Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1174

Facts and Lies (1)

Shiina, caught by Yula, the leader of the wind farm, twisted her body with all her might.

“Quan! Quan!”

“Don’t be fooled. Even now, cutting your throat is no business.”

Yula’s words were probably true, but he also knew that he wouldn’t be able to kill himself easily.

“That’s it! I will follow you So don’t attack Quan.”

Yula said nothing.

‘It must be killed.’

The reason Shiina was held hostage in the first place was to neutralize Kuan.

‘Is there any restraint more powerful than death?’

May this be the end.

As Yula flew away with such thoughts, a terrible sound was captured in her ears.


When I turned around, the blood and flesh were spinning as if they were being ground by a machine.


The squadron of 40 stopped, and the blood drained from Shiina’s face.


How many humans must be replaced to create what we can see now?


When Kuan appeared through Fengzhang’s defenses, Yula quickly confirmed the death.

“37 people.”

It was probably a battle of around 10 seconds, and in the meantime, more than half of the 60-member formation had been cut down.

it is abandoned


Landing on the ground while spinning, Kuan performed a sword dance alone as if to appease the wrath of the sword.

The sight of him limping on one leg and wielding a sword with one arm was ridiculous at first glance.

“Shina… … protect.”

Every time he limped, the world shook, and sickness set in every time the sword spun.

Yula realized.

“I can’t predict what’s next. The probability of going from action to action has been completely destroyed.”

That is the realm of idiot.

It was the reason that Kuan seemed to disappear and reappear every moment from her gaze.

The survivors of Pungjang returned to the main base.


It’s something that can’t be blamed.

‘Yes, it’s a world where mistakes are not tolerated. Fengzhang is the best swordsman group in the world.’

Realizing fluid dynamics with the human body is a state that cannot be reached with effort alone.

‘Even though there were a lot of losses during the Great Cleanup, the new recruits filled the void with their genius.’

Even in the rehearsal of squadron battles, his skill was so perfect that there was almost no difference between him and a veteran.

‘But Kuan, for that man… …

Did even that trivial gap seem like a huge gap between life and death?

‘Thirty-seven people who died like that.’

Yula, lost in thought, slowly lowered her sword and took off her owl mask.

‘Parka Quan.’

He was walking with a limp on one leg, but it was unknown whether it would be the same in the next moment.

A cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

‘It’s a murderous grotesque.’

He doesn’t know what will happen in the next moment, but Kuan is sure to carry it out.

‘In other words, that man… …

A symmetrical being of Yula, and an existence that became the same at the apex.


The moment her sword aimed at Quan’s forehead, his steps stopped for the first time.

As the scenery vibrated, Fengzhang gnashed his teeth.


To put it in a realm, the accuracy of Yula’s aiming the sword was probably atomic.

‘I’m not caught.’

Quan was also impossible without moving the body with the same level of precision.

‘It looks like it’s stopped, but it’s actually moving. Of course, humans will never be able to observe it.’

So what has changed is the feeling.

“Quan, I sincerely congratulate you. You have reached the pinnacle of technology today.” “So don’t suggest me again. This is the first time in my history. Become a member of the wind field.”

There was determination in her eyes.

“I will give you the authority to lead the first squadron.”

He was the leader of the wind farm.


Yula ignored Daewon’s words.

“You asked before, isn’t it embarrassing to be called the strongest in group swordsmanship? In return, you lost a leg, but now you have the right to say that. lead the wind This position is proof that the world’s strongest swordsmanship.”

Everything she said was sincere, as she had never broken her convictions in her life.

Kuan looked up at the sky and replied.

“Shina… … protect.”

Somewhere in the incoherent tone, not only Poongjang, but also Shiina had a terrifying thought.

‘no. It can’t be.’ It’s just the edge of something.

‘Now that I’m in danger, I have no choice but to do something. therefore… …

It will be something that can be reversed.

Unlike Shiina, who was blindly obsessed with it, Yula finally understood everything.

“is it?”

that there is no choice but to do so.

‘It’s a pity.’

To hide the emotion on her face, she put on the owl mask again.

“Kill him.”

Except for Yula, all of Fengzhang exploded.

It spread and flew towards Quan.

In the garden of the Delta headquarters, Sirone and Kido were sending each other their murderous intentions.


Kido only moved his lips.

“I don’t want to fight with you.”

“It is the same.”

Although they were enemies, they knew all too well why they were fighting each other.

“I want to go to Uorin. That’s all.”

Not only Tormia, but the troops of each temple must have been frantic to kill the empress.

“Why are you here?”

Sirone asked.

“As you said, protecting Uorin is all wealth. Couldn’t you stop her? Why did you join in?”

“Uorin… …

There was sadness in Kido’s eyes.

“You don’t like me.” “All I can do is this. She will leave me if I don’t give her what she wants.”

‘it is not so.’

Uorin would not abandon Kido, but he understood Kido’s sorrow.

Sirone said.

“I’m worried about Shiina-sensei. Mr. Kuan too.”

Since Tormia gave up on Shiina, the only person who could rescue them was Shirone.

‘I’ve been wasting too much time here. Mr. Quan won’t last long.’

Through Omega, he knows the fighting power of 100 Fengzhang.

