Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1096

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Last Crusade (3)

‘Come to think of it… …

Sirone remembered the fact that Ares’ job was an explorer, and soon agreed.

‘They said they were making maps.’

Ares said.

“Wherever I go, I hear about you. How are you with Amy? How are you?”

“You didn’t go to your parents’ house?”

“haha! It happened because I lived. Sometimes I send letters but never get a reply.”

Ares looked happy, and that was the free-spirited family of Karmis.

“by the way… …

After the happy reunion, he was conscious of the gazes around him and whispered in his ear.

“Let’s go to a quiet place for now. Are you trying to enter the Pyramid of Jin Lee? Talk to me.”

Though the idea of ​​a dangerous mission did not change, it was good to keep track of Ares’ recent situation.

“Shall we have a meal then?”

“good. my team is waiting I’ll introduce you, so take a good look. They are all capable guys.”

Sirone was not swayed by the words that subtly induced the atmosphere with an interview.

Ares asked while heading to the teammates’ location.

“How are you been?”

I knew who it was without even asking.

Stang National School of Magic.

At sunset, the last training session was over.

“ha. ha.”

The Wizard exhaled heavily, but his expression was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

‘I did it.’

Everything Sirone could teach him, literally, was the essence of Sirone.

“Congratulations, Wizard.”

The teachers applauded, and Sirone and Amy, who were watching the drill, walked away.

The reason why I couldn’t just laugh was because her first actual battle was too harsh.

‘Can I do it?’


‘Even if you are the worst human being in the universe, it is not easy to kill someone. You have to think independently of your skills. If the wizard hesitates even for a moment… …

Harvitz was not going to miss that opportunity.


The Wizard looked up at Sirone with clear eyes.

‘It’s nice eyes.’

His clear and clear eyes seemed to be unable to kill anyone, not even a single bug.

‘But that’s why it’s possible.’

Although he had no intention of glorifying it, the Wizard’s accident went beyond the scope of murder.

‘There is no resentment towards Havitz, no special purpose or will. A purity that transcends humanity.’

That’s why you can see through the vanishing.

‘It’s like a natural phenomenon. No, the spirit is already nature. To describe the Wizard… …

Should I say Good Havitz?

The deep meaning of those words weighed on my heart.

‘The only natural enemy. This is the only way.’

She now knows how to feel just by looking at Sirone’s eyes, and said with a smile.

“Everything is ready.”

“okay. let’s go.”

Zivero, where the temple assembly is held.

“Get some rest today. I will leave the Kingdom of Stang tomorrow. I will follow you too.”

“yes. Thank you so much.”

Seeing the wizard walking away, Sirone sighed, and Amy shrugged her shoulders.

“You did your best. Let’s believe.”

“It should be.”

Sirone’s eyes became vague for a moment, and he turned his head as if he had suddenly remembered.

“Oh, by the way, did you hear about Mr. Ares?”

“huh? my brother? no, i didn’t hear Why all of a sudden’?”

“that is… … In fact, he’s with me right now. in the Kingdom of Paras. They must be trying to investigate the pyramids.”

Amy, who was blinking with a blank expression, suddenly frowned.

“This idiot… …

Then he tugged at Sirone’s ear and shouted.

“hey! If the limbs are alive and well, you won’t have to come home at least once! Do you know how worried Mom and Dad are?”


Sirone squinted one eye, but Amy was half lost.

“Dead or alive, no news! All I sent was a bloody picture and I really…

“Stop, stop!”

Sirone grumbled as he rubbed his earlobes.

“Because I don’t do that. This… …

But the moment I saw the tears in Amy’s eyes, I couldn’t say anything.


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“I thought you were really dead… …

Sirone hugged Amy and rubbed her back.

“are you okay. How are you?”

Wizard turned around at the training ground entrance

had been watching it for a long time.

Nagnak Oasis.

“I think you should contact me when this work is over. I am very worried.”

Ares smiled sadly.

“… … Is that so?”

If you love your job too much, you may end up hurting the people you love.


Hearing the gruff voice, Sirone looked ahead.

Three people who seemed to be Ares’ teammates were making puzzled faces.

Sirone recognized one of them.

‘Great swordsman Yufra.’

Except for growing a gray beard, he was almost identical to the youth recorded in the Omega.

‘Master of the twin swords. A warlike personality.’

He must have already passed his 60s, but it seemed like he was still active.

The other two looked like a couple, about their late twenties, and dressed in priestly clothes.

the woman asked.

“Ares, who are these people?” Ares smiled broadly as if he had never done that before and introduced Sirone.

“Aryan Sirone. He’s Amy’s boyfriend.”

That was all of the introduction, but there were few people in the world who didn’t know Sirone.


“nice to see you. I am… …

Sirone, who was about to shake hands, saw that the priests’ foreheads were slightly wrinkled.

‘It’s Rami Gyo.’

If you were reluctant to hear the word Yahweh, there were only Lamians who believed in one God.

The man turned to Ares.

“What happened?” It was to ask why they were brought here even though they knew the relationship between Lamie and Yahweh.

Ares scratched his head.

“No, that… …

If it was a different job, I wouldn’t have to introduce myself, but this time it was different.

“I was rejected by the government office. I even showed you the minister’s certificate, but it was of no use.”

