Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1202

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living (4)

behind the world.

Si Lone and Lian, who were running to save Jin Seong-eum, looked back at the hot wind blowing from behind.

“That’s amazing.”

A huge haze shimmered above the horizon where the chemical company’s system control branch was located.

“As long as Son Yoo-jung has attained enlightenment, Le Te will not be easy either. We need to keep as much distance as possible between them.”

Lian had the same idea, but seeing the demons infested in front, it didn’t seem easy.

‘It keeps getting stronger. Is this okay?’

Even if you saved the true voice, if the psychic realm was opened, all the demons in hell would come out to reality.

“Let’s do what we can.”

After reading Lian’s thoughts, Sirone spoke.

“Because I’m fed up with someone embracing everything and sacrificing it now.” Ryan was lost in thought.

‘Sirone, I’m not good in the head. So I can’t explain it exactly, but there is a contradiction in your words.’

It is because it is Sirone who tries to sacrifice even the true voice.

‘If you’re thinking of ending it with one… …

Lian rushed.

‘I won’t let you do that!’

As he clenched his teeth and swung the sword, there was a roar that made his heart stop, and the flesh of the demon raced around.

“Stop! Don’t let me go forward!”

The demons made themselves meat shields.

Feeling puzzled, Sirone saw the black clouds that began to cover the sky and felt it.

‘Black Victory. They’re not going to let go easily.’

The first number could be estimated only by the size of the area, and counting the second digits was meaningless.


At the same time as warning, Miracle Stream was activated.

– Arrest the guilty.

The moment the light exploded from Sirone’s body, an unrealistic black cloud descended and covered the ground.

“mom. mom.”

When Etella came to her senses, a landscape she had never seen before was unfolding.

There was a long tunnel like an intestine, and a rotten liquid was collected here and there in the corners.

I felt a burning pain in my ear.

“mom. mom.”

The fetus, whose face had half melted, was biting her ear.

Ethella lowered her head and saw numerous fetuses clinging to her body.

“Why did you abandon me?”

The voices echoing in the tunnel couldn’t be identified as belonging to anyone, but in reality it didn’t matter.


All the lives in this tunnel were her children, and she had already made up her mind.

“let’s go. Follow me.”

Perhaps this is the system’s process of dealing with karma, and what awaits at the end is eternal annihilation.

‘ are you okay.’

It is she who cleanses all limbo

was right, but the only thing that bothered me was…….


The Taegeuk chain has not disappeared yet.

‘I believe I could have been a good person.’

However, too many lives had already died at his hands to bring back.

‘It’s also a step for you. I don’t know how long this journey will be… …

May he also find rest.

Every time Etella went through the tunnel, countless limbos clung to her body.

As the terrible pain passed through Taegeuk’s chain.


Chagall clutched his body and rolled on the floor.

‘ sick.’

It was the pain Ethella felt.

“Damn it!”

Chagall, who rose to his feet in convulsions, sprinted through the corridor again.

‘wait! Just show it to my eyes!’

When the door to the engine room was opened, the flesh brain was floating between the huge cliffs.

“ha! ha!” After confirming that the chains that had escaped from his chest had gone into the center of his brain, he leaped off the cliff, pouring out his rapid-fire sword.

“come out!”

When the dagger was stabbed, the fetus with swollen eyelids could not even open its eyes and opened its mouth.

“Come out!”

As if throwing garbage, Chagall threw the fetus stuck in a dagger down the cliff and swung his arms.

Even as the flesh brain disintegrated, the heart was beating nervously.

‘where are you? Where is it!’

The dagger stuck in the inner wall pierced the opposite wall without much resistance.

With a half-distraught expression, Chagall looked back the way he had come.


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‘ doesn’t exist.’

The physical brain that can be seen is just hardware, and Etella has already disappeared into the entire system of the Underworld.

“Why not!”

Chagall, who had been hacking his brain like crazy, flinched at the moment and fell to his knees again.


Through the Taegeuk chain, Etella’s feelings of despair were conveyed.

-The remaining purification time is 87 years, 2,875 circumferences, 3,241 trillion, 120,310,09 hours. I didn’t even ask for a message I didn’t want to hear, but I heard it.

‘Why, why are you doing such a foolish thing? you can talk! All you have to do is threaten to do this, do this! why… … !’ I knew the truth.

The time that has passed, how much Etela has sacrificed.

“ah! ah! ah! ah!”

Seized with self-loathing, Chagall took a dagger and stabbed him in the thigh.

‘I want to destroy the existence of the country.’ No, I want to grind it on a machine.

“die! die!”

In the fate of not being able to die until Karma is purified, Chagall stabbed knives all over his body.

“I mean die!”

Even if blood spurted like a fountain from the shell of the rapid-fire sword, the ego only became clearer.

Suddenly, I had this thought.

It’s not that I can’t die, it’s because I don’t want to die.


I wondered if Etella would dry me up like before if I hurt myself by cutting my body apart.

“Why are you doing this to me… …

According to Taegeuk’s karma, Chagall’s pain also rode a chain and hit Etella’s heart directly.

“mom. mom.”

