Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1134

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Colossal Adjustment (3)

Sirone looked sadly at her planet, which was moving farther and farther away.

‘It’s that small… …

Why can’t I integrate?

They fought desperately for humanity, but it seems they couldn’t save even a single life.

Ultima System.

Knowing what is right, acknowledging differences, and dreaming of a world where everyone is precious… … .

“Is that stupid?”

-If you are strong enough to protect the whole world, please listen to everyone.

Guffin’s words came to mind.

‘ sorry.’

I guess I’m not as strong as my father.

Tears flowed from the sadness of not knowing herself and the longing for Guffin.

Ikael watched it.

‘How hard is it?’ Unless she is a guffin, even she will not be able to fully embrace Yahweh’s heart.

As Sirone entered the room, wiping away tears, Ikael put his hand on Amy’s shoulder.


“but… … Do I deserve it?”

What can I say?

“Qualifications don’t matter. Please just stay by my side. That alone will be of great strength.”

Just like Guffin did to Ikael.


Encouraged, Amy walked to the door.



Upon entering the room, Sirone, who had been sobbing, hurriedly stood up, covering her face.

“uh? huh.”

“What’s going on?”

To that planet that has now gone too far.

“No, nothing happened.”

I knew that Sirone would not tell me what happened in the same incident.

“Isn’t it very difficult?”

As Amy sat next to her and rubbed her back, Sirone dug into her arms.

Amy was surprised for a moment, but calmed down again when she saw Sirone’s trembling shoulders.

she asked in a whisper.

“What is it?”

“… … I think I’m ruining everything.”

Amy’s eyes turned red.

“The idea of ​​saving everyone made it impossible to save even one person. It’s all a mess. Now I don’t even know what I’m fighting for Mr. Rufist is right. The world would be better than it is now without me.”

“it is not so.”

Amy stroked Sirone’s hair.

“It’s a little longer than others. I can’t see the end, so it just feels like I’m lost. But you are running straight. From the first time I met you… …

A timid boy who didn’t know the world.

“until now.”

Until you become Yahweh.

“I’ve never hated you.”

Amy laughed mischievously as Sirone, who stopped her tears, escaped from her arms.

“Yes, Ultima.”

Her fist hit Sirone in the chest.

She blinked, not knowing how to react, shyly averting her gaze.

“The reason people don’t understand you is probably because you can see your own destination. But not alone. No matter how far you go, there are people who will go with you to the end. Me, my friends, Ikael… …


When Sirone began to cry again, Amy came closer and hugged her head-on.

“You weren’t wrong. I believe so.”


The tears hadn’t stopped yet, but now Sirone was able to move forward again.

The 230th floor of the Ivory Tower.

Taeseong, who was bound by Taegeuk’s power, looked at Singh with a cold expression.

“Thing, we… …

The moment Taeseong’s mouth opens.


Yin and Yang both frowned at the same time, and the power of Taegeuk began to collapse.



The fate of Gemini is twisted due to the pyramids built around the world.

“Sing! The law is changing!” Yangji screams.

“Ahhh! done! Now the universe is doomed! It’s all over!”

The voice cried out.


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As the restraining force weakened exponentially, Taeseong looked left and right and suddenly jumped out.

Ting shouted.


The ultimate fulfillment of the law.

The obsession that destroys probability has completely frozen the law at this moment.

“ha. ha.”

The yin and yang were out of breath.

‘I prevented Taegeuk from collapsing. But if it’s like this, even Sing-nim won’t be able to move.’

Taeseong, who was arrested again, made a painful expression.

“Sing, don’t do this.”

“You tried to kill me too.”

“no! I was just trying to help you! If Baal topples the ivory tower… … !”

“shut up. I don’t want to hear the words of illusion. I will judge, I will act.”

Taeseong cried.

“Why don’t you believe me? You know. This is me who has fought for humanity and to protect my children.”

Thing’s nose twisted.

“… … You can’t prove it.”

Proof that existence other than myself is not an illusion.

“In a situation where the fate of mankind is driven to the brink, it is not a matter of floating around. If we can’t prove this proposition, Cell Buster could destroy mankind.”

“I will stop you. I’ll convince Argones. You will definitely listen to me.”

“I told you to shut up!”

As the stubbornness grew stronger, Taeseong’s mouth hardened, and Singh’s body was also fixed to the world.

While Baal, the commander of the 1st corps, quickly reversed the tower, Sirone faced great resistance.

“damn! Why do you have to fight like this?”

“Oh Daesung! Give up!”

Upon reaching the 172nd floor, there were many residents who followed Singh’s philosophy.

“Catch it on this floor!”

Even ordinary residents were called the best intellect in other countries.

Above all, among the residents who pressured Sirone were the world’s 100 most dangerous people.

“Oh Daesung! I refute you with my death!”


An old man pulled out a dagger and tried to cut his throat, but Sirone charged.

He shouted as he snatched the dagger.

“stop it! Why are you doing this?”

