Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1178

Shaking the law (1)

Sirone pondered over Curtis’ words.

“It’s some kind of system disruption.”

“okay. Some criminals hated Melkidu. A crime is worthwhile when it is a crime. If they are innocent of anything they do, psychopaths get tired of it quickly.”

Curtis quit smoking.

“Then, how can I present myself here? You’re attacking the system. They went to prison and figured out a way to escape. Since Melkidu boasts a long history, everything that can be done must have been applied. Then I discovered the mission hidden in the system.”

“To bribe the guard.”

“okay. The method was surprisingly simple. In a certain section of the inner track there is a back door, a shop run by the dark side. Although it is not revealed on the surface. If you pay something through that route, you can buy out the expenses.”

Sirone and the others were lost in thought.

“I don’t know why this method exists. It could be a system error, or it could be some intention of the original designer. i think it’s the latter If you put up a sign that says it’s a murderer’s haven, you’ll have a good idea of ​​the murderer’s attributes. You must know that there are people who would do this.”

said Pena.

“I don’t know if I can intervene… … If I bribe the guard, can I go to the core?”

“I don’t know until then. I don’t even know if you can get to the core if you buy the key with 10 billion points. If someone knew about it, it wouldn’t be an unsolved case.”

‘Is the record expunged?’

While Sirone was lost in thought, Curtis continued.

“Once you have a connection with the dark organization, most systems can be ignored. Then there is no need to follow the rules of Melkidoo and go to the core. How is it, don’t you think there’s a chance?”

I couldn’t deny it.

“Do I really have to go bankrupt?”

“The information I got at the end of the tracking is this. In order for the buyout program to work, you must get the prisoner out. Minimum of 50 million points required. Also, on the inner track, a dark organization that has ties to the guards is doing business. And my point is you don’t have to worry. Anyway I… … Curtis sighed.

“Because I’m almost bankrupt.”

Pena looked back at him and blinked.

“really? You’ve been pretty good.”

“How do you think you got this advanced information? It’s already been 2 years here time. Still, 10 billion points is a long way off. Then, I came across a trivial piece of information, and the detective’s intuition said, “This is it.” I’ve been digging since then.”

“It’s a hard way to try.” said Iruki.

“Most of them are criminals. It takes two people or two teams to make a purchase, but it’s not easy to build trust. Besides, a structure in which one side has to go bankrupt.”

Nade added.

“The difficulty of the mission is also different. You’re competing against the system, not against the non-players created by the system. Besides, if you don’t get to the entrance of the inner track, you have to go around the outer track for at least half a lap. It’s a great time.”

Curtis agreed.

“So I came to you. I listened to your stories while collecting information. The mission clearing speed was amazing. You guys should be able to solve the internal mission.”

“What can I do?” Pena asked.

“Isn’t there a reason you called me?” When I hurriedly ordered her food, I thought she really had no idea.

“Well, if I go bankrupt, I’ll go to jail. From there, you will go through a trial and move the place again. The size of the prison varies depending on how big the crimes I’ve committed so far. Track me down and tell these guys.”

“In a word, it’s a contact book.”

“okay. In the meantime, you guys solve the missions on the inside track. Oh, and if you have points left, it’s good to strengthen your dice. Dice will be more important than points when dealing with the dark organization.”

“You mean we can fight?”

“Oh, you guys have never been to an inside track, have you? Points are king on the outer track, but dice are king on the inner track. And the dark organization is on the inside track. There is nothing wrong with preparing in advance.”

“all right. So where do we go now? Attacks between users are prohibited here.”

“Melkidoo is a space for fugitives. It is impossible to track the target with any item. You just have to rely on the odds of the dice. However, as an exception, you can go to a space without a mission with a designated item.”

Curtis pulled out a card.

“Movement item, entering the royal road. I’ll take you to Parme, the capital of Melkidu. The largest and busiest city. There is an active market where users trade items or items that are no longer needed.”

“There must be a lot of people.”

“okay. To be honest, those who have given up on entering the core do business here. With crime points, you can commit any crime you want.”

Iruki asked.

“Are there any items that come to Vital?” “of course. Could it be that he waited for you guys with a miraculous probability? A moving item, the original intent of murder. I don’t have it now because I’ve used it, but it’s an item that’s as expensive as entering the royal road. The question is, how do I meet you guys… …

“Once in four.”

Sirone also disclosed the necessary information.

“When I roll the dice, I can control the numbers. It means you can go to any place you want.”

Curtis and Pena were dazed.

“… … What are you talking about?”

It seemed that there was no need for a lengthy explanation.

“It is such an ability. It’s free when you get rewards from the gambling hall, but you have to spend crime points to move.”

“Hmm, it’s magic. Roughly how many points does it cost to spend once?”

“30 thousand.”


Pena’s eyes widened.

“Nonsense! Are you going to blow up the whole village? The biggest point I’ve heard is 100,000.”

