Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1176

Facts and Lies (3)

‘I really want to kill myself.’ Because I only have friends.

Moved by their determination, Habitz finally turned his attention to Zetaro.


I knew the rules with God’s frequency, but it wasn’t a game that I could win with just my head.

Zetaro said.

“The game will be played between you and the Wizard. The rules are simple. One truth and one lie.” Harvits laughed.

“But you mean we can’t tell each other what’s true and what’s false?”

“okay. One thing must be said. If you don’t prove it, you lose.”

“Is the price of defeat death?”

“well. I want to do that, but I want to avoid a situation where the final goal works within the rules. If you can prove ‘I will die’ as a fact, you will rather win the game. Then the rules are broken, right?”

“Doesn’t it matter? Because you want to kill me anyway.”

“Then it’s not a game.”

When Zetaro smiled softly, Harbitz felt a chill for the first time in a long time.

“Hehe, yes.”

Satan is unpredictable.

If the rules of the game themselves were broken, he would survive in any situation.

‘As expected, it’s fun with Zeta.’

Harvits asked, feeling a little excited.

“What is the cost of defeat?”

Wizard said.

“Let’s do it by granting the other person’s wish. It cannot be arbitrarily determined.”

“haha. Whatever your wish is, it doesn’t matter, right?”

Despite seeing the madness in Havitz’s eyes, the wizard calmly replied.

“Yes, whatever you wish.”

They may have different wants, but the Wizard’s aspirations were no less than Havitz’s.

“Okay, then let’s sort it out. For example, in an hour I will eat an apple. In an hour I will eat strawberries. One of these is true and one is false


Jetaro nodded.

“okay. You must prove the fact by eating either an apple or a strawberry. Eat both, or neither, it’s all your defeat.”

There must be one truth and one lie.


After that, Havitz, who checked the detailed rules, was unexpectedly cautious.

Sumodo narrowed his eyes.

‘I felt it too.’

That this is really dangerous

As the thought took longer than expected, the party was nervous, but Jetaro was confident.

‘Havitz will agree.’

The conversation from an hour ago flashed into my mind.

“Havitz will agree.”

When Zetaro said that, Balkan thought with a pale face.

“Are you 100 percent sure? Playing the game means following the rules. Chaos, its greatest strength, is weakening. It seems like a form of suicide for someone who already plays an assassination game to double play.”

Zeta also agreed.

“I guess so. No game could shake him unless it was quite funny. But this time it’s possible. Because there is a wizard.”

Zetaro looked back at the Wizard.

“Actually, the rules are simple. The important thing is mind. And with psychology, you can stab Havitz. It’s because it’s a rule that you must tell one thing.”

“God’s frequency.”

“okay. Harvits can’t read wizards’ minds. When I heard the rules of the assassination game, I immediately felt it. Harvits can get sick of everything. If the only thing she can’t read her mind is her wizard, then she just needs to make her rules around her.”

Vulcan laughed.

“Certainly so. People are more important than games. If you play this game with someone you’re not interested in, it just becomes a pointless pun. But he wants to know about Wizard. I will actively participate.”

“It’s good if Havitz is fun.” Zetaro had a sad expression.

“therefore… … You will definitely play this game.” “good.” Harvits said.

“I agree.”

Even the Wizard, who maintained an extreme coolness, had a slightly flushed face.

Harvits checked the time.

“I have to play my game soon, so shall we go this way first? I will kill Zetaro in this assassination game.”

Is it true or false?

“And another one. I will kill Sumodo in this assassination game.” One of the two must be true.

“If you can avoid it, avoid it. you two

If all of this survives, it will be my defeat.”


Sumodo rested his chin.

‘Have you already made up your mind? Or are you simply listing the two and choosing from them? Anyway, me and Zeta, one of them will die.’

Jetaro was also lost in thought.

‘Is it too easy? If Sumodo and I commit suicide, it’s over, right? Harvey’s thoughts… … :

he raised his head


Harvits is into this game.

‘Even if Sumodo and I commit suicide, if the Wizard loses, it will be a draw. It was a declaration of war that would somehow make Wizard fail. No, a much bigger desire than that.’

How will the opponent turn out?

“great. Received. then me


Wizard said.

“I will kiss Sirone until this assassination game is over.”

true or false.

“and I… … I will kiss you until this assassination game is over.”

Jetaro nodded inwardly.

‘As expected, Wizards understand the essence of this game. There is no need to worry about this.’

not a child

Perhaps through every simulation imaginable, her mind will mature as an adult.

‘If you don’t get pushed in the psychological warfare, you can beat Havitz. It doesn’t matter what is true and what is false. The real intention of this game is… …

It’s the same as what Zetaro is feeling right now.


Harvits said.

“Okay, accept it. Then where… … I have eight minutes before my game starts.”

He put the watch in and said.

“good. Eight minutes.”

Sumodo and Zetaro hurriedly ran away as they exchanged glances with each other.

“Tick-tock, tick-tock.”

