Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1124

trigger (1)

“Life is fundamentally difficult. It’s like throwing an incomprehensible manual and telling me to read it all. If you skip over it, you lose the context, which makes it harder to read. The problem is, unless you read it all over again, there’s no chance you’ll get any better. look outside The only ones laughing and running around are kids and fools. All well-intentioned humans turn the page with a frown. How to understand more? Keep it simple. Buy a revolver and put only one round in the magazine. Then, when you hate everything, you put the gun to your temple and pull the trigger. There is probably a low probability that the head will fly off, but if it clicks and misfires, from next time even the beggarly writing will be quite readable. yes, that’s right The contents do not change. I don’t change I mean, they don’t mind getting their heads blown off. just pull Click! Click! Click! The level of understanding the world is different. I tried pulling it a couple of times, but I couldn’t do it anymore because my hamstrings were numb. don’t try to understand Leave it alone. equally among those madmen

If you pull the trigger… …

“Oh, you are cute.”

The people at the casino watched with interest at the wizard blocking the entrance.

“I think you came alone, are you okay?”

A casino is a place where children are treated as adults as long as they have money, but I felt too young.

“Should I go and ask?”

Everyone was full of curiosity, but no one actually took action.

Even the guard was the same.

‘ weird.’

The guard with his hands in his pockets just watched with his head bent.

‘No, it’s strange that it’s not strange.’

Even if it’s a royal family, it’s their job to send a seven-year-old child outside.

But now I don’t feel that way.

It was as if he couldn’t even think of moving it even after seeing Mount Tai in front of him.


absolute rightness.

It was as if Havitz’s vanishing had been turned upside down.

‘Finally we met, Havitz.’

The scenery of the casino seems to have lost its original sense of reality after she appeared.

Only the Wizard was clear, and Havitz, who was still outside of cognition, tore his mouth.

“Quack, yes?”

‘Will it really be okay?’

Ashur looked around the casino one last time before leaving Jive.

Just ten minutes ago, Wizard was a seven-year-old child.

“I am worried about Amy. Mr. Ikael too. Can’t she go back now?”

Ashur’s heart was disturbed at the sight of her crying face.


At one point, her temperament completely changed.

“Why?” He gulped at the sight of him staring across the street without saying anything.

‘Have you seen Habitz?’

Of course she can stare at chaos.

‘but… …

The spirit that could be read in the wizard’s eyes was completely different from the one she had just a moment ago.

‘trigger. The trigger was pulled.’

Simulations that were probably repeated in billions while training with Sirone.

All of their minds were focused on the answer that only assumed the match against Havitz.

“Wizard, you… …


It was a cold tone.

‘Through self-hypnosis, I drew concentration that transcended the limit. I already have no thoughts other than Harvits.’

No, it’s not an idea.

‘Doesn’t justice, even murder. Right now, this child is just repeating himself endlessly.’

Wizard said.

“I will do my job.”

Ashur nodded at the machine-like automatic technology.


Even using Signal’s ability, recognizing Satan was beyond his ability.

‘Even if you stay here, you will only become prey for Habitz. It’s better to go to Ikael.’

Ashur’s figure disappeared.

“You must come back.”

After staring into the empty space where he disappeared, the wizard turned to face the casino.

“Are you going to kill me?”

Looking at the wizard, Havitz asked.


“… … Because I have to die.”

He finally realized from the tone of voice and calm eyes that couldn’t feel life.

‘He’s a natural enemy.’

If you had the ability of history search, could you have eliminated this situation before it came?

‘No, it’s not like that.’

Even if he killed the wizard, someone else would take the place of his natural enemy.

‘Fixed immutable result. Something that has already been decided.’

It was God’s point of view.

‘Should I shake it?’

As Havitz’s eyes widened, a huge evil energy filled the casino.

“Ugh! oooo

Everyone shed tears with a terrified look on their faces.

“bet! 200,000 gold.”

Vanishing’s ability allowed them to continue the game without allowing any recognition.

“Cool! Cool!”

Havits did not look away even as the people coughing up blood and collapsed one after another.

‘I won’t last even 10 seconds. Everyone dies.’

It was the energy of evil that made even Eden, who is now proud to be the strongest yora, kneel.

Wizard was still indifferent.

‘God’s frequency.’

And the voice of the heart heard by Habitz.

‘Wenna Wizard.’

only its own existence. It was a special state where there were no enemies, allies, or even the world.

‘Patience. It’s amazing.’

extreme purity.

I was about to tremble in front of the energy that seemed to have been created only to kill Satan.

‘No matter how much I hate it… …

What are you bringing?

When Havitz released the vanishing, the people in the casino suddenly realized and screamed.

“Aww! what’s this! It bleeds!”

The medical team was mobilized while everyone panicked in a terrible state without knowing how they had suffered.

Amidst the mayhem, Havitz looked up at the ceiling.


The play is over.

‘I wanted to play more.’

Today he is killed by a child in front of his eyes.

‘Humans. world Universe.’

Can’t you see me alive?

“Well, okay.”

After all the wounded had escaped to the infirmary, Havits put her sword in the sheath.

