Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1138

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Panier was silent for a long time.

“Mr. Panier?”

When Rayna called, he finally got out of his thoughts and looked at Maya again.

“There was a guy playing guitar in the street. Pretty good for that. Oh no, you did very well. After watching him for several days, I was convinced. I will be this guy.”

Even at that time, Panier was a competent planner, and now he has even published an autobiography.

‘Who are you talking about?’

Even Yein, who memorized his biography, had never heard of a guitar player.

“I signed a contract and prepared for the performance. prepare, prepare But after all, she never had him on stage. What do you think is the reason?”

El Qiana said.

“Are your skills worse than you thought?”

“Of course it is. If your skills are low, you won’t be able to go on stage. But that skill, I don’t intend to defend it, but everything was fine except for not producing results.”

It was sad even thinking about it now.

“He was straightforward. I did radical music. Actually, no one likes that. He’s probably the most stubborn guy in the world. After a few falls, he thought he would come to his senses after tasting the bitter taste of defeat… …

Maya understood that person.

“I couldn’t.”

“I don’t want to criticize. As I said earlier, I guess this society didn’t need such a thing yet. Anyway, he failed. continue, continue… … Panier’s voice rose slightly. “Your own art. that’s the most dangerous It’s fun no matter what you do. because she wants it But the one who accepts it is different. If you have a different job, or you’re doing it as a hobby, but you’re not good at it, leave it to experts like us.”

I shouted in his ear over and over again.

“I cannot live alone. But he wouldn’t admit it. He believes that one day the world will recognize him and insists on it until the end. Even if life is devastated, even if it rots! I just grabbed my guitar and sang a song.”

Even thinking about it now, the outfit would explode.

“still… …

Panier, who recalled the time, looked back at the artists with a bitter smile.

“I don’t hate that kind of guy.” The atmosphere became somber.

“To be honest, I really like it. I wanted to float it anyway. I dreamed of him every day playing the guitar in front of a lot of people. A refreshing room for the world

A dream that blows away.”

It was the hottest time of my life.

“In the end, I guess I’m the same guy. They talk about compromise, but they want the real one to come and destroy everything. He is such a childish and pretentious artist.”

El Qiana asked cautiously.

“How is he now? Still as a street musician…?”

“I left. I didn’t give up, but his life was completely ruined. Because his daughter died of the disease.”

“ah?… ”

“It seems that it was not an incurable disease. No, shouldn’t we be talking about something like that? If you get help from me who collided musically, you must have thought that it would be a compromise and a defeat. It may sound crazy, but he’s that kind of guy. Even though… … It’s your own child.”

Panier, whose eyes were reddened, gritted his teeth.

“… … An asshole’.”

The reason he hadn’t revealed to anyone seemed to be contained in his distorted expression.

“It is your own art.”

Having calmed down, he asked Maya.

“Is that enough of an answer?” Maya expressed acceptance by lowering her gaze.

‘It’s a difficult problem.’

Human life is too colorful to say here that this should be done.

‘Who is that person?’

Maya just wanted to hear the performance of a man from Panier’s past.


After entering the Fairy Biomimetics building, Sirone and the others boarded the elevator.

The elevator, which had fallen underground, moved laterally again and guided them to the main system.

‘It takes a very long time.’

I could sense the fact that I had moved enough to get out of the city.

When the lift arrived, Marsha moved freely through the maze-like underground facility.

“This is it.”

When they opened the door to the special containment area, a huge mechanical eye was waiting for them.

“Digital La.”

The managers of High Gear were mesmerized by the wires running in all directions.

“What on earth do you need this kind of power for?”

Marsha explained.

“At first it was an energy circulation system. And now they have completely taken over the world.”

Lollipop Mark asked.

“Is this a programming error? Otherwise, there’s no way people would be treated like bugs.”


Sirone said.

“There are no errors. Digital Ra performed its mission exactly as programmed.”

environment, to maintain this world.

“… … Errors are human?”

From the machine’s point of view, you might judge that, but they were human.

“Isn’t it working?”

Marsha tapped the Digital Ra’s lens with her hand.

“Is there anything else I can do? It covered the entire Apocalypse with Youcus.”

When I hit it with my foot, it made a tin can sound.



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“are you okay. How much has this guy bothered me so far? Now, if you only inject Ice Blood… …

The lens lights up.

“OMG! what!”

The sound of power transmission was heard, and a huge vibration was felt from the ceiling.

the operator shouted.


The administrators all jumped in and opened Ankera’s code and started planting viruses.

“what? Did I wake you up?”

As Marsha panicked, Freeman put his hand on her shoulder.

“calm down. I’m not saying this because I was kicked. It’s reacting to what we’ve been told.”

Slime seeped from the ceiling and dripped down in thick drops like water.

Iron rice cakes and slime that fell to the ground swelled up and transformed into human form.

Freeman aimed the magic bullet.

“Muckus Man.”

