Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1119

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Depth of the Abyss (4)

Gaold asked.

“Is there any chance that Miro will regain his memory?”

” there is.”

Mong-ah looked back toward the beach.

Miro, who had taken Arius and approached Sirone, was saying something.

“If the loss of memory is embodied in the form of a child, it is a way to wait until she becomes an adult. I think it will probably take 30 years.”

“30 years.”

Gaold in a dream can wait as long as it wants.

‘I don’t know. What’s right?’ He said there was no way out anyway, so he had plenty of time to think.

“brother. brother.”

Miro waved his hand in front of Sirone’s eyes.

“Tell me. What are you doing? Is it that much fun watching the sea?”

Gaold and the others watched him.

“Oh Dae-seong… … Mong-a’s face turned into sadness.

“I did a lot of things in real life. None of it was easy. He sacrificed everything and risked his life to fight for humanity.”

Sein said.

“I’m not doing anything right now.”

“yes. Usually, the most earnest wishes come true within the barrier of dreams, but Yahweh’s dreams are quite dry. It is proof that it was fierce in reality.”

Mong-ah’s shoulders drooped.

“Anyway, I’m sorry. It can be said that this is the 1.5th level in depth. If we went a little further, we could have driven Ymir. He had enough ability to do that.”

The blow that Syrone gave to Leviathan in the second stage was also delivered to Mong-a.

‘It’s definitely beyond infinity. In a normal state, I might have been able to defeat Ymir.’

Of course, since this place was in Ymir’s dream, it was impossible to say 100%.

“Eh.], doesn’t say anything.”

As Sirone kept her mouth shut, Miro sat down next to him.

Gangnan asked after seeing Arius sniffing Sirone.

“Why are you a dog? You must have been a human in your dream.”

“It blows reason. Good judgment. If the memory melts anyway, it’s because of instinct. Maybe that dog has a hunch where this place is. Of course, I don’t feel it in clear language like human thoughts.”

While Miro was drawing on the sand, only the waves were crashing incessantly.

“??????there is.”

Miro turned his head at the voice he heard next to him.


“I’m waiting for you.” When Sirone’s mouth opened for the first time, Garold and the others hurriedly rushed there.

“Oh Dae-sung! Are you awake?”

Mong-ah asked, but silence continued.

“What are you waiting for?”

At Miro’s question, Sirone pointed to the horizon over the endless sea.


And maybe… … .

“The most powerful thing in the world.”

Mong-ah looked back toward the sea with shocked eyes.


Another unexpected variable is that the point is almost close to the end of the abyss.

“Ymir is coming.”

the next morning.

Unlike the working-level workers who were busy from dawn, the officials came to work later than yesterday.

“Oh, it hurts me.”

The schedules of each country were twisted after the change of people’s location at the banquet hall.

Most of the countries held an emergency meeting to learn the full story of the incident at the banquet hall.

But also some heads of state enjoyed the feast Arachne provided.

‘He killed me yesterday.’

The countries that did not attend would not know what kind of stories were exchanged at the place of enjoyment.

Countries were tense.

“Arachne seems to be focusing on Jive.”

After listening to the attendant’s report, Rufist drew an arrow on the relationship diagram on the blackboard.

“I heard that the banquet lasted until dawn. There must have been some kind of transaction. Starting today, sides will be split.”

the albino asked.

“How have you been? Speaking of hospitality.”

“I didn’t go.”

Lufist turned around.

“I was analyzing the incident at the banquet hall. However, some officials from Tormia attended. It is said that there was no special information exchange, but… …

“VIP is different.”

At Fleur’s words, Lupist nodded.

“We have to send someone in some way to get their information. But more than that, securing allies comes first. There is a country that is currently trying to make contact.”

Sirone asked.

“Where are you?”

“The South and the Moon Kingdom. The South has a lot of interest in Yahweh. On the other hand, the kingdom of Moon changed from hostility to favor. The events that happened last night must have had an impact.”