“Uh, that… … It’s a bit difficult magic. Anyway, that’s not what’s important.”

She corrected her expression when she was exposed to her emotions for the first time.

“Hmmmm, not like that. but… … It’s not like I haven’t seen magic like that at all.”

Her voice was trembling.

On the other hand, Curtis was also surprised, but rather overwhelmed by the efficiency of his ability.

‘Melkidoo is all about dice. No item can manipulate the number of dice.’

Therefore, it is destructive to the system.


Curtis said.

“The time will be drastically reduced. You don’t have to follow us. Once on the inner track, reinforce the dice. You guys should be able to go around 468 squares of the outer track at once. If you use an item.”

This is because you can hit the maximum number of dice and double is applied.

Curtis looked at Pena.

“In the meantime, you and I are going to Parme. When I’m escorted there, track it down with Dice. You are looking for a buyer for the prison. Then meet these guys.”

“But where should we meet? I only have one copy of Entering the King’s Road. If you leave, it’s over.”

“It doesn’t matter where you can connect. I’d rather settle here for the vitals.”

“joy! I’ve never bought anything like an intention to kill. I’m here to die. For some reason, I thought I was lucky, so I put my hopes on gambling, but I didn’t want to think about it.

“Aren’t there other movement cards though? Didn’t a thoroughgoing kid like you prepare to run away?”

“There is, but… …

She took out the card and cried.

“I mean this. Loss of motivation.” I don’t know the contents, but the picture of people screaming in the background like a gutter told me.

“I’ll be thrilled.”

Curtis explained.

“Loss of motivation is a landfill. Mel Kidoo’s most underdeveloped… … No, it’s just a landfill.”


“There are no advantages other than being able to run away in an emergency. Of course, that’s a huge advantage, but the problem is that you can’t get away with it voluntarily. You have to roll the dice once a day and stay there until you get a double.”

added Pena.

“Do you know why it is a landfill? Because the people who live here are trash. Even if it’s just one day, I’ll go crazy. When you guys come, you might see me at the dining room table.”

Iruki asked.

“Then why did you buy that item?”

“Because it’s cheap.” “Is Crime Point crying? For the price of one murderous intent, you can buy three copies of loss of motivation!”

Curtis said.

“Putting aside the unsolvable problems, let’s check each other’s movements.

First of all, the location of the royal capital… …

With new information written on the map of Sirone and the others, the identification of the route was completed.

Pena was sullen.


“Don’t be so. i have to go to prison A landfill is rather a paradise.”

“Yes, yes, I will definitely put a chastity belt on you.” Sirone said.

“Pena, if you need anything, let me know. I’ll get it from the store. We have to work together now.”

“Whoa, why are all the guys Curtis and I know like this? Do you know what I hate the most? It’s my sincere sympathy. I can get some equipment


It was quite surprising.

“By the way, Mr. Pena, how did you get into Melkidu? It must be that it only responds to the strongest yin energy, but what the heck is the pre-buying section… …

“Scam! Thousands of words. If there’s one sin I have, maybe it’s my god-given beauty?”

Seeing Sirone and the others’ bewildered expressions, she corrected her expression and rested her chin on the table.

“I just loved you. Talk to me because I’m talking to you, and get it because I buy you something good. Well, it was good back then. Even a woman like me can receive this kind of love. That’s when I found out… …

she laughed bashfully.

“All the men who treat me so well are either married or already have owners.”

I guessed roughly.

“My wife came to visit me, pulled my hair out, threatened me, and in the end, I fell in love. Among the many items, be sure to buy it. If I become a con artist, I think all the love I shared with that person will be a lie.”

Pena lifted her chin and said.

“I didn’t even appeal. There was no money for that, and the sentence in this case is not very long. Honestly, the most terrifying thing was the men’s sudden change of attitude rather than going to prison. Was he such a cold person?”

Curtis was speechless.

“Then it got really bad. It must have been a very tall man. They complained and tried to kill me. I came here because I ran away from people with swords like that.”

Pena took the food.

“Still, I like Melkidoo. There is no need to feel betrayed because we doubt each other, and since they are all bad guys anyway, I feel like a normal person here too. Hi-Hi!” This was all Sirone could say.

“I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

“okay. I have to get out of Melkidu. don’t worry too much Even if you look like this, you are good at dealing with people.”

After leaving the restaurant, they faced each other at the entrance of Vital, which was deserted.

Curtis pulled out a card.

“You must have at least 50 million points left. The detailed schedule will be communicated through Pena.”

After the two of them left, Sirone spoke.

“Let us also depart. First, go inside the track and strengthen the dice.”

“good. I earned like a dog, so let’s spend like a dog. Then is it my turn this time?”

Nade, who was rolling the crime dice in his hand, threw it vigorously into the air.

It was 4 and 4, a double.

“Oh yea! did you see I’m sorry… … !” Their bodies moved at the speed of light.

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