Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1100

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Beginning of Ruin (2)

In the inner sanctuary of the Jive Kingdom, Uorin was locked in thought with her mouth firmly shut.


Harvits, leaning on her back, whistled and emitted asker smoke.

“I can hear your heart.”

It was Mayray’s ability, God’s frequency.

“Your voice when you see Sirone. Wouldn’t that be more like pain?”

Woorin opened her mouth.

“If you had asked me to give way, I would have done it.”

“Are you delusional too?”

In the midst of silence again, Harvits continued.

“The reason I didn’t kill you in the first place is because you said you loved someone. I was curious. Because I couldn’t hear the sound of my heart back then. But now that I hear it, you seem to have a love similar to mine.”

“Have you ever been in love?”

“well. If that’s what you’re doing now, do it every day. no, maybe every second

Will it?” “People say that when there is a certain word, it is mistaken as if it actually exists. Like love, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness. I don’t know what I was doing when I didn’t have that word.”

Drunk with drugs, his eyes were open, but his emotions were much calmer than usual.

“Erase all the words in your head. Still, the heart is beating, and the body wants something. Whatever you want, you will eventually achieve it. If not defined.”

“Is that vanishing?”

“Does it again.”

Havitz threw a butt at the Jive official who was watching him with a look of astonishment.

“It gets complicated because you try to confine it to words. Because if you share your thoughts, you can’t feel the whole. It doesn’t have to be love. Isn’t the important thing what that feeling is?”

Uorin was bitter.

‘To be comforted by Satan. Well, it might mean that I’ve fallen that much.’

What does it matter?

Desperate desire is always near, and God is far from humans.

“… … can it be achieved If I don’t define my feelings for Sirone, will I ever get to that feeling, something I want?”


There was no desire that Harvitz could not fulfill.

“Of course you can.”

His face was as innocent as a child as he smiled at the sky.

“What a nice day.”


May everyone in this world win what they want.

‘Without a single exception.’ Sirone, Iruki, and Nade are troubled at the fountain in the square overlooking the Vatican.

said Nade.

“How about sneaking in? Once Sirone’s true identity is revealed, the paladin will move. As you would have known then, she hates being entangled with them.”

Iruki rested his chin.

“Hmm. But is that the case even within the Holy See? As far as I know, Lamieism is not a particularly warlike doctrine. I don’t know what it’s like outside, but at least it’s a religion that protects face externally.”

Sirone said.

“It is different in each case. The attitude of Lamieism toward other religions is divided into two. pseudo and heresy. If you believe in a god other than Crea, you are a pseudo-ji who stands in the position of Lamie. And I tend to neglect it. On the other hand, I…”

It’s not pseudo.

“It will not be dismissed as heresy. In other words, a religion that calls itself a god. In this case, Lamigyo has always aggressively suppressed. It will be no different this time.”

“But you never said you were a god, and above all you didn’t establish a religion.”

Iruki said.

“It seems that reputation is an issue. Because many people already regard Sirone as the Messiah. It’s enough to dismiss belief in other gods as fake. However, if humans who exist in reality are worshiped as gods… …

Finally, Nade’s expression became serious.

“It’s fatal to Lamie. Because it directly refutes the doctrine of monotheism.”

Iruki agreed.

“That’s why the Paladins were particularly hostile to Sirone. It would be dangerous to approach it with the idea that religions are only different.”

Surely it will.

“but! Isn’t that how you say it openly? We can’t fight here.”

Iruki raised his index finger.

“How about using a pseudonym? Although there is a prerequisite that you must be someone who will attract the attention of the pope.”

“Breaking through the front.”

Sirone made a decision.

“If you come up with a plan, meeting Pope Constantine won’t be difficult. But I can’t stand my point that way. Besides, the pope is leaving for the temple soon. There is something I want to check before that.”

Nade jumped up from his seat.

“Good. So let’s ask for a formal interview. If the paladin attacks, I will become the villain.”

Inside the Vatican, they found the central office of the Diocese and the Holy Knights.

“excuse me.”

The priest greeted him with a smile.

“Come, come, servant of God Kria. What brought you to the castle?”

said Nade.

“I came to see Pope Constantine. I really want to see you before you go to the temple.”


The priest, who blinked for a moment, checked the ages of Sirone and the others and scratched his head.

‘Well, at that age.’

Among the believers of Lamie, energetic young men crossed the continent to meet the pope.


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“Sorry, but the Pope is a very busy man. You have to go through a separate process for an interview. There is a department in the parish management office… …

“I am Sirone.” The priest did not understand at first.

“I want to talk to Pope Constantine. Please tell them that Yahweh has requested an interview.”

The priest’s face turned white.

“Hey, Yahweh?”

At the same time, all the priests in the integrated office stood up and looked at Sirone.

“what? Yahweh?”

Of course he’s not evil.

They weren’t murderers or terrorists, but some of the priests’ eyes weren’t pretty.

The head priest of the integrated office approached.


He bit his lip as he contrasted the rumored impression with Sirone’s face.

‘It seems to be true.’

If you don’t have two lives, isn’t there no way the Vatican would tell such a lie?

