Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1129

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200 citizens were demonstrating in front of the Delta headquarters where the temple was to be held.

“Impeach the King of Jive!”

It was the aftermath of the collusion of the holy war, which a reporter named Mayle wrote in a daily newspaper.

“A king who has lost his morality has no qualifications. Citizens must work together to rebuild the country.” It was a rare sight that could not be seen in other kingdoms, and it happened because the king was elected by voting.

Of course, such a system made Jive a rich country, but from the king’s point of view, it was crazy.

Geese’s aide Myron inspected the protesters as he left the Delta Headquarters.

‘Serious than expected.’

The fact that 200 people gathered in just a few hours means that there is a great deal of resistance from citizens.

‘Of course, there might be opponents in there.’ It takes money to move people, and it was difficult without a big player.

The streets were also busy.

“The world is perishing! Let’s all repent! Krea God will save us!”

The huge pyramid suddenly built in Jive territory could be seen even from here.

Naturally, the shock of the citizens was enormous, and apocalypseists ran out into the streets.

“The glory of Terraforce has arrived! Now all mankind will be judged by God!”

It was a good thing that attention was being diverted to Geith thanks to the creation of the Pyramid.

I saw young men who robbed stores with great vigor were immediately arrested by the security forces.

“It’s pitiful.”

The system is not easily shaken.

‘Unless you are certain that the world will end tomorrow… …

Because humans cannot let go of today.

“Whoa, change your clothes first.”

His face was bruised and his clothes were stained with blood.

When the guards entered the mansion where they were encamped, his wife and daughter were in the hall.

“I am here.”

“Oh, what’s wrong with your face?” When her wife asked, looking surprised, Myron looked around.

“You must have seen the article. I fell a bit while running through the protesters. Not too bad. Give me some new clothes.”

I heard my daughter’s sigh.


His brow wrinkled at the sight of his 12-year-old daughter reading a magazine without even saying hello.

“Your father came after a few days, and you don’t even know about it?”

“what? He’s really good at it.”

Myron’s voice rose as she closed the magazine and headed toward the room.

“Hey man! your way of talking… … !”

“Honey, leave me alone.”

said his wife, bringing new clothes.

“It’s puberty. It’s ugly outside now. You’re going to enter an advanced school soon.”

“That’s right, puberty is noisy.”

“Still, I got first place in the multinational language proficiency test today. The teacher says you have talent.”

Myron, who was changing his clothes, raised one eyebrow.


I live for this taste.


A smile formed on his lips as if it had never happened.

“Well, where would the bloodline go? If it’s my daughter, I should do that much. What else did the teacher say?”

“They say they have good judgment and excellent friendships. They said that even if I went to school, the primacy would be enough.”

For children of politicians who had enough tutoring, schools were special purpose schools.

“Support me from behind. Don’t stimulate me for nothing. Because that age is the easiest to shake.”

“You come in often. talk to the kid… …

“Rip again.”

As always, after being beaten like a dog by Geese, I was very emotional.

“Am I playing outside? You know you’re busy, right? On a day like today, do it in moderation.”

My wife also did not want to catch the injured person.

“all right. Are you going to the temple?”

“It’s field work. I won’t be able to come in for a while. Refrain from going outside, and unconditionally assign a bodyguard to the child.”

Geese’s words could not be overlooked.

“yes. I still have to eat.”

“I don’t have time for that. I’m busy. Bring Tobina. Are you going out after seeing her face?”

He was the youngest son, now four years old.

“sleep. It’s nap time.”

“… … tell me to wait Does it matter if I don’t sleep for a day?” Her claws were in her wife’s voice.

“Are you waiting for me to know when you will come? And how important naps are during growing up… …

“Oh yeah. okay.”

No matter how long the words were, the result was the same, so Myron headed for the front door as if running away.

“I’ll go. I am taking good care of the house.” Her wife’s voice softened as if she was worried that she couldn’t even see her son’s face.

“Are you really okay?”

“It’s okay, then. I’m Myron. It will never collapse, so take care of the kids.”

Actually, I don’t know.


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‘If the case grows like this, His Excellency’s prestige will change. Besides, I heard that the power of the Pyramid Angels has weakened.

‘Let’s solve it one by one.’

The first priority was to prevent Reporter Meikel from writing any more articles.


Leaving the mansion, he looked out over the city skyline at the top of the pyramid.

“What do you know?”

It looks like I can’t even cover my face.

A man stood at a VIP-only bar in town.

“You come to a place like this.”

Of course, the lights were turned off in the pub, where only influential people go, but it didn’t matter.

When I knocked, the door opened.

“who are you?”

“I am Baekgu.”

It’s Baekgu because he shaved his head with Baekgu, but his name was actually a gangster ship called Travis.

“Come in.”

There were dozens of rooms in the cold air that hadn’t even started preparing for business yet.

‘He must be a great guy.’

A person who rents an entire bar in broad daylight that is said to be impossible to enter without a lot of power.

The room the manager took was the most private and spacious of all.

