Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1168

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Satan’s proposal (3)

Was it just a bad luck to meet Fermi at the bookstore that Seriel frequents that day?

“you you… …

Or is it a huge bad luck?

“How are you here?”

Seriel, who had a blank look on her face for a moment, hid the <Primary Noose> she was reading.

‘Ugh, embarrassing.’

It is a taste that can be proudly revealed in front of anyone, but this time was an exception.

said Fermi with a laugh.

“You don’t have to hide it, right? 《Primitive Noose》. It’s fashionable among women. It wasn’t really my taste.”

“uh? Do you know this too?”

Seriel, who was suddenly interested, changed her expression again and asked nonchalantly.

“anyway… … Why are you here?”

“It’s a bookstore. And my family runs a publishing business. He must have come here quite a bit.”

“Ah, yes.”

Ardino was a famous family enough to enter the 20th place in the Tormia business world.

Of course, the main income was high-end information such as magic and alchemy, not regular books.

‘It has to be a match with this guy.’

Fermi continued.

“I was doing some research at my father’s request, and suddenly I saw you. How is he or me?”


“The sequel to [Primal Eulgami]. Did you get a good response from readers? The role has changed this time.” If you already know, there is no need to hide it, but the need for empathy is greater than that.

Seriel held out the book.

“huh! Really good! This time, the male protagonist is tied to the female protagonist’s noose. and… …

After that, Seriel cleared her throat because she was ashamed to speak out.

“Hmmmm! Anyway, yes.”

Fermi’s eyes curled like a seagull.

“It was like that. I mean SM.”

“What do you care? And the action doesn’t matter. What matters is who the target is. Because Maiton is a wonderful nobleman.”

It was the name of the male protagonist.

“is it? Married to a 62-year-old woman who was a victim of an arranged marriage. She’s been s*xually exploited. Then he meets the heroine, her maid, and discovers her hidden nature.”

Fermi knew the story.

“From then on, I tied them up in all sorts of ways. The philosophy of redemption was interesting, but isn’t it perverted anyway?”

“red! Could it be that only you And you don’t tell me why Mayton did that. From the age of 15, he told his wife, Madeleine… … Seriel stopped talking.

‘Why am I talking to him like this?’

Fermi laughed.

“I really like you. Well, since he looks like me, it’s only natural that he’s popular with women.”

“huh? what?”

“A cold and intelligent man who rose from his childhood wounds. Above all, he was handsome. Are you just me?” Seriel didn’t say anything, but a terrifying murderous thing circulated in his eyes.

“sorry. save me.”

“ha. All right, go now, huh? This sister is taking a break after a long time.”

Fermi was older.

“Are you going with me? I think I’m dying because I have nothing to do anyway. Let’s eat and sleep.”

“Are you crazy? Why am I eating with you?”

“Well, is it better than eating alone? You see them every day in the school cafeteria anyway.”

Seriel smiled mischievously.

“Aha, now I know. So, are you betting on me right now?”

“What, if you think about it, does that happen?”

‘Look at this guy.’

It has not been confirmed whether this is true, but I have heard that the gold garland is prevalent among women.

“haha! Maybe it’s because you’re scared? i will eat you… …

“okay! go. Let’s go.”

Seriel forcibly turned Fermi’s body at the story that made her goosebumps just thinking about it.

“Instead, I choose the restaurant. it’s better I also had something to hear from you.”

It was an opportunity to hear directly from the head of the school about the corruption of the golden ring that is prevalent in the school.

‘Amy, wait. Enter advanced information.’

When I put the book on the counter, the owner of the bookstore checked the price and returned it.

“Are you my boyfriend? You look good.”

Just as Seriel was about to start talking by waving his hand, Fermi hit the head.

“thank you. Here’s the price of the book.”

As Fermi put the silver coin on the counter, Seriel looked back with a puzzled expression.

“what? Why are you mine?”

“I do it to look good. Such a small twist is Mayton’s charm point.”


The snort didn’t come out either.

“Are you serious? To be clear, you can’t be Mayton. That person looks cold on the outside, but has a very delicate delicacy inside.”

Seriel pointed and continued.

“It’s not like your dark heart!” The bookstore owner laughed.


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“Are you fighting because of 《Primal Eulgami》? Well, there are a lot of couples like that. You seem to be a fan, why don’t you go to the square? I heard that the writer came today.”

Seriel’s head turned quickly.

“yes? Are you a Sirius writer?”

“okay. It looks like they go around Tormia every holiday to sign autographs. Maybe it should start by now… …

“thank you!”

As Seriel left the bookstore with a book, Fermi hurriedly followed and asked.

“hey! rice is?”

“Rice is the problem now! Hurry up and follow me!”

When we arrived at the plaza, people were standing in a line under a tall banner.

Most were women and varied in age.

“Really? Sirius, the author of 《Primitive Eulgami》. Commemorating the publication of the sequel.”

After reading the words on the banner, Seriel held the book in her arms and stomped her feet.

“How to! I’m so nervous! What kind of person will it be? It must be a cold impression. The atmosphere would be over. Sirius, don’t you feel that way from your pen name?”

“There he is.”

At the table Fermi pointed to, a man with a huge body was sitting.

“What hairy man?”

A man with a black beard who seemed far from romantic was signing autographs.

said Fermi, holding back a laugh.

“Is it Mayton’s reincarnation?”

