Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1099

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Beginning of Ruin (1)

Those who knew Harvits were astonished.

‘The atrocities of the times.’

The fact that Satan joined hands with Uorin means that the demons are also under Kashan’s control.

‘Damn it.’

The tension was high.

‘Havitz’s ability is vanishing. A lot of research and analysis have already been done, but… …

The bottom line is that you can’t stop it even if you know it.

‘It’s like releasing a dog into a rabbit cage.’

Of course, no one in the temple considers himself a rabbit.

Lufist asked Sirone.

“Did you know?”

“Any guess. But I never thought I would show up in public like this.”

Sirone turned to Uorin.

‘What Havitz wants is the destruction of the world in the end. Do you really want that?’

As if listening to her heart, she turned her head towards Sirone.

‘Now you’re looking at me.’ That alone made her heart swell, but she was able to hide her emotions even without high gear.

“What is this?”

King Woodlai of Corona scolded.

“Empress of Kashan, calling Satan at a time when we should achieve world unity and promote world peace, do you really wish for the destruction of mankind?” It was something everyone was curious about.

“It can’t be.”

Wu Lin smiled.

“What we are doing now is a world war in which all races compete for supremacy. Aren’t strategic alliances fundamental?”

“Do you think that sophistry will work? It is a place where top leaders from all over the world gather. Who the hell would attend where Satan is?”

“That’s why I’m introducing you like this.”

After Urin finished speaking, Harvits, who had burned the asker to the butt, got off the horse.


Just because he moved, Tormia and Corona’s guards fluttered.

‘Vanishing is dangerous.’

It doesn’t just disappear.

There is no way to prevent something from happening outside of everyone’s awareness.

‘There is Harvitz. There is Havitz.’ Even though they knew it was useless, the guards continued to engrave Havitz’s existence into their brains.

“Well, what a spherical face. With the Queen of Kashan.” Harvits said.

“A history search is also necessary. But that woman made a wonderful offer.”

The concentration of the guards reached its peak.

‘There is Harvitz. There is Havitz.’

“Looking back, I thought I might have something to say at the temple. Anyhow, so… …

The moment Harvits turns around.

‘There is Harvitz. Harvits… … huh?’ Everyone in the procession, including the guards, blinked their eyes blankly.

‘Habits? What is it?’

While everyone forgot about Satan, only a few, including Sirone, had a serious expression on their faces.

“I will make a suggestion.”

With the smell of askers wafting in, Harbitz, riding on Uorin’s horse, spoke again.

‘damn. You missed it!’

A few people who realized it belatedly got goosebumps.

“I will not wear vanishing while attending a temple meeting. Then would you join me too?”

said Pony.

“Do you think we will accept the offer? Even if you accept, how do you verify that you are keeping your promise?”

Wu Lin said.

“How about risking my life?”

The moment her words fell, Tormia and Corona’s leaders were in an uproar.

The dragon’s albino instructed.

“Find out if you have a daughter.”


If Mitochondrial Eve secretly gave birth to a daughter, the life of the queen would be meaningless.

While the think tank was busy moving, Wu Lin smiled shyly.

“Do not worry. I am a virgin.”

“Khom. home.”

The old officials coughed.

“In other words, there is no other mitochondrial Eve. If I die, the queen will die too. If you want verification, we will go through the official process and respond to the investigation.”

Gando’s expression darkened, and Kido, who was guarding his side, showed his sharp teeth.

‘Sheesh! Do I have to go this far?’ Even if it was an unavoidable choice, I didn’t like holding hands with Havitz.

‘He’s the one who brought you to his knees. You are the queen, the noblest among humans… …

At least in Kido’s eyes.

‘Is that guy that good?’ Sensing their gaze, Sirone turned her head and saw the goblin standing in the center of the guard.


A precious friend who overcame hardships together.

‘You’re doing well.’


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When Sirone greeted him with a smile, Kido put the spear on his shoulder and smiled.

‘He has become very dignified.’

I heard the story of Yahweh until my ears were worn out.

‘But I’m also successful.’

When Kido shrugged, pointing to the guards captain’s badge, Sirone opened his mouth wide.


And again… … Their gazes diverged.

‘I hope it goes well.’

Although they are walking different paths according to their beliefs, they will still be friends.

I wanted to believe that.

“Anyway, the decision will be made after the 12 countries gather.”

Wu Lin continued.

“For now, that’s all I’m suggesting. Responsible for and controls Mr. Harvits’ actions. If I break this rule, I swear I will die


said Woodley.

“I’m not disparaging Kashan, but isn’t it self-consciousness to claim that your life is worth more than the lives of the leaders of 11 countries?”

“Then what shall we do? Will 11 countries except Kashan boycott the temple?” The temple is the best work.

“I don’t think anyone wants to be scattered again and fight bloody battles. In that sense, I think there is some justification for Mr. Havitz, the head of the demon tribe, to attend the holy war. If you can’t accept… …

Uorin sighed coldly.

“I will release Mr. Harvits. freely.”

“… … Am I a beast?”

As Harbitz muttered, Shirone’s eyes calmed down.

‘This is the biggest problem.’

He’s not someone you can control from the start.

