Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1130

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chain action(3)

The officials gathered at the temple attacked the Kingdom of Paras with unprecedented unity.

“Pyramids were also built in the Iron Kingdom. This is a clear violation of the sovereignty of other countries!”

King Kitra’s mouth did not open.

‘There’s no way I can tell you.’

Sirone knew that the most powerful language is silence.

‘They just want to have a basis for judgment. If you don’t answer, the initiative will not pass.’

Among the few who felt the same way was Balkan.

‘I can’t see Harvits.’

If Vanishing had been activated, he would have been hit by the pope’s aura a little while ago.

‘Pope Constantine is real. Its holy power can shock even high-ranking demons.’

Of course, Satan is on a different level.

‘I can think of two things. Fira

Is there anything more interesting than mead… …

Habitz is weak.

As a result, both cases are true, but Balkan has no choice.

‘Anyway, the momentum has completely gone to Paras. Most countries are broken. The only thing that endures… …

Balkan’s eyes turned to the Kashan Empire.


Her head was buried so deep that she couldn’t see her face, and her shoulders were shaking.


Gando whispered at her moans.

“The Empress, are you okay?”

As the time waves continued to rush in, her head was on the verge of exploding at any moment.

‘What is this? why… …

Gritting my teeth and slowly raising my head, the golden melody of the future poem vibrated like a guitar string.

‘Does the future keep changing?’

My head was dizzy, and when the urge to vomit came in, I jumped up and stood up.

While foreign officials watched, she immediately opened the door and left the meeting room.

the chairman shouted.

“If you leave the conference room now, there will be a penalty! You cannot attend until the next meeting!”

Uorin didn’t even listen, and Jiandao followed her outside.

“The Empress!”

“Why are you here? You should stay too.”

Seeing Uorin’s pale face, she wondered if her life was in danger.

“I will call the medical team.”

“it’s okay. Bring Kido.”

“From the physical condition… …


Seeing that even shouting seemed difficult, Gando bit his lip and ran outside.

Uorin, who walked alone, sat down in front of the door, unable to move further.

“hey! Woorin!”

When Kido arrived, he was half unconscious and trembling.

“Kiddo, the timeline keeps changing.”

“Do not say.”

As Kido took her in his arms, Gando took out a key and opened the door.

“Gando, you watch the outside.” Uorin, who had given the order, weakly pointed at the carpet on the floor.

“To that place.”

When Kido got down, she sat cross-legged and said,

“Establish the Earthquake Spirit.”

It was to keep Harvits in check.

“… … okay.”

Kido, who took out the spear behind his back and rotated it, stopped horizontally and activated the incarnation technique.


The strong gravity, unable to move even a single step, pressed the room around them.

“Never untie it.” Uorin closed her eyes, and History Search was activated.


The time wave is endlessly pushing, but the biggest change seems to have already happened.

‘Then I can find it.’

No matter how the world changes, human behavior can be predicted in a large range.

‘I need to find a keyword.’

The sum of the causes is the effect, but each cause has a different weight.

If someone ate an apple.

‘I have no choice but to analyze all causes.’ Because I’m hungry, because I like fruit, because I only have apples, because I’m adjusting my diet, etc.

Among them, the cause that accounts for the largest proportion of the result will be different for each person.

‘Key keywords!’

In a state of trance, the work of weighing all the causes was continuing.

how much time has passed


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Uorin, who opened her eyes, leaned forward.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Kido turned his head halfway and asked, but Uorin, who was engulfed in shock, could not answer.

“Because you’re okay!”

You have succeeded in finding the key keywords.

However, the person who becomes the most important event in a world covered by a new time wave… … .


It was completely out of her expectation.


A native of Tormia, the fate of the Red Cross.

Although he has a unique history, he was a person whose influence in this temple was quite low.

‘It’s not me, Sirone, or Harbitz… …

Is it Caden?

“It’s completely wrong.”

As Uorin turned off the future poem and stood up, Kido hurriedly supported him and asked.

“Are you okay now?”

‘In this world… …

She looked at the pyramid outside the window with a disgusted expression.

‘What’s about to happen?’

Meanwhile, in the conference hall, the offensive against Paras was still going on.

“Reveal the identity of the pyramid! Otherwise, we will have no choice but to use force.”

Kitra didn’t answer, and the venomous snake coiled around his neck flicked his tongue mockingly.

“this… …

Just as the official was about to shout, Kitra got up and headed for the door without a word.


“I formally request the detention of King Kitra!”

Detention is possible for anyone in a temple-participating country, but the procedure is terribly complicated.

‘It’s no use. The temple is the backbone of diplomacy. You can’t easily detain a country’s representative.’

When the sense of dejection at not finding out anything turned into anger, the officials changed the target.

It was Geese of the Jive Kingdom.

“I want to ask Jive. Do you know why the pyramids were built?”

Geese replied bluntly.

“How do I know that?”

“It’s not the Jive that has been hit the hardest! They say that the powers of the angels have been neutralized.”

Geese bared his teeth as he stabbed the sore spot.

“Don’t sway public opinion with uncertain events! When the time comes, I will announce it myself.”

the albino asked.

