Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1195

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Omega 999(1)

The more humans affected by the pyramids built in different parts of the world, the stronger the devil in the underworld.

The amplified demon was passed on to the demons and contributed to the attack of the impregnable Ivory Tower.

“rush! rush!”

As if all creatures in the world were randomly crossed with humans, demons.

“Knock down the intellect! Befitting the title of the 1st Corps we had won, their military force was difficult to block even the stars of the Ivory Tower.

Minerva shouted.

“What about Sirone?”

Sirone, who had cast the Ataraxia bullet system, had already disappeared into the depths of the demon army.

“Can not see! I went into the ivory tower… … !”

or couldn’t get in.

At that moment, a light sound exploded at the entrance of the Ivory Tower, and a pillar of light ascended to heaven.

‘That’s it.’

I could feel the power of the six bullets.

‘I’m desperate to save Taeseong. But can’t keep it for long. I need to send support.’

The stars of the Ivory Tower focused their strength to break through, but the resistance of the demons grew stronger and stronger.

They tried to split the rock by driving wedges into it, but rather got bitten by the rock.

‘It can’t be pierced by the regular method.’ said Minerva.


A woman’s face rose convexly from the pool of human blood.

“Yes, Oh Dae-sung.” A 1-star resident of the Ivory Tower, he had the ability to imitate his body like a slime.

“Leave the battlefield and go to the Ivory Tower. Help Sirone. Somebody has to go in.”

“All right.”

As Mi-moon disappeared into the pool of blood again, I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Oh Dae-sung.”

Ariana, who exuded a healthy blonde hair, had a mini on her chest.

Minerva completely turned around.

“Can’t you guys go around a little normally?”

“Don’t you know that a pair is one body? The demons are getting stronger. After an hour, I think I will exceed the fighting power of the Ivory Tower. I have to break through now.”

“Is there a way?”

“It is an extreme use of the wedge operation. It is to fly demons with a triangular mass teleport. When there is a momentary gap, I hit it with all my might.”

It was plausible.

“A moderately sized wedge won’t work. It will have to be a huge wedge. Besides, if you fall through the mass teleport, you will be trampled to death by demons as soon as you arrive.”

Minnie prepared for death.

“So me and Ariana have to do it. A skill that leaves only allies is not enough in Corona Kingdom.”

added Ariana.

“More than anything else, Sirone-nim is fighting on the front line. I think our department should take charge.”


A voice came from the defensive end.


The bodies of 3-star resident Gale, satellite Moscochi, and unknown satellite Mari were split.

“Ha ha ha! We win!”

The remaining stars were doing their best to block it, but it seemed that they would not be able to hold out for the next five minutes.

‘okay. You worked hard, scum.’

Most of the stars in the Human Security Enforcement Department were once menaces to mankind.

“Okay, going with that strategy.” said Minerva.

“However, I am the one who enforces it. I’ll blow the demons away, so you guys can help Sirone through the entrance.”

“but… …

Minerva shook her head.

“If you’re going to do it, it’s better to be certain. Besides, wouldn’t I have the slightest chance of surviving?”

It was a sad lie.

“yes. sorry.”


As soon as the instructions were given, the stars dispersed, and Minerva looked back at the Ivory Tower.


You have become very beautiful.

‘thank you for saying it like that.’

According to the change in the law, she was no longer a witch inciting someone’s desire.

‘but… …

The wounds in his heart were too great to be comforted by that alone.

‘I’m still a witch. a lot of people

The great witch of the era who drove her to death.’ Minerva’s body turned into a ten-year-old girl.

‘I can’t wash it away with anything.’ The heart remembers.

The body of the time when I had to be caught and suffered by the hands of adults.

-sick! sick!

– are you okay.

‘Cause I’m not sick



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Tears flowed down the girl’s face.

‘Then I realized.’

When you move your jaw to chew food, know that no one cares

‘Just repeat, repeat again, until your desire is satisfied, and again and again…’

What is a human?

‘It’s just a machine that harasses people.’

I am prepared to pay for any crime, but there is one thing that never changes.

‘I don’t regret it.’

It is a fact that she cannot forgive humans.

‘So, Sirone.’ don’t forgive me

Minerva’s spirit zone grew at a tremendous speed while maintaining its wedge shape.

Over 10,000 units of identification with peers ended in an instant, and the body began to glow brightly.

“Mass teleport.”

A triangular light was born in the demon camp, and then it completely disappeared as if evaporating.

Minnie shouted.

“I see the entrance!”

Although it was a passage as thin as a needle, it was a point that could not be reached in other forms.


Corona’s forces roared, and the remaining stars slammed the entrance with all their might.

A dull crash echoed in the snowy mountains twenty kilometers from the ivory tower.


The body of Minerva, who stopped the attack by lifting the jet, was imprinted on the ice cliff like a print.

The demons were very angry.

“Something like a beggar.”

Considering the abilities of the demons, you have to be at least 20 kilometers away to buy time.

However, they are also the elite of the elite who fought the World War as part of the 1st Corps.

“Just know you won’t kill me.” Simultaneously with the scalpel teleport, he grasped the situation and pushed Minerva.

