Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1192

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Dark Organization (3)

Iruki looked back at his friends and asked.

“Then, if that information… …

“No no! I can’t tell you anything more. If you tell me this… … No, no.”

If you couldn’t tell even with feelings of love, it was highly likely that it was related to your personal life.

Iruki shook his head.

“Can you still tell me? Trust me. I will protect you if you are in danger.”

Kara covered her cheeks with both hands.

“How to. It’s so cool.”

While Nade pouted his lower lip, Sirone waited hopefully.

“Sorry. I am… …

As she cried and suffered, Iruki meekly stepped back.

“Do you think this is it? Ah. It is impossible to create a variable outside of the dice product.”

Since he had no feelings for Kara in the first place, he remained calm even in front of the person concerned.

Eden said.

“It’s a good start, though. Because I finished with 2 million. If I hadn’t been lucky, I would have entered over 10 million.”

“Mr. Curtis is not broke for nothing. What should I do? Shall we visit the next store?”

Sirone said.

“Let’s do it here. As Eden said, a lot of points go into drawing favor from the other person. This is your chance. Be it porridge or rice… …

We have to win here.

“Mr. Kara, I want to get information about the buyout program. If you know anything, please tell me.”

Kara’s expression changed.

“It is true that I have information, but I can never reveal it. To convince me, the rule is that you have to pay 10 million points per round.”

‘Half was cut.’

It must have been an accomplice effect to Iruki’s persuasion.

“Okay, I’ll convince you.”

“I will use 2 dice. From 2 to 12, say one number and win if you get the same number.”

“One number?”

It was a level of difficulty increase.

‘To express it emotionally, it means that it is a secret that I want to hide as much as it is. Honestly, it’s chilling down my spine.’

Even though the rules seemed to apply equally, there was actually a blind spot in this match.

‘Even if it ends in a draw, the manager has nothing to lose. After all, it is an extremely difficult probability to win.’

Of course, it was by the standard of the general public.

“great. I choose 7.”

“I am 4.”

Two people roll a die in phase space.

‘Quantum decay.’

As the probability of the dice thrown by Sirone was eliminated, the eyes of 3 and 4 came out.

Kara was 11.

‘I won.’

While the friends clenched their fists, Kara at the counter had a dazed expression. A huge shock… … such feelings.


Her legs gave way, she sat down in a chair and the corners of her mouth trembled.

“OK got it. I can’t do it when it comes out like this. Baby friend, are you really that great?”

“My friend is a bit strong.”

It was just a throw of the dice, but it was not wrong because it was controlled with the skill of the mind.

“good. I don’t know too much about it either. Of course, if I reveal even this, my life will be in danger.”

A blue light came into Kara’s eyes.

“All I know is… …

‘The mode has changed.’

Real-time keywords not stored in the primary database popped out of my mouth.


Sirone nodded.


Kara, who came back with a bright expression as if she had never done that before, said with a smile.

“That’s all. I’m sorry, honey. I wanted to help. now… … Are you leaving?”

Even if it was a mechanical emotion, it was bound to be confusing if it came out this way.

“let’s go.”

Iruki turned coldly.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye though? Strangely, I feel bad.”

“So you are going.”

After all, if you think it was a game of dice, only humans will be hurt.

“Let’s go on a date next time.”

Kara’s face didn’t seem to have any expression, so the party couldn’t look back.

Sirone spoke at the entrance of sector 7.

“Corcoras. That’s the name of the landfill Mr. Curtis said. Mr. Pena is waiting for you.”

said Nade.

“Well, I think this is great information. Mr. Curtis wouldn’t have even bothered to persuade me this far. Anyway, let’s not persuade the hot-tempered in the future. The rules are too hard.”


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Iruki agreed.

“Without quantum collapse, even if you try 12 times, you can’t guarantee it. That alone will cost you 240 million points.”

Eden patted his lips.

“Hmm, but isn’t that an impossible figure for a point conglomerate? If you’re lucky… … huh?”


From Eden’s surprised expression, Sirone realized too.

“I see. You said there are two ways to enter the core. Collect 10 billion points to buy a key, or get lucky.”

said Nade.

“So there was no third route from the beginning. This is one of the official strategies.”

Iruki rested his chin.

“Certainly there is a point. Collecting 10 billion and persuading using points. The core of the outer and inner tracks respectively. In terms of difficulty, I think it’s on par.”

Eden added.

“On the other hand, persuasion is absolutely advantageous for us. If you have to be lucky, we control that luck. Our team will be the only ones challenging to buy at just 200 million won.”

Nade smiled.

“Mr. Curtis did the right thing. If we meet later, we should buy some food.”

He must have suffered in prison

“Okay, let’s save it quickly. First of all, it’s to strengthen the dice. Persuasion allows you to buy more items. The first thing you need to prepare is loss of motivation, and then enter the royal road. Of course, I have to leave 50 million points.”

Nade shouted as the plan was devised.

“good! Let’s go!”


The place called the landfill was an island where all the garbage of Mel Kidoo was dumped.