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Rufist pointed to the blackboard.

“But I can’t win at this level. It is an alliance that can collapse at any time. The country that Tormia needs the most right now is Corona. The odds are pretty high.”

코로나는 상아탑의 관리를 받고, 시로네는 그 상아탑의 최고 권한자 였다.

“아직까지 어떤 접선도 없다. 상아 탑 내부의 파벌 싸움이 그만큼 심각 하다는 뜻이겠지.”

“오늘 아침에 도착했어요.”

시로네의 말에 모두가 고개를 돌렸 다.

“직접 담판을 지을 겁니다.”

코로나 왕국.

성전이 열린 뒤에도 제1군단장 바 알이 이끄는 군대는 공격을 거두지 않았다.

살고 싶으면 사탄에게 굴복하라는 것이 마족의 기치였으나, 코로나도 약하지 않았다.


고원에 쌓인 눈은 마족과 인간의 피로 범벅이 되어 역겨운 색감이었 다.

3천의 마족을 전멸시킨 남자는 차 가운 인상에 입술을 따라 긴 상처가 새겨져 있었다.

푹. 푹.

불규칙적으로 시체의 몸에 칼을 박 으며 생사를 확인하던 그가 마족의 팔을 잘랐다.

피가 철철 흐르는 팔을 들고 시체 위에 주저앉은 그가 살점을 물어뜯 었다.

으적으적 씹는 소리에 이어, 입술 을 절단면에 대고 피를 쭉쭉 빨았 다.

식량과 수분을 동시에 채우는 방법 이었다.

“크으, 좋다.”

남자의 이름은 라스카.

미네르바가 오대성으로 있는 인류 안전집행부의 3성급 주민이었다.

인류안전집행부의 별들은 성 뇌를 제외하고 모두 한때 이름을 날린 범 죄자들.

전쟁과 살인의 전문가였고, 마족들 조차 치를 떠는 전쟁터의 악귀였다.


라스카의 위성 스타프가 무릎까지 파고드는 눈을 밟으며 걸어왔다.

“누님이 진지로 복귀하랍니다. 너 무 오래 머물렀어요. 식량도 바닥이 고.”

누님이란 다름 아닌 미네르바였다.


살점을 우물거리던 라스카가 마족 의 잘린 팔을 내밀었다.

“ 먹을래?”

빤히 그것을 지켜보던 스타프가 코 웃음을 치며 턱수염을 긁적였다.

“됐어요. 대장이 입 댄 거잖아요.”

“……너도 정상은 아니야.”

When I went down the mountain by space movement, the soldiers of Corona Kingdom were engaged in a local war.

Minerva shouted.

“you idiot! Where the hell have you been?”

“I tracked down the remnants. What is all this?”

Minerva’s jet spread out at a tremendous speed and pierced the bodies of the demons.

“Don’t you see? Baal began to put pressure on the ivory tower. I won’t last more than three days.”

The number of demons far exceeded that of the human army, even if it was the 1st corps.

Laska said.

“Don’t do that, be reconciled. What is this? Fighting together with the Ministry of Law is worth it, right?”

“I called for that.” Minerva nodded and pointed backwards.

“Go see. Sirone is here.”

“Are you Daesung Oh?”

Upon entering the barracks, Sirone was sitting there.

“Are you here, Oh Dae-sung?”

Of course, all the stars respected Sirone, but Laska’s greeting was condescending.

“yes. I want to meet Taesung. If Minerva were Mr. Laska, they said he could do it.”

‘This older sister is really… … !’

Of course, with his ability, it would be possible, but he had to risk his life with a high probability.

‘Somehow I got caught by a woman like that.’

Laska sighed and said.

“It is quite difficult to meet Tae-seong right now. They are imprisoned in the law.”


Sirone’s eyes widened.

“Who? No, how can Taeseong be imprisoned?”

“It’s Thing.”

Laska’s expression crumpled.

