Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1158

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Five Systems (2)

Son Yoo-jung was speechless.

It wasn’t particularly disgusting, but I wondered how to react.

“After all, you too fell into hell. Knock! Because I knew it! Join Satanism.”

Son Yoo-jung opened her mouth.

“you… … are you okay? It’s none of my business, but it looks pretty bad.”

The gaze was focused.

Can she not be shaken even after hearing her best friend’s honest evaluation?

“… … Not good?”

Mortar Singer, who suddenly frowned, fiercely touched Son Yoo-jung’s shoulder.

“What are you talking about? are you jealous of me too? Do you hate how pretty I am?”

The woman who handled the hidden code to some extent must have been conveying her sincerity.

“Be honest! How do I look?”

The last remaining reason.

The magician’s logic, who had mastered the logic of the world, was blocking the illusion.

“hurry… … I mean answer.”

As tears welled up in one eye of the distorted Mortar Singer, Sohn Yu-jeong realized.


It seemed to be begging for help.

Without showing emotion, Son Yoo-jung slowly backed away and fell behind the group.

Mortasinger cried.

“How could you do this to me?”


In the eyes of Son Yu-jeong, who had deceived Yahweh, Hwa-an Gold-jeong immediately burned.


Skipping even the preliminary action, the two wielded swords exploded the floor.


Sirone and the others threw themselves.

Etella, who jumped up without thinking about landing, was blocked by Chagall from behind.

“you… …

As I looked at Chagall with confused emotions, I heard an explosion from the wall.

There was a huge hole in the wall.

The Mortar Singer was held in Son Yoo-jung’s hand as she left the office building and crossed the air.

“Let go! What is this!”

“I’ll let you go. ruin you too I mean go anywhere but here.”

“What about you?”

“I am full of long orphans. I gained time to save you, but Yahweh will catch me.”

Landing on the ground, Mortasinger shook his head.

“no. I’m from Satanism… …


As he shouted, exposing the monkey’s fangs, Mortasinger shook his shoulders.

“Wake! are you insane Do you really think your face is beautiful right now?”

“I, I… …

I doubted it at first, but when I was with the followers of Satanism, I forgot what was right.

Son Yoo-jeong put her shoulder.

“That’s a madman’s den, but you’re not. You were much smarter than me. The old you must have found a way to get it back. and you… … I mean, it was really pretty.”

No matter what accident happened, it was Son Yoo-jung who always supported Morta Singer like the eldest sister.

“Really? Am I really not pretty?”

How many repetitions of self-brainwashing have you lost your way even in this situation?

Richera intervened.

“Well, I don’t even have a lower back anymore, but I really want to say this. you just… …

“You shut up.”

Son Yoo-jung interrupted Richera and said.

“Leave quickly. I’ll take care of this.”

“no. i will go with you I can’t live here on my own.”

“You said you couldn’t go. Yahweh is a pervert. They make all sorts of excuses to strangle me, and enjoy the sight of it.”

Son Yu-jeong, who was awkwardly caressing the gold frame around her neck, suddenly blinked.


Escaping with the candidates of Shiok is the same as stealing Yahweh’s enemies.

‘Why is the number of orphans not decreasing?’

“Are you all right?”

Son Yoo-jung was convinced.

‘You didn’t memorize the gingoju. But why?’

Richera said.

“Are you going or not? I don’t mind anything, but I hate being here.”

Agents were everywhere, but Son Yoo-jung was still lost in thought.

Lethe asked.

“Is it okay if I leave you alone?” If she memorizes Gingoju right away, Son Yu-jung will be summoned again.


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“It’s what she chose.”

Sirone didn’t want to do that.

“Even if it’s thunder-naked, you’re sincere in deciding to fight for your friend.”

Lethe nodded.

“great. So let’s get to the point. Why don’t you just accept my offer?”

Sirone couldn’t be stubborn.

‘It is impossible for Jin Seong-eum to go to reality through Shi-ok. but… … The reason why I can’t easily give up is still

It was because there was something lukewarm in my head.

‘Brain brain. What did I miss there?’

Lian said as she drew out her great sword.

“Sirone, over there.”

A group of people in black robes descended from the stairs on the thirteenth floor.


The first o’clock of pride laughed.

“It’s been a while, Yahweh.”

Lethe’s brow furrowed slightly.

‘Si-ok doesn’t follow my orders. But show up against Yahweh

I’m giving it away.’

The only reason Sirone can’t kill Harvitz is that such an event won’t happen.

Yahweh, who cut out demons for the sake of mankind, could not treat Habits like Wizards.

‘In a head-to-head confrontation, Si-ok has no chance. Still, trying to compete here… …

For Satan, of course.

‘Havitz, no, Satan, how far behind are you in reality?’

As the Miracle Stream spread from Sirone’s body, Mufa’s face revealed its true color.


I felt a huge hostility from the believers who were lined up near the entrance.

Sirone said.

“Whatever you think, do it. Satan’s temptations are useless to me.”

‘That’s true.’

Therefore, Si-ok uses tactics to seduce and attack people around Yahweh.

‘Lian, Etella, Chagall.’

It was an effective card, and among them, Lian An was not inferior to Yahweh in terms of force.

‘It only takes one time.’

Excluding the two who died, 10 Siok activated hidden codes toward Lian.

