Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1163

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Twilight (2)

Arius said.


In the midst of the gathering of three families, the object floating in the air slowly fell.


Said Sirone, who slowly opened her eyes.

“I taught you. There is nothing wrong with Miro. Don’t be too angry.”

“What the hell did you do? objects flying through the air psychic

Are you?”

I actually knew.

‘The ability I saw in my dream.’

No, these were incidents that were forcibly etched into my brain even when I was awake.

The maze blocked Sein’s way.

“My brother did nothing wrong. It’s just that he saw my brother do it and I imitated it.”

‘Did you just watch?’

Sein’s mind went blank.

‘Is it like that?’

Louver said their condition was to find the wrong picture without knowing which one was the original.

‘There are two different worlds. But we can’t believe any of it is real.’

However, in the dream, Miro was a seeker with the deepest thoughts among mankind.

‘Sirone and Miro can’t go on like this. Something is awakening them.’

Sein said.

“Let’s go to Gaold.”

“I’ve been.”

Gaold opened the door, threw the house keys and cash on the table, and took off his shirt.

“I’m here?”

Kang Nan said while receiving the clothes.

“How are you today?”

“It’s the same. I didn’t earn much because it was a payday. Those guys were secretly threatening me.”

Gangnan never criticized Gaold for his poor business skills.

“It will be fine. The Merchant Union is moving. Sooner or later, you will be joined by the Tamo organization.”

Gangnan was a member of the merchant union.

“I’m going to rob the weapons warehouse and hit the hideout. The number is much greater than us.”

“red! What are these guys… …

“Don’t be so. Everyone is fighting for their right to survive. We are not in a different situation.”

“Because they are everything in this world. It’s not like finding the wrong picture like us.”


Gangnan laughed bitterly.

“In the dream, we were really cool. But I cannot live in a dream forever.” Kang Nan hugged Gaold’s waist.

“Why are you doing that? Weren’t you meant to live? At least until Miro becomes an adult… …


Gaold was sorry.

“It’s not like that. Sorry. I’m a bit confused too More and more these days”

The intensity was the same.

“I know what you think. sometimes… … anxious Aren’t I becoming a burden?”

“It’s a burden.”

Whatever the real painting, Kang Nan was the most precious person to Gaold.

That moment when Gaold and Kang Nan’s eyes meet, and their lips draw closer.


Kicking open the door, the maze entered.


She blinked as she noticed Gaold and Kangnan drifting apart.

It was a complicated feeling, but the girl smiled playfully and said.

“what? Uncle and Aunt Gangnan… … Ugh!”

Sein hit his head.

“Didn’t I tell you to knock when entering someone’s house? It’s like a thunderclap. Apologize quickly.”

“Whose house is this? aunt?

I’m here.”

Miro came running with her arms wide open, and Kang Nan smiled and hugged her.

“okay. What’s going on at this hour?” In reality, they are like dogs, but Miro doesn’t know that, and Gangnan lives with Gaold.

It’s a perfect compromise.

“Mr. Louver?”

Lately, Louver and Mong-ah have not been seen, but there is not much to find for them either.

“Not here. What happen?” As Sain turned to Sirone, Gaold opened the lid of the beer and said as if toasting.

“Are you here, Mr. San?”

Gangnan hit him on the side, but Sirone’s expression didn’t change as always.


Sein said.


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“I came here because of an accident. Something seems to have happened to Sirone and Miro… … We need Mr. Louver.”

“What is it?”

“Sirone, can you do it here?”

When Sirone hesitated, as if he was reluctant, Sain came over and rubbed his shoulder.

“are you okay. I don’t mean to be angry. I’m trying to help you. Try it here.”

“Yes, then.”

Gaold chuckled as Sirone took a posture with both hands forward.

“What? Is it magic?”

The moment he finished speaking, the beer bottle in his hand floated to the surface and flew to Sirone.

Miro shouted while Gaold and Gangnan opened their mouths with bewildered expressions.

“Aunt, aunt! I can do that too!”

Gaold looked up at the beer bottle Sirone sent back for a long time.

“what? shit.”

“They both woke up.”

Mona said.

On the twilight shore, they turned toward Gaold’s house.

“I found the hidden code with Immortal Function. It’s a storm after the Tamo organization came in.”

“Well, Oh Dae-sung denies the 1.5th floor. It’s like embodying the feeling of reality in this world, right? Mr. Miro saw it and realized the same thing.”

Mongah said worriedly.

“If the compromise starts to break down like this,

The 1.5th floor will eventually be destroyed as well. You have to keep an eye on the changes between the two… …

“Watch Gaold. Because he will decide whether the 1.5th floor exists or not.”


Mongah tilted her head.

“Are you the most disoriented person? This way, everything seems to be shaking.”

“Because it is human. It fluctuates endlessly, but once you make a decision, it becomes everything.”

That’s why it’s a prudent.

