Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1125

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The first o’clock of pride frowned.


She was the one who changed and restored the past choices before the shock wave tore Havitz apart.

‘It’s dangerous.’

There was no cause for anything that came out of nothing, so the time to judge it was fleeting.

‘If only there had been four o’clock of indolence at a time like this… …

What can I do?

Having been pushed from the back by the same comrades and died.

uh oh

In the body of the wizard who succeeded in preemption, the haze of the free god rose again.

The branches twisted even more bizarrely, and the long tongue wriggled like an eel.

“Now! attack… … !”

The moment Shi-ok shouted, the form of the Musang-sin permeated into the air again.

“Injustice. centripetal world.”

As the wizard’s handwriting became more complicated, the 2nd and 3rd shockwaves exploded around Shiok.


Although the 1 o’clock of pride is holding out with a hidden code, the speed of repeated hits has increased.

“Attack! I can’t stand it any longer!”

The five o’clock of prejudice shouted.

“You are a worm! A bug that can’t do anything!”

I thought it was over.

Even if she denies it, the three o’clock of egotism will refute her claim.

The 10 o’clock of revenge cast a curse, and the 9 o’clock of delusion drove the wizard into an illusion.

Wizard’s actions against him.

“Free God.”

It was simply to let the incarnation of the hideous tree permeate the world again.

“White Porcelain Rotation.”

Hands of tree branches protruded from the dozens of whirlpools created behind her.

As those hands grabbed the air and rotated like a twist, Shi-ok’s face twisted.


All hidden codes have been destroyed.

‘Return the law.’

The system that the Wizard senses in an integrated sense also includes the other side of the world.

The Hidden Code is not human logic, but her logic is not human either.

‘So what?’

Habitz answered Shiok’s question.

“Nobody knows.”

A world only felt by wizards, creativity created based on that world.

“… … Well done.”

I don’t know who raised the wizard as a combat weapon, but I was thrilled with its efficiency.

‘You’re still young. less experience. The physical impact isn’t that strong either. but… …

potential power.

‘That possibility that can’t measure the limits.’

Bringing something to this moment that will probably blossom in the distant future.

“Do you want to kill me like that?”

Knowing that he was an unstoppable being, Havits felt a sense of kinship with the Wizard.


Isn’t there nothing better at the end of life?

“Let’s play!”

Havitz’s facial muscles pulled back, revealing Satan’s true face.

It was faster than Shi-ok, and nails sharper than swords brushed past the wizard’s cheeks.

“Super Gongmu Rotation.”

When Wizard put his hands together in the Danjeon, a huge ball of air fell straight down.

Woo woo woo!

It was so powerful that it shook the ground, but Satan was only slightly bent at the waist.

“Cheuk, yes. Your creativity, obviously unavoidable and unstoppable… …

As the cloudy amber eyes stared straight ahead, a tremendous amount of evil energy rushed in.

“I can’t talk about it because I’m so weak.” When the wizard’s facial muscles twitched for the first time, Wanderer’s 6 o’clock kicked the ground.


The wizard cast a spell on the kick of a martial artist who was supposed to have worked hard for 200 years.

‘Air shield.’

The air curtain burst and the man’s shin struck the child’s side.

All of my ribs were broken.

Wizard, who flew to the side without even groaning, applied the brake with one foot.

The pain of pouring out my intestines gave me a break, and one knee touched the ground.

‘Do I need treatment?’

If it’s not about dying, attack will be the priority.


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‘I think I’m going to die.’

Judging from the body’s reaction, it was such a shock that my heart would stop after about 3 seconds.

‘I don’t know. Should I gamble?’

Although I went through a lot of trial and error with Sirone, the limitations of my experience still existed.

‘It can’t be helped.’

The impermanent god is absorbed into the world and her wounds begin to heal rapidly.


There was no way Havitz would miss the only chance that had no room for a counterattack.

“You’re still young.”

Death still remains in Satan’s mind, but family is meaningless in front of chaos.

Havitz, who had turned into red flesh as if his skin had been peeled off, swung both arms at the same time.

Right before the wizard’s face is smashed.


Havitz, or Satan, was overcome with a feeling he had never experienced before.

‘ what?’

Wizard was already far away, and two lines were clearly visible on the floor.

‘I was pushed away.’

What did you get yourself into?

Habitz lowered his head and confirmed that Myungchiman had returned to his human skin color.

The wizard flew into the sky, bent one leg and spread both arms.

“Unreal Creation.”

Along the midline of the body, the glabella, neck, chest, navel, vulva, and perineal chakras shimmered.

Then, tens of thousands of chakras opened and light emitted from the wizard’s body.

Harvits does not define.

Therefore, I do not fall into the trap of being careless or thinking, but there is only one thing I overlooked.


It was a transcendent idea of ​​a human being who had to imagine even something that did not exist in the universe.

As the sprouts of light sprouted along the Wizard’s arm, all 11 Siok rushed.


The bud quickly became a branch, spreading out in a fractal structure and filling the sky.

‘I’m still imagining it.’

Destroy, change, create.

As the mechanism of the shattering window raced in an infinite cycle, the incarnation of the free god rose up.

Its form… … .