Unable to suckle, the fetuses that ate their bodies like hungry ghosts were now swollen enough to fill the tunnel.

“??????let’s go.”

Ethella walked in tears.

“I will save you guys.”

Chagall shouted.

“F*ck them all!”

Chagall, who pulled out the blade from his body, came out of the hole in his brain.

“You want to get revenge like that? Do you think I’ll go easy? No, I’ll chase you! I… … I will surely find you… … !”

I’ll drag you back to hell

‘I will make you stay by my side for the rest of my life!’ Taking a deep breath, Chagall activated the nostalgia of the incident.

‘It doesn’t smell.’

If ethera became a process, it meant that it had disappeared from the other world or existed in all spaces.

‘I can find it.’

Chagall’s sense of smell became acute without knowing the end, and he finally sensed a specific position in the process.

At the same time, the Taegeuk chain stood up stiffly and stretched out to an unknown end.


Chagall, who threw himself even while bleeding profusely, followed the chain and pierced the wall.

‘I’m going to kill you. As soon as we meet, I will slap you on the cheek. I’ll tease you slowly Until you scream!’

The most terrifying thoughts about Etella filled my head.

-Remaining purification time… … .

His pain was still converted into karma.

The 12 apostles who participated in the tribal battle pushed Uriel from all sides.

As the golden dragon Metyra blocked Uriel’s goon of paradise, the poison dragon Poine rotated and burrowed into her bosom.

With her back kick, the gigantic archangel broke trees and flew away.

When Uriel, who had been pushed away after breaking a rock, calmly regained his balance, Poine smiled.

“I guess times have changed. Daecheon Apostle is out of fashion now.”

Of course, it was a mere provocation, as it was different from the truth.

Thunder Dragon Blitz surveyed the battlefield.

‘Even though we came, the battle between elves and fairies is close. It should be said that Yuriel’s influence is that great.’

Although the 12 apostles have each reached the pinnacle of different attributes, the dragon’s true power comes out when it transforms into its main body.

‘The biggest thing is that I can’t use the breath.’

If all the 12 apostles fight as a main body, no matter how wide the water is, it will be reduced to ruin.

Blitz recalled the order received from the Messiah.

‘What’s more important than winning the war is protecting the elves and the fire tribe from the verge of extinction.’

When they become extinct, the variables that can change the future of Apocalypse completely disappear.

‘We’ve lost a fair number of elves even now. no more. I have to keep it here.’

In the eyes of the 12 apostles, a heroic resolution stood.

Meanwhile, 3 kilometers away from the Green Ocean, there was a temporary barracks for the fairies.


The Fairy’s executives dragged the two elves into the laboratory with them tied up.

“Let go! What are you thinking about us!”

When a pair of male and female elves entered, Crown turned around.


“You’d better kill me! I will bend to torture… … !”

The elf, who had been shouting out loud, screamed the moment he saw the scenery in the room.

Crown put a finger to his mouth.

“pee. Aren’t the kids surprised?”

“you… … What are you doing?”

Creatures inhabiting the Green Ocean were hung on the walls, and all of them had their heads open, exposing their brains.

“huh? What are you doing? just a little… … I looked.”

Crown sat down on a chair at the table.

“Don’t stay like that, come and sit down. From now on, we have to have an in-depth conversation about the future of life.”

Two elves knelt under the table, guided by the fairy’s power.

“The future of life? this is killing It means killing lives!”

Crown was calm.

“Originally, elves were fairies.” “They were limbs like us, so they obeyed me. Then they combined with humans and became the current species.”

“What do you want to say?”

“No, it’s a bit strange. Reproduction is impossible unless it is accompanied by a mechanical mechanism.”

“Don’t think of us the same as other animals. Elves are a race born out of pure love.”

“I know. You say Agape? Virgin conception, the creation of life without mechanical mechanisms, was originally the privilege of Kariel, who is among the great angels. I’ve been thinking What is it? How can I be like that too?”

At the end of the silence, the words continued.

“I didn’t know.”

Seeing Crown’s eye smile, the elves became uneasy.

“In my opinion, the concept of life before living things. There seems to be a special inertia that is invisible to the naked eye. Otherwise, such a tragic mechanism of creating posterity and annihilating itself cannot be explained.”

He saw the key to a special inertia as agape.

“Free us.”

The elf tightened his eyes and said, but with an honest heart, he wanted to kill him.

The crown flew over the table.

“I deny the mechanism.”

Then he went up to the bear hanging on the wall and put his little hand into his huge brain.

The bear rolled its eyes and twitched.

“If I transplant my brain into this beast, I become a creature called a bear. It will breed into numerous bears. Then, when it ages, you can switch to another creature. Whether tiger or eagle, the human crown smiled madly.

“Elf or not.”

“Aaaaa! Aaaaa!”

While tied up, the two elves sobbed.

“Enox. If I board the body of the head of the elves, I won’t need agape. But before that, we need quite a bit of data.” Crown turned to the elves.

“You guys will be the first step in my experiment.”

It was also the first step of Fairy Biomimetics, which dominated the future of Apocalypse.

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