Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1187

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Humanity’s destination (2)

Chemical company system control branch.

The assembly hall where the Siok contest was held was in the aftermath of the battle.

The noise from outside came through the hole through which Son Yoo-jung had escaped with Mortar Singer.

‘Is it black?’

There might be a reason for not entering the office building, but it didn’t seem safe outside either.

Lethe said.

“Yahweh, break your stubbornness. This is the last time I will treat you as a top customer.”

As the magic of reality amplified, the power of the agent became stronger beyond imagination.

Even if they were administrators, their hidden codes were also based on Ma.

“My thoughts don’t change. Six brains, tell me how to purify the central processing unit.”

It was a device that calculated the karma of the underworld, made up of aborted children.

“It’s impossible… …

Lethe sighed and opened her eyes.

“Tell me how many times!”

As the flame of purification burned in her body, the directors trembled with fear.

“Then there is no compromise.”

“… … good.”

The door to the meeting hall opened and a huge number of demons completely blocked the entrance.

“From today, this place will become a sacred place for the demons. Yahweh, your grave will be built.” As time passed, Ma would become stronger, and one day he would not be able to overcome it.

‘There must be a way.’

Lette is… … what are you hiding?


Etella looked at the brains of fetuses clustered between city-sized cliffs.

‘Poor children.’

Limbo has no karma.

It is because they have been eliminated without being able to do anything just because they exist.

Even so, the reason they are in hell is only because of their attachment to life.

‘I must want to live.’

But what will you do with a life like this?

There was only one way to purify the physical brain, and it was when they gave up their lives on their own.

‘Can I do it?’

I’m struggling to live like that.

“eww “

Ethella frowned at the pain in her lower abdomen and bowed her back.

‘I’m afraid.’

It was still a life as small as a seed, but it was desperately preventing it from becoming Limbo.

‘ Sorry.’

our baby

‘Mom has to relieve those children’s resentment. That’s why she came to this place mom.’

Ethella learned love through the sacrifice of her teacher Raphael for Chagall.

‘I can do it.’

Now that she is also a mother, life is growing in her belly… … .

‘I can appease Limbo’s bitterness.’ If the world is purified like that, human life will be much better than now.

Ethella took a step.


The moment I saw the far-off ledge where the flames were burning, I groaned spontaneously.

death is not afraid

As long as she came here with the bridle of Taegeuk, she is destined to die even if she wants to die.

‘How much will those children, the children before them, resent me.’

Becoming the godmother of aborted children and embracing the pain of all of them and disappearing.

‘you can do it. No, that’s what I have to do.’

If there is a reason for everything in this world, having Chagall’s child must be destiny.


Although they are connected by the Taegeuk chain, Chagall did not respond to Etela’s feelings.

Rather, what was felt from the chain was the half-mad Chagall’s endless anger.

‘You’re a pitiful person too.’

If he hadn’t been manipulated by divine law, he would probably have been a good friend.

‘A family is meaningless.’

Because the law prints the truth as it is like a print.

“but… …

I want to assume

‘Humans can make assumptions. To throw one’s mind at all uncertainties. Because that’s the heart.’

Chagall could have been a good man.

‘I’m going with that thought.’

As soon as I took another step, I felt a great pain in my stomach holding the fetus.


Little life is what you don’t want to die.


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Ethella wept.

As much as he realized love, there was no way that his own veins in his stomach wouldn’t be in pain.

“I will not let you live here.”

extinction is

A pain far greater than the pain in her stomach tore her chest apart, but her will was unbroken.

“Let’s go.”

What can’t be done without


Chagall howled like a snake.


Killing everything in sight, he saw virtually nothing.

“haha. Kkkkkkkkk.”

You say you’re blind anyway?

The lost time, the life that could have been happy, the resentment that God mocked and killed his benefactor.

“What did I do so wrong!”

If we put human emotions in a pressure cooker and inject anger into it, will this happen?

The enemy’s resistance intensified as they continued killing without purpose or meaning.

‘It suddenly became stronger.’

one step?

No, Chagall’s body was gradually damaged by the power that seemed to transcend the two stages.

There was no pain in the excited state, but eventually he collapsed on the seat due to exhaustion.

When I came to my senses, my condition was so serious that there was no sound spot on my body.

“Oh, you crazy bastard.”

Agents approached him past where the bodies of his comrades had been sprung up.

Chagall gritted his teeth.

‘I can’t move my body.’

As if I forgot how to force it, my muscles weren’t getting any strength.

“Hey, hey.”

When the agent lifted his foot and pushed Chagall’s body, he fell to the side.

“You, do you know where this is? Won’t you die anyway? I will teach you what hell is like.”

“Che, cuckoo.”

Lying on his back, Chagall’s lungs fluttered at the unbearable tickling.

“Hey, are you laughing? yes, laugh out loud I’ll cut off your face and bury it deep in the ground. If you stay in the dark for about 100 million years, you will realize your mistake.”

“okay… … That’s good.”

If buried in the ground for 100 million years, will the resentment in the heart be relieved a little?

‘Can I forget everything?’

maybe this is for the best

‘I can’t even bully her now.’

knowing the past

‘Keuk, that would be nice. To get away from scumbags like me. Yes, I will bury you in the ground forever… …

It was then.