There was a bottle of high-quality alcohol at a table where dozens of people could be seated, and a man in the seat of honor was lost in thought.

“Senior, I brought you.”


Myron, who had been waiting for him beforehand, raised his glasses and looked at Travis’ impression.

He was an honest man with a sturdy build.

“Sit down. You are handsome.”

Travis, bowing politely, walked to the end of the long table and sat down.

“hello. This is Travis. I am 43 years old. I have heard a lot from my older brother.”

Actually I don’t know anything.

The big brother who came to visit after 3 years only said that he would make some money if he went here.

said Myron, pouring him a drink.

“I’m trying to do a big business these days, but I’m short of people. Now, I heard you put some effort into it.”

“I will do my best.”

“So, what do you do now?”

“He runs a brothel in No. 2 Edia. There are five members of the organization.”

“Um, five.”

Travis added hastily.

“They are all usable guys.”

It was the result of a sense of qualification as the leader of a small organization, but Myron had a different idea.

‘What’s wrong, five. I’m fine.’

Would the king of a country buy a thug because there is no one he can use?

‘It’s the season of the holy war. If it turns out that political maneuvering is involved, other countries will bite and tear it. But if you’re a gangster in a brothel, it’s not a big deal to cover up even if you get caught.’

The reason why Myron, the king’s aide, came in person was because of the iron rule, ‘If the genealogy is long, it will be stepped on.’

“Once you get this.”

Myron pushed forward the heavy briefcase on the table.

“Is this what I have to do?”

“Open it.”

Travis flipped the briefcase over as Myron crossed his legs and sipped.

“This, this?”

It was filled with large gold coins.

“One million gold.”

“One million!”

No matter what Travis did, it was an amount he could not even touch in his lifetime.

“You have to have money to work. Write it once.” All sorts of thoughts crossed my mind.

‘It’s obviously dangerous. No, that doesn’t matter. What can’t I do with this money?’

“Don’t just stare, check it out. It’s a large gold coin, so you can count it.”

“I believe in the old man. but… …

It was the first time I was afraid of money.

“I don’t know what it is, but I will. But I don’t need this much money on this floor.”

Myron chuckled.

“What are you talking about? This is a down payment.”


“I don’t know what floor you are talking about, but my business has a different floor. I give it as a way to do well in the future. If you do a good job, I will give you ten times this amount.”

’10 million gold?’

Travis shook his head.

‘no. this is never Even moderate nobles don’t have this much money.’

I realized the identity of the sense of incongruity.

‘Even if I were to sell my skills, or even my life, it wouldn’t be worth this much to me.’

Myron felt the same way.

‘It’s a bit big.’

Roasting over low heat is the standard, but now an hour was a waste of time.

‘Even if it can’t be helped until tomorrow’s daily newspaper, you have to block the evening edition unconditionally. It has to be baked quickly.’

Click, the briefcase closed.

“… … I’ll do it.”

It was natural.

‘You can end your life in one shot, but who is there to go back a long way? People aren’t that complicated.’

Money is complicated.

“Then I will trust you.”

“excuse me… … Do I not have to write a contract or something?”

My conscience stung because the amount was so large, but from Myron’s point of view, it was absolutely impossible.

‘Why did they bring it in kind?’

he said, pointing to his briefcase.

“Isn’t that a contract? feel comfortable This is because you can earn as much as you want in the future.”

I realized in that moment.

‘You’re a politician. Am I finally seeing the light?’

He didn’t know his face or name yet, but he felt like he could offer up his soul.

“If there is someone I will serve… …


Taking off his glasses, Myron spat out, revealing his irritated feelings.

“What is a thug so curious about?”

Travis saw a terrible vision of 1 million gold disappearing in an instant.

maybe instinct.

Travis jumped up from his seat, bent at a 90 degree angle and opened his mouth.

“sorry. I didn’t know the subject. This will never happen again.”

Myron filled a glass of strong liquor and held it out.

“Have a drink. I will say goodbye separately.”

“Yes, old man.”

Travis, who poured the alcohol straight down his throat, lowered his head while holding the briefcase.

“Call me anytime.”

When I left the bar and saw the sun again, my head was spinning with the alcohol.

But there was no drunkenness.

‘No, are you drunk?’

Even though he was carrying a bag full of gold coins, his arms and hands were numb.

Travis took a deep breath and entered the street with a poker face.

My heart felt like it would explode.

‘driving me crazy.’

Wouldn’t someone steal the bag, wouldn’t there be a follower, wouldn’t lightning strike suddenly?

‘Please, please, let’s just go home.’

He always walked the streets with his chin held high, but at this moment he was the weakest human in the world.

“Extra! Extra!”

Articles about the giant pyramid built in Jive were spread through magazines.

“Repent! The end of the world is coming!”

All the religions of the world were out on the streets preaching their doctrines.

“King Jive, announce the full story of the incident! We do not want a corrupt king!”

Civic groups were now marching in the streets and spreading their opinions.

But Travis.

‘Honey, wait! son! Dad did it!’

Chin down 1 million gold in front of family

Only the moment you put it down was real.

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