“Would you like a drink?”

Pointing to the bar in the casino, the wizard in a concentrated state tilted his head.

“I have no other intentions. You can’t run away anyway. If today is my last… …

The battle with the wizard will be fun.

“I want to play properly.”

Who can believe Satan’s words, the Wizard nodded.


The reason why you don’t feel a sense of incongruity even in an adult’s tone is because that’s actually the case.

‘Extreme image training. Did you artificially raise your mental maturity level?’

When dealing with Havitz, the wizard becomes the spirit of a person in his early 20s who is full of energy.

The two sat at the bar side by side.

“Whiskey, fill it up. with the most poisonous And this… …

Harvits asked.


“I am done.”

Havitz shrugged and handed out a gold coin to the bartender.

“Give me that.”

While the whiskey was being prepared, Harvits waited, burning the drug asker.

“Thank you for granting my wish.”

“I have no intention of taking a surprise attack. I want to do it while conveying my intentions to you.”

Because there is no intent to kill.

The concept of assassination, the moment you define something, destroys the wizard’s innocence.

“… … is it.”

Harvitz let out a long puff of Asker’s smoke.

“There is something I want to ask you.”

“Please speak.”

“We share the same nature. Maybe you can kill me.”

Since there is no murderous intent, the case of Havitz avoiding the Wizard cannot happen either.

“If I die… …

Because he is pure, he recognizes vanishing and trains himself to the limit, so even God’s frequency is useless.

“Would you like to try Satan?”

Wizard turned his head for the first time.

“For humans, parents are the cause, but for God, they are the result. Just because I kill my parents doesn’t mean the concept of parents disappears. In the end, results come first.”

from God’s point of view.

“So is Satan. Even if I die, the concept of Satan doesn’t go away. That’s why I want you to do it.”

Because someone has to protect the playground.

“I refuse.”

Wizard was adamant.

“Elimination of you is the reason Wena Wizard exists. I have no life after that.”

“is it.”

It was like looking in a mirror.

Havitz, who sucked deeply into the asker, gulped down the full whiskey.


Putting down his glass with a cool sound, he got down from his chair and pointed to the door.

“Let’s start slowly.”

Havitz, who came out with the Wizard, looked up at the sky in front of the door.

“Can you move through space? let’s go wherever we want It would be nice to be somewhere where there are as few people as possible.”

There was no way she could care about her in a concentrated state, but it would be different after the battle.

“I see.”

When the wizard cast space movement, it sped across the sky like a flash of light.

The destination was a clearing in the woods 20 kilometers from downtown Jive.

“It’s okay. secluded.”

Hearing the birds fly by, Havitz drew his longsword and opened the distance.

Eleven black shadows formed under their feet.


Immediately, 11 fanatics, excluding the sloth 4 o’clock, formed a circle around him.

“I’m sorry, but I have to use Shiok. Without this, my strength would be cut in half.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

It was a simulation that had already been assumed.

‘The four o’clock of indolence is death.’

I’ve heard that you can’t make 0.666 of every second, but each person’s strength is considerable.

Gyoman’s 1 o’clock bowed his head.

“Sorry, Satan. Still, the 4 o’clock of sloths are not selected.”

“it’s okay.”

Shiok is a fanatic who voluntarily follows Satan, so it cannot be artificially created.

“There is nothing that will change, what. If you’re ready, let’s begin. Shall I go first?”

Eleven Siok turned to the Wizard.

“A cheeky bitch. I’ll tear you limb from limb.” Despite the tremendous amount of killing, the wizard just closed his eyes in a natural posture.

Si-ok’s emotions were agitated.

‘What’s this?’

The legitimacy is so strong, a clear presence that I don’t want to pay attention to.

‘As no one doubts the sun… …

If Satan is outside of cognition, her existence is at the core of all cognition.

‘I have a feeling that someone 2,000 kilometers away would know this child.’

When the Wizard opened his eyes, the transparent incarnation began to shimmer like a haze.

“The impermanent god.”

A bizarre-shaped tree with a fetal face was rapidly rising.

“Whoa, whoa.”

The eyes were swollen and closed, and a tongue as long as the body came down from the mouth and swayed.

While Musangin wriggled wildly and grew, Siok could not move.

‘What kind of ability is it?’

“Whoa, whoa.”

At that time, dozens of branches stretch out like the arms of an insect from the curved trunk.


The sound suddenly cut off, and the image of the free spirit disappeared as if it permeated the air.

The moment when Shiok shudders in the distant silence.


Wizard made a hand sign.


Without even time to react, a shock wave in the form of a fist hit Shiok from above.

Havitz’s eyes, which were buried in the roar, shook.

‘What is this?’

When the free god permeates the world, the wizard takes control of the five systems that make up the universe at the same time.

100% cognitive ability to comprehensively accept reality, the other side, Drimo, Undercoder, and The Abyss.

‘Where did you fly from?’

Its absolute creativity transcends the system and hits the target directly at zero distance.

‘No, it didn’t come from anywhere.’

It was a shock wave created out of nothing.

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