Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1180

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Shaking the law (3)

Sirone and the others have arrived at the sun.

The distance was still far, but it was no longer possible to approach the attack of Prominence and Corona.

Ashur said.

“Nothing can withstand solar energy. Only the cerebral body can be unharmed.”

The solar wind rocked the space sailboat.

“Ikael-sama won’t have anything to do with it, and Amy-san can handle fire ideas, so it should be fine. However, Sirone-sama all looked back at Sirone.

“The system will crash. Of course, half of the world is adopted, but the sun, which we have to endure now, is a concept with the strongest power as a law.”

said Amy.

“Are you okay? If you don’t think you can hold on, there is a way for me and Ikael to go. As for simultaneous events, if one goes wrong, the whole becomes dangerous.”

Sirone looked at the sun.

‘Can I do it?’

Even when the transmittance of light was reduced to zero, all I could see outside the window was white light.

“are you okay. I will do my best to endure it.”

“Then, I will get rid of the sailboat now. As it dissipates, it will be exposed to tremendous energy.”

The group swallowed their saliva.

“please… … May you be safe.”

As the space sailboat split into panels and disappeared, the sun hit them at the speed of light.

“omg… … !”

Amy’s body burned, and even Ikael found it difficult to maintain his own existence.

In front of the huge sign of the sun, no concept can be carried through.

Sirone gritted his teeth.

‘Yes, it’s the law.’

The Miracle Stream began to push the sun’s energy out while wrapping around the body.

In this way, the space that Sirone secured was at most a sphere with a diameter of 7 meters.


Amy, who transformed into a fiery idea, and Ikael, whose body melted, turned around.

“You did it.”

It is 7 meters in radius in the entire universe, but Ikael was thrilled by the fact that humans could survive.

The solar wind struck again.

“It must be Satiel. Because the laws of this world change from the core of the sun.”

Amy asked.

“Even if you change something in the core, it will take time to come up to the surface.”

“Time is not important. When something happens, the outcome is already predetermined. It is a human illusion to think that causality is experienced in sequence.”

Syrone added.

“The moment the cause changes, the effect has already changed. That’s why Omega’s record is in thousandths. You can’t calculate a percentage without an end. The ancient Gaians, no, must have known the last thing called Anke.”

Amy was bitter.

“Isn’t it Omega 999 now?”

“huh. Probably 99.9%, close to 100%. It is just before entering the outside world.”

It’s not long.

“That’s how it ended. Human life and this universe, the moment you open the outside world… …

“It’s just the judgment of the law.”

Sirone said.

“It’s just the calculation of a program. It is only humans who decide this world.”

God won’t admit it.

Ikael also believes in his heart through Guffin, but as a creature of God, a conflict arose.

‘The human mind may also be a program. It’s something no one knows yet.’

Until you go to the outside world.

‘Anyway, mankind has come this far after all. Really up to the threshold of the outside world.’

Appearance of Yahweh.

Even if you looked at the infinite number of multiverses, it would have been an extremely rare event.

Sirone glared at the sun.

‘The universe really had to spend a lot of time to get here. But if you see this place from the outside world, where imaginary time flows… …

All of these incidents are just fleeting errors. Therefore, God is the tens of thousands Sirone has reached.

We have just discovered the billion-year journey.

‘Something like Yahweh, you’d think it was just an error. It’s one of the many worlds that have been destroyed so far.’

Is it really so?

Mackline Guffin, the only signal sent from outside the photon system by a god with a mind.


It will pierce people, their hearts.

Through Elicia’s light, the temple realizes that Habits killed Sumodo.

That is, a grace period of 1 hour.

In the meantime, officials from around the world confirmed the death of Kitra, King of Paras.

Mito Cyrano of the International Court of Justice opened the coffin from Paras side while notarized.

“Please check for yourself.”

Kitra calmly closed her eyes, and the venomous snake wrapped around her neck flicked her tongue.

“What, what is this snake?”

“It was the king’s favorite animal during his lifetime. We are going to burial according to national law.”


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He had no intention of interfering with the customs of other countries, but the problem was that he could not touch the dead body.

‘Am I really dead?’

Once I saw it with my own eyes, my face was pale and there was no sign of movement in my lungs.

Cyrano approached.

“I will check. I have to do it in the air anyway.”

As she held out her hand without hesitation, the venomous snake bit the back of her hand with its fangs.


The officials backed away, but Cyrano pointed at the carotid artery without a change in expression.

‘My heart isn’t beating.’

The snake bit the back of my hand several times.

Kiik! Kiik!

True to her nickname, the swamp witch, the viper’s venom did no harm to her.

She licked the back of her hand with her tongue and announced

“Death confirmed. When in doubt, do it yourself. Stop talking about it later.”


When no one came forward, the official from Paras closed the coffin lid and said,

“The acting authority will be decided soon. You will receive the right to vote at that time, please handle it.”

“I see. You’d better do it as soon as possible. They said there was an emergency meeting at the temple in an hour.”