The ice cliff gradually cracked and Minerva fell ten meters down.


The 10-year-old girl leaned her back against the wall and looked at the demon with a resigned expression.

‘Wait, scum. My sister will be leaving soon too.’

The demons are approaching.

“Hey, it looks like you gave up. Well, there is no one here to help you.”

her body swelled up

“I won’t be able to move a single finger. Can’t you even commit suicide? I wonder how many hours it will last?”


Minerva laughed.

‘That would have been better. If I had died and disappeared alone, the cataclysm wouldn’t have happened.’

A lot of people died because of the walking dead she caused.

‘Because I’m afraid of dying?’ There were times when I actually tried to hang myself, but the reason why I couldn’t bear to die.

‘Breaking down.’

I am so angry that I want to die, and I am even more angry with myself for not being able to die… … .

‘I really want to die and throw it away!’

The faces of those guys who were still alive even at the moment they were hanging from the rope caught my eye.

‘I’m going to kill them all!’

became a witch

“Dears, don’t you think you guys are amazing? On a subject that is moved by mere human emotions.” Her Minerva’s powers that had been restraining her were released as life bloomed in her eyes.

“Do you know who I am?”

Minerva asked for a smoke pipe as she watched the demons rushing in, filling the landscape.

“I was the one who made <Slaughter>.”


Poisonous smoke billowed from her mouth.

walking dead.

20 minutes later.

“Kuh! Keugh!”

With both legs broken and a missing right shoulder, Minerva crawled over the snow.

“Bad bitch.”

There were only 7 demons left.

“ha. ha.”

As Minerva crawled to the cliff and leaned back, the demons approached with tearing lips.

“I’m sorry. If I was lucky, I would have survived even if the unprecedented operation succeeded.”

Minerva spat the blood in her mouth.

“whatever. sick.”

If it wasn’t for the spiritual power of the Archmage, it was a state that would have been okay even if his life had already been turned off.

“Geuk, it should come out like that. It’s going to be a bit difficult to handle the share of dead comrades.”

She flicked her left hand, which was hanging on the ground.

“Yes, come. Try it.”

Even in the face of death, the demons frowned as the tremendous vitality surged.

“What is all this? You’re more poisonous than the demons.”

“it’s okay. There’s no time, so let’s finish quickly. If you peel it off, it will cry on its own.”

The demons approached Minerva, who had no strength to resist, and touched her arm.

‘Never cry.’

The gray sky was visible in her eyes.

‘Yeah, I’m coming soon, scumbags. I’m afraid I’ll suffer for a few hours.’

“Let’s start from here.”

Just when I thought the blade cutting my wrist was icy, I heard the sound of the wind.

Lines were drawn on the bodies of the demons, and they began to turn into pieces in an instant.

“Some guy… … ! Kuck!”

As the last demon fell with its head cut off, a familiar form shimmered before my eyes.


She shook her head.

‘No, it’s different.’

Her appearance was the same as Sirone’s, but her cold eyes were far from Yahweh’s spirit.

‘ maybe.’

she spat out.

“????? s*x brain.”

The official name was someone’s brain, but Minerva vaguely guessed it.

“What are you doing to this place?”

As if the conversation was burdensome, the brain erased Sirone’s appearance and regained its original form.

“Answer me. Why did you suddenly change your mind when you didn’t even participate in the faction fight?”

The brain opened the illusion again.

I’ve seen many of his appearances so far, but I can assure you that this was the first time.

Therefore, it was the true form and also… … .

“Gaia. Right?”

His metallic hair came down long, he had no eyebrows, and his expression was calm.

said the s*x brain.

“I am Adam. It is the beginning of all human beings, and the last remaining Gaian in this world.”

he corrected

“It’s the brain, to be exact.”

“It seems so. But it’s not an important issue for me. Why did you come here?”

“To say goodbye.”


Minerva laughed.

“I know the criteria for determining Taeseong’s 4-star rating. Even if it’s the same department, it wouldn’t be my subordinate, right?”

Adam looked at the sky.

“It became the star of the ivory tower and imitated countless human lives. to decipher the law. I’m sorry for your life It is my responsibility.”


“everything. we screwed up It’s probably not her fault alone. I should have stopped it.”


Adam didn’t answer.

“The end is coming. Only my brain can calculate the law. We will undo what has gone wrong.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Because I have no intention of doing it that way. kill That is my atonement.”

“It’s too early, my daughter.”

Adam, who floated into the sky, was enveloped in a smoke of light.

“Death is not the only atonement. Existence is subject to necessity, and the day will come when you will realize your use.”

If Adam could truly calculate the law, it was a word that could not be passed down.

“Where are you going?”

Adam looked across the sky.

“To Eve.”

Watching a single flash fly away, Minerva leaned over and fell to the side.

“Kuh! Kut!”

Crawling and grabbing the smoking pipe, she lay down and took a sip.


Gray clouds were like the faces of his subordinates.

“sorry. Can I live a little longer?”

At that moment, as if by magic, the blizzard lifted and the sunlight shone on the snowy mountains.

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