Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1208

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The world we live in (2)

There was a makeshift barracks quite far from the Green Ocean where the tribal war was being fought.

Pyeongangsa gathered in the shabby barracks, and the same number of fairies took care of them.

“Sniff. sniff.”

“Stop whining. annoying.” When the angel who was pessimistic about his situation shed tears, everyone wept as if he had promised.

like a newborn child.

“Ha ha, really.”

At first, even the fairies, who were treated with respect, no longer saw them as angels.

“If you’re going to keep crying like that, go to sleep. The subaldo by the side should also think of us.”

“M-I’m sorry.”

When one angel lay down in a crouching position, all the angels followed suit again.

At one time, they were the beings who permeated the world through the unique concept they received from God.

“hey. Gather everyone.” When the angels calmed down, the captain of the guard team gathered the fairies together.

“Taking care of yourself like this is so inefficient. Just gather the angels in one place, and we’ll form groups and take turns. About 20 people each.”

“That would be nice. To be honest, apart from the hard things, I’m sick of the angels whining. If it wasn’t for tribal wars, I’d just hit one… …

That moment.


The angels opened their eyes and a unique property called vibration occurred.

“What, what?”

Where the fairies hurriedly turned their heads, hundreds of pillars of light rose.

“… … I’m back.”

The starlight that rose one by one on the heads of the angels made it impossible to deny the fact.

‘Did you really do it?’

Did only three archangels go to the sun and change the law set by God?

Like corpses rising from their graves, the angels rose slowly.


The captain of the subaldae flew like an arrow


“yes! Did you call!”

Because of what he had already done, his mind was confused and his small body trembled.

Of course the angels know.

That’s why the eyes looking at Fairy weren’t nice, but it was a dizzying time for them too.

‘It’s terrible, losing the standard O’

It was a later thing to scold Fairy because it was something she didn’t want to go through again.

“Where is Yuriel-sama?”

“That, to the Green Ocean… …

The angels who looked over the battlefield through ‘Looking Down’ spread their wings of light and soared up.

‘Wait a little.’

As countless flashes of light flew away, the fairies asked Casker.

“What shall we do?”

“What should I do?”

Casker’s face turned into a tear-stain.

“I have to go after him.”

Lollipop nervously scratched her nails.

“hurry. please hurry up.” The data currently being moved was 100% foreknowledge that could never be obtained in reality.

‘Even if you endure one tick, the future of mankind will change.’

The operator pointed forward.

“Hey, this is rebooting, right?” When the lollipop raised its head, lights were coming on one by one in the face of the fallen Jet.


He hurriedly lowered his head to check the progress.

’64 percent.’

If the main system is restarted as it is, it will be attacked in reverse and all files will be destroyed.

‘We need to cut off communication. Even if the file is broken, it will be possible to recover it to some extent.’

Should I be satisfied here?

The reaction speed of machines and humans was incomparable, so it was a situation where we had to rely on intuition.

the operator said.

“You judge and decide. I won’t blame you no matter what happens.”


Lollipop’s eyes tightened.

‘One second. One more second… …

Could the data contained in that one second save hundreds of thousands of lives?

‘Still fine. About 3 seconds… …

At that moment, without any context, my eyes went dark and my hand went to the block button.

‘I hung up.’

At the same time, with a hum, light began to enter the pillars of the main system.

“Huh! Huh!”

The number written on the hologram was 83 percent.

“done! I was faster.”


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His hand frightenedly entered the keyword.

“Okay, I fixed the broken files. Where, I’ll dig up everything you know.”

Just as he was about to read the files, Freeman quickly approached and took away the equipment.

“What are you doing?”

The lollipop’s eyes widened as it raised its head.

The officers of the parrot mercenary corps were surrounded by weapons.

“Why, why?”


Marsha, who took over the equipment, said.

“No one can read this information. I’ll take this. I’ll pay you instead.”

“Where is the law to do this? Give me! That’s mine! An important program there… …

” Shh.”

Snyder, the captain of the 6th division, thrust a dagger into his throat from behind a lollipop.

“stop. This is the future of mankind at stake. It’s good to get attention from you too.”

The threat was cool, but the cold attitude of the person who had been like a brother until now made me even more angry.

“red! come now? great. Come on, stab me. Try it once, you lady!”

“what? Madame?”

Marsha raised her ax eye.

“You really kill me! Do you think this is a joke? We are very scary people!”

“So try it! Even if you don’t have the confidence! Or give me my gear!”

Snyder asked.

“… … Shall I remove it?”

Marsha was annoyed.

“Are you saying that to a child? Just soothe it in moderation! Give me some candy!”

As she turned away, Snyder licked his lips and lowered the dagger.

