Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1144

Law War (4)

Hwa Resources Management Corporation – System Control Branch.

The area of ​​the system control branch was as large as the size of the underworld.

A modern building was visible beyond the place where numerous buildings such as warehouses and engine rooms were lined up.

Richera said.

“That must be the headquarters of the System Control Branch. be careful. There are a lot of managers.”

Son Yu-jeong swung two swords.

“joy. Manager and what, I’m going to smash it. You dare kidnapped my friend, right?”

“No, joining that company wouldn’t be kidnapping, right? maybe that friend


“Noisy! do you want to die?”

Son Yu-jeong, who lifted the chain around her waist, put her mouth to Richera’s ear and shouted.

With only a face, even that was torture, but no one sympathized.

“damn! I’m so sad I can’t live. Does hell really exist? There are no chains.”

“Ho-ho-ho! of course! ‘Cause I’m invincible Not even hell can stop me.”

Sirone frowned.

“Son Yu-jeong.”

As the long orphans diminished, her face turned pale.

“I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be c*cky. You must never forget why I sent you to Hell.”

Son Yu-jeong’s eyes burned as she remembered Nane’s face holding Park Ji’s sword.

‘Buddha. You son of a bitch.’

The only difference from Sirone’s Choeni Bardo is that he cannot go out on his own.

‘She has to reach Bakji to return to reality. And that’s soon…’

It means getting to know your feelings.

“Let’s go.”

When we arrived at the entrance of the system control branch, there were people in suits guarding it.

Richera said.

“I am the manager. Let’s call it an agent. They say they are really vicious guys.”

Agents were also roaming around the premises, and among them was Black Seung.


There is very little information about Hell in Omega’s records, but I have heard of their notoriety.

They were system experts from the underworld, and they were those who carried out tasks related to purification.

‘If Black Seung catches, the agent judges. Their power is absolute in Hell.’

Ethella said.

“I don’t think attacking head-on is a good idea. Even if you defeat them… …

Dealing with the purification system was another matter.


Chagall came out.

“What hesitates when you can break this dog chain? You can just kill them all.”

Lian blocked the street corner with Daejik Road.

“Sirone’s decision comes first. If you interfere with the operation, you will be hit with my sword.”

“Anyway. Because that woman will die too.”

“You are mean. Are you a pathetic fellow who can’t stand his own convictions unless he hides behind his hostages?”

Chagall strained his eyes.

“What do you know?”

“You know. Humans like hyenas who only pick out weak opponents and overwhelm them. If it wasn’t for the Taegeuk chain, you would have died.”

An illusion of a dagger flickered around Chagall.

“okay? Try it.”

Ethella said.

“stop it. This is not the time to fight among ourselves. Gathering information comes first.”

I knew it in my head, but the two people who were already on fire did not look away.

“You are a piece of trash?”

Lian hated Chagall, and anyone would.

“Hey, do you hate me that much? why? Because I’m bullying this woman? Just for that reason?”

“Is that the only reason?”

The moment Lian could not stand it and took a step, Chagall pulled the Taegeuk chain.

Hiding behind Ethella’s back, he shouted.

“Puhahaha! okay! I’m trash! I’d do anything if you guys could be offended!”

Sirone came out.

“Free Miss Etella.”

“Then you guys have to work harder. hey girl tell these guys From now on, follow my orders. Otherwise… …

Chagall stabbed his own thigh with a knife.


Etela’s face contorted as the pain was transmitted through the Taegeuk chain.

The blade was stabbed in succession.

“Tell me! hurry!”

Rian, who had lost her temper, charged.

“You son of a bitch!”

“Puhaha! do you want to cut me Try it! Because I am dying to know what will happen!”

Chagall, who had put Ethella aside, opened his arms and waited for the great sword.

Lian’s teeth gnashed.

‘I want to cut! The world’s wicked!’

However, the fact that Etela was suffering had no choice but to retract the sword.

‘still… …

His left fist was raised.

‘I’m sorry, Mr. Ethella. I’m going to hit you with one punch!’

If you don’t make it this strong, Chagall will continue to try to control the party.

Add to that.

‘I need to release my feelings too!’

Etella hugged Chagall as her fists extended at breakneck speed.


When the action was stopped with the ability of transcendence, the wind pressure spread in all directions.

Ethella said.

“Stop it.”

Even Ryan had nothing to say to her.

“Keuk, it seemed like it was going to kill you, but is this all it is? In the end, you too were a man of only words.”

Ethella turned Chagall’s face away.

“You should stop too.”

“What are you stopping? i don’t listen to anyone I will torment you, torment you, drive you crazy.”

Just as Sirone was impatient and was about to leave, Ethella said.

“I have never been bullied.”


She turned to the group.

“The chain of Taegeuk cycles endlessly. I can’t say anyone got hurt. It’s not all his fault.”

Rather, it was Chagall that was absurd.

“What are you talking about?” Ethella recalled her last moments with Chagall in her reality, just before her life ended.

“I am the one who accepted Chagall. I am the only one who can resent him. But now I don’t resent it. Because I realized what I was going to do.”

