone was about to speak, but the door slid open. The face of Isis sneaked in through the narrow crack in the door,

“Oh my, did you interrupt me when I was having a good time? Let’s do it while having tea.”

Isis moved her feet and set the tea on the table. All the while, her eyes were nailed to Sirone.

Sirone was about to speak again, but the door opened again, and this time Diane entered.

“I brought you some sweets… … .”

Diane’s gaze also did not know how to leave Sirone. It was funny how his body walked forward but his head was turned to the side.

Amy sighed. It will be fun for them as they have never been like this before in their lives. 

The older brothers were not even interested in anything other than the extraordinary, but their sister’s boyfriend had never come to the house.

“okay. just come in all I know you’re waiting outside.”

As soon as Amy’s words dropped, the soles of her feet pushed against the door. I saw Ares standing with a plate in her hands.

“I have some fruit… … haha.”

“It’s okay, come in. Well, let’s officially introduce what happened like this. Sirone, are you okay?”

“Ah, of course.”

So, except for Shakora, everyone in the family sat across from Sirone.

“This is Sirone, a promising young magician. And Sirone, this is my mother. She was a dancer when she was young.”

“I see. It was somehow beautiful.”

“Ho-ho-ho! Amy looks like me But it’s hard if you fall for me. Because I don’t want to hurt my daughter.”

“Ah yes.”

Sirone agreed. No matter how much I thought about it, he had nothing else to say in response.

“And this is my eldest brother, Diane. I’m a certified 5th grade swordsman and I’m in charge of the archery team in the royal castle. I came down to his hometown because I had something to consult with my father for a while about a political issue.”

After Amy finished speaking, the family looked back at her in surprise. 

No matter how much a lover is, there is no need to mention the internal circumstances of the family. In the end, she was only pretending to be calm, but it was proof that she was also nervous on the inside.


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