“If Oh Dae-seong, Miro, and Ga Old collide in reality, I don’t know who will bring it through. It’s not because it’s thin. It is an unimaginable result.” Mong-ah asked with a serious expression.

“What if Mr. Gaold wakes up?”

“maybe… …

Wouldn’t it be a mess?

Gaold sat on the couch and drank a beer.

“Great, cool.”

Arius was lying on the rug, and Sirone and Miro were spinning with their toys floating in the air.


Sein at the table said to Kang Nan.

“In three days, the quantity will be correct. The problem is the number of people. How about the Merchant Union?”

Kang Nan looked at the design of the bomb.

“I guessed up to 300 people. But the guards of the warehouse are armed with firearms. Are you really okay?”

“The first one doesn’t matter. If we take only the weapons warehouse, we’ll get firearms too. The Tamo organization will disintegrate.”

Miro intervened.

“Dad, I have a good idea.”

I had kept it a secret from Miro until now, but she already knew everything.

Like Sirone, he said that if you concentrate, you can feel what is happening inside the house.

“You don’t interfere.”

Even so, Sein had no intention of attracting his daughter.

“Don’t do that, listen. Isn’t throwing a bomb a problem for now? Enemies shoot. therefore… …

Miro received the toy Sirone tossed into the air and moved it to the table.

“This is a bomb.”

The toy that was slowly flying through the air landed on the table between Sein and Kangnan.


Sein’s pupils shook.

“how is it? You can blow up a warehouse without getting shot this way, right?”

Silence has arrived.


Gaold said.

“This is no kid’s game. You can’t fight just by moving things.”

Miro was hot.

“What do you think you know? While getting hit by the Tamo organization. You honestly don’t even have the courage to fight, do you?”

Sain asked, watching Gaold drinking beer as if avoiding an answer.

“Are you sure you won’t?”

“I will not.”


Gaold’s hand pointed at Sirone.

“Are you guys stupid? can’t you see this? You use strange powers. But you’re just going to throw a bomb?”

“… … What do you want to say?”

“Find the wrong picture. Doesn’t this make it clear which one is real’?”

this world is a lie

“Leave the Tamo organization alone, they will end this world. Then we will wake up too.”

“Maybe. But as you say, if that place is real, we die. Besides, for you, reality must be a nightmare that cannot be compared to ours.”

A life struggling at the limit of pain.

“I will not live even a minute. It will be a terrible pain. Are you willing to risk everything to meet Miro in that short moment?”


Miro’s head turned to Gaold.

“Just once before I die… … I don’t mean this. To be precise, anything that includes a maze. You, Gangnan, and Sirone too. Anyway, this is not my world.”

“I can’t do autumn.”

Louver said.

“Pain is a measure of how clearly you feel this moment. I don’t care about the pain that has already passed. The thought of wanting to go back to that time becomes nothing the moment you face that reality.”


“Real pain is what has already happened. But when there is a choice, man never chooses pain. Of course, there are cases where people push themselves into suffering for the sake of their own development. But Gaold can’t. The suffering he has to endure transcends the category of living things.”

Gaold said.

“so… … I don’t really want to care The Merchant Union and all, to be honest, it’s enough to just leave it alone. I won’t do anything.”

Miro shouted.

“Disappointed! Mister, did you say you like me? But I hate cowards!”

Gaold drank his beer.

“well. I don’t know if you grow old and become an adult, but I’m not interested in children.”

“You are an idiot! idiot! Well at the end!” That night.

It was getting late and Sain, who was sleeping at Gaold’s house, woke up with an ominous feeling.

‘Unlucky nightmare.’

Maybe it was a common daily life in reality, but Sein defined the dream as a nightmare.

“Are you sleeping well?”

Thinking that this world was at least better, Sain went to the room where Miro was sleeping.

and the moment you open the door.


The house roared.

After 10 minutes, Kang Nan put a cold weapon on his belt and muttered seriously.

“30 bombs are gone.”

Sirone, Miro, and Arius left, and they were crazy, or young, or animals.

Sein, who had finished his armament, asked.

“Can I call the merchant union?”

“I don’t know. It’s questionable whether we can summon right now, and above all, the timing of the appointment is different… …

Just as Gangnan was about to insert the knife into his boots, Gaold came and grabbed the knife.

“what are you doing?”

Instead of speaking, Gaold hurled the knife at the wall in front.


With half of the blade stuck, Sein and Kangnan looked at each other with frowns.

“To be stupid.”

Sein said.

“what? Miro is still young and Sirone is crazy. We need help.”

“okay. The maze is gone.” Recalling the feeling of trying to kill even a god, Gaold pulled out the knife.

“The market economy and the existence and destruction of cities, it is not okay to approach it with such soft thoughts.”

Gaold drew his knife and turned around.

“Do you know what you guys are fighting for? Don’t nag and follow me. Just go and find it.”

Kang Nan-eun and Se-in realized.

‘It was.’

Gaold fights for himself.

‘But we…

As if possessed by something, she had always been looking at his back and running all the way here.

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