“By the way, a strange article appeared in the daily newspaper today. Well, moral criticism is probably not my part, but isn’t this kind of collusion breaking trust?”

‘Inspirational. Knowing everything.’

As soon as the water was opened, officials from other countries also helped with one voice.

“Exactly. I heard that the citizens may elect a new king according to their national laws. Since this is a matter that also affects temple principles, wouldn’t it be better to just walk away?”

Gith’s reaction was the same as Kitra’s.


“Say something!”

‘Are you crazy? Let me speak.’

Whether you confess innocently or deny it, you become prey from the moment you open your mouth.

Arachne’s Prime Minister Phaedra, who was keeping an eye on the atmosphere, supported Gis.

“The important thing now is the pyramid. Wouldn’t it be better to stop the meeting and give countries time to react?”

His gaze fell upon the chairman of the temple assembly.

‘Hang it up. Hang up.’

The President of the General Assembly struck the gavel.

“I will take a break for three hours. We’ll do it again after the information gathering is over.”

The faces of the officials were rotten.

‘It’s already gone.’

There was no doubt that there was also a general meeting at the secret banquet Arachne provided.

Rufist rested his chin.

‘This is why politics at night is scary.’ Because sharing each other’s weaknesses builds an alliance system stronger than any paper.

‘But it’s also an opportunity for us.’

Geese was the first to leave, and Fleur, who had been lost in thought, quietly stood up.


Sirone looked at her as she left the door.

‘Is there something urgent?’

It wasn’t a particularly busy gesture, but it was unusual not to report it to Lou Fist.

Flew left the door and caught Geese in his eyes.

“Aw, get inside. bring me some coffee Fill it with ice.”

It was her first time using the beauty world, but her heart grew colder every time she took a step.

‘I’m a pro.’

what you have to do to do the job.

The advice of an albino I had heard in the conference room a few hours ago passed through my head.

“You can’t approach it as delicately as Arachne. Let’s go to Jeongseokdae. First of all, it’s a crash. A collision disguised as a coincidence.”

said the albino.

“Although it is classical, human beings are animals of rationalization. You won’t notice with this.”

“Is it really so? I mean, if you’re an albino, you can notice it, right?”

“No, I can’t.”

The albino smiled.

“I can say this because it’s someone else’s business. It’s because of cognitive limitations. When people look at themselves, they think of causes, and when they look at others, they think of results.”


“It’s not that it’s bad, it’s that it has to be. This is the reason why he is not tolerant of other people’s mistakes, but is infinitely tolerant of his own. That’s why we need to keep quiet about others… …

Albino touched his beard.

“Anyway, the reason you’re worried is that you’re looking at Gis as a set result. But Gis says he doesn’t know the outcome.”

Fleur understood.

“For me it is a specific event, but for Gis it is one of countless coincidences.”

“That’s right. I would go crazy if I gave meaning to every coincidence that happens every moment. It is often said that I made a stupid mistake. But it’s not stupid at all for the person involved. It’s just being swept away by the flow of cause and effect.”

between humans.

How far apart are we?

“I am, indeed. Things you don’t even know.” As people began to come out of the conference room, Flew walked over to Geese, who grumbled.

‘No need to worry.’

Flu started running hurriedly down the hallway and hit Geese on the shoulder, spilling coffee.

“Oh, what is it? annoying.”

For Geese, it must be one of the many causes.

“Oh, sorry.”

It was the only outcome for Flu.

“I have papers to hand over, so I rushed and stopped… … . Are you okay?”

Geese frowned.

“No, are you busy here alone? Let’s put some order in the place where important people are gathered.”

Flew lowered her head as the officials who left the conference room began to pay attention.

“I’m really sorry. that’s my fault.” The officials groaned.

“what? what’s the matter? Isn’t that woman the chief secretary of the Tormia Magic Association?”

“I heard you spilled coffee.”

Their words caught Gisu’s ears.

‘The Magic Association Chief of Staff?’

Moreover, if it is Tormia, Yahweh is at the forefront.

It was a country with its own influence.


It would not be easy for a person in that position to bow his head in front of everyone.

‘but. Jive’s name is worth it.’ The strength went into Geese’s shoulders stiffly.

‘It will work.’

Fleur, still with her head down, looked at the floor and recalled the albino’s words.

– They say that there is no woman who hates being called beautiful, and there is no man who hates being called strong. Though there is a difference in degree, the ideology has nothing to do with it. Because it works at the genetic level.

‘You have to be liked.’

-If you want to control a man, you have to praise his power. Money, power, titles, everything that is possible with his abilities. Make me feel like the strongest guy in the world.

Geese’s expression softened.

“Well, I bowed my head over such a trivial matter. stop it Aren’t you also a VIP of the country?” -Once that happens, men are usually half-conscious. If you compare it to a woman, only you among women.] It would be similar to the feeling of walking while hearing the word ‘beautiful’.

Fleur understood.

-If you succeed up to that point, you can say that you have sewn the first button well. I’ll listen to pretty much anything. Because you have to be an incredibly capable and strong person. That’s when it started.

A war of desire.

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