‘Even if it’s not Kashan, Havits can come to the temple. Leaders of each country must have already run simulations, and they must have come up with their own countermeasures.’

Just like Sirone trained the Wizard.

‘Thus, the reason why I feel bad is that Kashan preoccupied the demons, not Habits. It’s displeased that someone else broke the taboo that she couldn’t do because of her face.’

The balance of power is leaning toward Kashan.

“As for the matter… … Woodlai opened his mouth heavily.

“I think it would be appropriate to gather the opinions of 11 countries. We make a formal objection in the temple.”

When Corona, the strong of tradition, took a step back, Wu-Lin bowed her head refreshingly.

“Thank you for your consideration. then… …

Kashan’s procession turned their horses’ heads, and as if they had promised, Tormia and Korona retreated.

“Kashan Empire! Introspection!”

Hearing the shout of the general guarding the door, the albino laughed heartily.

“Chuck! I ate a room from the start. As expected, the queen doesn’t take it lightly.”

On the other hand, Rai’s expression was not good.

“This is no laughing matter. The ability Havitz used earlier is on a different level from what I heard.”

Just the feeling of discomfort showed how sensitive Rai’s senses were.

“The risk of assassinating the king is a realistic figure. I will set the alert level to the highest.”

“Calm down. The royal guard is the power and face of the king. It’s not cool if you make too much fuss.”

“It’s better than having your eyes open and your throat cut. Other countries will be no different from us.”


The albino twisted his beard.

“Maybe that’s Tormia’s strength.”


“It’s just like that.”

The albino’s expression cooled down in the next moment after passing through Rai’s question.

‘Pony can die.’

Unlike other countries, Tormia does not have a high degree of dependence on the king.

‘It’s clever, but it has no political credibility. Even if Pony were killed by Havitz, Tormia would not be shaken easily. on the other side… …

Other countries are different.

Especially in the Kashan Empire, it was no exaggeration to say that Uorin was all of the power.

‘It’s just difficult to break through, once it’s pierced, it’s a castle that collapses out of control. That’s Kashan.’

The albino’s lips twitched.

‘She’s a virgin.’

I never thought the word biological purity would come out of Mitochondrial Eve’s mouth.

‘Keuk, the Empress of Kashan is also quite desperate.’

The pair of eyes that had been taken out of Iruki glared fiercely at Uorin.

‘Yes, where should I stab you?’

Kashan’s procession all escaped, and Tormia and Corona confronted each other on the left and right.

Sirone said.

“We yield.”

Rufist also agreed with that.

‘Corona has a deep connection with sirone. There’s nothing good for her now that she’s pretending.’

Pony, who knew her role, spoke.

“The Ivory Tower fought against the crisis of mankind. I think Corona Kingdom’s participation is also a great decision. Tor Mia respects that will and yields the way.”

Woodlai responded.

“As expected, you are a good soldier. Even refusing here is half the consideration of the Pony King, so I will go first despite the shame.”

Since I got the action, even if I gave it back with words, there was a feeling that it was excessive praise.

It was to be conscious of Sirone.

‘There’s nothing good about being seen as hostile to Oh Dae-seong. Ivory Tower faction fights are not unusual.’

Many stars agreed with Singh’s proposal for a new world, but Yahweh’s influence was still strong.

As if to prove that fact, the stars who participated in the holy war could not hide their awkwardness.

On the way to the castle gate, Lampa’s satellite gun saw Sirone and lowered his head.

“Oh, Daesung Oh. Hello… …

Lampa dried.

“Don’t be rash. We participated as Corona’s think tank. Please refrain from personal interactions.”

reckless behavior?

“How are you? Oh Dae-seong and I met eyes.” Lampa also knew.

‘The stars of the ivory tower are transnational beings. If a gun tooth respects someone, it can’t be stopped.’

But this time was an exception.

‘We declared neutrality and left the ivory tower. If you show special feelings to Yahweh here, there is a risk that even the Ivory Tower will turn into a political arena.’

Lampa apologized heartily.

‘I’m sorry, Oh Dae-sung. I hope you will rebuke this old man in the future.’

Of course, Sirone understood their situation, and was calm even after seeing Chong avoiding his gaze.

‘Mr. Lampa. the gun. Tsuoi. Musso. 10 magicians. All belong to the system inspection department.’

Stars and satellites from other departments were not visible.

‘The head of the system inspection department is Mr. Lampa, who is a 3-star. It must have been difficult to endure in the conflict between the Five Stars. Even so, choosing neutral means… …

It was a subtle nuance.

‘thank you.’

Even if it was the same neutrality, it would have been Singh who suffered the blow from the System Inspection Department’s departure.

‘With Mr. Lampa’s courage, the balance has been adjusted. But if you think of it the other way around, the power struggle inside the ivory tower is so tense. I guess I should go… …

Seeing a familiar face in Corona’s procession, Sirone got out of her mind.

‘Mr. Armin.’

Armin of Gwangan was on his way with Keira.

‘okay. There are not only stars in the ivory tower. The ability of the residents is also top-notch.’

32% of the 100 most dangerous people in the world belonged to the Ivory Tower.

‘It’s Gudio.’

People who play card games, as well as experts who know just by hearing the name, continued endlessly.


land of intellect.

“Corona Kingdom! Introspection!”

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