It didn’t exist in space, so it was shocking that my heart would stop just by looking at it.


Harvits thought.

‘Form is everything. Because all phenomena in the universe begin in the form of particles smaller than atoms and even smaller waves.

‘Then, what phenomenon does that form create?’

As if answering Havitz’s question, the wizard slowly put his hands together and made a sign.


The 11 Si-ok saw the red petals quickly blooming like light in front of their eyes.

“super-air waves

The fruits of imagination sublimated into flowers and began to bloom in the heads of all Siok.

‘I can’t stop it.’

It wasn’t something the wizards had only imagined, namely physics that existed in the universe.

The 12 o’clock of nothingness gnashed his teeth.

“Damn it… …

everything is initialized


At the same time as his head exploded, the remaining Shiok widened its eyes from the ground.

‘I was aiming for 12 o’clock from the beginning.’

Even in the unrealistic situation where 10 Siok were alive, the Wizard remained calm.

Because it is not unreal to her.

“Can I finish now?” When the wizard landed on the ground and made a hand sign, the free god shook and she disappeared.

“Apricot flowers.”



Sensing extinction, Satan grew his body to a gigantic size, and red flowers bloomed all over his body.

Si-ok, who lost his temper, rushed.

“Hey Satan! Watch over us!” The wizard drew a circle with his finger, aimed at Satan, and pierced the circle with his thumb.


Thousands of flowers bloomed, and Satan’s body shrank in shock.

“Kuaaa! Aagh!”

All sorts of physical forces, such as shock, restraint, suppression, and transformation, brought Satan back to Habits.


The moment Shiok panicked, Wizard rushed at Havitz, who stumbled half-nude.

‘Here to kill.’

Until Satan disappears, maybe 1 second, 1.5 seconds?

‘I did it.’

extremely short time.

‘Kill Satan.’

However, it was also enough time for a human being to dream ahead of success.

‘If you kill Satan… …

There is no water bath.

Even if you give the whole world, it’s the only sweet thing on the level where you can be indifferent

‘Sirone older brother.’

Having forcibly raised her spirit to the realm of adulthood, all she desires is a trivial desire.

‘Can I be praised for doing a good job?’ but desire.

‘ uh?’

The moment Harvits disappeared from her cognition, her eyes shook in shock.

‘What am I doing here?’

Realizing through the sound of his heart that vanishing had been triggered, Habitz let out a killing blow.


Even while kicking off the ground and rushing, the wizard could not escape the confusion.

‘why? Why?’

I do not know.

However, the elasticity of genius seized the state of ignorance and returned it to its original position.


As soon as the wizard recognized it, Havitz’s fist struck her in the stomach.

“Cheer up!”

The adult’s fist pierced the child’s body, which was unable to respond, and his breath stopped.

“Knock! Knock!”

Shiok ran like a demon.

But Habitz came first, and his longsword rested on the Wizard’s nape.

“Hey Satan! I must kill you!”

Wizard was still unable to move, but he was uneasy about not cutting his throat right away.

‘Please kill me. There are no second chances.’

Harvits thought differently.


After coming back from the dead, he took a deep breath toward the sky and spoke to the wizard.

“are you okay? I went in a little hard.”

“… … kill.”

I lost myself.

Fighting again, aiming for the opponent’s carelessness and delivering a sudden blow.

The moment I think about that, Harvits disappears.

“The match is over. So kill me.”


After removing the sword from the wizard’s neck, Havits sat down as if his legs were weak.

“It was close. That’s great. To derive one from pure chaos. That’s something I can’t do either.”

because it is a contradiction

“Kill! Kill me!”

“But contradiction is not a natural state. It’s a loss that I couldn’t hold on longer. After five years, no, one year, you will be able to completely kill me.”

Wizard slowly straightened his back.

“… … One day is enough.”

“Maybe it is. To be honest, I don’t even know what accident you had. Sirone must have sent it.”

Wizard gritted his teeth.

‘Let’s die.’

I’d rather end my life here than see Master’s disappointed face.

“what do you want? Leave if you want to keep it alive.”

“Are you going to commit suicide?” Havits looked at the child silently biting his lip.

‘What kind of existence is this woman to me?’ She didn’t want to know, but it was clear that she didn’t want the wizard to die.

‘It’s really strange.’

It’s fun to meet the Gustav 4th class, but it wasn’t this strong.

‘Oh yeah.’

You want to play more.

‘This woman sees me.’

something comforting.

‘Are you going to harass people? no. I guess I should say let’s fight on Sirone’s side. Whatever you do will be fun… …

I heard the sound of the Wizard’s heart.

‘He hates me.’

Sadness passed in Havitz’s eyes for a moment, and then he slowly got up and said.

“Come anytime you want to kill me.”

“Hey Satan! omg!”

As the Siok sank underground, the Wizard raised his head incomprehensible.

“Come find me?”

“okay. Of course, you can’t kill me with the desire to kill me. Shouldn’t you try to do it as far as you can? rather than die.”

The wizard thought silently, but Harvits felt like he had already heard.

“Today was fun.”

Even after Havitz went into the woods, she didn’t move for a long time.

“Black… …

Hypnosis is released.

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

Wizard, who returned as a seven-year-old child, began to weep sadly.

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