Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1190

dark organization (1)

Johann’s heart was touched.

‘It’s not wrong.’

Although he had visited many cities, his ideas were not popular with the public.

‘But there are people who know. If someone agrees, it’s not wrong.’

Even if they weren’t human, I thought it wouldn’t matter if they could communicate with each other.

“thank you. Not only did he save my life, but it really helped me a lot.”

“you’re welcome. The thoughts of the investigator are really great. There is nothing logically wrong.”

Yorahhan’s worries were there.

‘If everyone is a little considerate, the pain disappears. There is no contradiction. But why can’t I reach it?’

Because human life itself is a contradiction.

‘Convincing them is the reason I exist. OK, let’s start over. in this town.’

Johann asked.

“I don’t mind, but can I stay for a while? I will help with anything I can.”

“Don’t talk like that. Please teach the Hwa Tribe a lot. Everyone will listen.”

The fire tribe helps humans.

As long as the teachings of someone presumed to be Buddha are passed down through the lotus lineage.

‘This person is different. It’s different from the humans who bullied us.’

The words of the ancestors came to mind.

-Rutia, you still have to believe. Humans make mistakes, but in the end, they are a species that finds the right path.

Maybe this man… … .

“Get some rest. You must still feel unwell. I will tell the children.”

“thank you.”

The conversation between the fire tribe overheard a while ago bothered me, so Yorahhan added.

“Oh, and you don’t have to be too nice to me. I’m used to penance. haha!”

Ruthia smiled.


Perhaps this was the very small consideration he preached.

“Then I will go back at once. I need to unpack my things, and I want to check my notes.”

Johann returned to his cabin.

“Phew, luckily I didn’t get wet.”

The moment he took a note that he wrote as a diary and memo pad, he tilted the tent again.

“Ahh! It’s a surprise!”

Armand stood in front of him.


“Ah yes.”

When I pushed my face in with ferocious eyes, my heart felt as if I had already committed a crime.

“Are you staying in this town?”

“It happened. There will never be any nuisance. I can promise you.”

“You know about the fire tribe, right?”

“Oh no! I have a feeling to some extent, but in detail… … . I’ve never been a bad person… … !”

“No matter what you say, I don’t believe in human words.”

Yohann shut his mouth.

“I will be watching you all day. When you eat, when you go to the bathroom, when you sleep. okay? The moment you step out of my sight, I think about what will happen.”

“A bathroom too?”

I thought it was harsh, but it was understandable if the words about the Hwajok were true.

‘A race that cannot deny the demands of others? Seeing them go this far, it’s not a lie.’


After staring at Armand’s burning eyes for a while, Jorahhan said as if resigned.

“yes. If that makes you feel safe.”

like that… … A strange cohabitation began.

Melkidoo inner track.

Sirone’s party came here from the 321st space on the outer track, the Pilgrim’s Village.

There is also an entrance to outside track 122, but I heard that it is not recommended.

“It arrived sooner than expected.”

Nade looked back at the scene in the first compartment he had arrived at on the inner track.

“The city… … no?”

It was part of the city, to be exact.

Gray buildings stretched endlessly along the horizon, and each section was walled off.

said Iruki.

“It divides the cylindrical structure into 197 cells. If there are non-players on the outside track, this could be run by the admins themselves.”

Eden agreed.

“Well, things like items that enhance dice or cause variables in the system are the domain of the manager. But what can I say… … Is it too blatant?”

Sirone moved on.

“Think of it in terms of getting closer to the core. Seeing that the message doesn’t appear, it seems that the mission only occurs in certain situations. The hidden missions we are looking for are probably of that kind.”

said Nade.

“It is important to obtain information on purchases, but the most urgent thing is to use points. Current points are approximately 206 million. Since 50 million has to be saved for purchase costs, it can be said that resources are limited. That’s at least 50 million.”

Iruki nodded.

“hmm. Let’s assume the enhancement cost and item price under the premise that the more crime points you save, the better.”

Upon entering the government office, there was a fork in the left and right where the number 7 was written in large letters.

“One side is system work, the other side is the shopping corner. In other words, strengthening dice and purchasing items.”

“First of all, system work.”

There was no objection because Curtis advised to strengthen the dice as much as possible.

“welcome. I am the manager of sector 7.”

Sitting there was a woman in a neat suit, completely unsuitable for a murderer’s resting place.

“Uh, so… …

“This is your first time. welcome. This is the place to apply for Crime Dice enhancement.”

“yes. how much is it?”

“The basic crime dice is two six-sided dice. Dice enhancements are divided into two categories, you can increase eyes or increase dice objects. The price manager pointed to the price tag on the table.

