Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1203

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Syrone, who took control of the Johann Cartel in Corcoras in Melkidu, contacted the dark organization under the guidance of the leader Aria.

When a ship suddenly appeared in a place where all compartments were separated, the party was inevitably surprised.

‘It’s a system.’

The fact that the buyout program is one of the standard ways to get to the core is a little more bolstered.

Of course, the process of welcoming this vessel was not smooth.

Desperado and Red Union gangs attacked them, but any weapon was useless in front of Sirone’s force.

At the armistice talks, the heads of each organization accepted Sirone’s proposal.

“You are leaving?”

Unless Sirone was going to take control of Corcoras, it was best to give them what they wanted and send them away quickly.

“Okay, let’s yield this time. But if you set foot here again, either you or I will disappear.”

Of course, it would be the gang that disappeared, but their militancy was also proven through the Johann Cartel.

“This way.”

The ship was loaded with firearms that could not be obtained in reality.

“120 million points.”

When the captain suggested it, Arya readily agreed.

Sirone saw that if she put her mind to it, she could collect 10 billion points into the core.

‘The reason Arya is protecting Corcoras is probably for the sake of the Johann Cartel in reality. To make it easier for real criminals to hide here.’

Even if you don’t make a case

All he had to do was hide in Corcoras.

‘Evil permeates everywhere.’ For Sirone, who was on a mission to save humanity, it was something that could not be overlooked.


As the gang began moving their weapons at Aria’s direction, the captain pointed at Sirone and the others.

“What is that pyramid? It’s a face I haven’t seen before.”

Arya said reluctantly.

“I know the buyout program. He said he wanted to meet you.”


Even if you got a hint from the inside track, you need the approval of the 3 gangs to make contact with the dark organization.

“Awesome. Are there enough points?” After all, the captain is also the manager. I couldn’t shake it with anything other than points and dice.

“yes. A friend is imprisoned in a prison in Parme, the capital. They say that if you meet that person, you will be able to do it.”

The captain lit the smoking pipe.

“… … I can give you a kite. But Parmerani is a bit like that. The captain of the guard there is no ordinary bet.”

When Sirone was silent, the captain pointed to the cargo hold.

“I can’t get in normally. There are many empty boxes, so hide there. The cost of stowaway is 10 million points.”

’10 million?’

It was much more expensive than items entering the royal road.

If it were another user, he would be willing to pay as there was no need to ‘convince’, but Sirone had no particular merit.

‘Mr. Curtis said at least fifty million. He didn’t research the buyout program perfectly, so I figured there would be an extra cost, but I might run out of points if I kept going like this.’

The amount currently owned by Sirone and the others was about 100 million points, twice the minimum required.

“It is quite expensive.”

As Sirone said that and turned her head away, Aria sighed and said.

“I will pay.”

When the points were deducted, the captain said as he went up to the navigation room.

“As soon as we unload, we will leave. It’s in a box now. It has to be sealed.”

Before going to the cargo hold, Sirone looked back at Aria.

“thank you.”

“joy! I’m telling you not to come back a second time. With this, my work is done.”

He told me not to come back even if things went wrong later.

‘This is enough to stop it cheaply.’

Thanks to that, I was able to give 10 million points because I was easily supplied with supplies worth 120 million.

“See you next time.”

At Sirone’s greeting, Aria, who was getting off the boat, bit her teeth.

‘A child like a dog. I thought you were a hogu, but you were just a jerk.’

It was the play she hated the most.

When Sirone and the others hid themselves in the box, the sailors closed the lid and nailed it.

“We leave in 10 minutes.”

When the sailors left, Pena made a voice.

“stuffy. Do you really have to do this? It’s enough for the king to go to Ipseong.”

Iruki said.

“This could be some kind of buyout program. Anyway, to meet the dark organization, the captain must be by his side.”

I heard a buzzer and felt the boat bouncing in the waves for a moment.

The next moment, a colorful light began to race in front of Sirone’s eyes.

‘Moving space.’

When the light disappeared, Sirone knew that he had reached his destination and asked the others.

“Has everyone lived?”

“uh. But does it have to stay like this? Can’t we break it down and leave?”

“I don’t know. But since you said stowaway… …

Then the door opened and the workers started unloading.


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“Be quiet. If you get caught, it’s the end.” Unlike in Corcoras, the sailors’ voices were clearly tense.

The workers unloaded all the cargo and moved the box that Sirone and the others had hidden on a cart to a remote location in the port. The man who pulled out the nail knocked on the box twice.

“tomorrow morning.”

Leaving behind a password, Sirone and the others slowly opened the lid.

Nade grumbled.

“Oh, I’m going to die. Did you put any fish in it?”

While each of them talked about their short trip, only Pena was silent.

“What’s wrong?”

“here… … Is it Parme?”

Excluding Rookie, the capital was the most visited place by players circling Melkidu, and she also stayed often for various reasons, but the port was the first time.

“No, I didn’t even know there was a port. I’ve never heard of it from other players. Are we really on the right track?”


Sirone came out of the box and said.

“It must be an area that can only be reached by stowaway. In other words, this is the manager’s world. So how far have you been from Parme, Mr. Pena?”