Habitz, who had been making the sound of the clock, asked the wizard who was still there.

“Are you thinking of killing me now? The moment you have the intent to kill, vanishing will be triggered.”

Harvits raised an eyebrow.

“Or what? You want to kiss me?”

“Even if you don’t kill me.” When the wizard invoked incarnation, the ghastly afterimage of the free god appeared in the air.

“It’s enough to stop you.”

“You make the game boring.”

Of course, it didn’t matter which position you took in the game, considering the winner’s reward.

‘It became stronger.’

From the swaying appearance of the free spirit, Habitz had an intuition of what kind of state she was in.


Life flashed in Havitz’s eyes.


Twelve shadows formed under the wizard’s feet, and then the jade came up.

‘I’m perfect too.’

The moment Habitz flung himself, Wizard gritted his teeth and activated the Free Spirit.

White porcelain reverse rotation.

“For Satan… … !”

0.666 seconds broke and time returned before Siok could even speak.


I hurriedly ran through the corridor, but Havits was nowhere to be seen at the fork in the road.

‘Where did you go? Sumo too? With Zeta?’

50% odds.

‘I don’t get caught in the Spirit Zone. You activated the prison. Should I rely on half odds? or not… …

Should I meet Sirone and complete the mission?

There were 5 minutes left.

Zetaro ran until a sweet taste lingered in his mouth.

“ha! ha!”

Rather than being afraid of death, it was to do my best to make Havitz happy.

‘Havitz will kill me.’

Three minutes ago, Zetaro said this to Sumodo.

“Havitz will kill me. If it’s fun to kill someone you like more, I’m sure.”

It was his pride.

“I will lure Havitz out, so run away. Now I have no choice but to leave it to fate.”

“Are you okay?”

“We are just tools in this game anyway. The Wizard can do it right.”

“okay. then… … be careful. Kuk-kuk.” When Sumodo burst into laughter at her own words, Jetaro’s lungs shook.

“Chuck! I need a slap on the cheek me too.”

Since only the Wizard is aware of Havitz’s vanishing, he may not even know he dies.


So the two parted at a crossroads.

Jetaro went into an empty office room, locked the door, and hid under a desk.

“I can’t run anymore.”

At that time, vaguely waiting for death and trying to recall the pleasant memories of the past.


Vanishing has been activated.

‘Why am I here? He must have come in to avoid something… …

1 minute left.

Sumodo stood blankly in the hallway.

“What did you forget?”

Harbitz, he was approaching Sumodo with his long sword hanging down.

“By this, my words are true.”

3 seconds, 2 seconds, seconds remaining.

It was the moment when he checked the time and twisted his back to decapitate Sumodo.


As the light of Hexa spread throughout the Delta Headquarters, Habits was recognized in Sumodo’s mind.

Through Elicia’s quantum signal, the situation here spread throughout the building.

Sirone’s figure flickered.


Once an hour to match the assassination game.


With a grotesquely distorted face, Harbitz thrust his sword into Sumodo’s heart.


I hurriedly twisted my body, but the sword pierced the lungs of the sumo sword and escaped through my back.

The Wizard, who grasped the location, arrived.


“… … What is sumodo?”

Still sitting under the desk, Zeta Law muttered with a dazed expression.

“why? why not me… …

Wizard had no choice but to admit it, but it was shocking to be beaten by sumodo.


Zetaro grabbed his head.

“It can’t be! Harvits said I was the funniest! why me… … !”

As soon as the sword was pulled out, Sumodo, who had spilled blood, smiled.

‘Zeta. thank god.’

He sat down on the floor, leaning his back against the wall and panting.

‘This version, Harvits wouldn’t have been fun.’

Harvits turned around.

“I won.”

he said with his arms outstretched.

“You haven’t met Sirone. And I killed Sumodo. It’s my win.”

“It is not over yet.”

The Wizard pointed to Sumodo.

“Because I’m still breathing.”

Sumodo nodded, clutching his stomach and surviving on the air left in his lungs.

“Hmm, then shall we put an end to it?”

At the same time as the wizard activated the impermanent god, Havitsu raised his sword.

Chogong-mugye creation.

At that moment, 1 frame disappears.

When Havitz came to his senses, the wizard was kissing him before he knew it.

Even until the wizard landed silently, Habitz stood still holding his sword.

“This is a draw.”

Sumodo burst into laughter as he consumed the air in his lungs, which was more precious than gold.


And he said, exposing his bloody teeth.

“Go first. Have fun.”

When Sumodo finally died, Harbitz looked back at Wizard and touched his lips.

‘He kissed me.’

that’s an obvious fact.

But does that mean the wizard likes you?

‘I don’t know. I can’t read your mind Is it just a game? Or maybe… …

I would like to know.

I wanted to know like crazy.

Jetaro thought.

‘Yeah, I don’t know, Harvits. Why did you choose sumodo? But that’s the true meaning of this game.’

True or false, by any word, by any deed, by any proof.

‘we are……

You cannot know the truth of others.

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