Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1107

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Rules of the Holy War (5)

‘What are you going to do… …

As Satan revealed his murderous intentions, the captains of the guards in each country took out their weapons.

‘If you get caught in vanishing, it’s the end. Should I cut it before that?’

It would be talked about later if he killed himself by killing himself, but it was a different story if the target was Havitz.


At that moment, Havitz’s lifelike spirit disappeared, and he calmly walked towards Uorin.

“It will be fun.”

Fortunately, there was no commotion, but the observers were in a rather eerie mood.

‘Resisting current desires for later pleasure.’

It was atrocious.

After a while, Paras, Moon, and Gustaf entered the headquarters in the order they arrived.

Sensing the increasingly heavy atmosphere, the heads of state first avoided their seats for safety.

“The Jincheon Empire! Introspection!”

In the procession of the Jincheon Empire that arrived at sunset, Sirone looked at Jin Kang’s face.

‘You look thinner.’

It must be because the daughter is in hell.

“Jin Kang, you’re a formidable man.”

Albino came.

“No country has been unscathed by war, but it still has the largest population in the world. The brain is Jincheon Space Agency. I heard that a woman named Anchal leads this, isn’t she an alumnus of you’?”

“yes. Anchal dropped out midway through.” The albino stroked his beard.

“Three emperors have collapsed, but there are still three empires supporting this world. Kashan, Gustaf, and Jincheon. Perhaps another country will try to collude with one of them.”

Sirone realized the true meaning of the words.

“It is true that I am acquainted with the King of Jincheon, but I am not the kind of person who handles things with personal feelings.”

“That’s something you don’t know.”

The albino’s laughter was annoying.

“Where is there anything in the world that is not personal feelings? It is said that it is for a cause right now, but that cause also comes from the heart. Are there any ways to get into a corner? If you are, even more.”

“Mister Albino.”

Sirone wanted to make sure.

“Jin Gang sent his daughter to hell. That daughter saved humanity. Doesn’t that mean anything?”

“I’m not trying to fight you.”

The albino was unconcerned.

“Once you bump into it, you can do anything. Even if you don’t build a pit, the results are bound to come out. It’s like mixing cold and hot water. The question is, who drinks the water? The reason you attended the temple as a Tormia nationality must be because the people you know best are here. In other words, it must be easy to control.”

“I am……

“You want to say trust? no matter yes Anyway, the choice is each one’s own. If you’re worth a lot, I’ll try to ingratiate you too… …

The albino shrugged as he turned around.

“Who knows? what will happen.” Sirone protects the albino who gets away

While watching, Lufist approached.

“Don’t take it too seriously. After all, he is the one who came here to take responsibility for the future of the people of Tormia.”

Words are bound to be cold.

“Honestly, there are parts of me that agree with you. Thank you for choosing the Tormia nationality. I hope Yahweh will save mankind. But after that? Again, it’s a competition between countries. When that moment comes, I don’t want to see Tormia fall. Albino-san must know that too.” Lufist turned his head.

“You are a key figure with the widest and deepest connections in the temple. In a sense, it can be called the 13th country. To be honest, I want to use you. It’s okay to refuse if you don’t like it. but… … I hope there will be no words like betrayal.”

It was a problem that I had to mention once before the temple.

‘Betrayed.’ While Sirone was lost in thought, the kingdom of Iron arrived.

It was the only country that kept the royal authority while Fermi took control of the 7 Southern Kingdoms.

Rufist said.

“It has a rational political system. The consensus is that it won’t stand out in the temple either. Moderately strong, moderately flexible.”

I saw a familiar face next to Basak, King of Iron.

‘Shura of the Ten Lords.’

She, who was on the moon with Buddha, came down to the world.

Lufist murmured.

“Why did you choose Iron?”

“It must be Baron.”

Sirone’s eyes softened.

‘The Veron problem.’

Are humans capable of changing the outcome?

‘It’s something only God can do. But Veron left a last-minute possibility.’

The iron pole he planted in the kingdom of Iron was still embedded in the depths of the law.

‘A result unshakable by a cause. It’s just a pure will without any color.’

It was a hint to confront God.

Around midnight, the tribal union in the south and the four kingdoms of Arach, representing the 10 kingdoms in the archipelago, arrived.

Rufist said.

“They are not the core nations of this crusade. But the South needs to keep an eye on it. Because many tribes were united during the war. It means that each individual’s shamanism has been combined into one. The number of demons has decreased due to Gaold’s madness, but it is also meaningful that the southern continent is the only continent that has wiped out demons.”

Sirone asked.

“How about Arachne?”

“There are many beauties.” After a brief impression, Sirone turned to Lufist.

“why? Are my words strange?”

“It is famous enough to hold a world beauty contest. But shouldn’t we be underestimated enough to enter the 12th station of the temple?”


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“You are misunderstanding something.”

Rufist pointed at Arachne.

“It is said that all places where people live are the same, but as the borders are different, the philosophies of each country are also different. This is Nara, who has studied beauty for decades. Children grow up dreaming of world beauty contests. That is, the size of the manpower pool is different. And that attraction has permeated all of Arachne’s politics as well as society in general. It’s to the point where people say that you can’t win even a small contract without a waitress.”

