Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1207

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The world we live in (1)

Now, as the rather thick debris fell in front of Sirone’s eyes, Jet said.

“This world is made of particles.”

It was natural.

“And the outer world is made of antiparticles.” “Of course, this is the standard of this world. Matter and antimatter define each other with the concepts of existence and non-existence.” Jett spoke calmly.

“Particles are classified into photon signals and quantum signals. Photon signals deal with the law, quantum signals deal with the mind. Of course it would be an error for me.”

Sirone understood.

“If that is what we are, which being has a higher stature? It’s going to be how much of a share it occupies in the total system. The measure of this criterion is energy.”

Existence is energy.

“Also, energy is mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Therefore, energy can also be referred to as mass.”

The mass… … .

“It is a matter of how fiercely you exist in the flow of time. Expressions such as heavy and light are just definitions made by human senses, in reality…”

Jet clenched his fist.

“It just exists.”

The background crumpled around the fist, and debris and dust gathered there.

“It’s called gravity. And if this gravity becomes too, too strong, beyond the tolerance the universe accepts… …

When Jet opened his palm, the small dot became a black sphere and sucked in the dust around it.

“You will break through the curtain of the world and go to the outside world.”

It was a black hole.

“Can you make it? A singularity of zero volume and infinite density.”

“… … yes.”

Even Metatron, the Archangel of Existence, and Syrone were able to create singularities.

“It is not particularly special. It’s just that some matter has reached the limit of the universe. It means that nothing can be infinitely strong. When existence transcends its limits, the universe cannot handle the signal and spits it out of the veil.”

The jet annihilated the black hole.

“So you can make it, but you can’t get in. To be precise, there is no way out.”

It was a space where even light was confined.

“At the singularity, time ends. And beyond that, the world of anti-particles unfolds. So the outside world has an imaginary number of hours.”

“That’s God’s point of view.”

Jett nodded.

“If a particle is a concept of significance, an anti-particle is a concept of nothingness. Therefore, it is normal for particles to exist, and the time of extinction is only an instant. On the other hand, it is normal that anti-particles do not exist, and the time of their birth is extremely short.” This is why it is difficult to observe antiparticles in space.

“In this way, particles and antiparticles go through twin birth and twin annihilation to create matter and energy. This is the mechanism by which our universe is born.”

Sirone chewed on Jet’s words.

“The means through which God can exert influence in this world are also antiparticles. It is useless to say that it is still or even now. It’s imaginary time. Time is imaginary means that space is also less than zero. That is, they operate beyond the speed of light. In other words, going back in time and changing the law.” Sirone recalled the Pyramid of Truth.

“That’s an opart.”

This is the reason why the relics of an ancient civilization seem to have been born without a cause.

“yes. God’s will that transcends time and space. This signal is called tachyon. It is a sign of an imaginary number born in a world of nothingness.”

Sirone let out a quiet voice.

“The world of nothingness.”

If the anti-particles that make up the outside world are the concept of nothingness, our world seen there… … .

It was just a huge illusion.

“Do you want to meet God?” When Sirone raised his head again, Jet was as reverent as his high priest.

“To meet God, you must cross the veil of the world. That means there is no coming back forever.” When I was in school, I once returned to reality through the space-time of the maze.

Also, even in high gear, he imitated Shin’s thinking and returned as an undercoder.

But all of that was possible because reality was the status of the outside world.

‘It’s different this time. In order to return to reality, I need to know the signal of the anti-particle.’

Jet brought the point.

“I will let you know.”

“yes? But how… … ?”

“Because I am an error out of the main system. Permissions cannot be exceeded, but viewing is possible. You should be able to connect to the core and deliver the results for Tachyon.”

A god’s ability to turn all beings into illusions.

“It will be difficult to achieve enlightenment with only Gugyeol, but it will be necessary to meet God. Even if you go to the outside world in this state, you are crossing a river from which you cannot return.”

like me

“Of course, me too. Viewing the outside world is an error that cannot be overlooked, and I will soon be discarded.”

Sirone asked again.

“Why do you do this? You live in this world.”

“well. Is it because it is an error?” Jet looked out the window.

“From the moment I realized that the many ‘me’ outside and the ‘me’ here are different, I thought this way. This miraculous error, this feeling that will never come again… …

He turned his head again.

“I wonder if I should tell someone.”

Sirone cried.

“But then you… … It was something I didn’t want to say, but it was something I had to confirm.

“You are going to die.”

It is different from the outside jet.

