Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1108

Human unknown (1)

past midnight.

After going down the secret passage of the Vatican, Sirone and the others infiltrated the dark passage with the lights turned off.

‘There is a Heresy Management Department at the end of this corridor.’ What Sirone wanted was the reality of the Heresy Management Department, so it was necessary to infiltrate it secretly.

According to Seina, the sentries are replaced every 8 hours.

‘Regardless of their status, they are priests. It’s better not to use mental magic.’

After waiting like that, it was 2:00 in the morning, and footsteps were heard in the dark.

“Ugh, sleepy.”

Ordinary priests who stood guard passed by Sirone’s party, blinking their eyes.

“Standing on guard when there is no light is a real hardship.”

“that’s right. Especially the night sentry.” Replacement members were waiting at the end of the hallway.

“Didn’t everything happen?”

“Well, no one is coming.”

Among the priests, most of them did not even know where the Heresy Management Department was.


As if they had promised, Sirone and the others moved their bodies at the same time.

As we advanced, relying on a small light like fireflies, a large door that smelled like iron was blocking the hallway.

The time it takes for a new sentry to arrive is at most one minute.

‘Can I do it?’

Contrary to Seina’s concerns, Sirone made the Miracle Stream as thin as a thread and sent it through the locking device.


Seina suddenly realized that when she raised her head, the lock was unlocked.

No sound was heard.

‘Vacuum magic.’

The moment I opened the iron door, numerous voices echoed.


Even with all the sound waves under control, Sirone hurriedly closed the door.

“Oh God! Punish me!”

Screams followed by shouts, and Seina’s face turned pale.

“here… … The Heresy Management Department?”

Iron doors were installed along the corridor like a prison, and all of them were making terrible noises.

“no. It can’t be like this.” Even if it was underground, it did not sound appropriate to the holy Vatican, a place where the dignity of God resided.

“You wouldn’t have thought of that before you were baptized by me.”

Seina couldn’t resist.

‘I already knew.’

Although he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, how the Paladins of the Heresy Management Department would treat heretics.

Now that I realize it, it’s not scary.

What’s really scary is… … .

‘How could I live without thinking about anything?’

Even though these inhumane things are happening underground in the Holy See.

“let’s go. This is just the beginning.”


Sirone glared at the end of the hallway.

“Paladins are trained from an early age. Do you know where it is?”

Seina searched for memories.

“Of course I don’t know. I was too young, and at the time I remember it, it was just somewhere in the mountains.”

Sirone pointed to the darkness.

“If you leave this place, you will find a training ground for paladins. The Papal States are not the only Papal States. Mountain ranges extend to the north. There are many villages there. A place where those who have been judged by the Heresy Management Department are exiled.”

“A place like that… … There is a training ground for paladins?”

“It’s something we have to check. Let’s set off.”

Even as Sirone and the others moved forward, Seina was lost in thought.

‘Severe training in childhood.’

It was physically and mentally difficult to endure.

‘But I got over it. I lived only by that confidence. He has defeated countless evils.’

How did it happen?

‘I need to get my divine power back. As Yahweh said, confirm the truth and make your own judgment.’

Following Sirone, Seina was able to see what was happening inside the cage.

“You son of a dog! kill! Kill me!”

angry people.

“Wrong! I was stupid! Ah, the Krea God.”

those who pray.

“Hehehe! yes, try more! Give me a taste of heaven!”

those who laugh

Seina’s hair stood on end.

“This… … Paladins of the Heretic Management Department

is it the same as?”

“okay. When thinking itself becomes painful, the human mind becomes very simple. That’s why you become blind and strong.”

Seina was also strong at one time.

“But that’s not really strong. Because what is truly strong is the power to protect, not to destroy.”

“Huh. uh huh.”

The iron door opened and the Holy Knight from the Heresy Management Department came out.

Tears of blood flowed from his eyes, which were painted all over his body.

‘The one who cries.’

“I, I… … sad. This world, this reality… …

Even though Sirone and the others were there, he didn’t mind and headed to another room.

Iruki’s expression became serious.

‘It’s completely gone. It’s not that you haven’t seen us. It’s already paralyzed to think, so it’s acting like a machine.’

Standing in front of the room with the door open, I saw a man who had been brutally beaten.

Seina approached.

“You bleed too much. Wait. Even if hemostasis… …


the man said

“please… … kill me Get me out of prison.”

Seina, who was looking at the man with a teary expression, closed her eyes and shouted.

“I know enough!”

Yahweh was right.

“I knew I was wrong. So no need to investigate further. let’s go Saving the people here is the first thing.”

It must have been a normal accident, but Sirone was still lost in thought.

“Kill! You mean kill me!”

As the man struggled, Seina grabbed his hand.

“I’m fine now. We’ll get you out of here.”


A scratching sound was heard in the man’s throat.

“Kick-kick-kick! take it out? what?”

“Yeah, in jail… …

At that moment, the man’s focus became clear for the first time.

“Are there any prisons this wide?”

While everyone was thinking about the meaning of the words, a man suddenly poked his face.