A man in a suit stretched out his hand and shouted from the rooftop of a four-story square building.

“For the implementation of the truth!”


One of the world’s 100 most dangerous people, there was a record of embezzling 13 trillion gold through financial fraud.

“Sirone, you are wrong. Why don’t you know that one single judgment of yours can destroy the entire human race?”

“no. I will protect you.”

Blick let out a sigh at the gaze that did not back down.

“I can’t help it. I respect you but… …

he pointed down.

“I will destroy it.”

When I looked where my fingers pointed, a woman was strangling her husband.


Sirone teleported away and pushed her away, closing the iron door firmly.

Without even time to look back, I heard a thump as I checked to see if my husband was alive or dead.

The woman was banging her head against the wall.


Sirone rushed to the ground and grabbed her head with his chest.

“Keugh! please… … Stun it with the Miracle Stream.

“Stop it!”

At the same time as the woman collapsed with a thump, the lights in the building came on.

Sirone’s eyes, which looked ahead, shook in shock.

“this… …

There were residents in traps installed everywhere, and they were interlocked with complex machinery.

‘Where do I deal with it?’

He analyzed the organ with his unique insight, but it was so complex that he was bewildered.

‘No, more than that… …

More complicated was the design of the mind.

‘I can’t save them all.’

The basic mechanism is that when you save a villager on the left, the villager on the right dies.

‘In addition, men, women, old people and young people are distinguished, the intensity of pain, the type of death, and even the condition of the corpse… …

It was a trap with all the calculations to attack Sirone’s heart.

Just by looking at the device’s personality, you could tell who the designer was.

‘Fito. Decker. Magrasia.’

A masterpiece created by the world’s top 100 dangerous people, such as labyrinth designers, drug researchers, and cult leaders.

“We will tell you our will.” Imprisoned, Peto cut the rope with a knife, and a huge blade was directed at his throat.


Without even time to make a decision, Sirone rushed in and spread the Miracle Stream.

As the smoke of light grabbed the blade, the syringe from the barbed wire on the other side came down.


A woman with a needle inserted into her wrist shuddered as the poison was injected.

Sirone thought while pulling out the needle.

‘If I pull this out… …

Seven bars catch fire, and three bars fall down the open floor.


The inhabitants of the Ivory Tower are those who see through the essence of Yahweh and use even their own lives as fuel.

‘Why so far… …

Their convictions struck Sirone’s spirit.

‘Am I really wrong?’

After extinguishing the iron bars that were on fire, he went back downstairs and caught the falling iron bars.

‘This is the only route.’

That’s how the calculations ended, but Blique’s design was brutally perfect.

‘I was tricked.’

It was designed like a problem that could be solved, but in fact it was a trap with no right answer.

As all the traps in the building were activated, the residents were driven to death.

The sight itself became a bullet and pierced his chest.

“ah?… ”

Everyone dies.

‘I’m ruining everything. Because of me, if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t have died… …

Perhaps the inhabitants of the Ivory Tower were able to destroy the spirit of Yahweh.

But at that moment, Amy’s words jumped out of space and struck her in the brain.

‘I’m not lost.’

It’s just that it’s so far away, and I feel like I’m lost because I can’t see the end.

“You are not wrong.”

Cirone’s eyes widened as she regained her shaky spirit, and the Hand of God was born.

And tens of thousands of small hands differentiated and manipulated all the devices of the trap.

‘How do you think of making something like this?’

No matter how you release it, it is double or triple connected, and you have no choice but to die in the end.

‘It has to be solved at the same time.’

Even a question without an answer can become an answer by itself when viewed from afar.


When the trap was disarmed, hundreds of pre-planted bombs hit the detonators simultaneously.

In the moment of a huge flame rising, Sirone integrated the Hand of God.

‘It doesn’t matter how far away it is.’

With a cause that overwhelms all professional leaders like that.

‘I run all the way.’ The moment the bomb exploded and the building shook, Blick gently closed his eyes.

‘This is the last one.’

The building exploded with a roar and a huge golden hand stretched out into the sky.

Blick, who opened his eyes to the warm energy felt from his back, realized the situation.

‘Wasn’t it shaken?’

After a while, the Hand of God put the villagers on the ground without exception.

Everyone was in a state of fainting, and Blick, the only one who was awake, approached Sirone.

“I lost.”

The one who succeeded was Sirone.

“It was an honor to be able to face Oh Dae-sung.”

Sirone opened her eyes and said.

“Don’t do this again.”

“I see. Because the conclusion has been made. Somehow, it seems that our strength is not enough.”

The moment Blick finished speaking, a piece of amulet flew under Sirone’s feet.


As I hurriedly threw my body, 1 square meter of the seat I was standing on melted into lava.


It was a familiar skill.

“I’m sorry to meet you in this way, Oh Dae-sung.”

A man with an amulet all over his body waved the amulet between his index and middle fingers.

It was Heigang City, a 3-star resident of the Ministry of Law.

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