Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1152

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12 o’clock, 12 stations (4)

“This is the starting point… …

Sirone murmured while Iruki and Nade looked around the forest without relaxing.


Also, no response came.

“Is it only the entrance that materializes in reality? Then it means that you have already departed from the topological space… …

Eden said.

“I can’t see the people I saw in the smoke. It seems that each has a different starting point.”

a woman’s voice asked.

-Are you accomplices?


-Crime dice will not activate if you do not choose between single and accomplice.

Nade put a pod on his head and asked.

“How about what you recommend? therefore… … Aren’t there pros and cons to each?”

– Being single has many advantages. After all, no one wants to entrust their life to someone else.

Silence ensued.

“You’re going to do something dangerous anyway.”

Having said that, Iruki stepped out.

“But if going alone is an advantage, wouldn’t everyone choose it? What are the advantages of being an accomplice?”

-There is nothing. However, if you choose an accomplice, the mission to kill each other will not be triggered.

There seemed to be no choice.

“I’ll make you an accomplice.”

As soon as Sirone made her decision, two dice were born in front of the party’s eyes.

It was a hexahedron with numbers 1 through 6 written on it.

-Crime Dice decide your fate. Judgment begins the moment the Crime Dice land. Accomplices cannot roll dice consecutively. However, on a double, one more chance is given.

Nade snatched the dice.

-Let the right hand not know the murder committed by the left hand. May you find rest in Melkidu.

Nade shouted as he put an end to it openly.

“hey! You have to tell me what it is! hey!”

Iruki said.

“It’s no use. It’s just a system message. I have the ability to think to the extent that I can have a conversation, but I don’t seem to be able to predict the other person’s reaction or grasp their state of mind.”

Eden asked.

“What are you going to do? Crime Dice, you said it decides our fate.”

Nade shook the dice in his hand.

“Can’t you just do it? It’s not that anyone is after us, but we have to save Seina-san.”

Iruki said.

“I said one person couldn’t roll consecutively. Then who will go first?” Nade held out the dice.

“Now, roll it, Sirone.”

“… … why me?”

“I said that no one wants to entrust their life to someone else. But I want to give my life to you.”

Eden raised his hand.


After receiving the Crimson Dice, Sirone turned her head.

“I said that the judgment starts the moment you touch the land. But what exactly is the definition of Rand?”

Iruki said.

“Isn’t it referring to the topography in its natural state? It must mean that artificial terrain, such as a special board that can manipulate the numbers of dice, or mud with strong friction is not allowed.”

It made sense.

“Hmm. Right. okay. I’ll try.” When the dice were thrown, the six sides fell to the ground

The body bounced plumply on numerous grounds.

“It stopped.”

As the party watched with nervous expressions, the dice glowed and the numbers floated.

A + sign appeared between the numbers 2 and 4, which combined into the number 6.

said Nade.

“Six… … . Now, how eh eh eh eh… …

The end of the voice stretched out like noise, and the surrounding scenery changed at a tremendous speed.

“… … Is it going to be eh?”

When the voice returned to normal, it was inside the entrance of the village.

It was about 100 households, and people were walking between the buildings.

– This is Dorian Village.

A woman’s voice was heard.

-C-class mission. Kill 3 villagers. If you succeed in a mission, crime points are awarded.


– Collect crime points to strengthen your dice. Points can also be used to steal items from stores.

“Hmm. Right.”

Nade muttered and shrugged.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about. What the hell is a crime point? Is it like money?”

-Crime Points support your desires. Your current point is 100P.

Sirone said.


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“This is just like the system in the world. They tell me the time of purification there too.”

Iruki nodded.

“Well, this place is related to Satan. But what does it mean to support desire?”

No answer was heard.

“This is what I think.”

Eden raised his index finger.

“In reality, criminals always have to run away. When the desire not to get caught gets too desperate, Melki Doo appears before them at a certain time.”

“Add to that… …

Iruki, who had walked to the entrance, reached out his hand, and a transparent curtain appeared to prevent him from escaping.

“The inside is an isolated space. Melkidoo

It could be that all places in the world are made up of blocks.”


Nade clicked with his hand.

“It was jumping over squares according to the number on the dice. Each square has a village.”

Iruki nodded.

“In other words, the killer’s haven. If the criminals came in after being chased, of course the police would come in too. But if you don’t match the numbers on the dice, you can never catch the criminal.”

Eden said.

“All that remains now is the point. It’s also a question of strengthening the dice. It must have something to do with survival.” said Nade.

“I told you to kill three villagers. So, are the villagers human? Or is it an illusion created by the system?”

Remembering Sing, Sirone said.

“Anyway, I just moved forward six spaces. I don’t know how big the Melkidoo is, but I think it’s a cho mouth. Meet people and gather information. The decision is next.”

Upon entering the village, six store buildings on the left and right filled the block.

