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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1116

Depth of Abyss (1)

Cayden tried his best, but in the end his fist cut through the air.

‘huh? Empty?’

His motion stopped, but the people in the banquet hall were busy looking around.

“what? what’s the matter?”

Not only Marcus, but the position of the people in the banquet hall had changed.

Wu Lin frowned.


Sirone captured the scene, but for now, the first thing to do was to judge the situation.

“A little while ago… …

“I don’t know.”

Lufist shook his head.

“I’m sure something happened, but I don’t know what it is. Was I by your side?”

Sirone searched for his memory.

‘How I got here. When I came out of the room and passed the hallway, I met Mr. Rufist… …

The moment I finished the restoration, I got goosebumps.

‘It definitely moved.’

It had moved approximately 3 cm from the position in his memory.

Also, digging further into the memory, it was the shortest distance among those whose location had changed.

‘It’s not like I was forced to move.’ If something has moved, it’s probably the heart.

‘I came here on my own accord. Something happened, and it changed my mind.’

It felt as if one of the two incidents had been chosen, like the Buddha statue explosion.

Therefore, those without a sense of jealousy would be in an awkward feeling like deja vu.

Rufist asked.

“Can you explain?”

“There are parts that make you guess. But what I don’t understand is the scale is too big.”

Shirone’s actions only change where Shirone’s actions are applied, but… … .

‘Now everyone’s position has changed. In a word, the whole incident is a twisted situation.’

It’s not the level of the time width.

“This is the result of assuming that hundreds of people’s wills were turned at the same time. Who can do this?”


Rufist rested his chin.

“As you said, it is not space travel. Because I am also standing here with my own will. But I don’t remember coming this far. I was definitely there.”

He pointed to a corner of the banquet hall.

“Flu was next to me, and I was in contact with an official from the Moon Kingdom. the memory is clear The only problem is, I still feel that I came here on my own volition.”

“That’s the point.”

Is it possible to understand the sudden change of location even though you have no memory?

“There is a case similar to this.” Sirone remembered a man’s face.

“The rapid-fire sword Chagall. His life is marked by memories instilled by Ra E Nami. Because of that, he became a murderer, and now he has fallen into hell.”

“After all, we all went through the same phenomenon as Chagall. Although to varying degrees.”

“yes. Chagall’s entire life was gone. In any case, controlling the effect by changing the cause requires authority at the level of Ankera.”

Rufist arranged it.

“In other words, what has happened is the mind, some ability to change quantum signals. And its power… …

His gaze turned to the floor.

“Is it enough to push the heart of Yahweh by three centimeters?”

Considering that everyone’s position has changed greatly, Sirone has almost remained in place.

‘Don’t be shaken by any variable O’

However, the fact that Yahweh’s footsteps moved even a little was serious.

Lufist murmured.

“The system has changed… …

Sirone thought the same, but this time he had no choice but to remain silent.

‘This is obviously the work of the outside world. It’s premature to share information.’

Of course, there were those who knew, and perhaps one of them had reached the correct answer.


When Sirone looked away, she was hurriedly leaving the banquet hall.

“Still, the question remains.”

Rufist asked.

“okay. It is the result of everyone’s will to change. I’ve lost my mind, and here I am. But if so…

He pointed at Cayden.

“Why did you swing your fist? If Marcus isn’t in front of his eyes, his right hand shouldn’t have moved, right?”

‘Yes, this is strange.’

As Sirone turned his head, Caden looked at his right hand and squinted his eyes.

‘What have I done?’

I still remember Marcus teasing Maya, but I also understood that he was not in front of me.

‘I was just delusional. Because that guy never actually came to me. But why do I… …

Did he try to attack Marcus?

‘Are you angry just thinking about it? Is it really like that?’

The right hand did not answer.

In the midst of a similar confusion, Fermi’s cold gaze was aimed at Cayden.

‘That was it.’

It was one of several keywords obtained from Apocalypse that were not analyzed.


It was a phenomenon of escaping from the prison called the body, which did not allow even an inch of gap.

After coming out of the banquet hall, Uorin’s face was covered with cold sweat.

‘Nonsense. How could this happen… …

When the position of the people in the banquet hall changed, her future poetry was sharply twisted.

‘The future has changed.’

The fluctuating lines of light were blinding, and a tremendous shock was applied to the brain.

‘system. Changing itself is not something humans can do. if it is possible… …


The old woman’s shoulders twitched.

When I turned around, I saw Sirone walking quickly through the empty hallway.

“… … joy.”

He knew that he would follow him, but he felt sad at the same time.

‘I only look for it at times like this.’

Sirone said.

“Do you know what happened to the situation from a moment ago?”