‘Especially Yula… …

As Sirone withdrew his hostility and turned around, Kashan’s guards moved slowly.

It was a truce due to mutual needs, but Kido said this while passing by Sirone.

“I owe you.”

Sirone’s eyes grew hot.

“Kid too.”

The two passed each other and turned around, and Sirone asked with a smile.

“Are we friends?”

Kido kicked the ground and said.

“of course.”

No one in the wind field screamed, but Shiina wanted to cover her ears.

The sound of flesh being cut, the sound of bones snapping, the sound of wind blowing from organs.

It was as if the body was screaming.

“now stop… … !”

It was unknown how much Quan’s share would be in the bloody whirlpool that was born in front of him.


A rain of blood and flesh poured down around Quan, who jumped out screaming like a demon.

Now the number of Fungjang is 24.

Fengzhang’s annihilation was already decided in that he had cut down 75 people alone.

Yula muttered.


wind is the wind

The reason why the wind is the strongest is also because no one can avoid the wind… … .

“I can’t reach you.”

Quan was avoiding the wind.

Lame, one-armed, one-eyed, one-eared, now even his thoughts will not be perfect.

‘No, I don’t have to think about it.’

Watching the sword demon’s sword dance, Yula shuddered at the memory flooding from distant nostalgia.

‘Was it that?’

I couldn’t picture the ideal swordsmanship with my head, but there was a feeling that transcended the five senses.

‘The swordsmanship the girl dreamed of.’

A killing machine that can cut down on everyone while ignoring all strength-based factors.

‘I wanted to become the strongest prosecutor.’ She became the leader of the Fungjang, able to command 99 swordsman geniuses like limbs.

And now, the genius she had ruined was destroying all meaning.

“Shina… …

Every time he limped and drew his sword, Fengzhang’s black curtain was stained red with blood.

‘I cut it.’

Achilles tendon cut out.

That should have ended the path of the sword, but in the end Quan came a long way back.

‘Is it to protect this woman?’ If a sword is meant to kill someone, then Yula was definitely the world’s strongest swordsman.

‘Quan’s sword… …

A sword to protect someone.

“Let’s make a decision.”

After putting Shiina on the ground, Yula walked towards Kuan, who cut down 99 people.

‘The back is empty.’

The moment Shiina was about to enter the Spirit Zone, Yula spoke first.

“Make no mistake.” How sensitive she is, Shiina asked herself.

‘I know the sensitivity of the test. It doesn’t seem to be a different reaction from other tests. But obviously… …

The idea that it is much faster, or an illusion?

If feeling is a realm that cannot be measured by humans, Yula’s feeling is indeed a monster.

“If you want to fight, do it. But think carefully about whether your actions will benefit or harm him.”

Shiina could not intervene.

‘I don’t even know how to help.’

Yula moved again.

‘I can reach it.’

Fengzhang embodies fluid dynamics with her body, but her realm goes much deeper than that.

‘My senses are in the right place.’

Even in the quiet surface of the water, the reality is that numerous atoms are moving in a chaotic manner.

“The culmination of Jung-Jung-Dong.”

In Yula’s eyes, Quan seemed to blink, but he aimed precisely at the black heart.


Quan and Yula moved at the same time.

Relatively slow compared to their inaction

Because of the speed, Shiina was puzzled.

What happened at the moment of the collision, she never knew.

The wind blew, and the two quietly crossed each other, keeping their backs to each other in silence.

The owl mask split in two, revealing Yula’s pale, smiling face.

A drop of blood ran down the forehead, passed the bridge of the nose and lips, and reached the chin.

“under… … under.”

It cut through the chest to a depth that could not be matched by an inch, and left the center line while bisecting the abdominal muscles.

Blood poured out like a fountain from the gap between the blades, and Yula’s body fell over with the output.


Shiina ran to Kuan, who was kneeling down.

“Quan! are you okay? Quan!”

“I didn’t reach you.”

Surprised by Yula’s voice, Shiina turned her head with a wary look.

“I almost got there… … It didn’t reach.”


‘ iced coffee.’

Yula’s confused eyes calmed down.

‘Should I protect it?’

To Yula, Uorin is just an object she has to persevere for her beliefs.

“That would be nice.”

Yula’s expression was ready.

“Because I have become the noblest person in this world. More than the Empress of Kashan.”

I couldn’t breathe anymore.

‘I’m sorry, Empress.’

He died, hoping that one day you will meet someone who will truly give it to you.

“Quan, Quan.”

Shiina shook Kuan again.


“Quan! Are you awake?”

Her face turned pale, but the moment she saw Quan’s condition, she turned pale again.

“… … protect.”

She shook her head.

“no. It’s all over now. that you won So you can come back now.”

“Shina… … I… …


Shiina could not accept it.

“Where is this law! without telling me! You said you’d be by my side!

never again, never again… … !”

that I won’t leave

Realizing the contradiction in those words, she buried her face in Quan’s chest.

“Aaaaa! Aaaaa!”

Sirone noticed the flesh all over the place, Yula’s corpse, and Quan muttering the same thing.

“teacher… …

In front of Shiina’s sobbing figure, he couldn’t think of any words of comfort.

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