Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1136

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Colossal Adjustment (5)

When Sirone asked, the dry voice began to sound like an auditory hallucination again.

– That’s what Borbor called. But my real name is not Mika.


-I am Borbor.

Sirone’s brow wrinkled.

-Of course, the body that died a while ago is also Borbor. I am her analytical mind.

‘He made you himself?’

-yes. The extreme stress placed on her brain waves caused me to separate.

Twelve-year-old Borbor was also aware while watching the people on the street.

‘They’re not looking at me. You are seeing yourself looking at me.’

The border between Pia and Pia collapsed, and from then on, Borbor stopped observing people.

Her gaze turned inward to herself.

-The realization of that day helped Borbor in his life. Because she was able to look into herself and understand all human attributes.

‘To know myself is to know a human being. It is only possible with long thought and deep insight.’

– But life was not happy. Still, she was weak, and she had to watch her work-weary mother and her father’s constant violence.

“alcohol! hey! Bring a drink!”

Borbor could only get some money if her mother was in a good mood.

It wasn’t particularly difficult because he had an eye for penetrating other people’s emotions… … .

“Such an incomprehensible thing!”

The verbal abuse and violence inflicted on him every day gradually made Borbor’s heart ail.

‘Human hatred.’

Even my stepfather’s tendencies are in me, so hatred for humans is hatred for myself.

“These beggar families!”

A mother who collapsed with blood and a broken wine bottle. Borbor was brutally beaten that day.

“die! die!”

As his consciousness gradually faded, the stepfather’s face suddenly turned pale.

“you… … who is this?”

Feeling as if he were the person on the floor, he was overcome with unknown fear.

“well. Who am I?”

“Ah, such a crazy kid…

Borbor pulled his stepfather, who was trying to escape, with both arms and whispered in his ear.

The feeling of being conveyed through someone else’s mouth that I couldn’t bear to say out of my mouth.

“Black! Whoops!”

And when morning came, he hung himself by hanging a rope from the ceiling.

The mother came to her senses and drank without saying anything, while Borbor huddled in a corner and thought.

‘He killed a man. No, am I the one who died?’

In a state where Pia’s vigilance had collapsed, her spirit was rapidly dying.

And then.

-hello? nice to meet you?

A spark ignited in her brain and she began to see bluish electricity in front of her eyes.

Borbor asked.

“Who are you?”

Mother turned her head away, but frowned for a moment, then lost interest.

-well? What is it? hello?

Borbor smiled broadly.


Sirone nodded.

‘It’s said that he made you and escaped right before the boundary of Pia collapsed.’

-yes. Actually I am a very weak electrical signal. Born from Borbor’s brain.

‘But why are you telling me this?’

Mika said the main point.

-Borbor respected you for sacrificing for humanity. Always wanted to help.

‘ okay??????

Sirone cried.

-The main body died, but I remained. maybe i can help you


-I don’t know how this electrical signal is defined in reality, but it must be a very peculiar phenomenon. Now I will permeate the world again and return to my original state, but I know I can come back.


The electricity that sees the whole world

If you exist as an entity beyond appearances -don’t worry. I will not dwell on anyone but Borbor. Existence doesn’t mean much to me. i just want to help you

‘What do you think?’

– The moment will come when you will need me. Borbor did it, so it must be right. Of course, it would have been better if she had done it herself, but that’s impossible now. It may be an illusion, but Mika looked sad.

-If you need my help, please call me Mika. It will respond to your voice.

‘but… … You are Borbor.’ I thought maybe I could feel the life of Borbor through Mika.

-I like the name Mika.

After reading a long aftertaste from the short answer, Sirone decided to follow her words.

‘okay. okay.’


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When the electric current in her fingertips disappeared, Sirone stood up and looked around.

The stars were invisible and a cold wind was blowing through the hole made by the three thousand worlds.

“My name is Mika.”

Suddenly, a weak current passed through his body.

-yes. did you call

Sirone blinked and cleared his throat.

‘No, I was just muttering. sorry. We just broke up, so it’s very embarrassing.’

-are you okay. Borbor was a human being, but I, who have already been assimilated into the world, have no concept of time. To tell you a few things, Baal has risen to the 76th floor. Above other ivory tower stars


Mika relayed key information about what was happening inside the Ivory Tower through brain waves.

‘This… … It’s really amazing.’

Borbor’s Legacy Mika was able to process all the information in the world at the same time.

– Call me again if needed.

The electric current flowing through his body disappeared, indicating that Mika had left again.

After savoring the feeling for a while, Sirone looked up at the ceiling and murmured.


When I was in magic school, I remembered a story I had with my friends at the supernatural and psychic science research club.

