Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1121

Peer identification (2)

Ikael guessed.

‘It must be disappointing.’

To Wizard, Sirone was her only teacher and a support she could rely on.

‘It’s been 7 years since I experienced the world. However, their abilities as biological entities are super first-class.’

love nonetheless

Although he had no desire for the Eucharist, it must have been a pure and blind heart.

‘Sirone can give what parents cannot give. This kind of situation will happen naturally.’

It was something a normal kid could just laugh at.

But wizards sooner or later have to get their hands dirty with the blood of the most evil Satan in the world.

‘I hope there is no change in emotions. The moment I kill Havitz, I hope he is in a pure state.’

like a machine.

‘If you fight for someone, if you have no choice but to kill for a month, if such an accident permeates… …

variables arise.

‘There’s no way Sirone doesn’t know this. That’s why I took it even though I knew it.’

Sirone could have turned Wizard into a weapon only to kill Satan.

‘But it wasn’t cruel. I couldn’t ruin a child’s life.’

It was Yahweh’s greatest weakness.

‘I have to help.’

Ruling heaven as an archangel, she understood the cost of perseverance.

‘It’s not something I can do alone. sometimes… … There are times when you have to be cruel.’

Maybe Guffin will be angry.


I didn’t want to see my son embracing the pain of humanity any longer.

In the awkward atmosphere heading to Jive, Wizard suddenly raised his head.

“If Satan dies, will there be peace in the world?”

Her gaze turned to Amy.

“Well, of course not. It is because of Satan that this world has become so turbid.”

Ikael listened intently.

“But even before Satan came, the world was turbid. I heard you fought a lot.”

“You heard from Sirone.”

Amy knew what the Wizard wanted to say.

“yes. Satan is created by the human mind. They said that even if we kill Satan right now, the world will not change unless we achieve an integrated mental system.”

It was Yahweh’s philosophy.

“Maybe. But we’re doing what we can. Wizard, you will be the beginning.”

The Wizard let go of Amy’s hand.

“If you kill Satan and bring peace to the world, will you marry Sirone?”

“That’s something you don’t know. I love Sirone, but marriage is in the distant future.”

“Can I?”


Wizard wrinkled his brow.

“If you love me, you want to be with me forever. I think her older sister is full of her confidence.”

Amy couldn’t explain the trust she had over so many battlefields with Sirone.

“You will know when you grow up.”

“well. Time is tight for that. Because I have to kill Satan to have a future.”

Feeling that the Wizard’s words had bones, Amy looked back and said something surprising.

“If I kill Satan, if the mission is successful, can you promise me? I will not marry my brother until I grow up.” Amy also had her childhood.

He also did some outrageous things to seek love from his individualistic family members.

‘Sirone is probably the only one. It could be the conviction that there is no one better.’

With no answer, the Wizard opened his mouth again.

“It was just because I was curious about her thoughts. Don’t bother too much. Mind is… …


When Amy stopped walking and squatted down, the wizard secretly averted her gaze.

“I know what a great responsibility you are taking on. My feelings for Sirone. I will do anything I can to help you fight for humanity.”

The child’s lips were weeping.

“If Satan disappears from the world, I will not marry Sirone until you grow up.”

Rain fell in the wizard’s heart.

‘It’s not like that.’

Even though I knew there was no way for everyone to be happy, I just dreamed.

As Wizard burst into tears, Amy smiled.


At that moment, the triangular Mara Ashur appeared next to Ikael and drew his sword.


Before he could finish his words, Ikael jumped.


A tremendous shock was applied to the land at a distance of 23 km from the delta.

Ikael and his party reappeared around the lava flowing crater.

Amy looked at the Wizard.

” are you okay?”

The eyes of the child, who suddenly changed into battle mode, were aiming at the gigantic archangel.

“Who are you?”

Amy looked in the same direction.


The Archangel of Destruction, Uriel, rose with a magnificent vibration.

“Ikael, how long did you think you could avoid me?” Ikael had a hunch.

‘You’ve finished your resolution.’

Also, this was a situation she did not want to face more than anything else.

Ashur bowed his head.

“sorry. I blocked all signals where the location was exposed, but because the range was narrowed… …

No matter what kind of deception he used, it was certain that Ikael would come to Jive.

“no. I am also responsible. I couldn’t respond to his approach.”

The fact that he penetrated even the middle of the senses was what showed Yuriel’s strength.

“Please take the wizard with you. I will stop here.”

“Haona… …

Ashur hesitated.

‘Can I really win? Yuriel has never seriously challenged Ikael-nim.’

Even if he didn’t show it, it was Uriel who respected Ikael more than any other angel.

‘Ikael, the source of all concepts, becomes a force with just his existence.’

It’s not just Ymir’s strength.

‘No child overpowers his parents just because he is stronger. It is also a kind of powerlessness. To Uriel, Ikael was such a being, but now the Archangel of Destruction was about to break the bondage of the source and reveal his power.

Ikael said.

“… … These are the wounds I gave you. I need to talk to Uriel. Please follow me.”