When the incarnation of Digital Ra appeared, Sirone stood in the way of the party.

The Youcus Man said.

“How are you free?”

“That is what I want to ask. Why are you locking people up? What happened?”

“It has degenerated itself. On the ground, in the cracks in the walls, in the sewers, everywhere they were. I just brought those creatures together and provided them with a comfortable environment.”


Mucus Man looked at the manager of High Gear, but did not show any particular reaction.

“Man has failed to deal with his privilege. He struggled in pain and murdered his own people.”

‘Emotional disease.’

And to escape the pain of killing one’s own people meant surrendering to the doctrines of Satanism.

“You give names to individuals, but to me, humans are just a species. It is also a foolish species that devours its own body.”

He was a human being through the eyes of a machine.

“The servant, who had eaten it all and was emaciated, could find no more food to eat. The only way they could avoid suffering was not to eat.”

Reverse evolution into a creature without desire.

“That is the present human being. now they don’t do anything I don’t want anything.”

It was the end of the world led by Satanism.

“What about Mucus?”

Sirone asked.

“You covered this world with Youcus. Since humans have become like that, destroy you

There must be nothing to do?” Mucus Man seemed hesitant.

“The singing voice.”


“The singing was so loud that I had to stop it. There was so much singing, it had to cover the planet. Thicker, thicker, thicker… …

Sirone did not understand.

“You can’t let it spread outside. the system is destroyed prison. You cannot escape.”


A signal that can contain information and mind at the same time.

Interpreted in that respect, fear was felt in the current Mucus Man sound.

“I stopped. I locked them all up.”

Youcus leaked endlessly through the cracks in the underground facility and ate away at the floor.

Marsha winked at the managers.

‘not there yet?’

‘It’s much more complicated than I thought.’

Sirone could hear the breaths of the managers struggling with their teeth gritting.

‘I have to drag the time.’

Of course, the reason why Yucus Man didn’t move was because he was aiming for something.

“What are you going to do with us?”

“This planet is closed. No more changes. Since the existence that created me is gone, my existence has no meaning.”

Sirone recalled God’s point of view.

‘God’s effect is man’s cause. When our cause is gone, God’s effect is gone.’

In the same way, since humans are gone, there is no need for digital to exist.

“It’s over, human.”

The wall collapsed, and the amount of Yucus entering the room began to skyrocket exponentially.


Perhaps all the mass piled up on the ground, the idea is to cover the core itself.

The Youkus Man said as he disappeared.

“there’s nothing.”

The wall collapsed with a louder sound than thunder, and all the yuchus on the ground were pushed back.

“Get behind me!”

Sirone blocked the manager’s way and spread the Miracle Stream in front.

“Huh billion!”

The moment I hit it with a thump, I felt a mass that was impossible to measure.

Watching the barrier of light being pushed back 50 centimeters per second, Marsha shouted harshly.

“Are you still far away?”

“I’m going in now! little bit more!”

The hologram window she checked showed a gauge bar that had just passed half way.

“too slow! Try pressing harder!”

“Without even knowing! I know what kind of syringe this is!”

67 percent, 70 percent… … .

As Sirone desperately pushed the Miracle Stream forward, Yucus was pushed back by about 1 meter.

Blood flowed from his nose as he felt a mass that made him lose his mind.


In the end, Sirone, who couldn’t hold on, let out a breath, and at the same time, Yucus pushed all the way in.

91 percent, 94 percent… … .

“hurry! Daughter!”

Managers stomped their feet, but the gauge didn’t move at 94 percent.

‘why not? Is it a failure?’

Sirone cheered.


The Miracle Stream, which advanced lastly, disappeared, and Youcus came in like a tide.

On the slime surface, tens of thousands of Yucus Man faces protruded in relief.


Just when everyone intuited the end, the gauge bar jumped from 94 percent to 100 percent.

“Hey hey hey!”

There was a noise that seemed like the eardrums would burst from the mouths of countless Mucus Men.

Shirone and the others covered their ears and turned away, only to open their eyes after a while.

“Huh! Huh!”

Marsha stomped on the butt, and Sirone saw Yucus frozen right in front of her.


As Ice Blood spread from the core, Yucus all over the world were in awe.

The operator jumped up.

“Success! Well yes! There can be no errors in my program!”

“Live! He’s a genius too! good job!” Number Seven, who hugged her, jumped up and down and immediately regained her sanity.


As the two blushed and turned around, Marsha said with a smile.

“Yeah, good job. what happened to the last one? You thought you were going to die.”

Smile Mark said.

“Perhaps it was through the firewall. Anyway, the first operation was a success. however… …

Looking around, it was completely sealed with a stone-hardened Yucus.

“How do I get out of here? There would be no end to digging.”

“Is it finally my major?”

As Number Seven arrogantly raised its chin and approached, Sirone’s eyes lit up.

‘Ah, that’s right.’

He was the creator of all the boss creatures that inhabited the land, sea and air of High Gear.

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