Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 112

[112] Report card at the end of the semester (4)

‘The mental durability, which was strong from the beginning, has increased remarkably. Now I can control immortal functions to some extent.’

Sirone’s organs were four-way defense type. Like most defensive types, the teachers expected that Sirone would become a defensive mage. 

However, Immortal Function reversed the trend. Now, his strong point, durability, has become an essential element to support his offensive power.

As the 20 seconds passed, Sirone gritted his teeth and attempted a final acceleration. As the sound exploded at a terrifying speed, the score exceeded 340 points.


When the measurement time is over, the buzzer sounds. Sirone closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Dozens of children had gathered, but there was still silence in her room. Everyone was staring at the scoreboard.

410 points.

On average, it lasted 30 seconds at 13.6 beats per second. Moreover, the last 5 seconds were more than 15 times per second.

“It’s really amazing. Why are they like that these days? After all, aren’t you really going to become a senior from next semester?”

“No matter how hard it is to get promoted. Theoretical grades are in the middle range. Raising the score in a short time is not an easy task.”

Sirone turned to Canis. It was an unspoken declaration that he would still be able to become a senior. 

“It’s really great, that kid.”

Arin admired with a pure heart. Infinite mental power through immortal function and durability to control it. There’s even a unique magical inclination to put mass on light.

There was no other way to explain it other than that he was a wizard especially loved by God.

“Hmph, at this level, you can call it your nemesis.”

Canis’ fighting spirit flared up like never before. At first he thought it was a difference in attributes. However, the demonstration presented by Sirone more than shattered that illusion. If it is now, it will be pushed back even in a battle of brute strength.

Canis, who had been glaring at Sirone for a long time, turned around roughly.

“Let’s go, Arin. The tour seems to be over.”

The students felt relieved as they watched Canis and Arin walk away. Although Shirone did not represent the level of Class Five, she felt the same sense of satisfaction that she had defeated the great mage’s apprentice.

“Sirone, it was really great. I messed up the test, but I feel good. Is it all if you are a disciple of the archmage? How dare you ignore the Class Five of the magic school?”

“Sirone as well as Iruki and Nade. Are you guys really planning on getting promoted this time?”

“Well, you’re doing your best.”

Sirone evaded an immediate answer. However, Nade, who took 3rd place, was very excited about the fact that he had passed the practical test.

“ha ha ha! of course! Get ready to treat your seniors with respect! now! Let’s practice in advance from now on. Call me, senior!”

Students’ protests poured in.

“Very conceit pierces the sky! Get away with it!”

“If you were my senior, I would rather not go to school!”

“If you drop out of the theory, why are you talking out loud because you’re embarrassed? I will pray for you every night so that you never get promoted!”

Either that or not, Nade proudly straightened his back and smiled. Because he was friendly with all the students, it was a hoot he could endure.

Shirone and Iruki sneaked out.

‘Ugh, embarrassing.’

The final practical exam is over.

* * *

summer was going

A cold wind blew in the morning and evening, and the plants and trees prepared to change into colorful clothes. However, it was still hot during the day and the children were busy burning the end of the semester.

It was now the last week left. Classes ended last week, and all that was left was the final exam.

Tests are taken sequentially every day, starting with class ten. And finally, on the 6th day, the students of Class 5 moved to the exam hall, soothing their exploding hearts.

Sirone and the others also ate breakfast and arrived at the test site early. 

The test lasts exactly 12 hours, with a 5-minute break. Compared to an ordinary school, it could be said that the schedule was close to heavy labor, but for the students of the magic school, maintaining concentration was just as important as knowledge.

The test questions are classified into A, B, and C types, but the questions are the same, but the arrangement of the correct answers is different. This was to prevent cheating and to reduce as much as possible the chance of getting the answer right by chance.

Sirone was type A, Iruki was type B, and Nade was type C. Assigned to different exam halls, they were relaxing in the hallway before the exam started. As this test determined the performance for half a year, even the world’s bad guys had no choice but to stiffen their bodies.

Nade was trembling continuously even in the mild weather.

“Ugh. I’m dying. Sirone, how are you?”

“I feel like throwing up. If you make one mistake, it’s all over. Especially the repair department.”

“Let’s stay calm. Anyway, enough time. It is not too late to be nervous after receiving the test papers.”

Iruki’s words calmed the two of them. However, when the bell rang to start the exam, everyone had no choice but to turn pale.

“Come on, let’s go in. See you later with a smile on your face.”

“okay. Go for it!”

The three entered their respective exam halls after 12 hours.

Supernatural Psychic Lab.

Sirone and the others were busy grading their grades. It is impossible to leak the test papers, but Iruki perfectly restored the test questions.

A Servant’s memory is incapable of forgetting. It was like putting a stack of papers in a drawer in your head and being able to pull it out and read it whenever you needed it.

When Iruki called a question, Nade wrote it down and Sirone found the correct answer. After working until dawn like that, I was able to restore the test papers for all subjects.

Although their bodies were already exhausted, the three of them scattered and started substituting answers.

Since the test paper restored by Iruki was type B, he had to match it one-to-one with the correct answer Sirone found.

“Whoa, I’m nervous. I think I messed up some subjects.”

Nade made a sound of pain. However, everyone had weak subjects.

“so do i. Seriously, this is really brutal. Even if you get a perfect score in another subject, if you fall short in one subject, it’s over, right?”

Sirone was nervous like never before. He couldn’t guarantee a promotion even with his insight.

“It’s a study group for that anyway. now! Let’s do the evaluation later and finish the grading first.”