Sirone remembered Rangi.

“You mean professional.”

“okay. Available manpower, experience points, databases, etc. In Arachne, beautiful eggs are not improvisational tactics. And the world of beauty sometimes… …

Rufist’s expression turned bitter.

“They’re even more powerful than cards like Elemental Bomb Blueprints. Especially in a political arena full of incarnations of desire.” Sirone inspected the lavishly decorated carriages in Arachne’s procession.

There were dozens of wagons that could fit 10 people, and Lufist was looking at the same place.

“There must have been no intention of becoming a leadership country in the first place. However, there is plenty of room to shake the board in the shadows. All they want is to make as much profit as possible.”

A temple opened in the Jive Kingdom.

‘Kashan, Gustaf, Jincheon.’

3 empires.

‘Iron, Moon, Paras.’

powerhouse of tradition.

‘Tormia, Kessia, Corona.’

An upstart faction joining the crusade for the first time.

‘The South and Arachne.’

An unknown variable that has not yet been guessed.

‘It’s starting now.’

The door of the temple was opened.

After leaving the banquet hall, Sirone entered the Tormia area that had been promised in advance.

The hallways were heavily guarded, and Yongleo staff led them to the conference room.

Upon entering the room guarded by the guards, Pony, Albino, Rufist and Flu were gathered around the table.

“Did you find it?”

Rufist said.

“I wanted to hear the briefing. Did I interrupt you?”


As Sirone settled down on one side of the table, Fleur walked over to the standing chart in front.

“This is a place to check the essential elements before the temple. Then we will begin the briefing.”

Pulling out his baton, Flew pointed to the large letters on the chart.

“sanctuary. It is an international federation formed by the countries that exert powerful influence in the world. The organization of the temple is largely divided into five. General Assembly, Military Department, Economic and Social Department, Religious Department, International Tribunal Department. Usually, when we say a temple is held, we mean a general meeting.”

The baton thumped the chart.

“The military department is commonly called Valkyrie, and until recently, Iruki, who was from Tormia, was the general military commander, but is currently on leave due to emotional illness.”

There was no mention of retirement.

“The head of the Ministry of Economics and Social Affairs is Mr. Smith, Chairman of the International Alchemy Foundation. He is from the Jive Kingdom.”

“I can’t expect any favors.”

“yes. However, it is comforting that the authority has been considerably reduced since the war. The Ministry of Religion is under the jurisdiction of the Lamite Pope, and the International Court of Justice is under the exclusive responsibility of the Red Line Headquarters.”

the albino asked.

“Who is the chief? I know they are elected from among those who have served as the president of the association in each country.”

“Currently, Mr. Bebeto Socrates is in charge. Nicknamed the stuffed pig. I was the president of the Yakma Republic Magic Association for seven years.”

“Does Gaold know?”

“yes. I also attended a meeting of former presidents of the association along with Mr. Gaold, but the relationship did not seem to be particularly good.”

Rufist burst into laughter.

“Who would he be friends with?” Flu explained.

“The temple’s affiliated organizations include the World Climate Organization, the World Health Organization, and the World Communications Agency. A delegation from each organization will also attend the event tomorrow.”

Seriel was also on her way home after staying up all night.

“This is the outline of the temple. Then, from now on, I will explain the most important method of voting in the temple.”

While Sirone corrected her expression, the explanation continued.

“When the temple schedule is over, 12 countries will gather and vote at the same time. Each country can exercise three powers, the first being ROM.”

It means power in ancient language.

“A ROM is one vote that can be given to one country or another country.”

table of choices.

“The second is Garto. It means favor, and it is one vote given to another country. The thing to remember here is that invalid votes are not possible.”

“You have to take a picture.”

“yes. Even if there are three votes, it is ultimately a vote. If you break the rules, it will be regarded as an intention to give up voting itself, and your authority will be revoked.”

Flu pointed to the third item.

“Finally, Temika. With authority in the sense of suppression, it will be ROMs that are not used in one country, that is, ROMs that are handed over to other countries. You can erase that mark.”

Sirone asked.

“In other words, when Tormia exercises the authority of ROM against its own country, other countries cannot use Temika to erase it, right?”

“yes. When ROMs become too active, there is no upper limit on the auction. To put it simply, one point given to me can be transferred to another person, but that one point is

You run the risk of being erased by a -1 point.”

Rufist said.

“The ROM is the key.”

“yes. For example, a country without leadership ambitions like Arachne would probably try to sell this power for the highest price. However, from the perspective of the buyer, there is a deterrent called Temika, so you won’t be able to openly buy it.”


Flew continued while everyone was lost in thought.

“Until the vote, the 12 countries are free to negotiate this power, and at the end the country with the highest vote becomes the leader under papal approval. Arithmetic, 23 votes is the maximum, and the minimum is 0 votes. However, the decision maker must be officially the representative of the country, and if replaced in the middle, the authority of the predecessor will be revoked.”

The albino shook his shoulders.

“Keuk keuk keuk, the situation in which the king is being replaced… …

The smell of blood already seemed to vibrate.

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