“Yinji and yangji, the power of the two added together is, well, invincible. Because it covers everything.”

‘Taeseong is trapped.’

This was the reason for the tight balance of factions.

“Let’s do it anyway. I just thought that the answer wouldn’t come out anyway. Oh Dae-sung, please solve it.”

Laska took Sirone to the Ivory Tower.

Because it was in a state of war, it had to use a different magic circle than before, and the security was also tight.

‘The atmosphere isn’t good.’

The evidence was that the officials of Corona, who always greeted with a smile, were just noticing.

Upon arriving at the 230th floor of the Ivory Tower, there was an iron door with all kinds of magic circuits working.

“Is Taeseong here?”

“yes. As you can see, it’s a self-destruct circuit. If you try to break it by force, Taeseong will be in danger.”

Sirone frowned.

‘Thing. Although he has a determined personality, he is not cruel. Why do you show such hostility toward Taeseong?’

When Miracle Stream was activated, Laska stopped.

“Stop it. The moment Hexa’s ability hits, it’s over. I have no choice but to cancel the magic circuit inside.”

Laska drew in a deep breath.

‘A thief’s extreme, submerged.’

With an ability that once robbed numerous safes around the world, he becomes immaterial while holding his breath.

‘It’s nice.’

Laska, clouded like smoke, walked toward the iron gate with her mouth wide open.

Like a lie, his figure went inside, and after a while the circuit disappeared.


When the door opened, I saw Laska sitting down with smoke billowing from her body.

” are you okay?”

“All right. Even if it’s non-material, it’s just that it doesn’t touch the self-destruct circuit. The impact on the mind is considerable.”

His mind was torn to shreds, and he seemed unable to move for a while.


After passing Laska, Sirone went to Taeseong, who was sitting neatly at the end of the room.

“You’re here at last.”

She smiled sadly, but at the same time there was a welcome light in her eyes.

“What happened? Singh imprisoned Tae-seong. This is a farce.”

“To explain… …

Then a cold voice was heard.

“Stop it, Sirone.”

When I looked back, Singh was guarding the door with Yin and Yin.

Sirone sighed coldly.

“Thing, what is this?”

“You really don’t do anything stupid. all for you I am doing this for humanity.”

“How could imprisoning Taeseong be for the sake of humanity? Until now, the Ivory Tower has protected humanity in countless crises. Taeseong is at the center of it.”

“Things are different from then.”

Sing looked at Taeseong.

“When the outside world opens, Argones is activated. And Taeseong is a manager of the same stature as Argones. she really… … Do you think I can protect you until the end?” When Sirone did not answer, Sing asked Taeseong.

“Taesung, let’s talk about it yourself. Will you still side with humanity after the Argones are activated?”

Taeseong had no hesitation.

“yes. I am the incarnation of the planet and the mother of mankind. I will protect humanity until the end.”


Thing said.

“I don’t trust anyone. The only entity in this world is me. All other beings are just illusions. So, Taeseong, you are the same.”

“Thing, I know your philosophy. But you are wrong. You are wrong.”

“If you’re going to lie to the end… …

Singh held out her hand, and Yin and Yang Ji pressed their power against her with the laws of Yin and Yang.

The entire Ivory Tower was shaking, but Sirone blocked it by smoking a Miracle Stream.

“stop. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.” Ting shouted.

“you idiot! Why don’t you know! Can’t you see how dangerous your judgment is now?”

Sirone’s expression did not waver, and in the end, Singh also decided to use force.

“Forgive me.”

Woo woo woo woo!

At that moment, a roar erupted from under the ivory tower, and Araka from the Ministry of Internal Affairs came running.

“It’s a big deal!”

Taesung asked.

“Araka, what’s going on?”

“Baal! Baal led the army of hell and entered it. up to the 12th floor

It’s Raon status.”

Laska, exhausted, puffed up her bangs.

‘Because I knew it would turn out like this.’

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