“There is a bar. Shall we go in?”

Then a man came out of the arms shop with a 20 cm long knife. While the party instinctively stopped walking, he turned the knife over and inspected the blade.


Then he yawned profusely, and before he could close his mouth, he approached the passer-by.


Unknowingly, the eyes of the passerby who was hit by the knife widened, and the man repeatedly stabbed him in the abdomen.

“Aww! Save, save people!”

He fell to the floor gushing blood and shouted, but no one paid any attention.

“Live, live… …

A person died in just 10 seconds, and the man stood up after wiping the blood off the corpse.

“Early missions don’t pay off.” Iruki said while Sirone and the others looked on with bewildered expressions.

“weird. Why are you not interested? Could you be the victim yourself?”

Even when they saw the corpse lying on the floor, passers-by just walked down the street calmly.

After polishing the knife, the man put the candles in a basket and walked to the woman selling them.

“hello. Buy candles… …

A 20-centimeter blade penetrated the woman’s neck all the way and then came out again.

Even in the midst of the blood fountain, the man added a few more blades and ended his life completely.

“There is only one left.”

The man who turned around like that made eye contact with Sirone and the others watching over him.

Their interest in murder showed that they were players.


The man passed by Sirone with no sign of fear, but with a somewhat awkward expression.

“Wait a minute.”

Nade spoke into the man’s back.


“Did you complete the mission?”


After examining the expressions of his friends, Nade asked a question with an expression of agreement.

“Why don’t people care about you? Those who were murdered must have felt fear.”

The man, who blinked for a moment, shook his shoulders as if he realized something.

“Hehe. Hehehe.”

Sirone and the others waited.

“You guys are new players. A rookie who hasn’t cycled yet.”


Orbital way?

“Yeah, what. I’m curious anyway Can you tell me why passers-by ignore the murders?”

The reason why I asked even at the risk of being exposed was because it was the most efficient.

‘It’s the fastest way to ask a person. Besides, what, could anything happen?’

Isn’t there a sirone?


said the man.

“You know what to do. These are things that have lost their cowardice. I know you’re lucky. If the points you guys had hadn’t been miserably written down, it would have been eaten by me.”

“What does that mean?”

I asked, but the man turned around as if he was annoyed.

“go away. Pray that you won’t see me next time. It will be quite miserable then.”

Nade, who had been watching the man absentmindedly, said with a smile.

“I can’t. If so… … I have no choice but to listen with power.

“The Lightning of Truth and Lies.”

It was the skill of the god of thunder that made the believers unable to move in the village of heaven.

-Insufficient crime points required to commit crimes. The current crime point is 100P.


When the incarnation technique did not activate, the party finally realized the seriousness and checked their magic.

I heard the same woman’s voice.

“Magic is impossible. No, according to the system voice, it looks like it needs points.”

said the man.

“Jerk the.”

Without looking back, I raised my hand and raised my middle finger, and Nade jumped out.

“That kid is really… … !”

Even though they couldn’t use magic, they were the ones who fought on the front lines of the world war.

‘A passerby or a petty criminal who stings.’

As I was about to slap the man on the back of the head with that thought, someone shouted next to me.


Nade turned his head to see a man with deep wrinkles standing there, as if he was suffering from a septum.

“What are you?” Even facing the cold eyes of the god of thunder, the man did not avert his gaze.

“I mean, don’t do anything you’ll regret. Because if you attack that guy, you guys will suffer.”

The word ‘you guys’ awakened Nade’s spirit.

The killer clicked his tongue.


Then he glanced at the middle-aged man and ran away faster than before.

Sirone asked without letting go of her guard.

“What if my friend attacked the man?”

“Points are not deducted. Are you guys accomplices? If this is your first time in town, there will be 100P.”

A middle-aged man pointed at the killer.

“How many points does that guy have? I don’t know. But even if you only have 200P, you guys are doomed. If the crime attack judgment goes in, the points on one side will be deducted until it reaches 0.”

“In other words, we have 0. Over there, 100P is left.”

“okay. And for 100P, it’s a crime point that can stab you with 20 knives.” Nade’s complexion turned pale. “Don’t be too nervous. Even if it’s 0 points, it doesn’t mean that there are restrictions on normal actions. Are you wizards? In reality, this friend would have easily defeated him, but this is Melkidoo. Points are everything.”

The man pointed to the bar behind his back.

“how is it? i think i can help I’ll have to get you a beer or something.”

Sirone said.

“It doesn’t matter. Because we need information too. but… … Doesn’t being in Melkidoo mean you’re a criminal too?”

Can you really trust this man?

“You’re suspicious, of course, but I’m a detective. We are pursuing the Edrina case.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“The Edrina case?”

It was an American case in which four women of the same age went missing, which once made a stir in the Iron Kingdom.

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