“I don’t know. Even if you know, there’s no reason to explain it to you. We are competitors.”

It was ironic that in order to win Sirone’s heart, he had to defeat him.

“God’s Perspective.”

Since he had told Fermi the secrets of the outside world, they should have reached Uorin’s ears as well.

“This is something only God can do. But I don’t know exactly what happened.”


Uorin sighed and said.

“Follow me.”

Arriving at Kashan District, she looked around and went into her room.

“No one will come for 35 minutes.”

This is because the trajectory of a special event did not appear in the corridor viewed in the future.

“In other words, it means there are only 35 minutes left. I’ll explain briefly. I also have information from you.”

Wu Lin organized her thoughts.

“At the banquet hall, 12 countries gathered. There are countries where the King has attended, like me, but some countries have not. Perhaps the culprit is one of those countries.”

“door. Shirt. and… …

Sirone said in a subdued voice.


“okay. If the power of God worked in the banquet hall, Paras, where the Pyramid of Truth is located, is a strong candidate. As you may have guessed, King Kitra must have entered the pyramid.”

“Emotional illness seems to have been cured. The question is, how did you change the system?”

“The 12th palace of the zodiac.”

Uorin raised her index finger.

“It’s the movement of the stars.”

Several people left the banquet hall, and one of them was Jin Kang, the emperor of Jincheon.


When I asked about it, Ahn-chal, who had come closer before I knew it, lowered his head and said.

“The Jincheon Space Agency is investigating. Nothing particularly special happened. but… …

” but?”

“The position of the stars has changed.”

When Jin Kang’s expression became displeased, he continued to speak.

“I wouldn’t say it’s really changed. Maybe it hasn’t changed, but… …

“Explain properly.”

I understood Jin Kang’s feelings, but there was no better explanation for it, even if it was Ahn Chal.

“Your Highness must have felt it, but an event has been pushed into the realm of delusion. However, when it is said that it is an incident that may have actually occurred… …

“Is the position of the stars different from before?”

“yes. It’s not something you can see with the naked eye. It’s about 1/1 of an astronomical number. However, my magic eye is the ability to control the mind, so I definitely feel that something has changed.”

“Hmm, the position of the stars is different.”

Jin Kang asked while brushing his beard.

“What does that mean?”

“The First Universe.”

Wu Lin continued.

“The action of all the atoms that followed from that moment made the present celestial body. Humans, no, all beings in this universe are bound by the operation of the law.”

she opened the window

“There are fish because there is water. Birds exist because there is a sky. Ancient humans were aware of that fact. And I gave it the name Destiny.”

Stars twinkled in the night sky.

“Actually, constellations don’t have special powers. A celestial body just made that way. It means that according to the rules that have been established from the beginning, some human beings will end up living like this. A man named Cayden was destined for the Red Cross… …

Woorin turned around.

“To be precise, it was already decided from the beginning of the universe that Cayden would be born that way, and the result is the constellation you are looking at now.”

A specific pattern created by the position of the stars.

“The Red Cross is in the southern sky, with seven red stars in the shape of a cross. by the way. if… … What would happen if the position of the stars changed?”

Sirone finally realized.

“The law changes. It means that the beginning of the universe, that is, the first cause, is different, so the result is also different.”

“okay. Actually moving the planet would be a big problem. But if it’s different from the start, there’s no sense of incongruity. Because human logic is based on cause and effect. I was born, I have my parents, I have my parents’ parents and… …

Uorin raised her hand.

“And when we finally arrive at the beginning of the universe, human logic is over. Conversely, human logic is born from there, so I don’t think it’s strange no matter what results come out now.”

“It is the result achieved by thoroughly observing the law of causality.”

It was the reason everyone in the banquet hall believed that it was their own will even though they had different memories.

“okay. There are errors in memory. But that’s not all. The change of a person’s position in the banquet hall is a change on a cosmic scale. Of course, the number of changes may be minute enough to be close to infinitesimal, but Paras should be considered to have the ability to fine-tune.”

Sirone remembered Piri, the leader of the new race.

‘Nane said it’s just the beginning. But did Fermi know that the beginning was Paras?

“Sirone, I don’t know what Kitra is thinking. Our job is to uncover the secrets of the outside world faster than Paras.”

“I am exploring the Pyramid of Truth, but it will take time. A decision must be made before the crusade is over, but… …

“There is one more.”


Uorin crossed her arms and asked.

“In Ymir’s dream. Doesn’t the fact that quantum signals are blocked mean that we are connected to the outside world?”

Sirone shuts up at the cold-hearted analysis.


‘Come to think of it… …

Those who went into the dream to steal Ultima, what are they doing now?

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