Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1117

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Depth of Abyss (2)

Gaold had a dream.

Flying fast over the endless sea, he was obviously in a painful state.

Her hair was white, and tears of blood flowed from her eyes, which were only white.

‘Air Press!’

A black monster 2,000 times bigger than a deep-sea whale screamed and wriggled.


Drinking Leviathan.

It was the strongest and worst creature that exists in Ymir’s mind, the second level of depth.


Sein’s face distorted as a tsunami hundreds of meters high was created by Ilgal Bay.

‘Sun and moon halo.’

I wanted to see the two halos interlocking like gears and gradually reducing the sound.


The screams erupted again and eventually broke into pieces.

“this… …

As the restraining power was gone, Leviathan twisted like an unbridled colt.

Every time they hit the sea, a shockwave exploded, and the party was hidden in the pouring water.


Following the spirit of the maze, the incarnation of Avalokiteshvara with Thousand Arms appeared through the curtain of water.

The number of palms that overwhelmed the Demon God increased to tens of thousands and struck the torso.


How long has it been since I heard the scream of a monster?

‘Wrong. It doesn’t work.’ But that’s all, Leviathan flew back up unscathed.

Sirone let out a heavy breath.

‘How long did you fight?’

They entered a place too deep and huge to guess the time of reality.

However, when calculated with the number of agreements with Leviathan… … .

‘It seems like six months have passed.’

The total amount of power was enough to devastate the real planet, but Leviathan was unbreakable.

‘It’s because it’s in a dream.’

But even so, Sirone and the others are also beings who have reached the limit of their mental powers.

“Is this Ymir?”

You can’t shock his psyche.

The biggest problem was that Leviathan could not be frustrated with any attack.

Louver flew.

“Oh Dae-sung, your stamina is at the bottom. Oh no, I must say it’s mental strength. If we take any more time here, we are out of luck.”

Six months with the Demon God is probably the maximum power they can fight without rest.

“… … all right.”

The resolve was quick.

‘I have no choice but to try it or not. If I fail this time, it’s really over.’

the only way.

‘The ability of the outside world.’

After Louver’s objet <Butterfly of the Firstborn> was activated, Sirone’s thinking changed.

‘God’s point of view.’

The realization he has reached now is a stage that Sirone in reality has not yet reached.

‘I need power beyond infinity.’ Yahweh’s spirit is infinite, but why is his power not infinite?

Because the world is closed.

‘Cause and effect are just the logic of time. If you set the direction of time to minus… …

Effects become causes, and causes in turn become effects.

“Infinity cycles to infinity.” it will be infinite

When Sirone’s Hand of God spread his palm wide, the light particles were compressed.


As cause and effect circulated, biting each other’s tail, a change occurred in Sirone’s body.

Louver’s eyes widened.

“That… …

Sirone’s body began to disintegrate, as if a thread was unwound from a skein of thread.

‘More, more!’

As the cause and effect circulated, the unraveling shape became bizarre, and at last the waist was twisted like a twist.


“Oh Dae-sung! It’s not possible!”

The moment Louver shouted, a black line began to wind in the light of the Hand of God.

Above the bizarre law where light and darkness coexist at the same time.

“uh… …

The color of the Photon Cannon, which was born with a roar, was bizarrely mottled.

The distorted colors, as if ink were sprinkled on the sphere of light, are the unknowns of the outside world.

‘A world in which cause and effect are reversed.’ Louver’s expression hardened and his gaze at Sirone cooled.

“The outside world… …


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Syrone flies away, biting the tail of the Leviathan heading towards Gangnan and Arius.

“Yaaaaa!” The moment he swung his arm, a huge flash of light stretched out and buried itself in Leviathan’s side.

“Big… …

Another scream erupted, but this time the sound waves were sucked into the Leviathan.

A black and white photon cannon made a messy turn at the side sunk hundreds of meters deep.

When Leviathan’s huge mouth opened wide, everyone in the party looked tired.

“Damn it… …

Before Gaold could finish his words, the roar of the Demon God spewing out all life burst out.


Every time the gigantic body wriggled, the world shook and cracks appeared in the black skin.

‘It explodes.’

The light leaking out of the cracks was not normal so anyone felt that way.

“That’s Okay!”

Arius shouted.

“It was a shock to Leviathan. In-depth level 1, finally with Ymir… … !”

Before the words are finished, the whole world is dyed in white light.

“Gluck! Gluck!”

Arius drank the seawater that suddenly rushed into his mouth and struggled.

‘Am I going to fall?’

No, it was the sea rising.

The brilliance of the explosion that filled the sky gradually diminished in size as the water rose.

‘are you okay. Now go to Ymir.’ how long did she wait

“100 million! 100 million!”

In the darkness without a single ray of light, Arius struggled with his limbs.

‘When are you arriving?’

It was buried endlessly.

The water pressure, to be precise, Ymir’s mind was holding them down.

“Grrrr… …

As the air in his lungs escaped, Arius’ gaping chin cooled and stiffened.

Meanwhile, Louver has been searching for Sirone.

‘It’s over there.’

Yahweh would be able to withstand Ymir’s spirit, but Sirone did not move.

‘Is it also affected?’ It was difficult to guess what state his mind would be in the process of reversal of thought and reversal of reversal.

‘I will die at this rate.’

Louver, who was looking at Sirone, who had sunk into darkness, brightened his eyes as if he had made up his mind.

‘Dream Barrier.’