“If you really are Yahweh, you would know what this place is like. Is it a declaration of war?”

“I have no intention of fighting. There’s no reason for that. However, I have something to say to the Pope.”

Do you flatter the pope?

‘Such arrogance is unmatched… … !’

There was anger in the eyes of the High Priestess, but even Sirone did not back down this time.


I think you are a good person.

No, do humans exist in the world who can distinguish good people from bad people?

‘Even if there is.’

Can we really call it human?

‘At that time, it is already a concept that transcends human beings. Just as Mr. Miro is polar, and Harbitz is atrocious.’

Of course, Sirone was included.

“It won’t take long. Let me meet you. After all, I go to the temple, and I can meet the Pope there too. The reason I came here now is because the Holy See has an agenda to deal with.”


The information about the Holy See could not be refuted because the Holy See knew more about it.

“I will tell you once. But if the pope refuses, then we can do nothing.”

“yes. please.”

After hearing the high priest’s instructions, the two priests ran into the corridor and split left and right.

‘2 people.’

Diocesan Administration and Holy Knight Office.

‘There’s no way I’ll send you well. The Pope will meet me anyway. He must make a compromise with me if he wants to maintain his authority in the temple.’

The problem was:

‘How will the pope answer my question? If it’s a human answer, I’ll admit it. But if… …

If the answer is to deny humanity.

‘I have no choice but to see the blood.’

Holy Knight Office.

Seina, a high-ranking paladin belonging to the Trust Management Department, stood in front of a mirror wearing ivory armor.

‘Oh God.’

Her golden bobbed hair and neat face were beautiful enough to believe that they were created by a god.

‘Please punish me.’

However, as a paladin, her body was just a shell that contained her faith.

‘Erase the doubts in me, Lord.’

Divinity has weakened.

‘Why are you doing this? Nothing in particular has changed. Why do I live my life, everything I have achieved… …

did you get suspicious?

The first time I felt a change was when I returned to the Vatican after meeting Yahweh.

‘I said Sirone.’

When she succumbed to the temptation of Shiok, Yahweh ran to her and baptized her.

‘I was determined to be martyred. I wasn’t afraid of death But why… …

did you shed a tear?

The moment Syrone’s hand struck him on the forehead, all the terrible evil escaped.

‘perhaps… …

What if it wasn’t just the demons that escaped?


Seina groaned.

“There is no way my heart was shaken by him. Yes, this is the price you pay for surrendering to Si-ok.”

It was easier on my mind to be a loser who suffered from evil than to become a renegade of the faith.

“but… …

As she recalled the brilliance of the light that had flooded her eyes at the time, she was dazed again.

“Seina-san, are you inside?”

“ah! yes!”

Seina, equipped with a holy sword, hurriedly turned around at the sound she heard from outside the door.

When I opened the door, a handsome man in his early 30s with a short beard was smiling.

“Mr. Leon.”

It was a senior paladin in the same department.

“Seina-san and I won the patrol team this week. Was it too fast? We still have five minutes left.”

Five minutes from the room was a bit late for roll call.

“Oh, no. sorry.”

Seina’s sociability wasn’t that bad, but Leon was always awkward.

The reason is probably… … .

“How long has it been since you belonged to Seina-san and the patrol team? It seems that Kria God answered my prayers?”

Probably because it is light.

‘I’m not a bad person. but… … Leon subtly emphasizing the relationship between men and women

His words were very annoying to Seina.

‘A paladin is forbidden to marry. Our bodies and souls have already been dedicated to God.’

Leon changed the topic as if he was not aware of it.

“After Seina-san’s report came in, they said that the Paladin training program would be revived. The complaints of the subordinates are not the only ones, haha. It was really brutal in our time.”

‘It was.’

Since childhood, when she decided to become a servant of God, Seina went through rigorous training.

It was also clearly her pride.

‘But why?’

After being baptized by Yahweh, such a series of processes felt repulsive.

‘Yes, this doubt makes me weak. Calm down, Seina. You are a paladin.’

Leon’s expression was ecstatic as he gazed at Seina’s thoughtful face.

‘What a wonderful person.’

Paladins are forbidden from marrying, but the doctrine is not enforced even on lay people.

‘If I give up the Paladin position, Mr. Seina… …

Just as I was fantasizing about it, a priest came running from across the hallway.

“Temi? What happen?”

“Ah, Seina-sama! Leon!”

The priest, who had been kneeling down and breathing heavily, raised his head and shouted.

“It’s a big deal! Now at the Vatican… … So, in this holy Vatican… … !”

Leon grabbed his shoulder.

“Speak calmly. What happen?”

“Yahweh has come! It also proudly entered the front door! I will see the Pope!”

Leon furrowed his brow at the words that seemed unrealistic.

“What the hell is this?”

At that moment, he turned his head at the sound of heavy breathing behind him, and his eyes widened.

“Miss Seina?”

Her face was as red as a persimmon.

“Yahweh… …

Unable to control her heart beating fast, she asked with a blank expression.

“You came here?”

Waves of light shimmered in front of my eyes like afterimages.

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