Of course, users use trash instead of nominations.

There was a different reason for using the term pre-landfill.

This is because this is the place where the worst criminals, human scum, are gathered in Melkidoo.

“… … Hooooooo!”

A flash of golden light curved and landed on the white sandy beach of an island floating in the open sea.

Nade’s voice disappeared, and Shiro and the others looked around the sandy beach.

“Ugh, the smell.”

Garbage was dumped everywhere.

“Looking at the coastline, it’s a fairly large island. It will take some time to find Pena.”

“I have to stay for a day when I get here anyway. Depending on the information, we may stay longer.”

On the way into the island, all sorts of junk were piled up like a mountain.

“Is there a store? We need to get food from the sea, but the fishermen are nowhere to be seen.”

said Iruki.

“Miss Pena said, if I come too late, you’ll see me at the table. They say she sells human flesh.”

“Ugh w

Just as Eden shuddered, a group emerged from the garbage heap.

“haha. You are here, you are here.”

They were men with tattoos all over their bodies and wearing short sleeves with holes in them.

“You guys, do you know where this is?”

“It’s a landfill.”

“no no. This is Corcoras. In short, it is a place where everything you own is stolen.”

It didn’t look particularly strong, but Shiro and the others were also using a lot of points.

said the leader.

“Give me one minute. Put down all your items and get down on your knees. If you have something expensive, it will save your life.”

Eden carefully examined the different types of emblems on the man’s forearm.

‘Is that??????

the nerds shouted.

“What are you doing? don’t you hurry up? Do you really want to die?”

They were ready to attack at any moment with their swords, but Sirone and the others remained calm.

“Ku-k-k-k! Quit-quick-quick! Whoa! Whoops!”

As if he hadn’t laughed much, the leader scratched his neck and vomited a harsh cough.

“If you don’t have a swollen liver, you’re a rookie. Not knowing the notoriety of Corcoras

I see you.”

The ronin came.

“It would be a pity if you believed in the point and installed it. Each special area has its own characteristics. Corcoras can’t use points. Instead, you can kill the user as much as you like. In short, it is a player-kill free zone.”

“The points are not deducted?”

“haha! okay. I’m saying there’s nothing wrong with slaughtering you. Then slowly??

Nade patted his fist.

“shit! Was it like that? You were nervous for no reason.”

As the incarnation of the god of thunder wrapped around his body, the ronin pointed at him with a dazed expression.

“Hey you… … Electricity runs through your body.”


The white sandy beach on the west side of the island sparkled and shone.

1 minute later.

“Buy, buy, please. I was wrong.”

convulsive with twisted limbs

Five people lay on the sandy beach and teased each other.


When Nade approaches, they find a live fish.

Rum dreamed.

“Hee! Sin, sorry!”

“Let’s ask something. Has a woman named Pena ever been here? She’s a bit shorter than me, and she’s skinny. I did it three days ago here time.”

“Oh, no. I didn’t see it.”

Even after answering, the leader raised his head, perhaps feeling uneasy.

“I haven’t really seen a woman. There is another destination other than here, and she must have gone there.”

“You have another one?”

“yes yes. The sandy beach to the east.”

Sirone asked.

“Who is guarding it?”

“No, no. East and west, we are all in our control. There is no other guy.”

Eden asked.

“What are you holding on to?”

“Uh, so… … Garbage here.” Sirone looked back at her friends.

“It must be a robber only targeting beginners. There was this kind of thing in High Gear too, Tenman.”

Nade frowned.

“You know, there are people who step on people who are trying to do something from the beginning. Anyway, it’s pitiful.”

Nangin’s pride was hurt, but he couldn’t show his crumpled face to Nade.

Sirone asked.

“Why live in a place full of garbage? Wouldn’t there be living space inside the island?”

“It’s a lawless area. The three major gangs are in control, so if you get caught the wrong way, it really hurts.”

Eden said.

“Red Union. Desperado. Johan Cartel.”

Nade turned his head.

“I know?”

“The emblem engraved on both arms of that man. It’s a well-known criminal organization in real life.”

“I’m hearing it for the first time.”

“Of course you guys who are active worldwide don’t know. It’s a criminal organization, in fact it’s just a corporate thug. It’s about setting up a small city as a base. Sirone might know.”

“huh. Even if we never met in person.” She remained with Omega.

“I know a bit about this floor because Yora assists with police work during missions. You can’t think of the world’s top 10 guild scale like the parrot mercenary. There are very few strong people, and if a magician is an unofficial level 10, he will use some strength.”

“They are wild dogs.”

Eden looked back at the leader.

“But cruelty is second to none. The fact that the three emblems were stamped proves that he betrayed the organization and moved around. In other words, they ran away here.”

said Iruki.

“It’s better. Just robbing the gang will give us the information we’re looking for.”

“what? Come to think of it……

Nade approached the kneeling leader and touched the crown of his head.

“Do you know everything? The 3rd gang.”

“yes?????? yes.”

The leader closed his eyes and answered as the electricity was already flowing.

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