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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1098

Last Crusade (5)

Glenn frowned.

“What are you doing?”

“Rukia-san will be fine for a while.”

“Then what are you doing! Do you know why she held back? Do you think she is doing this out of pain?”

“It’s better than Angel.”

“Wrong! I’d rather do drugs, and getting help from Ethan is absolutely forbidden in Lamy Church… …

“Geul, Glenn.”

At Rukia’s voice, which was different from before, Glenn shook his head and turned his head.

“now… … I’m fine.”

In front of her calm eyes, Glenn was unable to say anything.


He clenched his fists.

“I know. That Yahweh’s standard for treating emotional illness is those who fight for the world.”

If there is not even such a standard, people all over the world will catch Yahweh’s ankles.

“But we are the priests of Lamie. Helping you is like denying your faith.”

“There is no need to deny it. I just suppressed Rukia-san’s emotional illness.”

“You broke your standards! If you save Rukia, you must save the others too! But it can’t be. The whole world will criticize you!”

“Then you can take the blame.”

Glenn’s expression darkened.

“The important thing is to produce better results, not to follow my rules. I am not doing this to be loved or recognized by someone. I just… …

one thing you want

“I want everyone to be happy.” A moment of silence passed.

Sado was watching Sirone with a reverent expression, and Glenn lowered his head.


A hand came up on his shoulder.

When I turned my head, I saw Rukia smiling, supported by Ares.

That expression was telling.


Glenn looked back at Sirone and said.

“It seems that you have lost your reason in your haste. give me a chance to explain me and rukia


“I know. There were two articles in the official newspaper of the Vatican. I heard he was excommunicated.”

Rukia said.

“Me and Glenn are in love. However, in order to become a senior priest, you must abide by the doctrine of golden marriage. High Priest Maximus rebuked me. Break up with Glenn. I got angry, and then I stopped… …

she raised her left hand.

“The new ability has been activated.”


Glenn explained.

“Rukia has a powerful ability that is unmatched even in the Holy See. That’s why the high priest hated me. Rukia’s future is ruined because of me.”


“It’s not that I’m resentful. Because my country would have been like that too. Anyway, Rukia has amazing abilities. She is called the right hand of God.”

Rukia approached Sirone.

“I will show you.”

Frizzy and Argan tried to approach, but Sirone stopped them.

“are you okay. I want to know too.”

“My right hand… … As Rukia gently gripped Shirone’s wrist, his entire body drained of strength.


Rukia supported Sirone’s back and laid her on the floor.

“It relaxes all living things to their limit.”

There was no restraint.

‘Feeling pleasantly exhausted. Even my fingers don’t move, but there’s no anxiety.’

“So far, no one has been able to get out of this state. Among them were yakshas and van yas.”

It was definitely powerful.

“But you might be able to get out.”

After thinking for a moment, Sirone raised her hand, and Glenn’s eyes widened.

“Uh, how?”

Rukia said as she raised Sirone up.

“Scholars say eating out of the rules, but Lamigyo calls this phenomenon a miracle.”

Both were areas of faith.

“I can touch the heart of a subject. It feels like water. It’s decided there. Unlike the mind, the mind has no barriers, so the mind itself must be strong in order to defeat the right hand of God.”

Rukia was bitter.

“The moment I grabbed your wrist, I honestly felt dizzy. It felt like being submerged in the sea rather than touching the water.”

I felt the heart of Yahweh.

“I have edified many wicked people with this ability. But maybe I had a bad heart, and while I was being scolded by Archpriest Maximus, I awakened a new ability.”

Rukia raised her other hand.

“The Devil’s Left Hand.”

The reason why the priest of Lamie religion dared to name it devil was because it was the truth.

“A creature that touches my left hand twists and crumples itself. I quickly let go of his hand, but Father Maximus broke his elbow.”

“… … Awesome.”

Rukia nodded at the honest answer.

“is it so. The strength of the ability is comparable to that of a god’s right hand. I will not deny the name Devil. I’m ashamed of myself, and I’m sick of it… …

“Because it’s that kind of ability.”

“yes. Like eating out, miracles are also a function of the mind. I was excommunicated in return, but I’m sure. If I can subdue this demon in my left hand, it will prove my faith.”

It was such a story.

“Yahweh, no, Mr. Sirone. I see that your beliefs are different, but your heart is no different from mine. So please… …

She slightly bowed her head.

“Please take me to the Pyramid of Truth.”

Ares’ beard trailed the corners of his mouth, and Glenn murmured, averting his gaze.

“… … It will be helpful enough.” After exchanging glances with Canis, Arin, and Zulu, Sirone nodded and said,


Jive Kingdom.

Two days before the holy war, rulers from all over the world were arriving one after another.

“Tomorrow is the eve.”

The person sitting on the throne was a large man in his mid-thirties with a handsome beard.

Steel King Gis.

He was the man who purged King Mayer and became the king of Jive through elections.

“It’s also the day I become the king of the world.”

Jive’s annual gross domestic product was 3,224 trillion gold, of which the defense budget was 44 trillion gold.

The number of certified first-class magicians was nine, and it was also the country that produced Nane, the Buddha of the era.