A few more hours passed like that, and gradually the outline of the grades began to emerge.

Nade was the first to stand up with his fist raised.

“Oh yea! done! Average 82 points! I broke 80 points in all subjects!”

There was no particular high score, but I raised all subjects equally and scored 82 points. In the past, he was a bad boy who laughed at Class 4, but he couldn’t be happier when he got promoted.

Iruki and Shirone didn’t say anything. The point of truly bursting into celebration was when all three were confirmed for promotion.

After scoring, Iruki leaned back on his chair and wiped away his sweat.

“Whoa. That’s it. 87 points. One 80 points came out in the language. If I had gotten one more wrong, it would have been over.”

“wow! So are you passing? congratulations! Class Four!”

“What is this? Anyway, it doesn’t feel bad.”

Nade and Iruki looked back at Sirone without asking anyone first. If only the last one passes, their first long-cherished wish, simultaneous promotion, will come true.

However, Sirone did not respond. Iruki noticed that his scoring hand was not moving.

“Sirone, what’s wrong? Did you screw up the test?”

Sirone’s face, seen from close up, was as pale as white paper. It was clear what had happened. 

Nade asked nervously.

“Why are you doing that? How many points do you have?”

“86 points… … .”

“Wow, did you have a good look?”

Nade was genuinely surprised. She set a goal of getting everyone promoted, but when she heard it, she thought it was a miracle. Sirone was the son of a commoner and lived a life far from studies. However, he received an average of 86 points in just half a year of hard work.

Compared to Iruki, who scored an average of 87 points, who passed the math class with a perfect score using his Servant ability, you can see how desperately Shirone studied.

Iruki tilted his head, perhaps thinking the same thing.

“well… … didn’t you see Are there any subjects you messed up?”

“That, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? what do you mean? tell me exactly.”

Sirone nervously bit her nails. No matter how much he thought about it, he didn’t come to mind.



“What is the answer to the last multiple-choice question in the math proof?”

“Oh, that? Are you linking the two equations together to prove it? That’s a very long answer.”

Iruki, who had said that far, said in surprise.

“You can’t… … ?”

“Uh, I don’t remember. Which proof did you consider as the correct answer? I’ve tried unlocking it again, but it’s the same. Even back then, I was definitely thinking about one of the two.”

“How many points? If that’s wrong, how many points?”

“78 points… … .”

Iruki and Nade realized the seriousness of the situation. The final multiple-choice question is worth 2 points. Therefore, the result of one problem is the difference between promotion and retention.

“How could you not remember that? How many times did you write the answer?”

“number 3. But I can’t confirm because I’m blood type A.”

Nade hurriedly pulled out the test paper. Only one example was filled with 20 lines of atrocious proofs. To be honest, I was wrong about this too. Perhaps the only person who solved it easily in Class 5 was Iruki.

Sirone clutched her head in agony.

“I thought it was number two or number three. I was in conflict with 10 seconds left, but it suddenly came to my mind. however… … I don’t remember what it was.”

It happens once or twice when time is tight. Nade and Iruki, who had been attending magic schools since childhood, knew full well what that feeling was like.

But this time it was a matter of promotion. If I fall here, I have to stay in Class 5 for another half year.

Nade was on the verge of dying from impatience.

“shit! I can’t wait!”

“What are you going to do?”

“I have to go and check it myself. Let’s ask Shiina-sensei. You are a dedicated teacher.”

It seemed that even Sirone would not be able to get hold of anything at this rate. After making a decision, the three left the study group and headed for the exam hall.

It took a whole day to score, so the Class Four test was currently in progress. Sirone and the others entered the building during lunchtime and anxiously waited for the teachers to return. About 30 minutes later, Shiina walked down the hallway. The three of them ran toward it like a race.

“teacher! teacher!”

“huh? why are you here Didn’t the class five exam finish yesterday?”

“The math proof A-type multiple-choice last question! What is the correct answer to that?”

Shiina tilted her head. Although her major is chemistry, all teachers participate in grading because the question paper is reviewed at least three times. Of course, even if it wasn’t her major, her student-level math was funny if she was good at it.

“Why is that suddenly?”

“Quickly! I mean, this is a really important issue.”

Shiina, who read the urgency in Nade’s eyes, recalled the final multiple-choice question. It was a fairly difficult problem, so it remained in her memory.

“Oh, that? If you’re type A, you’re number 2, right?”

“No.2… … .”

As if struck by a hammer, Sirone’s body stiffened. He wrote the correct answer 3 times. In the end it was wrong. The score is 78 points. His breath stopped when he thought that his promotion would be canceled by only two points.

“No.2… … No.2… … .”

Sirone, who was muttering the same thing, suddenly grabbed the back of his neck. Then, in the end, I couldn’t stand it and fell back. Just before collapsing in the hallway, Ned hurriedly helped him.

“Sirone! are you okay? Wake! You say you are indestructible!”

“No.2? why… … How could that be twice… … .”

“Sir, let me go! take care!”

Even while being dragged away, Sirone muttered the same thing. Shiina, who blinked at her as she watched her, smiled and headed for her office.

“Anyway, aren’t they tired? I am full of energy every day.”

The office was cluttered with teachers grading students. Shiina also sat down and started scoring. Then she suddenly opened the drawer and took out a type A paper for the math proof.

“Didn’t you say it was the last multiple-choice question?”

Shiina looked at the last problem. She tried to solve it with her eyes for a while, then she said with a bright smile.

“Ah, number three.”

Ariane Sirone. promotion confirmed.


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