The woman raised one eyebrow.

“What do you mean? How much lobbying in the Holy See… … No, I got it through persuasion.”

Looking at Sirone, she continued.

“Give me this. I will come.”

“You don’t have to. No matter what I say, I won’t listen. Once the king has changed Besides, there are rumors that this time the king is not at the top. the man asked.

“so. What does that have to do with bringing Yahweh? Is this person allowed to enter?”

“That’s right.”


“I have a pass directly approved by the king. If this is the case, we are also free passes.”

Sirone intervened.

“I never said I would accompany you?”

While the priests’ expressions became serious, Ares shoved Sirone’s back and said.

“now! So, let’s eat, Bob.”

Ares, who was taking Sirone and the others, looked back at the priest and the others and winked.

the woman asked.

“… … What are you going to do?”

“Let’s go. The Pope is also expecting a lot from this expedition.”

If there is anything in the outside world, it must be the only God that La Migyo believes in.

The 10 people gathered in the restaurant sat side by side with a long table in between.

When Ares introduced himself, Kanis and Arin made surprised faces.

‘That person is Ares. I didn’t know because of the beard, but now I see that her eyes resemble Amy’s.’

Although archeology and cartography are different disciplines, they are broadly the same domain.

“The two priests here, as you can guess, are the priests of Lamie.”

The man’s name was Glenn, and the woman’s name was Lucia.

“You know that the Holy See is divided into two departments, right? The Diocesan Administration and the Holy Knights Office.”

“Ah yes.”

There are paladins in the Holy Knights Office.

“Glen and Rukia work for the parish office. Both of them are supreme priests.”

The priest’s faith is the same as the magician’s mental strength, so he guessed the meaning.

‘Well, if it was a mission to investigate a super ancient civilization, the Vatican wouldn’t have sent anyone.’

Next, great swordsman Yufra was introduced, and then it was Sirone’s turn. Glenn and Rukia listened calmly, but their expressions changed when the 12 apostles appeared.


A few days ago, I saw that the oasis was filled with Bingryong and Kiryong’s breath.

Although he was polymorphed now, the horror of that time still remained in his body.

Ares coughed.

“Then, since you made a full statement, shall we listen until the food is served? How did you get the king’s approval? From what I’ve heard, they say that I’m an eccentric and a nerd.”

“I got help from Mr. Zulu.” When Sirone spoke of what had happened, Ares and the others nodded in agreement.

“Hmm, you stayed quite a long time. I’m glad I got the permit, too. That’s why… …

Ares pointed at himself with his thumb.

“Please join us.”

“No.” Perhaps not knowing that they would be rejected at once, Ares put on a dazed expression, and Glenn and Rukia narrowed their eyes.

“sorry. I want to help, but this is really dangerous.”

“How do you know?” Glenn asked.

“Even the Vatican has eyes and ears. A super ancient civilization is a place related to the outside world, but no one knows what kind of place it is.” Sirone knew.

“Shall I tell you? Yahweh, you just don’t like the Lamies investigating the Pyramid of Truth. If the existence of God is proven there, Yahweh will become a pseudonym.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“But why not! Do you think we, who are called the best priests in the Vatican, will give up because we are dangerous? Ares and Mr. Youfra here are stronger than the friends sitting next to you?”

Canis was hot.

“What is it?”

“Kanis, bear with it for now.”

Arin stopped, but Canis’s shadow was already stretching beyond her back.

‘A magical creature.’

As long arms came out from both sides of the shadow, Yufra finally revealed his intention to live.

Ares held out both hands.

“what? What’s the mood like? He’s my sister’s boyfriend. Everyone decides for now.”

Sirone didn’t want to fight either.

“This has no meaning. I received it while passing through. Building a team is also my responsibility.”

Glenn didn’t lose either.

“It is our right to investigate the existence of God. If we can’t get in, you can’t either.”

said Canis.

“Sirone, let’s just accept it. Did you say Glenn? Would the god you believe in steal someone else’s pass?”

Glenn’s face turned red.

“Don’t take God’s name anywhere! This is my personal fight!”

“Haha, are you an individual at this time? Well, you guys… …

“stop it!”

Rukia jumped up and shouted.

“No more blasphemy! It’s because of me that Glenn is doing this. Glenn, let’s give up.”

“No, it can’t be. I will go to the Pyramid of Truth at all costs.”

said Canis.

“Then get a pass and bring it.”

Ignoring the sarcasm, Glenn glared Sirone straight in the eye.

“Let’s decide here. You and I, who are the right people to explore God.”

“To be clear, I refuse. I don’t want to fight anyone. Ares, I’m sorry.”

It was Glenn who ruined the mood, so Ares had nothing to say this time.

“We will stop.”

As Sirone was about to leave, Glenn jumped at her, raising her eyes terribly.

“Wait a minute!”

“Glen! please… … Huh!”

Rukia, who was standing up to stop her lover, suddenly grabbed her chest and fell to the floor.


“iced coffee! iced coffee!”

His whole body shuddered with the excruciating pain, and the veins along his neck rose up to his cheeks.

“Lucia! Wake! Be patient! Rukia!”

Sirone noticed immediately.

“Emotional disease.”

A disease created by the devil was brought to the Holy See by the winds of the continent.

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