“hey! king!”

The door opened with a bang and an archangel taller than a human entered.

It was the archangel of disintegration, Satiel.

“How long are you going to wait?

what. I want to disintegrate Ikael quickly.”

There was a gentle ripple in Geese’s eyes.

“Tomorrow you will be able to go outside. Think of it as putting up with it for revenge.”

“Hmph, I wasn’t negotiating with humans in the first place. Even my angels can do it.”

“If you destroy the object, you cannot destroy what is contained within it. Trust me. Ikael will probably shed tears of blood.”

The only thing Ikael can’t stand is that Sirone fall into the abyss.

It was something only humans could do, and it was the reason Satiel joined hands with Jive.

‘Things are going well.’

The reason why the temple was opened in Jive was because the existing Three Emperors readily approved it.

‘There must be some intelligence of my own. But will it change if I say no? Angels don’t break contracts.’

It was already Jive’s power.

“Your Highness, the participating nations are arriving. Currently, Tormia, Kashan and Corona have crossed the border.”


The feeling of being at the center of the world wasn’t bad, and Gis stood up.

“good. Shall we go meet you?”

“Entrance! Tormia Kingdom!”

Tormia’s envoys rode horses into Jive’s huge outer gate.

Sirone was next to King Pony, and the guard ‘Kangshin’ built a defensive wall beyond it.

Guard Captain Ogent Lai gave the order.

“Beware of sniping. If you see anything suspicious, respond immediately. I am responsible for the outcome.”


While the men looked around fiercely, they heard the old man’s voice from the side.

“The new captain is very spirited.”

Tormia’s think tank, the head of the dragon mine, a mercodine albino, was smiling.

“Don’t lose your strength from the beginning. All the countries of the holy war are at war. You walk on a tightrope and don’t push the person in front of you.”

Rai didn’t waver.

“Tormia is a relatively weak country. It’s not strange no matter what happens. Do not worry. You will never run out of strength.”

“You are strong.”

The annual gross domestic product of the Kingdom of Tormia was 1,700 trillion, of which the defense budget was 24 trillion gold.

There are three certified first-class wizards.

However, there is Yahweh, the philanthropy of the era, the polar labyrinth of the era, and the technology of the elemental bomb was also monopolized.

‘It’s a map country.’

The albino smiled as he gazed over the guards, his face distorted grotesquely.

‘Hehehe, isn’t this a worthwhile gamble?’

Meanwhile, Sirone saw the procession of Corona Kingdom passing by in the open front.

The residents of the Ivory Tower were herded in large numbers, and the faces of the stars were visible among them.

‘Miss Minerva is nowhere to be seen. Is it because they don’t have enough energy to stop Baal? or not… …

Are you trying to keep Thing in check?


Lufist came with Fleur and Dante.

“What about Gaold?”

If Miro and Gaold joined Tormia, the charter itself would change.

“I am not connecting. Let’s wait a little longer. If I were dead, I wouldn’t be here either.”

“… … Right.”

Sirone looked back.

Behind the official’s procession were the troops, and beyond them the tongs.

Reina, a court musician, leads the group as a representative, and Cayden can be seen next to Maya.

‘Where did Mr. Kuan go? Is it in the teacher’s row?’

Among the teachers attending the Future of Humanity Forum was Shiina.

‘I wouldn’t have gone to meet him because of his personality. Well, maybe it’s next to me.’

The polarity of asymmetry was so outstanding.

Contrary to Sirone’s thoughts, Quan escaped the Tormia procession and was high in the sky.

What caught my eye was the procession of the Kashan Empire, the Fengzhang guarding Uolin.

‘I’m going to get my ankle.’

Guards commander Kido twitched his eyebrows.

“I’ve been annoyed since before. It looks like someone is watching from above. Shall I pull you down?”

In the midst of Fengzhang’s silence, Wu Lin spoke.

“Leave it. You won’t catch it anyway.”

“You openly ignore me now, so why did you order the captain of the guards?”

“Ho-ho-ho! Because I’m bored. I think there will be a lot of stress in this temple.”

Gando said as Kido widened his eyes.

“The Empress, over there.”

Tormia, Corona, and Kashan collided in the huge plaza entering the castle.

‘Who enters first.’

King Woodlai of Corona said.

“Heh heh, that’s embarrassing. Why don’t we put aside our exhausting ego fights and enter in the order we arrive?”

Corona was about 5 seconds faster.

Uorin smiled and turned her head away.

“Still, since it is a temple, shouldn’t there be courtesy for all officers? Kashan will go first.”

“All courtesy.”

The corners of Woodlai’s mouth went up.

“Of course, Corona is the first temple. However, I believe that the Empress of Kashan knows better than anyone that it is not because the national power is weak.”

“is that so? I do not know. Has there ever been a country stronger than Kashan?”

“Chuck! That’s good! If the princess of the fallen empire is hurting her pride, I’ll make you happy.”

At that moment, smoke rose from behind Uorin, and everyone’s hearts sank.

“What, what?”

How could I not have noticed?

The man sitting behind Uorin was sucking on a long asker of the drug.


Sirone’s eyes lit up.


It was Gustav Havitz.

continues in the next volume

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