Seriel, who had been glaring with her mouth firmly closed, took a deep breath and stood in line.

“are you okay. Because the power of a writer comes from writing. He must have a delicate personality.”

Time was delayed as Sirius continued his conversation with a female reader.

“Look, am I right?”

It was Seriel, who had a lot of strength on her shoulders, but after a while, something happened that made her feel ashamed.


When the couple came to get their autograph, Sirius didn’t even make eye contact.

“Writer, if you write down my name… …


The boyfriend of the woman who was beaten up asked the writer with a displeased expression.

“How long do you say it takes to write a name? I talked to the girl from before for 5 minutes.”

“So what? am i funny Are you guys a couple? Don’t you see that you have a lover?”

Boyfriend was dumbfounded.

“No, what is this… … . Where are you sick?”

“Get off now! My readers are only women! A woman without a lover! Isn’t that right, gentlemen?”

A few booed, but cheers broke out enough to crush the booing.

Seriel opened her mouth blankly.

“What’s going on, this?”

“You are a novelist. Speaking as a publisher, there are quite a few people like that. lets think. You only need to immerse yourself in a novel for two hours, but that person lives in a novel all day.”

“It’s some kind of occupational disease.”

“haha! Well, that’s right. Because the life of the character in the novel is much more important than your own life. The only things that person can do in real life are drinking, smoking, and messing with couples at autograph signings.”

Seriel cried.

“Will I be okay? we are not a couple What if I misunderstand something?”

Seriel’s wish did not come true.

After waiting for about an hour, when my turn finally appeared in front of me, the moderator said.

“now! Today’s autograph session is over. Please continue to love Sirius a lot.”

A futile exclamation followed, but Sirius left the table as it was.

“it’s a shame. I could have received it if only three more people did it.”

Fermi was speechless.

As I traced Sirius with my gaze, I saw him enter the cafe in the plaza.

“Give me the book.”

Fermi, who had stolen the <Primal Lasso>, ran to the cafe where Sirius had entered.

“hey! Fermi!”

When Seriel followed behind, many readers were camped out in front of the cafe.

“Is Mayton really in love with Elzia? If she loves, why not marry her?”

Fermi made his way through the crowd as each reader asked a question.

“excuse me.”

When I opened the cafe door, the moderator blocked me.

“sorry. The autograph session is over. Since the author is tired, next time… …

“This is a person.”

Fermi handed over the business card he had received from his father.

Seeing that the seal of the Ardino family was stamped, the presenter stepped back in embarrassment.

“Come this way.”

Before Fermi could approach, the moderator whispered quickly to Sirius.

“joy! So what?”

Seeing the reaction, Fermi had a hunch.

‘Ha, this is the type.’

Most writers are nice to their readers, but sometimes there are single-minded people like this.

“hello. I am Fermi of the Ardino family.”

“know. They were standing in line.”

Of course, the reason Sirius remembers was because of Seriel, not Fermi.

“Because my friend is a fan of the author. Not a lover, of course. May she ask for an autograph?”

“haha! okay?”

Sirius laughed.

“What do you think of me? Aren’t the writers of erotic novels not aware of that? You’re trying to please that woman. My eyes can’t lie.”

It was true.

“yes. But not really a lover. Can’t you help me out with a lot of generosity?”

Fermi doesn’t treat customers badly.

“I understand the circumstances, but there are no exceptions. It can be said that people who are not great writers stand tall, but I also have my own writing philosophy. I can’t do this without it.”

‘This type, this way.’ Worst match for publishers


“This is weak, but… …

Finally, as a last resort, Fermi handed the gold coin from his pocket into his hand.

It was an amount that would be difficult to refuse, even if 《Basic Eulgami》 was a hit.

“Oh, money.”

Sirius grabbed the gold coin.

“Money is good. I like money too. why don’t you like it But businessman man, aren’t you misunderstanding something?”

He put the gold coin in Fermi’s inner pocket.

“I am not writing to make money. I’m making money to write. A certain noble paid a lot of money to change the story. I refused. Do you know why? If I change something… …

Sirius, grabbing an iced coffee cup, sprayed it in Fermi’s face and shouted.

“Only when I decided it was better for my readers! It has nothing to do with money.”

As the coffee dripped down Fermi’s face, the readers outside the window made a fuss.

“Oh my, my! oh my god!”

Of course, most of them had sullen expressions on their faces, but Seriel froze pale.

‘What kind of guy is that guy… …

Anyone who knew Fermi at Alpheas Magic School would think the same.

“… … All right.”

Contrary to expectations, Fermi quietly left the store without even polishing the coffee.

Coming out, he found coffee smeared on the sequel to The Primal Lasso.

“ah?… ”

For the first time, Seriel knew that even Fermi’s eyes could shake with embarrassment.

“sorry. uh, that’s it… …

said Fermi awkwardly holding up the book.

“Shall we go and buy a new one now? I can go alone.”

Silence comes.

u no ” -1 “r.

Seriel held her belly button and laughed.

“Puhahaha! hey, you’re really funny!


“why? What’s funny?”

Perhaps Fermi didn’t know.

It was a book that Seriel liked so much, but even so, it was only one book.

‘Then Fermi… …

Even though I didn’t get an autograph, I knew what was really important.

‘Honestly, it was kind of cool.’

In Seriel’s eyes… … that he was a pretty good guy

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