“No, why are you temperamental to me? Did I say I was a lady? uh? Did I?”

the operator said.

“I understood the impossibility of sharing information. You don’t have to threaten me.”

“okay. I’m sorry.”

The unrestrained lollipop turned around.

“Oooh, sir!”

He threw a low kick, but only his leg hurt as if he had hit a log.

“haha! Don’t be too angry. Because hyung will introduce you to a really pretty girl. Although I am fifteen years older than you.”

“It’s okay!”

“By the way… Snyder, messing with the lollipop’s head, went on, and the officers followed.

“How do you do these things?”

Before I knew it, the jets were hitting the wall in front.

After looking outside from the rooftop, Sirone returned to the room where Jet had collapsed.

“The scenery hasn’t changed.”

Although the main system was down, this place was still a world created by the law.

‘why? Even though Ikael succeeded.’ It was a frustrating feeling that the future had already been decided no matter what changes were made in reality.

‘I can’t do that. I’m missing something. Because God’s thinking is broader than mine.’

Deep in thought for a while, Shirone turned his head to the sound of the engine.

“Mr. Jet!”

A tiger appeared on Jet’s face screen, and his limbs began to move.

“Are you awake? Suddenly the system… …

Sirone stood still.

The shape is the same, but somehow the feeling is different from before.

“Color immediately. color immediately.”

Standing on his own, he launched the bullets of the law into the air like a jet outside.

“It is me! You remember!”

“Remove the defilements.”

Avoiding the explosions exploding in all directions, Shirone sprinted to the entrance of the room.

‘The error has been fixed.’

As the main system rebooted, the quantum error was put back into place.


Since it cannot be undone forever, to Sirone, the jet was just a moving machine.

‘Don’t blaspheme him.’

“Regenerate, follow the law.”


After casting Hand of God, Sirone grabbed Jet and pushed him hard against the wall.

Following a thud, Jett’s body fell to the floor, half crushed.

“Hey middle schooler… … rate… … law??????

After confirming that the light on the face screen had disappeared, Sirone wiped away tears.

Broken tea cups, burnt carpets, and even fish fluttering outside the aquarium.

It was Jet’s heart.

Sirone, which contained fish in an aquarium made of material, moved the aircraft to the center.

” sorry.”

Looking forward to his heart that was delivered today spreading to the whole world someday, “Whoa!”

Sirone flew up from the ceiling.

‘What about the mining team?’

tallest building in the city.

The numerous jets riding the outer wall shimmered like a broken mirror.

In the great underground caverns of the main system, the mining team struggled against the jet corps.

“damn! Is there no end?”

As long as the building couldn’t be destroyed, the only way out was to go through the jet.

the operator said.

“There is not much power left. Drive Jet into a corner. It is the final collapse.”


As the mercenary corps rushed into the enemy camp, the Jet’s battle line began to twist to one side.

In the meantime, Marsha stood behind the pillar holding the file of Omega 999.

‘How do I do this?’

It was also for Sirone, but the mercenary’s employer was Fermi.

The special condition he presented was ‘information that does not need to be read will be delivered as it is’.

“Is there such a situation?”

At the time, Marsha asked:

“I need to know what it is so I can make a judgment, but how do you deliver it without looking at it?”

“Because there are many ways to deal with confidentiality. Metaphors in ciphered books and paintings, non-melodic scores that destroyed classical forms. I would like you to hand over these artifacts as much as possible without examining them.”

“Hmm, okay.”

Marsha thought to herself.

‘I just need to know, what. Who knows?’

“another one.”

Fermi added.

“When you obtain data created with technology from the future world, never read it. No one, not even the managers at High Gear, should know.”

Looking back now, I wondered if Fermi had been thinking this far.

“It is very tight. How are you supposed to maintain teamwork without that level of humanity?”

“A Fallen Virgin is enough. Members don’t just follow. Moreover, it is directly related to revenue. Information is more about who knows than what you know. Information that is not proprietary has no value.”

Information that everyone knows has the same value as information that cannot happen.

“It’s called information entropy. But in fact, the true meaning of this provision is different.”

“The real meaning?”


Marsha’s expression hardened for the first time.

“Some information Sirone should never know. The moment you find out, everything is over. Aside from monopoly, entropy must be maintained at an unknown level. I erased my memory because I was convinced by Sirone again.”

“how… … what information? Then, what if I don’t know and even say something?”

“You know. You will be sure the moment you get the information. So I couldn’t even write it down in the contract. Because there shouldn’t be any channels through which information can move.”

Marsha’s mouth was also a channel.

“okay. I’ll promise. I’d rather take my own life than talk to Sirone.”

Fermi finally presented the contract.

“… … Please sign.”

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