“All. I know the geography of the capital quickly.”

Thinking of something, she turned to Sirone.

“Every space in Melkidoo is blocked by a compartment. know? invisible wall. But only one place is different. It’s the royal castle wall. I thought it was just a background… …

“It means there might be a port behind the castle.”

Sirone looked around. Darkness was thick over the sea, and the lights on several anchored ships were on.

“This must be the middle layer of the system.” Sirone concluded.

“All kinds of supplies needed for Melkidu are moving through this middle layer. If you think so, it seems that you can go to any khan through smuggling.”

Iruki said.

“Hmm, after all, the outer track and the inner track are not separate spaces. The government building in the village, the space inside the door was the inner track. Wouldn’t it be a layer of authority rather than a space?”

Eden said.

“If Mr. Curtis had been locked up in a prison in a city other than the royal castle, we would have arrived inside the government office too. It might be the manager’s quarters or a warehouse where items are stored.”

said Nade.

“Isn’t that really dangerous? Besides, this is the capital with the largest supply of goods. Items can be stolen, and there will be many high-ranking officials.” Sirone said.

“okay. We committed another crime in Melkidu, where any crime is innocent.”

“The moment it takes, it will be over.”

It wasn’t going to end like being put in jail.

Nade’s smile was convex.

“But you have some time until morning, right?”

“No, what… …

While Pena made a blank expression, Iruki smiled.

“It wouldn’t hurt to take a look. There will be items that have not been released yet, or items that have been discarded due to censorship. How are you, Sirone?”

≪Uh 99

‘Sister three

It seemed like it would cost more crime points than expected, so it seemed worth the risk, but in fact, I was more curious about looking at the middle layer of the system.

“good. Let’s do it until morning.”

As the three of them left, Pena was terrified.

“Hey, are you really going to do it? And what if you get caught?”

“It is useless. Because I was famous since my school days.”

Eden followed and shook his head.

“Once plugged in, it’s over.” Five stowaways disappeared into the darkness of the harbor.

Time in a dream is determined by the quality and quantity of information, and in the battle between Miro and Ymir, Sirone also accepted the huge data from the Dream.


Armand, who went into the river to save Yorahhan, swam with all his might.

Sosegae Changyu fixed Yorahhan’s location

It was clearly informed, but it was already quite far away due to the strong current.

‘Humans can’t hold their breath for a long time.’

In addition, the impact of falling into the water would have consumed most of the oxygen, so time was running out.

‘Kang, give him to me.’

The center of the river flowed backwards, and Jorahhan’s body was embraced by Armand.

She quickly climbed up and pulled Jorahhan out, letting out a breath.


The moment he was connected to the small world, Armand frowned at the pain of apnea.

‘I’m dying.’ Recalling the words he hadn’t told him yet, Armand tried artificial respiration.

It was rather fortunate that Yorahhan lost consciousness because she was much more comfortable assimilating with inanimate objects.

The lungs pumped involuntarily and spewed out large amounts of water.

And the moment we kissed again.

“Ouch! Kuck!”

Yorahhan coughed and moved his upper body.

“ah?… ”

I saw Armand’s face in my vision, which gradually became clearer.

‘ pretty.’

There was a clicking sound from my forehead, and stars flashed in front of my eyes.

“ouch! Why do you hit me!”

As he shouted, unable to stand up, Armand gave strength to his eyes.

“Anyway, humans! You saved me from dying, so that’s all you think about doing it for the first time?”

“No, what… …

What do you mean when you feel that way?

“Anyway, if you live, get up quickly. I have to go back before it gets dark.”

I wasn’t particularly afraid of the dark, but I had an instinctive feeling that I shouldn’t spend the night with Jo Ra-han.


Jorahhan, who was halfway up, fell down again.

“sorry. It’s too much right now I don’t even have the strength to stand up.”

Armand, guessing Jorahhan’s condition, let out a sigh of resignation.

It must have felt like being beaten with a hammer because he had turned his internal organs in an unconscious state.

“Ha ha, really.”

Two hours later, a bonfire was burning by the river where the sun had completely set.

Jorahhan trimmed the fish Armand had caught and put it on a tree branch.

“Okay, that’s it.”

As the wet clothes were being dried, Armand was sitting in the corner covered with a blanket.

“I hate fire.”

If it was a fire family, it was natural.

‘Well, even though he was carnivorous, he ate raw food.’

On the other hand, since Yorahan was a human, there was no reason to refuse to grill fish.

“Come a little closer. You should warm up.”

When Armand gave him a suspicious glance, Yorahan was terrified.

“No, I’m afraid I’ll catch a cold. sorry.” It was a short moment, but they shared each other’s hearts through the creation of a small world.

‘I’m going crazy because it’s awkward.’

It is impossible to deny that it is not as long as it is revealed.

The only thing he could look at was the fish being browned.


When I looked up at the sound of footsteps, Armand was walking holding on to the blanket.

“It will be delicious. let’s eat.” The moment he saw her reflection in her bonfire, Yora Han realized.

‘This is the person.’

Flowers were also blooming in his heart.

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