Because the disappearance of the one and only ‘I’ who has realized the mind will be no different from the death of a human being.

“How will you die?”

Jet put one hand on his lap and gently bowed his head as class president.

“I think I am ready.” Sensing that her heart was heating up, Shirone tried to calm herself down and answered.



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And knelt down in front of Jet.

“I will be taught.”

“… … You will only get one chance.”

Silence ensued, and a red tiger began to appear on Jet’s face screen.

“Data output.”

Ikael felt a thrill of joy.

‘It moves. we overcome the law

there is.’

The seven archangels gathered now were almost all concepts that gave birth to the early universe.

‘Just one more step.’

Ataraxia unfolds brilliantly.


The moment the mental body was burning, the law that had been twisted so far was rapidly restored.

It felt like that.

The jet outputted data at a tremendous speed and in a voice that bordered on shouting.

‘You can’t miss it. Not even one syllable.’

Sirone, who was kneeling in front of him, held on to her fainting spirit.

In terms of enormous entropy and information quality, it was comparable to the blueprint of the universe.

A moan leaked out.


Jet’s voice wasn’t particularly intrusive, but the syllables were a grotesque sound that no civilization had ever created.

‘I don’t know.’

Sirone, who has reached the level of Ultima, can decipher all signals, so what he couldn’t understand was the meaning, not the form.

‘It’s a completely different concept. It’s not even a quality that humans can remember.’

Information that would have evaporated a second later if I hadn’t known how God thinks flowed endlessly.


Jet’s voice disappeared as his pupils rolled up as if he would lose consciousness at any moment.


Hurrying to her senses, Sirone repeated the phrase she had heard so far at the speed of thought.

1, 2, 23, 328.

With the shape of the syllable written in her brain like that, Sirone raised her head and looked at Jet.

It may be an illusion, but it seemed calm.

“Did it go well?”

Sirone stood up and replied.

“yes. entire.”

“I’m glad. Enjoyed.”

Hearing the goodbye, Sirone shook her head.

“You can’t leave yet. You have to analyze the signal like me. Fortunately, there is no… …

At that moment, the ceiling collapsed with a roar.

“It’s dangerous!”

Shirone rolled on the floor hugging Jet and looked back at the rock that had fallen under her feet.

‘Huge size.’

That the world of the law is shaken

It meant that Ikael had done it.

Sirone looked at Jet again.

As the main system went down, his aircraft did not light up either.

“Calm down, calm down.”

All jets would be in the same state, but Sirone couldn’t leave the room.

“I mean, I didn’t even say thank you.”

“what? What?”

Marsha looked around.

The jets that were struggling with the operator collapsed at the same time, and the light disappeared from the huge pillar.

“done! Sirone hyung did it.” It was complicated, but it didn’t matter anyway.

“you can do it? Can you do it now?”

As if he had no time to answer, the lollipop mark installed the Undercoder’s interface.

‘I just need to know the code table.’

The initialization signal of the main system was caught by the hologram operated by its own power.

“That’s Okay! I have no idea what you mean, but I can make anything now anyway.”

If you compare it to human language, it would be like a meaningless alphabet combination, but if you knew the communication rules, you could attack the system with the data itself.

The jets were useless, so the entire mining team rushed in to watch the lollipops do their job.

“hacking! hacking!”


Lollipop Mark, which penetrated the database through various routes, swallowed saliva at the capacity.

“excuse me… … How long will this miraculous thing last?”

“well. 10 minutes? 1 hours? Why are you doing that?”

“There is some data that I am interested in, but it takes 2 hours and 14 minutes to download all of them. If it reboots in there, the system on this side will be attacked.”

“No no. Take only what you need.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Because the language system is different, I don’t know where the information I need is located. but… …

Lollipop turned hologram.

“The title of this file here Omega 999 means you can read it.


“what? Are we talking about it?”

“yes. In my opinion, the records that were left before the future world changed strangely were preserved as they were. Anyway, the last file I can read is Omega 999.”

The record after that time is not written in human language.


The operator leaned on his chin and said.

“It’s either way. Do I take the risk and download the whole thing, or just the urgent ones quickly?”

Knowing how valuable the information of the future world is, Marsha cried.

‘I want to get everything. It’s really a waste.’ Lollipop said.

“The leader of the mining team decides. Even while doing this, you never know when the system will be restored.”

“I’m going crazy, really.”

She said with a big sigh.

“Take the urgent first.”


When the lollipop pressed the button on the hologram, the gauge started filling up quickly.

All the history happening in reality, the files of Omega 999 were coming over.

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