Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1188

Humanity’s destination (3)

Son Yoo-jung and Morta Singer ran quickly through the warehouse site of the system control branch.


Numerous beasts pursuing in the sky threw black chains to the ground.

“Yoojung! stomach!”

Before he could hear Mortasinger’s words, Son Yu-jeong quickly swung two swords.

Sparks flew from the club, and several chains wrapped around her arms and legs.


As Son Yu-jeong felt the power drain from her body, a thick stream of smoke came out of her mouth.


As she twisted her body and pulled her arms, the black monks came downstairs.

-Keugh! uh, how… … ?

The Hwa-An Gold Jeong was lit, and the club, red like blood, began to beat the Black Seung’s vitals.

“Is the stone monkey happy?”

As the black snake dispersed like smoke, Son Yu-jeong let out a rough breath, drooping her shoulders.

“ha. ha.”

Mortasinger approached.

” are you okay?”

“uh. … … no. these are real Honestly, this is the type I hate the most. It doesn’t even look like it was beaten.”

There was no taste.

“By the way, did you lose your ability too? Hidden peace or something, you know that.”

Before entering Satanism, Morta Singh was a regular eating out who divided the space like a puzzle.

“I don’t know yet. It is free from Satan’s brainwashing, but what is the truth.”

“okay. Well, you can think slowly. Let’s go. You have to find a way out of hell.”

In front of the front gate he arrived at, Son Yu-jeong could not take the last step.

“what’s the matter? Aren’t you going out?” Son Yoo-jung touched her long orphan.

‘I don’t memorize the Gingoju. Are you really not calling me? Am I underestimating my abilities? or not… …

Richera’s face screamed.

“What are you thinking about? Let’s just go! If you run away, you will never find them!”


Mortasinger approached.

“Since I fell for Satan’s temptation, I have gone through many things in hell. It ended up like this.”

After getting out of the brainwashing, there was a realization.

“The reason I don’t deny it is probably because I loved this look so much at one time. Of course, it would be a lie if I said I had no regrets, but I realized the power of my heart. don’t fool your mind You don’t have to ruin it because of me.”


It was the nickname of Mortasinger.

“I am not going back. I don’t mean to leave. do what you want to do.”

“What I would like to do.”

Son Yoo-jung looked into her heart for the first time.

Ryan jumped down.

“It’s okay.”

As I strode forward with the Daejikdo leaning on my shoulder, the demons hurriedly retreated.

‘The chain of Gehenna.’

The moment you brush it, it will burn up.

“Are you okay, Sirone? On the way she heard this groaning noise. What is it exactly?”

Sirone said.

“We have a chance.”

“Right. Then what should I do now?”

“Genuine sound.”

The explanation was short, but what was important to Lian was where Sirone’s zero point was aimed.

“good. Let’s go, Sirone.”

Lethe fired a spark of purification.

“Don’t miss it!”

Demons intervened between dozens of fireballs and aimed at Sirone.

As Lian twisted and swung the sword, the flame of purification disappeared in a flash.

“100 million……

The bodies of the demons, which were split in two, burned with pure demons and permeated the great sword.


Lian, who had cleansed the demons in an instant, glared at the front with her eyes wide open.

Lette shouted.


As the jigsaw was inserted into the ground, air bubbles began to rise from the floor of the assembly hall.

“Big!” Lian’s face crumpled, and an explosion filled the 11th to 13th floors.

The monsters guarding the warehouse site heard a roar and turned toward the office building.

– Arrest the guilty.

Sirone and Lian jumped out of the building and saw black clouds covering the sky.

It was all black.

“Sirone, that’s a bit serious.”

There was no time to delay as the agents and demons were chasing them from the side of the office building.


Rian asked as they ran.

“You said you were looking for Jinseongeum. If you purify it with the fire of Gehenna, will she really return to reality?”

“There are plenty of possibilities.”

After confirming where the black cloud of the black monk was moving, Sirone turned.

he spoke again.

“If the central processing unit is destroyed, it will be impossible to calculate the purification time.”

“Isn’t that karma gone?”

“When the system is down, anything can happen. Just like the amount stamped on a bank account is not actually money. When the banking system is destroyed, money evaporates.”

“… … Right.”

During the conversation, the black monks were only a few hundred meters away.

It was impossible to escape the clouds.


Hokseung stopped at a distance, and agents lined up in the back.

‘Can I have no choice but to fight?’

Seeing that Sirone and Lian stopped walking, Lethe gave a meaningful smile.

“Heukseungeun program. It is not purified by Gehenna.”

she held out her hand.


Since he had already experienced the power of the black monk at the Wailing Wall, Lian bit his teeth.

-You foolish sinner.

The moment the cloud-like monsters flew towards Lian, a hole was punched through.

– Aaaaaa!

The one who left red heat on the outskirts of the hole was Son Yoo-jeong, who was enveloped in smoke from Geun-du.

“Because the weak are always together. I want to lose.”