Chagall, who finally found reason, felt Etella transmitted through the chain of Taegeuk.

The moment she realized what she was about to do, every cell in her body went into spasm.

‘ what?’

Is this really true?

Taegeuk’s chain was unbelievable even though he knew he couldn’t lie.


Chagall does not know what feelings he has for Etella.

I just lived hating vague things, swept away by wild emotions like a storm.

“don’t do it.”

can’t see it a second time

That one thought cleared Chagall’s mind, which had always been covered by dark clouds.

“do not do that.”

that I was not sane.

“Quack! Look at this kid’s face. Are you completely terrified? Well, it must be scary.”

In fact, Chagall’s face was bloodless and even his lips were trembling.

‘baby. My baby in my belly.’

Unlike a trashy father, even a child who will grow up happily under a really good mother… … .

“Huh! Whoa!”

Chagall, who closed her eyes tightly and shed tears, heard the manager’s voice.

– Remaining purification time 87 years 2,875

3,241 trillion 6.3 billion 220,002 hours.

About minus 10 billion hours.

The agents who watched Chagall’s sobbing face laughed and pointed their fingers.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to see you alone? If you cut the neck, let’s hang it on the wall for now. When will it be buried… … Kuck.”

Dozens of holes opened simultaneously in the body of the agent with the rapid-fire sword stuck in his throat.


As Chagall, revealing his white hair, rushed in, the remaining men hurriedly prepared for battle.

“You bastard, where did you get this power… … I” Before the words could be finished, the rapid-fire swords rained down from all sides and hacked through their bodies like shotgun shells.

“Get out of the way!”

Chagall’s muscles began to tear as he returned to where Ethella was.


Hope you can make it in time.

Ethella finished her resolution.


Chagall’s feelings were transmitted through the chains, but her heart did not change.

The relationship between the two was like a skein of thread that would only get more entangled no matter how much you tried to unravel it.

‘This is the only way.’

The time they knew was reset, and the child in the womb was not the fruit of love.

“For good.”

Tears streamed down Ethella’s cheeks as her legs slid off the cliff.

Chagall grabbed the chain.


Although he pulled the chain with all his might, Taegeuk’s bridle cannot be said to have priority.

At that moment, Chagall’s eyes widened.

“Ahhh… …

My whole body trembled as if I had been struck by lightning, and my two weak knees pounded the ground.


-Remaining purification time is 87 years, 2,875 circa 3,241,502,870,018 hours.

Close to 130 billion hours have been purified.

“why! why! why!”

Out of all the times he had tormented her, if only he had been kind to her for even one moment.

‘A idiot’!’

No, if he had stayed by her side without running amok right before we parted ways.

“no! It is a lie!”

Ethella could not be lost.


could be happy

“Chains, chains.”

He stumbled on the chain, which was his only hope, but Etela’s feelings were not conveyed.

“Why, why?”

In the main system that oversees Karma, all programs were inoperative.

Chagall, who got up from his broken body, ran down the hallway with a terrified expression.

‘It’s not too late! It wouldn’t be too late!’

– Remaining purification time… … .

An emergency message was heard in the assembly hall.

-warning! Key data in the engine room is being disrupted! deal with it quickly

Lethe raised her head.


If there is a problem with the central processing unit, all karma in the other world is reset.

“Impossible. Those with karma cannot access the physical brain. Even if the form is destroyed, the law remains intact, so core data is not disturbed.”

-Romi Ethella. It’s Limbo.

Lethe was annoyed.

“You keep talking nonsense! That woman’s karma… …

I suddenly realized.

” ah.”

It’s Limbo.

What kind of karma could there be for a life that sleeps in the stomach without knowing anything?

‘Teacher Etella.’ After hearing the message, Sirone found the answer to the riddle she hadn’t been able to solve so far.

‘Chagall’s child… …

Circumstances were sufficient.

‘If the arithmetic system disappears, it becomes impossible to calculate karma. I can get the true sound.’

All that was left was how to break through the situation where almost all the troops in the building were gathered.

“Abandon your lingering feelings, Yahweh. We are still getting stronger. You can’t go out here.”

“You knew from the beginning, right? How to annihilate the flesh brain, the aborted fetus.”

“… … He didn’t lie. If I had known Ethella was pregnant, I would have said differently.”

I would have killed her before she even asked.


As Lethe lit the flame of purification, the sound of a sharp wind was heard from the 13th floor.


A line was drawn on the landscape, and the demon’s body across the line began to catch fire.

“Ge, Gehen… … ! Aaaaaa!”

As the demons turned into fire were absorbed by the great sword, Lian was seen standing outside the door.

“Sorry, Sirone.”

Kurung, Kurung, Kurung……

Exterior walls cut back and reattached

I heard the sound of stones rubbing against each other.

“Everyone ran away, Si-ok.”


Due to the conflict between Havitz and the Wizard, this

A variable has also been created in the cotton world.

‘I’m really going crazy.’

Lethe frowned arrogantly.

‘That’s what was left.’

No matter how strong the demons became, the sword of Gehenna would absorb all the demons.

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