“It all depends on the grade. In sector 7, only basic enhancement is possible. Please confirm it.”

The party checked the price tag.

‘Ten million points to raise 6 eyes to 7 eyes. 100 million points to go from 7 to 8? The increase is crazy.’

Increasing the dice was even worse.

‘100 million points to go from two to three. To raise from 3 to 4… … One billion points?’

Considering that the price of the key known as the classic route is 10 billion, it was a huge amount.

Nade looked back at Sirone.

“It’s serious.”

“huh. Mr. Curtis had one octahedron and two hexahedrons. That’s why I spent a whopping 210 million points on enhancement.”

It exceeded the points Sirone had.

The manager intervened.

“Strengthening is really important. No matter how good the item is, if the crime dice are weak, the efficiency will drop.” Eden said.

“But why is Mr. Curtis so hardened? Wouldn’t it be more effective to change all 3 dice into 7-sided ones?”

Iruki rested his chin.

“… … It’s a double.”


“okay. No matter how many dice you have, if you get two of the same number, a double roll is triggered. Yes?”

The manager nodded.

“yes. you’re right.”

“Thus, as the number of dice increases, the probability of getting a double increases. It only takes 2 out of 3 or 2 out of 4. On the other hand, if the number of eyes on the dice increases, “The probability drops rather. Because the number of variables that can determine a double increases.”

“That’s right. It’s a trivial probability, but it’s a huge difference in Melkidu, where dice are everything. A difference worth paying another 80 million points. After all, it’s not a good thing to blindly widen your eyes. Rather, what matters is the number of dice.”

Although that is the truth.

‘We don’t care. No, sirone doesn’t matter. I can manipulate any number.’

Sirone was thinking the same thing.

‘hmm. I have to give 100 million anyway and get one more die fl. Because 2 and 3 are different. Then going 7, 7, 7 is 1 more profitable than the total.’

It’s just 1, but that 1 will someday become a thousand and ten thousand, which will determine victory or defeat.

Iruki asked.

“Is there a build you would like to recommend?”

“Every build has pros and cons. Depending on the user’s inclination, it may be divided, and the strategy and tactics change depending on which item is mainly operated. For example, the item called Bonanza is

The largest number minus the smallest number is cubed. In that case, the dice with an asymmetric balance will get a higher number with probability.”

“Hmm, I guess I should know about the items. But from what I’ve heard, it’s not as efficient as Wind God.”

Change all pluses to multiplications.

“Whoops, Wind God is a high-end item. While there are users who play with a few high-end items, there are also users who compete with a lot of low-level items. For the latter user, the Bonanza has a very good value for money.”

the manager continued.

“So the only hint I can give you is information based on statistics. The largest 17 percent of Melki-Doo’s 3Dice users are using builds 8, 6, and 6. This means that users have different tastes. The characteristics of 8, 6, and 6 are that stable tactical operation is possible and compatibility with items is good. However, 7, 6, and 6 are the limits here, so if you want to strengthen from 7 to 8, you have to go to sector 40 or higher.”

“Something like that.”

Iruki nodded.

“There are two entrances for pilgrims on the outer track. 122 and 321. But if you go into number 122, you go backwards from inner track number 197. In that case, you may not be able to buy the items you really need because you buy expensive items in the beginning. You can also make mistakes in reinforcement.” Eden said.

“But it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran who already has the item or the dice have been strengthened, even if you go backwards.”

“yes. So, this is a structure to prevent beginner’s luck. If you are lucky enough to get into the inner track early on and buy certain items, the snowball effect will continue to widen the gap.”

Nade grumbled.

“For a game that kills people, this is annoyingly reasonable. Do you mean to kill me fairly?”

The manager listened as a compliment.

“thank you. The fast-track strategy you just mentioned was also popular at one time. You have to regurgitate 197 squares, but you can buy items anyway, and if you go around one turn, you get to 321, a high difficulty zone. Of course, to use this strategy, the user’s skills must be excellent, but… …

In Sirone’s opinion, it was a strategy worth trying on the second cycle.

Manager alerted.

“Has this been explained enough? Then I’ll help you with the reinforcement work. There are two ways to do reinforcement. One, pay all points. Two, discount points.”

The group blinked.

“Can I get a discount? What, is it like a holiday event?”

“It is a system for users. If you convince me, I can boost my crime dice with points that are 20 percent off the set points.”

“Twenty percent?”

It was larger than expected.

‘Assuming that I increase one more dice with 100 million, I can save 20 million.’

Nade asked.

“How can I convince you? Can we talk over a cup of tea?”

“Whoops, no.”

The manager gave a cool smile.

“Dice, of course.”

On the inside track, Curtis’s words that dice are king came to mind.

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