Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1118

Depth of the Abyss (3)


The Moon Kingdom’s brainchild, Cheonganmun, watched the deck plate floating on the water rotate.

The law resides everywhere in Mother Nature, and water can be said to be its representative nature.

“This is the first time this has happened.”

Even if it looks like a puddle, numerous particles are moving in the fluid.

It’s chaos indeed.

Gapjapan was a divination device that designed the future in response to the movement of chaos.

“By the way, are you spinning?”

Being unpredictable means that anything can happen.

“What is it?”

When Wenryong appeared, everyone in the Heavenly Gate stood up and stepped back to the left and right.

“Your Highness, are you here?”

“Aren’t you asking what’s going on? People suddenly change their positions in the banquet hall.”


The leader of the Heavenly Gate nodded.

“Your Highness, the principles of the world are changing. This could never happen in nature. Someone must have artificially tampered with the law.”

“You tamper with the law? Who could do such a thing?”

“maybe… …

Leader felt it.

“It must be Kitra of the Kingdom of Paras. Originally, the zodiacal zodiac was compared to our celestial gate, but it does not have the ability to do such extraordinary things. You must have gained something.”


The kingdom of Moon, the birthplace of divination, was not ignorant of the principles of the world.

“Then what should I do? If Paras’ astrology is more powerful, the Moon Kingdom will suffer a loss on the contrary.”

It was making the protagonist helpless.

“There are two ways. The first is to conform to the laws they change. If you have the ability of the Heavenly Gate, you will be able to respond promptly.”

It was a fair argument, but it was not a good feeling to bow down to a rival country.

“How about the second method?”

The leader’s eyes changed sharply.

“The curse, something that blows the flesh to Kitra and makes his mind incomplete is coming.”

“… … Is it possible?”

“If you are a leader of a country, your energy surpasses that of a tiger. It comes with a lot of preparation. but… … It is not very difficult if everything is in place.”


Moonryong was lost in thought.

‘Use Paras or kill Paras. Anything will work, but… …

His eyes flashed.

The 12th Zodiac of Paras.

The hologram spread over the pentagram was packed with stars that could be observed from the planet.


I watched the constellation called Kit sitting on the podium.

‘It’s quite tricky.’

Even Ankera, the manager of the universe, had the authority to reset the system.

The work of changing the system itself, that is, fine-tuning, is an absolute ability of the outside world.

‘Even if it goes a little wrong, the essence of the universe changes. At any rate, it becomes nothing

I can throw it away.’

Changing the law of the banquet hall was a kind of experiment for a huge change.


The door opened, and the astrologer of the 12th zodiac drew the state of the banquet hall on a blueprint.

“Your fate has changed.”

“Bring it.”

The astrologer handed over the drawing, and a poisonous snake caught in Kitra’s throat bit it and brought it back.

‘Let’s see.’

The special language used by astrologers can pack a lot into a short text.

“What is this?”

The astrologer couldn’t see where Kitra was pointing, but he could guess.

“This is Cayden, a Red Cross destined man. However, there is a prison break phenomenon on his right hand… …

“No, it doesn’t matter. It happens anyway, and you can’t control it.”

As the astrologer raised his head, Kitra turned the blueprint to point to a sentence.

“Sirone. According to the laws I designed, I must travel 32 meters. But… only three centimeters?”

“He is a master of the heart. It is expected that all causes will reach approximately the same conclusion. Isn’t that why Your Highness allowed us to explore the Pyramid of Truth?”

to find out where God is.

‘Sure, but… … Much stronger than expected. Sooner or later he will meet God in the Pyramid of Truth. If I go through with it to this extent, I could be in danger.’

“Nothing will change, Your Highness.”


The stronger Sirone resists fate, the more precise God’s coordinates become.

“I will change the laws of the world.”

“Please work.”

While the zodiac astrologers bowed their heads, Kitra spread her arms.

“I will become a god.”

Miro blinked.

“A strange dream?”

“okay. The sea spreads out, and a huge monster emerges. There’s no way you wouldn’t know if you were Miro.”

“no. I don’t have dreams like that.”

“… … You don’t know?”

It could be.

‘It’s just my opinion anyway. Reality is here.’

But why does Miro’s heart not be able to remember himself break his heart?

“Think carefully. i saw you in a dream what were you trying to say to me huh?”


What was the woman trying to say in the dream?

“Dad, this man is a bit strange. let’s hurry.”

Miro pulled Daddy’s hand.

If it were their parents, they would leave immediately, but unexpected words came out of Sain’s mouth.

“for a moment… … Please talk to me.”

Sein’s house with a cozy atmosphere. Gaul De and Kang Nan sat side by side on the sofa.

“What are you talking about?”

Sein, who was watching Arius and his daughter playing on the floor, said.

“I have that nightmare too.”

Gaold and Gangnan’s expression went blank.

