Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1127

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“What is going on?”

Leupist and Fleur left the meeting room of the dragon and froze in front of the hallway window.

A gigantic pyramid rises vaguely over the horizon.

Even if it was built with modern technology, it would take several years to build a structure.

‘It’s impossible.’

It didn’t make sense that something like that was built in a split second.

Sirone came running.

“Mr. Lufist.”

He was the one who triggered a simultaneous incident at the Delta headquarters after Ikael and his party left for the sun.

There was some kind of agreement that Sirone didn’t know about, but they didn’t show it.

Fleur asked.

“What is that?”

“It seems to have moved from the Kingdom of Paras. maybe… … It must be a structure of a super-ancient civilization.”

Lufist’s expression became serious.

“I know it was built with direct intervention from the outside world. Why now?”

“Ultra-ancient civilizations existed before human history. It’s just a guess, but I think it’s a gateway to the outside world. Sooner or later, the world system will change.”

Sirone spoke of the condition of the angels.

“Angels with hearts have not changed. That doesn’t mean it’s harmful to humans right away.”

“It may be, but the wavelength is big. Above all, it will intensify over time.”

Delta’s management approached.

“The temple emergency meeting begins. It is a message that the representatives of each country must quickly gather at the headquarters.”

Other countries also seemed to be disturbed by the current state of affairs.

‘Kitra will come too.’

Rufist said.

“egg plant. Because something will come out It would be better to listen and respond.”

“You go first.”

Luffist turned his head at the unexpected remark, but Sirone kept his mouth shut.


It should have been settled in some way by now, but it was strange that it was so quiet.

“I have a place to stop by.”

As Sirone ran down the hallway, Rufist and Fleur looked at each other.

“You didn’t notice, did you?”


It’ll be a matter of time anyway.

At the place where he fought against Havitz, Wizard was lost in thought for a long time.

As the tears dried up, she slowly raised her hands and grabbed her neck.

” also.”

dying is right

There was no way he could face Habits again with his already broken spirit.

As my grip tightened and my brain was cut off from oxygen, the scenery shimmered.

Her face flushed red, but her expression did not change.

‘I’m not afraid of dying.’

What was truly terrifying was Sirone’s face as she looked down at her corpse in a pitiful way.

‘I’m sorry, brother.’

Though consciousness faded and death was imminent, my mind gradually became at ease.

It must be because he has carried a lot of things on his back.

“Black. Black.”

Tears flowed.

‘I’m going to die.’

It was better to meet him as a corpse than to disappoint Sirone and be alive.

‘little bit more.’

By the time my mind convulsed from the shock and I can’t even feel the pain anymore… … .


Wizard finally let go.

– Promise me one thing.

Sirone said.

-Do whatever you want. If you think so, I will support you. but… … .

You should never think it’s impossible.

“sorry. sorry… …

We have to fight.

The destiny given to oneself, the genius talent exists only for that.

Holding on to his wobbly legs, Wizard stood up.

‘Kill Habits.’

Now I can’t look at it indifferently, but I’ve come to understand Harvits to that extent.

‘It just needs to be killed.’

Also, that was the way the Gustav 4th class was aiming for Habitz.

“Havitz cannot be killed.”


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Balkan said.

“Because the case of killing Havitz does not happen. Therefore, in order to kill Habitz… …

Zetaro said.

“It means you shouldn’t kill me.”

“okay. It’s a contradiction, but as long as we like Harvitz, we can still access it.”

Natasha asked.

“What about vanishing?”

“Certainly, it is difficult to expect purity from us. But that’s what I’m saying because I don’t know Harvits well.”

Sumodo said.

“There is no way to prevent burnishing, but you can just make it not trigger, are you saying this?”

Although it is also contradictory.

“The first thing I realized was when I married Abella. The first night she tied Havitz to the bed.”

Jetaro also recalled that time.

“You found out about the assassination plan belatedly and went to Havitz’s room. It was close.”

“No, it was already too late. If Abella had stabbed <Law Kill>, Havits would have died. But at that time, Harvits…”

I told Vulcan to get out.

“Everything is just a joke. Regarding the death that strikes favorably, Havitz seems to be expecting it. Even your own death must be interesting.”

Sumodo said.

“It sounds easy, but in practice it is difficult. It is not human to have a state of mind that can maintain such a contradiction.”

“Or the truth.”

Vulcan turned his head.

“Yes, you.”

The eyes of the three turned to Zetaro.

Havitz muttered as he walked through the woods.

“It’s chewy.”

He is the only one who has committed all the evil things in the world that he has not experienced.

‘To die.’

Ten shadows formed under his feet, and Shiok reappeared.

“Satan, did you call?”

They still thought they had to kill wizards, but fanatics couldn’t be dissatisfied with God.

“Two people are missing. My teeth are out.”


Currently, 4 o’clock and 12 o’clock are dead.

However, it is only from the human point of view, and the concept does not disappear from the point of view of God.

“Choose quickly.”

It’s not something that can be done by accelerating, but Harvits wanted to play properly.

“All right.”

Shi Ok.

It was the only 12 seats where you could go back and forth between reality and hell while the psychic realm was closed.

In the deep caves of the other world.

Ethella was asleep as if she were dead as she turned to face the darkness.

I asked countless times about the purification time.