Taegeuk’s fate.

“This man’s life is my life. So everyone, please be kind to Chagall.”

Everyone was silent.

‘ sacrifice.’

Even though it was not her job, she felt the pain of sacrifice, as if her insides were rotting away.

‘That is also a belief. It’s a single sword.’

said Ryan.

“All right. Now that I have heard Mr. Etella’s determination, I will not judge Chagall in the future.”

Ethella turned to Chagall again.

“You help us too. You want to break the chains. If we join forces, we can do it.” is it?

‘I am… … I want to break the chains


Sirone said.

“Then I will set up a plan. First of all, you need to know the system of the Underworld.”

Even while the party was planning, Chagall stayed away from them.

Etela’s heart was transmitted through chains.

‘It’s like a hypocrite.’

A warm and friendly feeling.

‘Actually, I’m disgusted. If I die unluckily, I will be happy as if I had the whole world. therefore… …

Chagall’s eyes grew red.

‘It’s unlucky.’

Anger as sharp as a blade will pierce through that unknown huge emotion.

I woke up

‘I mean, don’t sympathize!’

It is the evil of evil.


When everyone turned their heads to Chagall’s scream, he was already running to the system control branch.

“Chagall! Wow!”

The chain stretched and stretched 30 meters, and finally Etella was dragged to the ground.

“That idiot!”

Everyone pursued, led by Lian, but Chagall arrived at the entrance before he knew it.

“What is that guy?” Agents found Chagall and asked for a whistle, but his temperament was calm.

As I puffed up my cheeks and blew the whistle, a contemptuous voice rang through the air.

– It’s an intruder! ha ha! It’s an intruder!

Agents working in each district, dressed in the same outfit, flocked like bees.


Chagall, who already had nothing to see, recognized that large number as only one enemy.

‘A quick-fire sword.’

Haze shimmered around him, and a huge number of rapid-fire swords rained down.

The agent grabbed Chagall’s shoulder.

“This child… … ! Kuck!”

The blade pierced his right eye and dozens of holes were pierced through his suit.

“100 million! 100 million! 100 million! 100 million!”

The agent became a hedgehog in an instant, but Chagall showed no signs of stopping.


Anger does not diminish.

‘die! die! to porridge’

If his stamina were conserved, he would repeat this like a machine forever.

‘Are you ignoring me? Am I funny?’

The feeling of wanting to break something is clear, but I don’t know what the broken state is.


it will keep stabbing

Until the shape changes, until every single cell is destroyed, until even the atoms are crushed.

‘What are you going to do! I’ll do it anyway!’

that kind of obsession.

Upon arriving at the entrance, Sirone and the others were at a loss for words in front of the horrific Overkill scene.

“oh my god… …

The level of malice that even agents couldn’t approach was unrivaled even in Hell.

Ethella shouted.

“stop it!”

As her heart passed through the chain, Chagall responded with even greater malice.


Why is it shameful?

‘It was that woman who was humiliated. why do i… … Why should I… … !’

why me

‘Yes, I am a murderer. i killed he is the villain of the world So you are being punished. you’re dead You fell into hell! If that’s still not enough… …

It doesn’t matter if you suffer more. ‘Let’s ask this one thing.’

why me

‘Why is there no past for me? What made you love Tia? It’s all fake anyway… …

If there is such a thing as God, shouldn’t we at least hear about it?


Etella desperately sent her heart, but Chagall’s anger grew stronger.


Thousands of daggers hacked forward, tearing apart the agent’s body.

A voice was heard from the sky.

“Thank you for the great cleansing. The remaining purification time is 87 years, 2,875 kyungs, 3,241,640,107,210,038 hours.”

Sirone raised her head.


As I recall, it was approximately 4 billion hours of purification.

‘It’s like this.’

Taegeuk’s karma, but the two of them were half lost in their reason.

“stop! Please stop!” Etella shouted with all her heart, and Chagall’s attack finally stopped.

“ha! ha!”

What remained in the place where the rapid-fire sword disappeared were horribly damaged bodies.

“Chagall, Chagall… …

Etella’s hands trembled as they shared their feelings, and bloody tears flowed from Chagall’s eyes.

“Teacher, are you okay?” After realizing how the two people’s Taegeuk was amplified, Sirone was finally convinced.

‘It’s hell.’ If Ethella forgives her Chagall, her Chagall will crush her with even greater anger.

‘Its infinite repetition.’

The threshold continued to grow, and only that huge emotion seemed to erase their karma.

“You made it very big.”

The agent who was accompanied by a wild horse had a different temperament from other agents.

“This is Markula, the head of the purification team of the System Control Branch. If I had told you in advance, the staff would not have made a mistake.”

Ryan asked.

“Are you going to let me in?”

“sure. He is our company’s VIP. come follow me Let me guide you.”

As Markula, who had turned to her normal posture, moved away, Lian asked Sirone what she was thinking.

“What do we do?”

“Any ulterior motive would be better than fighting. Let’s go into the office.”

As the party moved along with Sirone, Etella and Chagall slowly stood up as well.

The two did not make eye contact.

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