It was because of Harvitz.

“All right. I’m afraid it won’t be long


As the workers returned to the sector carrying the coffin, Cyrano looked at him with embarrassment.

‘Did you die from being beaten to the flesh?’

Excluding the aged King of Kessia, neither Vulcan nor Jinkang were shocked enough to die instantly.

‘Well, because I confirmed it.’

At least officially, Kitra is dead.

Casey Sector.

Fermi, who brought Seriel to his room, held out an organized file.

“Now, the angel recipe.”

Silently accepting it, Seriel turned over the documents and pretended to check the contents.

‘I didn’t come here because of this.’

Fermi’s expression he saw in the morning, and the king’s death that he heard belatedly.

” are you okay?”

When Seriel looked up again, Fermi was sitting helplessly in her chair.


“There is so much going on. People die in just a few hours, and terrorism happens.”

“Ah, terror.”

I thought there.

“I have no idea what is going on. It’s just confusing.”

“Don’t make it complicated.” said Fermi.

“There is only one reason why humans move. craving. Some money, some power, some pleasure.”

“What about mankind?”

Seriel asked.

“A world turning into hell? How many people are suffering in it?”

“In the first place… … We weren’t born to think like that, we. just live When you give meaning to humans, nothing is predictable.”

“it is not so. A lot of people are still angry. Demonstration in front of the temple… …

“of course. Because that’s what politicians want.”


“Basic strategy of money circulation. There are two cases in which people spend money profusely. First, having a lot of money. Second, the lid is opened because you get angry.” “Politicians are not the main agents of the economy. They suck money by parasitizing on companies. But companies have to raise money from the people. So what should politicians do? You have to piss people off as much as possible.”

Fermi tapped her under the uvula.

“It just makes life hard until you’re just about to run out of breath. If you cross the line, it’s a riot, but if you don’t cross the line, it’s far more effective than freeing funds. Because if the overall quality of life deteriorates, useless consumption increases.”

Seeing Seriel’s sad expression, a sigh came out.

“Never mind. you just have to do what you have to do Make medicine, save patients. Don’t get entangled with politicians anyway. As long as you think humans are special, you can’t beat those beasts.”


Seriel asked.

“Do you think there is nothing special about humans? Animals that move according to their desires, is that all?”

‘The old man.’

Being competent means being able to persevere and endure until you get the results you want.

Fermi was silent.

On the other hand, Seriel, who thought she had already heard the answer, returned with a disappointed expression.

“I’ll go. how are you.”

Perhaps he has come to comfort you.

Fermi, who had been watching her back, impulsively stood up from her chair.

“wait for a sec.”

As I hugged her from behind, Seriel’s shoulders flinched.

“What, what?”

“just… … Wait a minute and go.”

Of course, I followed with the intention of comforting Fermi, but I wasn’t prepared to go this far.

“do not be like this.”

Seriel clenched her fist and said.

“Once is a mistake, but twice is irreversible. you’re a smart guy It will ruin everything.”

“… … You can always be stupid, but you can’t always be smart. You know, but I feel like an idiot right now.”

Just like back in school days.

“I do not like it. I don’t feel like it, and I don’t think I can handle you. let me go.”

“Then go. you can go Just loosen my hands and leave this room. You’re smart, too.”

Seriel bit her lip.

A tremendous mental conflict raged like a storm, but in the end she lowered her head.

‘Now I don’t know.’

When Seriel turned around and kissed her, Fermi grabbed her and collapsed to the floor.

The clothes were simple, but the faces of the two people lying side by side were flushed.

Seriel took a breath and said.

“crazy… … bloke.”

“Was it that good?”

Raising her upper body, she glared at Fermi.

“This is not the time to joke! Do you think we are still old enough to make mistakes? This kind of play with fire… … !”

“It’s not playing with fire.”

said Fermi.

“No. Now as well as then.”

Sensing sincerity, Seriel relaxed her expression and asked.

“Tell me, then. What are you thinking? What do you want?” “Can you tell me too? I’ll help. I will never betray you.”

“I am… …

The moment he opened his mouth with hot emotions, a terrifying reality penetrated Fermi’s mind.


You lose control of the situation.

“Time to go.”

Seriel got up from her seat and touched her clothes.

“That doesn’t mean I gave up, so let’s meet. I will make sure to tell you.”

‘okay. You are such a woman.’

A person who respects the feelings of others as much as their own.

Humans aren’t just animals chasing desires, Fermi thought.


Fermi said as she turned.

“The reason I dropped Amy in the graduation exam was because you weren’t up to her level.”


Seriel, who raised her middle finger at Fermi, smiled softly and left the room.

In the space left alone again, Fermi looked up at the ceiling and was lost in thought.


Yoga had the widest field of view.

‘How did you hold on? How did you endure seeing a place that others can’t see?’

A road no one knows about.

“Let’s begin.”

Fermi’s eyes lit up as he jumped up.

“Because he is the son of Yolgah.”

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