87 year 2,875… … .

The moment she listened to the seventh longest time since the Underworld existed, she collapsed.

‘I’d rather die.’

Even in her sleep, she longed for it.

If you close your eyes and forget yourself like this, you don’t want to wake up forever.

“flaw “

I was tired of even sleeping, and when I realized the reality, clear tears flowed down my face.

Chagall, who is connected by the Taegeuk chain, leaned against the wall of the cave and was lost in thought.

The time was so full and overflowing.


The leader of the circus troupe, Raiden.

He killed Tia, the only one he loved, and Chagall had driven a dagger into Raiden’s body.

‘It’s all lies?’

The Leaf Circus has never existed in the world.

‘No, is that so?’

After falling into hell and reaching this point, I suddenly had a thought.

‘Then what’s real?’

Do people other than yourself live with the real thing in their memories?

His gaze turned to Ethella.


She was lying on her back, so she couldn’t see her face, but to Chagall, she was Tia.

‘Because I think so.’

In fact, I didn’t even know Tia’s face or who she was.


Etella’s shoulders twitched at Chagall’s voice, but there was no further movement.

The chain coldly scratched the floor, and he crawled like a beast and climbed on top of Ethella.

Always the same actions, same days.

The chains of the Taegeuk made each other’s feelings terrifyingly their own.

As shame, resentment, pleasure and anger mix, they eventually become unaware of anything.

A vortex of yin and yang.

Ryan asked.

“Perm minerality?”

“huh. I’m thinking of attacking the Demon Realm through the voice. Theoretically possible, but I don’t know how effective it will be.”

“You’re poisonous.”

Jin Kang’s determination.

“Even if you succeed, your voice will not become free. Even if the body disappears, the spirit remains. Even though Jin Kang knows that, he wants revenge.”

Lian, who was lost in thought with a bitter expression, turned to Sirone.

“You’re not going to let it go? now i have If the karma of the voice is purified by the fire of Gehenna… …

“Even so, I can’t bring you to reality. The only way is to use Shiok.” 12 fanatics who create gaps in time.

“The number 12 in the law means awareness. It means that humans divide the whole into 12 parts and accept them. 12 Hours, 12 Constellations, 12 Apostles, and Shiok. It’s not all a coincidence. Even if Shiok is dead, that concept will be replaced by someone.”

“It means putting Jin Seong Eum in place of the Si Ok. but… … Where can I meet you?”

Richera, the face of a murderer hanging from Son Yoo-jung’s waist, showed interest.

“Probably at the system control branch of the chemical company.”

Everyone’s eyes turned there.

“System control branch?”

“Oh, I’ve heard of it. Those who fall alive into hell are captured by the Black Seung. But, unusually, they say that the elite selected by Satan go there.”


Sirone rested her chin.

“Those who fell for Satan’s temptations. Then Mortasinger will be there too.”

It was the reason Son Yu-jeong, who was ranked 10th in the order of the Ten Commandments, came down to the human world along with Ikael.

“Mortasinger?” Son Yoo-jung grabbed Richera’s hair and lifted it up.

“Where are you now?”

“No, that’s why, when asked where it is, “Daughter, answer me!”

Grabbing the chain and turning it quickly, Richera’s spittle spewed out in a ring.

“Aww! I do not know either! It’s only in Hell West! I’m not even sure!”

Sirone said.


“you idiot! What do you know?”

When Son Yoo-jung did not listen, Sirone spoke again with sincerity.


Son Yu-jeong’s eyes widened as the long orphan hung on her neck and tightened.


Kneeling in that state, she looked back at Sirone with a worldly expression.


She also turned her gaze to the distant mountains at the energy that she felt only after coming to her senses.

Sirone’s expression became serious.


“Okay, what is that?”

Unspeakable in a cave in the mountains

A strange energy shimmered like a haze.


Son Yu-jung pursed her lips and stood up as if she had never done that, and Sirone gave an order.

“Let’s go.”

When I cast space movement and landed in front of the cave, I heard moaning in the dark.

It was a man and a woman.


I floated a sphere of light in my palm and moved forward about 30 meters before I saw a blurry silhouette.

A familiar face.

“Teacher Ethella?”

If it was a beautiful relationship, Ethella wouldn’t be crying, so Lian grasped the situation.

“Such rubbish… …

Chagall turned his head as he kicked off the ground immediately after taking out his great sword.

He drew his body like a beast and instinctively raised both arms, and rapid-fire swords poured out from behind.

Son Yu-jung opened her mouth in a daze.

‘Wow, what a life… …

Dozens of daggers flew at the same time, but Lian did not back down.


After deflecting the dagger with a single swing, he pushed the wide side of the sword as a shield.


At that moment, Sirone discovered a chain connecting Etella and Chagall.

“Rian! for a moment… …

Before he could finish his words, Lian pressed Chagall against the wall with the power of divine transcendence.


A gob of blood gushed out of Chagall’s mouth, who could not overcome the pressure.

And at the same time, Ethella, who was covering her body, cried out and shed blood in the same way.

Realizing that fact belatedly, Lian stepped back from Chagall, who was glaring at him like a beast.

“what? Why is he… …

Sirone muttered with a sad expression.

“The Taegeuk Chain.”

It is entangled in the worst way.

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