Mortar Singer arrived through the hole, and Son Yu-jeong walked.

“Yahweh, you.”

Yeoui pointed at Sirone.

“Why didn’t you memorize Gingoju? are you ignoring me? Are you saying you don’t need my help?”


Son Yoo-jung’s eyebrows twitched.

“more than I… … There are people who need your help. Fight for him.”

The monkey’s long fangs were exposed.

“shut up. You and Buddha only talk about what is on their lips. Then, if you need me, I will call you. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I can memorize Gingoju… …

“Why are you here?”

Saying anything to hide the truth didn’t work for Sirone.

“If you have already concluded that, why do you come to me and ask me such a thing?”

“this… … !”

At that moment, the black monks released their chains.

‘Hidden Peace!’

When Mortasinger invoked Eating Rules, the landscape was divided into 98 zones.


Recovering magic was proof that she had escaped Satan’s brainwashing.

As the black monk changed its position like a cube, each chain shot in a different direction.

Mortasinger turned to Sirone and shouted.

“We’ll take care of this! hurry!”

‘A certain realization.’

It must have been a firm belief that he was able to gain because he had experienced both extremes.

While Rian was dealing with the agent, Sirone turned her attention to Son Yoo-jung.

“Great job. You found the Mortasinger.”

“… … It’s not what I did.”

“okay. Intelligence is the law to get right in the end. But your role was the biggest.”

“What are you saying to me?”

Son Yu-jeong, who had let go of her clothes, shouted out loud.

“I am not a Mortarsinger! No math, no magic, no science, nothing!”

Sirone smiled bitterly and said.

“I don’t know either.” “Understanding the world is called knowledge, but knowing and knowing that way and arriving at the place… … In the end, it was ignorance. Because this world started out of nothing.”

Sirone approached.

“Intelligence is knowing the unknown. Being able to change oneself by listening to the voices of many people without being obsessed with selfishness.”

Just like Mortasinger did.

“You are a raw stone. That’s probably why I sent you here. open the door of your heart I’m leaving you to all odds. If you can still choose after that, that would be the true right.”

“Really right? open your heart? that

is it that easy? If I looked at all the possibilities, even if I killed people or messed up the world, I would be right?”


Sirone said confidently.

“If you had really opened your heart, if you had truly entrusted yourself to all possibilities… …

He put his index finger on Gingoa.

“Because I would never make that choice.”

The long orphan broke with a clicking sound, but Son Yu-jeong was already enchanted.

‘Choose… … Didn’t you?’

what is right

Throughout human history, countless people have spoken all kinds of words about being right.

‘What is right… …

If you sit quietly in a room with no one around, close your eyes and look into your heart.

“Just the right thing.”

we already know

Tired of the cruelty of reality, fed up with human cruelty, they are just trying to turn a blind eye to it.

“Son Yu-jeong.”

Sirone said.

“You saved 1 human from hell. There is no reason to arrest you now.” Yujeong, her hand that touched the place where the long orphan was, lifted her head and looked at Sirone.

‘Yahweh and Buddha.’

At what point did these two very similar people split up? Son Yu-jung’s eyes lit up.


She passed by Sirone’s side like lightning and struck the agent.


As if the sound had been muted until now, the din of battle surged in.


Son Yu-jung said with her back.

“No matter what you do, it will be difficult with these guys. I’ll take care of it, so you leave.”

“please. Ryan, let’s go!”

Lette screamed as Sirone threw herself.

“Catch Yahweh!”

Son Yoo-jung shouted.


As if he had been waiting, Mortar Singer moved the two away by eating out.

“damn! What else is this?”

When the puzzle-like space returned, Yahweh had already left the branch.

“Follow me!”

Before the agent who received the instruction could rise 10 centimeters, his face contorted.

Remnants of the woman were filled in the cylindrical depression, followed by the sound of mincing meat.

The agent’s body, which had been hit by dozens of bullets in an instant, was bent in a zigzag.

“Turn it off.”

As he fell backwards with a thump, Son Yu-jeong exhaled steam and looked back at Lete.

“Where are you going? I want to loosen up a bit now.”

Lethe laughed coldly.

“Hmph, there is only one place to go anyway. I will rip off your limbs and chase you.”

“Can I really do it? you know? Stone monkeys do not break even if they are crushed by a mountain.”

The body of Son Yu-jeong, who connected two sacks of women’s clothing in front of her eyes, burned to a golden light.


It was the true rightness she pursued, breaking the evil and revealing the right.

‘sorry. I won’t break again

As the amputation disappeared and she was reborn as a woman, Lethe rolled her eyes.


A long time ago, like now

cheer up


Spit out and throw hell into the field… … .

Son Yoo-jung’s face is like a demon




The spread of fragments of light

at the same time

break through

A hole in Lethe’s upper body began.

‘That crazy monkey!’

Lethe retreating at breakneck speed

A flash of light penetrated his left eye.

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