Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1160

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Five Systems (4)

As a result, Chagall never met Raphael or Etella during the Great Purification.

But bottom case.

La Enemy reconstructed false memories based on Chagall’s information up to the age of seven.

“Aye! Aye!”

La Enemie, who wanted to become a human, sought Chagall to awaken her sense of smell.

All the information injected into his memory from then on was clearly fake.

“Tia… …

And Leiden remained in Chagall’s memory as a vivid nostalgia.

‘Then I… …

What were you doing before meeting La Enemy?

The Karma management department was clearly putting the unknown answer in the smell.

Mumbling to myself in an unknown mountain, hugging a rock, struggling with my hands



There was no one.

Having lived alone for more than 20 years in the memories injected by La Enemy.

“iced coffee.”

As if the screen had been split, Chagall’s false memories permeated the nostalgia.

It was the day the gang attacked the Grassleaf Circus.

“Captain! Tia!”

He found Tia among the numerous corpses and saw the face of Raiden, who had killed everyone.

He said.

“La Enemy.”

It was an area that was unthinkable at the time, but now Chagall suddenly realized it.

‘I knew.’

Even though he lived in false memories as if he was hypnotized, his sense of smell sensed something strange.

‘That everything is not true.’ Raiden jumped out.

“La Enemy!”

A quick-fire sword versus quick-fire sword battle unfolds, and Chagall kills his teacher, Raiden.

The real Chagall was finally able to know the true face of the person who was cold.



One lesson that he passed on beyond the incident during his memory up to the age of seven was.

“Forgive me.”

all the things that ruined your life.


The real Chagall held his head and screamed.

‘Forgive me?’

Twenty-some years of life completely blown away, but I have to forgive it?


I also wanted to know why.

“Why should I forgive you? It’s not me who did anything wrong! Why should I take responsibility!”

Having received Chagall’s anger through chains, Etella hurriedly controlled her mind.

“Calm down! If you run out of here… …


The moment Chagall, who didn’t even want to hear Etella’s words, shouted, the smell of memories changed.

” ah??????

After killing Raiden in his memories, Chagall pursued La Enemie on the borderline between reality and dreams.

Perhaps it was inevitable that he met Raphael, still alive with the nostalgia of the incident.


The immediate successor of the Yin-Yang wave realm drove Chagall, who had already become a world-class murderer.

Raphael clicked his tongue.

‘It’s Chagall. A terribly twisted one. He is a person who will become poison to the world if left alone.’

I thought so.

Even so, the reason I couldn’t kill him was the pain in my heart that I felt from the moment I saw Chagall.

‘I don’t know.’

What have you been through and what have you said?

‘I forgot.’

Like a bond from a previous life, like when I buried my face in my mother’s memento that I cherished.

‘Is that so?’

We will never know what happened, but Raphael embraced the being called Chagall.

‘Is that how it happened, Chagall?’ Raphael said.

“Wherever you go, the way back is behind you.”

The rapid-fire sword was driven into Raphael’s heart, and several knife cuts followed almost simultaneously.

“ha. ha.”

In the darkness without even moonlight, Chagall stared at the fallen body of Raphael.

Of course, Chagall’s skills were not clumsy enough to convince the opponent that he had taken care of them.


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But it’s a strange feeling.

“Did they stop at the last minute?”

To see it as a mistake, it was a situation where one moment of judgment led to the loss of one’s life.

No answer was heard.

“It’s not a big deal… …

If only I had known that the words that endlessly circulated in my head would return like a boomerang like this.

‘What did you mean?’ Maybe Raphael doesn’t even know.

But if I could have suppressed the rage in my heart and had a little more conversation with him.

“You motherF*ckers!”

Chagall, his eyes bloodshot, inhaled the perfume as if he had sucked in all the air.

The memory of meeting Etella, the memory of mistaking her for Tia, and the present.

“Why are you doing this to me!”

It’s a farmhouse.

Chagall’s rationality was completely burned by the anger of having his life completely manipulated.

“I will kill them all!”

Chagall is an acquired murderer.

“I’m going to kill all of them, leaving no one left!”

And he… … It was the evil of evil.

The door to the Karma Management Department opened, and the agents who heard the commotion came in.

Realizing that their comrades had disappeared, their faces twisted viciously.

“How dare you guys… … Kuck!”

The rapid-fire sword was pierced, and the vital points of the agents standing at the door were all pierced.

“Kiyi! Kiyi!” The power of the concentration of indiscriminate hostility towards the world on the agent was horrific.

“Chagall! No!”

Ethella desperately held on to the chain, but it was not enough to handle it.


The chain slipped further from his chest, and Chagall broke through the door and ran into the hallway.

‘It keeps growing.’

As the action of the Taegeuk expanded, the chain connecting the two was infinitely longer.

‘What will happen if I go on like this?’

Etella, who was about to step out into the hallway to grab Chagall, stopped abruptly.


The answer to one question that has not left my head ever since I heard the news of his death.

‘You made a sacrifice, for Chagall.’ that’s the line

Etella, who was still watching the chains slipping from her chest, gently closed her eyes.