It was a taboo among taboos, but it was an unavoidable decision to save Sirone.

As Louver’s body soaked into the water, the color of the sea began to change to deep purple.

‘Please be safe!’

With his consciousness quickly fading, Autumn wandered in search of the maze.

‘Where are you?’

Although he did not know the theory of dreams, his body felt what state he was in right now.


The human body cannot tolerate oxygen indefinitely, but this was a dream world.

However, the physical figures were transformed into spirits and were destroying Gaold’s mind.

‘I’m not giving up. maze… …

At that moment, he felt a labyrinth approaching him from the depths of the abyss.

“Garreuk! gurgle!”

As he finally approached Maze, a cold hand wrapped around Gaold’s neck. An auditory hallucination-like voice ringing in my ears. Gaold.

Waking up, Gaold blinked as he recalled his dream from earlier.

Sunlight came in through the windows, and although it was dusty, it smelled warm.

“Honey, wake up.”

When I slowly looked away, Kang Nan was walking towards the kitchen with food in a basket.



‘Kangnan was my wife.’

then… … Who could be the woman who hugged and whispered to him in his dream?

“Is that a dream again?”

Gangnan asked while trimming vegetables.

Yo O” Heh.

“?… “okay.”

The reason why Kang Nan’s voice is locked is because she also dreams the same dream every day.

It always has been.

Wake up from the dream, take a walk with her, eat, and sleep with her.

‘If I fall asleep again.’

The scene of the most grueling battle is coming to reality.


Gaold took a deep breath.

‘It’s just a nightmare.’

yes, it’s a nightmare

The self-reciprocal mutation that had tormented him so much in his dreams was not here.

‘does not it hurt.’

Gaold thought that that alone was enough reason to live in this world.

“we… … What happened?”

It’s just a matter of asking.

“Is that sound again?”

“I don’t know what is real. Isn’t it weird sometimes? here it is If this place is really real… …

“Stop it!”

Gangnan shouted out loud.

“It’s just a dream! I don’t care who you love in your dreams! But, it’s too much!”

The reason they are confused is because they don’t know the cause.

How they came to live here, why they fell in love, why they had nightmares.


Gauld got out of bed and hugged Gangnan.

“I was too sensitive. yeah, it’s just a dream Now that you’re awake, let’s start a good day.”

“… … Eat food.”

Gangnan, who pouted his lips, handed over the soup, and Gaold moved it to the table.

‘It’s not strange.’

It’s obvious that there is no cause, right?

‘But it’s strange.’ The feeling of missing something.


I’ve lived in this house for a long time, but it seems like I’ve lived since today, and I have nightmares every day, but maybe it’s the first time.

“Let’s go.”

Her food was delicious, a relief I would never experience in my dreams.

Gaold set the tableware down.

“Let’s get some fresh air. Doing some shopping after a long time.”

Have you ever made money?

“Ok, fine.”

The lukewarm and uncomfortable feeling would be the same, so it was nice to see Kang Nan smiling at me.

As we went outside, people dressed as refugees passed between the steel-framed skyscrapers.

shoot it shoot it

The sound of waves was heard somewhere, but no one here knew what it was.

“Come on, it’s cheap. it’s cheap!”

The market was lined with stalls, and most of the people’s faces were familiar.

Gaold was relieved.

” how much is this?”

Kang Nan asked with interest in the necklace with wolf teeth attached to the leash.

“It’s 200 fisk, so I’m going to give you 1.5 million. ah

It’s the main good stuff.”

“Honey, let’s do this.”

At that time, a big dog ran from the other side of the market.

wow! wow!

“Arius! wait!” Garold turned his head to see a dog running at him with bandages over his eyes.

“this… …

When Gauld pushed back and blocked the gang, the dog stabbed him right in the stomach.

“shit! what?”

He frowned under the dog’s weight as his wet tongue licked his chin.

“Arius! are you okay?”

When the dog went back at the woman’s voice, Ga Old jumped up with an angry expression.

“Little boy! And if you release the dog… … huh?”

Gaold stopped talking.

A young girl, probably eight years old, was holding the dog by the scruff of its neck.

It’s a common sight that can be seen anywhere, but Gauld’s heart beat wildly.


“huh? How does he know my name?”

Confused, Gaold looked back and forth between the river and the labyrinth, lost in thought.

‘It’s definitely the name of the woman who appears in my dreams. but… … Aren’t you a child?’

You must also feel the intensity.

“Little boy.”

Just as she was about to ask something with a serious expression on her face, a tall man approached her.

“Is there a problem?”

Gaold realized that his appearance was the same as the man he called Sein in the dream.

“Oh, the dog came running.”

Sein, who looked at the mess, grasped the situation and lowered his head.

“Looks like my daughter made a mistake. Because Arius couldn’t see her eyes. She’s not very excitable.”

month! month!

As soon as he finished speaking, Arius went and started barking at Old.

“Oh, yes! What’s wrong with you today?”

Kreureung! Kreureung!

Arius, who bit Miro’s sleeve with his teeth, twisted his neck repeatedly and pulled him.

“you really… … ! huh?”

Miro frowned as he saw tears streaming down Arius’ bandages.

Kreureung! Kreureung!

As if she had to go to that man, as if she was pulling her owner with all her might.

“Arius… …

Sensing something for the first time, she slowly turned her head and looked up at Gaold.

“Who is the uncle?”

“Little boy.”

Gaold asked.

“you… … Have you ever had a strange dream’?”

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