“The sea and the monster you mentioned are still vivid in my memory.”

Gangnan said.

“It could be a coincidence. That’s what a dream is. It’s up to you to bring and paste it.”

“Your name appears.”

Gang-Nan was angry at her husband’s obsession.

“Stop being stupid! Are you going through that ridiculous pain and wishing your nightmares were real?”

could it be good

It felt like my throat would be torn just by breathing, and I prayed that I would rather die every time I fought.

Gaold clenched his fists.

‘does not it hurt.’

It was heaven compared to a nightmare, but the problem was that I couldn’t get rid of the maze’s hallucinations.

“I understand.”

Sein said.

“Because I don’t want to go back to nightmares either. I love my daughter too. but… …

I suddenly feel that way.

‘Why a daughter?’

Because of that trivial question, he couldn’t turn a blind eye to Gaold and brought him here.

Gaold asked.

“Miro, no, why isn’t your daughter dreaming? If you’re lying… …

“Miro doesn’t lie. He’s stubborn, but he’s a good kid.” good kid.

As I savored those words, I heard a sound from the ceiling.

-Everyone is gathered.

Everyone who raised their heads widened their eyes.

“what… …

The wood on the ceiling became convex like liquid, and a pale-faced boy descended.

“Forgive me for being late. I struggled to find the drifting point. I’m glad you’re safe.”

“Who are you?”

The boy shook his head.

“It has faded a lot, too. I can’t help it. My name is Mona. I am a dream comer. I was waiting at the deep entrance, and I had no choice but to come down.”

“A dream designer? An in-depth entrance?”

I felt like I knew it, but I couldn’t remember anything in my head.

“I need your help. Please convince Yahweh. I’m just looking at the bar all day.”

Sein asked.

“The sea. Where is the sea here?”

“You should know. Doesn’t everyone dream? So it’s kind of a nightmare

rum… …

The atmosphere became eerie.

“Of course you know. Even submerged under the sea. Although my daughter doesn’t seem to have nightmares.”


Mong-ah’s eyes, which had been watching the labyrinth, calmly calmed down.

‘… … I see.’

It was a maze-like decision.

“Let’s go at once. Time is running out. Mr. Miro did a good job, but waking up Yahweh is an urgent priority. You will know everything when you get to the beach.”

They would do anything if the secrets of the nightmares that haunted them every day were solved.

“Okay, let’s go.”

After leaving Sae-in’s house, Mong-a followed the sound of the waves.

‘How could I not know?’

The group was shocked.

“I have never been down this road before. Even after living in this city for so long… …

“Because it’s such a memory.”

Mona said.

“If you set the memory of living for 10 years as the cause, it really becomes the result of living for 10 years.”

“You mean this is our first day?”

“I don’t mean that. That time is meaningless. It is such a world, here.”

Sein looked around.

“What happened?”

“It’s all washed away, Ymir’s mind. It is proof that Mr. Louver was desperate enough to restore the city.”

A white sandy beach was visible between the buildings, with only steel frames remaining, and the blue sea beyond.

Hearing the sound of the waves made me feel relieved.


A boy was sitting in a state of collapse in front of the foaming waves.


When I approached and looked at it, it was the face I had seen in my dream, but the eyes were drained of life.

“Oh Dae-sung, I brought my friends. Calm down. We have to go fight again.” Mongah shook her head.

“Nothing. You have lost the will to act. Actually, it’s not that I don’t understand.”


“I think I activated the dream barrier to withstand the water pressure on the mind of the abyss. The beach you see now is proof of that. It means out of the sea. In any case, I am not subject to psychic attacks here. Because that doesn’t happen.”

“What is that?”

“Are you satisfied with this reality? A combined dream is the merging of individual dreams into one. In other words, everyone’s wishes are connected to create one world.”

“Are you saying we wanted this situation?”

“This is the closest result. Miro realized it when the dream barrier was activated. That’s why I erased all his memories. That image was embodied as a child.”

“Why did you have to?”

“To avoid hurting Mr. Garold.”

Mong-a raised her index finger.

“Dreams are the fulfillment of desires. If Mr. Miro were her saint, Mr. Old would have loved her even if he had suffered her pain. Of course, no one knows where it will bounce. She might be Mr. Sein’s wife as everyone’s desires are mixed.”

Sein burst into laughter.

If Mong-ah’s words are true, he is rejected by Miro even in his dreams.

‘It’s an iron wall.’

“That’s why I erased my memory. The only world in which Mr. Autumn can be happy. Absolutely impossible in reality. Miro wanted that.” “Honestly, there is no way out. The moment you leave this place, everyone is killed. Oh Dae-sung realized something, so I hoped for it, but it would be impossible in this state. Living here would not be a bad choice.”

Gaold turned his head.

“Hurray! The sea, the sea!”

wow! wow!

A big smile appeared on Miro’s face as he and Arius ran across the sandy beach.

there was.

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