‘Only at the end of the world… …

A bitter smile formed on Sirone’s lips.

“I still found it, Nade.”

A forest outside the Holy See.

Sirone’s party and Eden watched a terrible ceremony at the town hall.

Seina felt indignant at the fact that one of them was Maximus whom she respected.

‘Selling your soul to Satan!’ However, the holy eye was not activated, and the holy sword Astacia did not shine right now.


Seina became sullen.

‘I don’t deserve to punish evil. From the beginning, my faith was fake.’

Eden looked at her and said.

“Let’s move our seats. Talking in the middle of enemy lines is also uneasy.”

Sirone and the others, who hid themselves on the outskirts of the village, sat in a circle in the shade.

“Eden, how did you get here?”

“The Harvits assassination failed, and I was lost. So I went to see Master.”

A blue light flashed in her eyes.

“Saint. I’ve been chasing the evil energy with these eyes. There is great evil here.”

Seina was surprised.


Does that mean that Yora can have the castle that only a paladin from Lamica can open?

“This is nonsense! It is Lamigyo who believes in Krea! There are no gods in Jordan.”

Eden said.

“Because fighting evil is the same. But it’s the wrong way. In Lamie religion, it is said that the messenger of God needs three things. A holy weapon, a holy power, a disciplined organization.” “But you must have seen it on your way here. It’s twisted because you’re only obsessed with what you see. Paladins have been brainwashed, and heretic judges torture themselves in order to torture others.”

“Don’t make decisions based on parts alone. It is true that they made mistakes, but it is a church that has defeated evil for many years.”

“Then one day Satanism infiltrated Lamieism.”

Eden ignored it and continued.

“Of course, it’s not that I don’t understand. Even the most clergy could not be free from emotional illness. No, it must have been more difficult because there were many things to protect. The demons came in looking for that gap in your heart.”

Seina bit her lip.

“It’s not just here. Even among the cardinals of each country, there are many people who have fallen for Satanism. Lamie religion is the world’s largest religion, so how many people believe in Satanism under it? Soon the whole world… …


Seina shouted.

“Is the world’s biggest religion wrong? Then what about Jordan? There must be people among the Jorah who have fallen for Satanism.”

“No, there is no such yorah.”

“lie! Do you think I would believe that?”

“Because from the moment I fell for Satanism, I was no longer Jorah. then you tell me Are the priests over there now still priests to you?” Seina couldn’t speak.

“You understand now? what is visible. Position, rank, purity, and divine power. Of course, it takes noble conviction to obtain it, but that in itself is no measure of goodness. Rather, evil takes advantage of that rigidity.”

Eden was once like that.

“The voice of Satan’s heart I heard was terrible, but it was by no means rare or special. rather… … The most human, the deepest resonance.”

“I know.”

Seina honestly admitted.

“I became a paladin and defeated evil. But the more I did, the more unknown it became. What is a line? I thought that harming the evil or cutting the demons was good… …

Both hands were stained with blood.

“The founder of Yogurism, the first Jorah, said this. The power of good is not the ability to eliminate evil, but the ability to change evil to good. Therefore, that power can never be in the form of destroying something, and can only be achieved through self-sacrifice.”


Eden made a sullen face.

“Actually, this is what I also heard from Master. Of course, it’s still hard to understand everything and even hard to imitate, but it’s the foundation of my strength. You feel the power of good. You will definitely be able to regain your divine power.”

Seina smiled.

Although he was comforted by Jorah of another church, he now realized something.

‘What you see is not important.’ it’s mind

“Oh, and.”

Eden turned to Sirone.

“I knew you would be here. The reason why I was sent to the Holy See is because I have something to say. This is what 300 Yorahs gathered and discussed.

“But I thought to make a religion “I know. But Yor doesn’t discriminate between sects. so i can help Only those who stand up alone can love the whole world, this is the teaching of the first Jorah.”

Iruki said.

“There is a corner that resembles Sirone.”

Eden hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth.

“After hearing the tradition, I had the same thought. have a lot in common Practicing love and philanthropy. A mindset that places more importance on the invisible.”

Seina asked.

“Then has he also ascended to the realm of Yahweh?”

“no. According to tradition, he didn’t even have divine power. He didn’t have any special powers to fight evil.”

“But since I defeated countless powerful evils, isn’t it handed down to this age?”

“It wasn’t described precisely, but when I heard about the previous win, just one thing popped into my mind.”

Eden looked back at Sirone.

“Demon sword Armand.”


“The object you carried. I think the first owner of that sword was probably the 1st Yoh.”

“Armand… … I remembered the face of a woman who, when asked who she was, replied that she was sharpening a knife.

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