‘I will follow Master’s will.’

After feeling the warmth of her stomach for a moment, Ethella opened her eyes and went outside.

His brain was in the opposite direction to Chagall’s.

Tormia and Southern Code One.

With Lai, the captain of the guard, escorting them, Sirone and Rufist arrived at the meeting place.

It was deep in the mountains, and the southern warriors were watching them with the eyes of beasts.

“Chief, Sirone is here.”

By directly mentioning the name, Rufist’s right to speak was lost.

“Nice to meet you. This is Sirone.”

The chief Ntara was an old man with a thin face, but the tribesmen who treated him were polite.

That alone gave me an idea of ​​how the tribes of the south viewed life.

“Welcome, Yahweh.”

Even though Euntara did not get up from her seat, she had the ability to express her courtesy with just her voice.

“I heard you want to meet me. Why?”

Of course, Sirone was curious about something else.

‘How did you stop the flesh?’

Euntara said with a gentle smile as if she was reading her heart.

“I wanted to meet you once. They say that Yahweh seeks an integrated mental system.”

It felt like I was answering two questions at the same time.

“The reason why the south, which was underdeveloped compared to the rest of the world, was able to participate in the holy war was because there was little damage from the demons. Of course, that first-class contributor is a man named Gaold.”

There was a record of demons in the southern continent being helplessly swept away by his runaway.

“The height of a formidable human being. However, it is not possible to protect the huge southern area alone. We’ve also found a way that’s second to none.” Silver Tara strained her eyes. “Elicia.”

Sirone was listening.

“All the tribes in the south believe in different gods, and dance and sing all night long to worship that god. To put it in the language of civilization, to go into a state of trance and reach ecstasy at the end.”


Sirone knew what Ntara wanted to say.

“Elicia is a group dance and song made by all tribes in the south in unison. It is a technique that unites everyone’s hearts as one and changes the laws of the world.” Of course, it’s different from Ultima.

Using ecstasy is nothing more than an emotional integration that ignores each person’s individuality.

‘But maybe… …

I thought that this is the level of Ultima that mankind today can realistically perform.

“I will show you.”

Ntara turned her head to see the tent open and a group of people standing in the torchlight.

There were exactly 70 people.


As the man in the lead muttered, a low voice leaked out of 70 mouths at the same time.

“Ohhhh. Ohhhh.”

They bounced their upper bodies in a certain rhythm, but they bent down and stepped on the steps.

The ground thumped and thumped every time I stepped back and forth along the line of the cross.

While Tormia officials watched, Laiman grabbed the handle of the sword.

“Ohhhh. Ohhhh.”

How much time had passed, 70 tribesmen began to fall into a trance.

‘The law changes.’ I couldn’t see it with my eyes, but I could clearly feel it through the Spirit Zone.

‘Unless the mind is perfectly integrated, quantum phenomena don’t happen. After all, it’s in a trance state.’

As the steps became faster, a haze of bright light finally appeared in everyone’s eyes.

‘ signal.’

what kind of signal

“after! under! after!”

The tribesmen who were running fast on the ground raised their heads at the same time and glared at the barracks.


A huge beast with a haze of light flew straight towards Sirone.

‘I knew it.’

Despite the obvious hostile attack, Shirone just watched with an indifferent expression.

As if there was an intangible barrier, the vision of the beast was flattened like a coin in front of Sirone.

match! match! match!

Rai’s longsword was hanging from Ntara’s neck as she clapped at a slow beat.

“It is an act of hostility. You must kill them.” The reason why he couldn’t kill him right away was because Shirone’s ability was holding his long sword.

“The guards commander is right. But now… … I would like to hear a little more.”

When Sirone ran out of words, Rai drew back his sword and swiftly returned to his seat.

Euntara’s eyes bent like a seagull.

“Awesome. To block the Southern’s ultimate move, El Lykia. He is also a master of heart.”

“It wasn’t even that powerful.” Despite Sirone’s provocation, Euntara did not change her expression.

“It is. It’s just this much power. I’m sorry for showing off my clumsy skills.”

Luffist, who was worse than that, intervened.

“What do you want to say?”

“So what I want to say is that there are over 7 million tribal people in the south who can do this.” This time, even Sirone was thrilled.

“Would you like to know how I stopped my flesh? 7 million integrated. The power of the mind that comes from there. I want to give this power to you, Yahweh.”

Ntara pointed at Sirone.

“For a person who has mastered the art of the mind to use Elikia is like attaching wings to Yahweh. Ultima… … It’s far away in my opinion, but it means giving at least 7 million people as a gift with the ability of the south. However, before that, there is something I really want to ask you.”

“You mean what can you give to the South?”

Euntara laughed.

“Chuck! You’re more aggressive than expected. Well, it’s not a reasonable question. But you are wrong. There is no need to ask questions that have fixed answers.”

“Then what do you want to know?” After revealing an aggressive negotiating attitude, Tara rested her arms on the table and rested her chin.

“What are you going to do? With this power to offer you.”

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