Ethella clenched her fists.

“We fight too.”

At that moment, the Taegeuk chain swayed and the strength escaped from her body.


When she came to her senses, Chagall was already running towards the exit holding her.


Chagall, who broke down the door on the 10th floor without any response, ran quickly through the hallway.

A roar erupted from where Sirone was, and Etella struggled with her limbs.

“Put it down! You have to put me down!”

Chagall went through a complicated maze-like passage

After a long detour, I put her down.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden!”

In fact, even Ethel knew.

Why couldn’t Chagall be prevented from the interaction of Taegeuk’s karma? “We don’t have to fight.”

That it was because it was for her sake.

“Don’t get me wrong. Do you think I’ll be happy with this? Have you forgotten what you did to me?”

The fact that she had no choice but to be led by evil tormented her heart.

“Han is not able to die. Don’t get your hopes up. It won’t be what you want.”

She didn’t say anything bad, but it was clear what she wanted.

Chagall spat out as he felt.

“okay? Sun said something, but at least you were like that. doesn’t care. Because I wasn’t interested anyway.”

‘A trashy human.’

Ethella felt the blood rushing backwards and felt another pain in her abdomen.

“iced coffee.”

Chagall turned coldly.

“Follow me. What we need is a way to break these chains. If we cut off this dog-like relationship, there will be no need to suffer between each other.”

I wanted to hit him on the back of the head as he was moving away, but Ethella calmed down.

‘I need to calm down.’

The pain in her stomach was gone, but it seemed dangerous to antagonize Chagall any longer.

“What, what, you guys?”

As I turned the corner, a member of the Satanic Church was startled and took a vigilant posture.

“Good. If you live here, you must be fast in geography, right? Answer the questions from now on. If you tell a lie… …

An illusion flickered around Chagall, and a quick-fire sword was grabbed in his hand.


“… … Kkkkkkkkk.”

When the believer raised his lungs, a 2-meter spear materialized.

“Just a dagger? My hidden code is the window… …

Chagall’s hand grabbed the believer’s forehead and pushed it toward the wall.

Using the recoil, the back of the head was stabbed into the wall seven times in an instant, and the believer lost consciousness halfway.

Then, as the feel of the cold blade penetrated the nape of his neck, his eyes widened.

“Hee! live, live… …

“This is your last chance. Where is the department that manages the business?”


The terrified believer’s lips trembled.

Karma Management Department.

Battle cries resounded where large monitors were tightly installed.

“This child… … 100 million!”

In just 3 minutes, the turmoil was over, and the 20 agents who fell were annihilated.

“You’re annoying me.”

Etella looked at Chagall, who was heading to the monitor.

‘It’s gotten stronger.’

It must have been when he slaughtered the agent at the entrance of the system control branch.

‘The power of Taegeuk makes him strong. in short… … It keeps getting worse.’

“This is where you can find out about my past. It’s over if you know what I was. It’s work and I don’t need anything.”

Chagall called her.

“Come this way. I don’t know how.”

Etela was also active because she was curious about the relationship manipulated by Ra Enemy.

“The devices are all biological. Seeing that blood is used, why not put your own blood in it?”

Without hesitation, Chagall raised his dagger and slit his own wrist.

As the blood dripped, something began to be written on the screen in the language of the demons.

I couldn’t interpret it, but I didn’t have to think about it from the next video.

“This?… ”

The scene of a circus performing was a familiar sight to Chagall.


Even though there was no Chagall on the screen, he instinctively understood the situation.

” mom.”

A woman with a ferocious impression resembling Chagall was receiving applause while performing aerial acrobatics.

’cause. It comes from the cause of Chagall’s existence.’

The screen passed by like a kaleidoscope, and soon they smelled an unfamiliar smell.

‘Memories of Chagall… …

Smell contains information from the past.

No longer needing a screen, they absorbed the time Chagall existed in an instant.

Chagall’s mother met the son of a rich man who came to see a circus performance.

The reason why it cannot be called love is that she was abandoned the moment she became pregnant.

“Aye! Aye!”

Chagall was born that way in a rotten room with no one taking care of it.

After about three months, the mother took Chagall to a dark alley.

“ha. ha.”

Her face was cruelly distorted as she gazed at the sleeping baby.


He smashed Chagall to the ground like an object.

“Hehe. Heh heh heh.”

Chagall laughed as if watching a pleasant performance.

‘Yes, that’s how I am.’

It was by no means a nice sight, but from the point of view of falling into hell, I felt relieved.

The mother, who had abandoned Chagall, resolutely turned and ran away, but suddenly stopped walking.

baby’s cry.

After struggling for a long time, she finally bit her lip and ran to the baby.

“Live well.”

Then he took a few coins from his pocket, put them in the blanket, and left forever.

“?Huh I ?Huhug I ?Huh ?Huh?Hh ! Heh ooo I”

What does a baby need coins for?

‘what’s this! What is this, damn it!’ Looking at Chagall, who poured tears from her smiling face, Ethella’s heart was heavy.

‘Poor person.’

After how much time had passed, someone appeared to take Chagall, who had been left in an orphanage.


Both of them were in shock.

“no. It can’t be.”

It was Ethella’s teacher, Raphael of the Order of Carsis, whom Chagall had killed with his own hands.

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