Ashur lowered his head and incarnated next to the Wizard through the power of Signal.

“Let’s go. I will move to Jive.”

Now that the stealth signal is broken, Satiel will also find out Ikael’s location sooner or later.

Amy stood up.

“I think we should have one more person left.” Ashur raised her head, Mara in her gi strode toward her.

Uriel’s twin Mara Aruta.

The reason for existence is only the understanding of martial arts, and the realm far exceeds that of humans.

Aruta said.

“Yuriel-sama wants to meet Ikael alone. Anyone who gets in the way will be punished.”

“Wizard, go.” Amy said, but the Wizard shook his head.

“No, I will. I am confident.”

“You can’t win. go.”

Of course, Wizard is strong, but all training was conducted with Havitz assuming.

‘Even if you have talent beyond experience, you picked the wrong opponent this time. This guy is strong.’

If you ask what kind of strength it is, I can’t answer.

However, if someone were to train only one thing over tens of thousands of years, it would be this kind of energy.

‘There shouldn’t be even a 1 percent chance that the wizard will be unable to carry out its mission.’

Wizard insisted.

“I can win. If you’re just struggling with a guy like this, even Satan won’t be able to kill you.”

“Don’t be c*cky.”

The reason Wizard is unique is that only she can destroy Vanishing.

“You are still far away. Go get Satan.”

“At least I… … !”

The moment the Wizard was about to shout, Amy glared at her with red eyes burning.


Wizard’s shoulders twitched.

Thunder thundered in her heart, and before she had time to speak, Ashur activated the signal.

“Be careful.”

After the wizard disappeared after the last words, Amy exhaled and said,

“Don’t even think about chasing me.”

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s just according to Yuriel-sama’s decision, I won’t do anything cowardly.”


Amy snorted.

“The subject who deliberately took advantage of Sirone’s absence to speak grandiosely. Were you so afraid of Yahweh?”

Aruta’s muscles twitched.

“I repeat… …

Uriel said he had something to say to Ikael, but it was more miserable to explain.

Aruta, who stopped talking, lowered her stance and brought the right regime to her side.

“I’ll finish it in an instant.”

At that moment, his temperament changed dramatically.

‘That’s it.’

It seemed that all the logic needed to subdue the opponent with fists was concentrated into one point.

‘One hit kills.’

The moment you fail, the level will collapse, but it was the confidence that you will never fail.

‘I don’t like it.’

The key to maximizing Hongan’s ability was whether or not he could avoid the blow from the second round onwards.

“You don’t look good. Are you afraid?”

Amy raised an eyebrow at Aruta’s words.

“No way.”

Flames burned up the air from her body, which contained the energy of invincibility.

“Come on.”

The battle ended with avoiding the attack and counterattacking, and Aruta knew it.

‘It’s unique.’

Amy’s fiery temperament followed Mother Nature’s providence.

In the middle of the confrontation with one of the simplest strategies in mind.


Ikael said to Uriel as he climbed above the crater.

“I know I don’t deserve it. But Satiel will destroy humanity. She is not in a state of sound judgment right now.”

“I know.”

Yuriel, who landed on the ground, approached Ikael closely.

“Isn’t that what you wanted? I gave up angels and heaven for the one person I love.”

“I didn’t give up. only… …

Before he could finish his words, Yuriel’s fist hit Ikael’s face with a full blow.

There was a roar, and the ground split in a V shape along the way Ikael flew.

Looking at the radially open landscape, Yuriel slammed the ground hard.

Ikael was sitting at his feet, which arrived before the thumping sound waves.

“I could have killed you.”

even a little while ago.

“I’ve thought about it countless times since you left. Do you really need to destroy it? You, the source of all angels…”

“Looks like you’ve made your decision.”

Ikael still had some strength left, but he fell and did not move.

‘Uriel can destroy everything.’

The reason he was able to control it is because Ichael is the cause of all angelic concepts.

‘It must feel like self-injury.’

It was a blow with a different weight than fighting against each other.

Also, that must have been the mindset of truly wanting to kill someone.

“Get up. Let’s have a good fight. Seeking sympathy in this way will not change my opinion.”

“What do you want?”

The moment the two collided, the world would shake, but the outcome would not change.

‘I can’t perish yet. At least after Syrone spreads her will… …

Ikael raised his head.

“If you ask for an apology, I will. Anything more than that, I’ll do as you please. Give me some time. I still have work to do here.”

“It just destroys.”

Uriel slowly raised his feet.

“I’ve already thought enough to get tired of it. The most accidents since I was born…”

His expression was as cold as metal as he stared straight into Ikael’s gaze.

“Let’s finish.”

The Judicial Halo Ragnarok was activated, and his foot flew into Ikael’s face.

Woo woo woo woo!

Just by stopping in front of her nose, all the scenery behind her was blown away.

If he showed any sign of fear even for a moment, he would have blown his face off.

The eyes that look at you without an inch of doubt, that expression, that figure, that dignity.


like a mother

‘You’re the first to be understood.’

Uriel was in conflict again in front of another weapon that only Ikael possessed.

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