“Kill it! Kill! You mean kill me!”

When blood splashed on her face and Seina felt a chill, she hurriedly retreated.

“It’s futile.”

A dreary voice came from outside the iron door.

‘ Suddenly?’

It was a man in a robe that flowed down to the floor, holding chains in both hands.

Iruki asked.

“Who are you?”


He was the second in the hierarchy of the Holy See, the one who forgives.

It was the first time even Seina, a paladin from the Trust Management Department, had met him face-to-face.

“How did this happen?”

Vanissa didn’t respond.

“To think that such a tragedy is taking place in the Holy Vatican. Who the hell approved it?”

“… … god.”

As Vanissa removed the hood, the robe slid along her body.

Seina, wide-eyed, felt nauseated from the tip of her stomach.

‘What have you done to yourself?’

Muscles in certain parts of the body were hollow, so bones were visible, and there were twisted marks on the abdomen as if organs were twisted inside.

Sirone came out.

“I will take it. He is a strong man.” Yacha or Banya.

No, maybe something with both of those things.

“Kill… … Kill me.”

Vanissa pointed with her scythe as the tortured man’s groans leaked out.

“You are lucky. How about doing it? Have mercy.”

Sirone fired.

“It is mercy to get that man out of jail.”

” prison?”

The corner of Vanisa’s mouth went up.

“We are all in prison.

right here.”

His scythe stabbed himself in the chest.

“In the prison of the body.”

“A state of perfect restraint that does not allow even one millimeter, that is the body. Look at my body.”

As he stretched out his torso, his broken ribs burst through the flesh.

York 99

As Seina turned her head, he spat out.

“Where in this body… is there a place for me to rest?”

Vanissa approached slowly.

“I can’t hide anywhere. The pain is completely mine. And that is why God created us.”

Nade pulled out the electric shock.

“I’m out of my mind.”

“sanity? We are imprisoned the moment we are born, and we suffer endlessly until we are freed from this prison. When the pain becomes unbearable, God opens the prison doors for us.”

Vanissa stopped within reach of a scythe if she swung it.

“It is to liberate the mind that has obtained the complete truth from the body. It is you who are insane.”

Some people choose suicide at the end of despair.

“That man cannot die by himself. Because he has not yet obtained the truth. And yet, he tries to break out of the prison of his body. I am helping him.”

It is sophistry.

I’m sure it is, but the reason I can’t refute it is… … .

‘The outside world.’

It was because Sirone now guessed the true identity of God.

‘Vanissa doesn’t know about the outside world. Hence, self-realized beliefs. But it was also born in extreme pain… …

A human truth.

“Foolish creatures, God has imprisoned us in bodies. You can never escape the karma of that existence. really repent Realize the truth in pain. I will forgive you.”


Sirone wanted to find the truth in the madman.

“Why? Why is God punishing us?”

“only one.”

With his head upright, his body leaned forward slowly.

“For the glory of God.”


Nade and Iruki kicked the ground.

On the other hand, Sirone activated Miracle Stream on the spot to protect Seina.

As soon as Vanissa’s arms were wrapped in light smoke, she felt tremendous pressure.


The reason why you can move even if your muscles are cut off is the divine transcendence.


The reason that can overcome the power of the Miracle Stream is beyond the mind.

“You are a heretic.”

As Sirone gritted her teeth and swung the smoke of light, Vanissa was pinned against the wall in the hallway.


Sirone shouted before the echo of the roar was gone.

“go! Find an exit!”

After confirming Vanisa’s skill, Nade and Iruki grabbed Seina’s wrist and ran through the hallway.

“Belief, body, philosophy, movement.”

Vanisa’s body, more damaged than before, stood up like a zombie.

“You think you can do something with it? You are welcome, Yahweh. It is an illusion.”

Breaking one of the jarring ribs, he grabbed his scythe and charged again.

“There is no way out of God’s prison.”

Cayden couldn’t sleep.


He was assigned a room next to Maya, who guarded the Delta Headquarters and the Tormia District’s artist quarters.

‘Is he sleeping?’

Even if you stare beyond the wall, nothing can be seen, and only the imagination unfolds.

‘Let’s not be fooled. It’s meant to protect Maya. I don’t want anything.’

Then I felt a strange sensation in my lower body.

“huh?” When he looked up and checked, his pants were off and his right hand was moving.

“Aaaaaa! what’s this! shit!”

Hand of God Syndrome.

It seems to respond to desire, but I couldn’t get a sense of what standard it was moving.

“You stupid right hand! Stop! I am not a monkey!”

Just as the left and right hands struggled to the death, Maya burst open the door.

“Kaden! what’s the matter!”

“Ugh! Aaaaaaa!”

Cayden was grateful that his body had superhuman reflexes.

Maya blushed and waved her hand as she hurriedly pulled up the blanket.

“Mi, I’m sorry. I didn’t see anything. Really.”

‘damn! damn!’

Cayden’s head was buried in the blanket in frustration.

‘It’s wrong. I will never be able to protect Maya.,

As if denying his thoughts, the right hand pulled out the index finger and slowly moved it left and right.

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