Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1095

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Last Crusade (2)

As if a lens was covered over the continent, the heat of the desert was increasing day by day.

“It’s awful.”

Canis covered the sun with her palm.

Even the oasis was completely dried up due to the explosion of Marvas, the commander of the 5th Corps.

Sirone said.

“Fridge and Argan are restoring Oasis in each city. Even if I did, I couldn’t even go 3 days… …

Zulu pointed to the horizon.

“I’m waiting.”

It was a huge oasis that shimmered like a mirage.

“Naganak. It means the Holy Grail of God. It is a royal decree directly managed by the Kingdom of Paras.”

Arin stuck out his tongue.

“It is water.”

Of course, you can make water with magic, but drinking an oasis with your eyes was refreshing.

said Canis.

“A 6km radius around the Pyramid of Truth is an access control zone. So pilgrims, travelers and explorers all congregate at Nagnak. In short, it is the closest point accessible to ordinary people.”

Sirone took out the entry permit.

“They said if you go to Nagnak’s National Treasure Department and turn in this, the soldiers will guide you.”

During our conversation, we arrived at Nagnak.

It was the size of about 200 households living together, and there were a lot of people from out of town.

“wow?… ”

As the cold wind blew, Arin took off his cloak and dried his sweat.

“Canis, look over there. The oasis did not dry out. It didn’t rain while he was staying in the royal castle.”


Just as Sirone was about to explain, two familiar apostles walked from inside the village.

It was the Bingryong Frieji and the Machine Dragon Argan.

“It’s a dragon.”

As Arin spoke of what he saw with menarche, Canis’ shadow grew sharply.

Fridge has arrived.

“I have been waiting for you, Messiah.” Her silver hair, cold appearance, and never showing emotion were the same in front of Sirone.

“Does Oasis last long?” The dragon Argan said.

“I worked on it three days ago using Breath. I was going to go on tour to another town, but I got a message from Kira and I’m waiting in a polymorph state.”

Kira was a 1-star resident of the Unified Space Management Department and a master of undead magic.

“By the way, what about Kira?”

“I was supposed to wait with us, but I got an urgent telegram from the Ivory Tower and was dispatched.”

“A telegram?”

Sirone raised one eyebrow.

Stang Kingdom.

When Sirone called, a flash of light flew through the sky and landed in front of him.

“Did you call?”

It was Lampa, a 3-star resident of the Ivory Tower and an authority on information magic.

“I heard that Kira from Paras Kingdom received an urgent telegram and left. What happened?”

Except for special cases, all work was reported to Oh Dae-seong.

“that is… …

Upon hearing the explanation, Sirone’s expression became serious.

“It finally showed up.”

“yes. The army of Hell, led by Baal, the 1st Corps Commander, is fighting the Kingdom of Corona. The charter is Bing Bing. All the stars except Sirone have been summoned to the Ivory Tower.”

“The Corona Kingdom is not weak. What Taeseong is concerned about is… … Is it the Demon Realm?”

Lampa nodded.

“Deadly Cross. Baal, more precisely, Habitz intends to break the ivory tower.”

“But they still haven’t opened the Pandemonium. There is a deeper ulterior motive than that.”

“You must have the temple in mind. Because Corona also participates. It is to hold the ivory tower hostage and gain an advantage in negotiations.”

My bones were already sore.

“But why didn’t you call me? A simultaneous incident would suffice.”

Rampa spoke with difficulty.

“This is what Taeseong ordered. The reason is unfathomable, but the people of the ivory tower

The crisis is also a bit different than before.” “Freed-sama and Amanta-sama. The System Supervision Department and the Balance Department have lost their five major characteristics. Losing 10 stars in the Ivory Tower as a whole is a huge loss. Right now, we have no choice but to absorb and integrate, and Sing-nim is at the center of it.”


The Five Great Stars of the Ministry of Law.

“Sing-nim’s view of the world is different from Sirone-nim’s. It hasn’t surfaced yet, but the stars and inhabitants of the Ivory Tower must be making their own decisions in their hearts. Although Minerva keeps the banner of Yahweh, it is estimated that there are a significant number of people who follow Sing-nim’s point of view.”

“I am surprised.”

It wasn’t conceit.

‘We shared a lot of sympathy. I believed that we understood each other even if we didn’t achieve it.’

Why did you suddenly change your mind?

“The atmosphere is not good. It is necessary to hold a large convocation, but the temple is like that, and the charter of Corona is fierce… … . For now, it seems that Taeseong only blocked Sirone-sama’s summons.”

“Is it that serious? Of course, Mr. Singh is a strong man, but I have done something in the Ivory Tower.”

“That is… …

The wrinkles on Lampa’s forehead deepened.


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“Sing-nim approved the Taiji Law. It seems that this fact shocked the stars and residents.”


Two people came to mind in Sirone’s mind.

“Yin-ji and Yang-ji.”

Ivory Tower.

Two identical twin sisters entered Sing’s room.

“Did you call?”

yin and yang.

It wasn’t hard to tell them apart as an Ivory Tower 4-star resident, with a completely different atmosphere.

“okay. What is the Corona situation?”

Yangji answered.

“Nothing. Although Baal’s armies are the mightiest elite in Hell, I can wipe them out. Please send us away right now.”

umji said.

“Until the stars all gather, we must be cautious. First of all, solidarity within the ivory tower… …

Yangji intercepted the words.

“Using our Taegeuk, Singnim’s law is absolutely fulfilled. let’s just go I’ll wipe out the demon army and rip off Baal’s d!ck.”

“A jawless sound.”

The sound was spat out.

“When Baal dies, Havitz comes. When one dies in Taegeuk, it leads to the annihilation of the Ivory Tower. Demons will take over the world. They will torture humans, and we will be captured by them… …

she trembled.

“All sorts of things will happen. I won’t kill you easily. You will scream, struggle, and end your life. In the end, only pain. It’s done. This world is doomed!”

Yangji shouted.

“I’m not screwed! We have 8 stars as the law of Taiji. No five major stars are higher than us! Ah, Mr. Singh, I’m sorry. I didn’t say it with the intention of hurting you.”

“Then what do you do! You are human after all! They are no different from worms in the ground. Creatures are insignificant! You can never, never defeat Satan!”

“Because I want to hear this… … Thing stopped talking.


The expressions of the yin and yang were initialized at the same time, and they stood side by side again like twins.

“I know what you guys are thinking. But I won’t make any choice. The first step is to make the residents of the Ivory Tower on my side. Start there.”

Yinji asked.

“I’m sorry, but why are you splitting up? I thought Sing-nim liked Sirone-nim.”

Thing’s eyes darkened.

“I don’t trust anyone. The reason I accepted you was to carry out my will. Deliver my will to the stars of the System Inspection Department. The two of you will be fine.”

When Yin-Ji and Yang-Ji left the room, Sing turned to the window overlooking the atmosphere.


In terms of likes and dislikes, it was definitely a good.

“Understand me.”

Nagnak Oasis.

Regardless of the situation in the Ivory Tower, Sirone focused on what she had to do in Paras.

Simultaneous events were his own sense, and sharing them only disturbed everyone.

“Then, let’s go.”

The party headed to the government office in the center of the village.

It was the only stone house, and the staff and pilgrims were fighting over a table.

“You don’t mean to go inside! You can’t even see the pyramids from here!”

“It is the name of the king. In the past two months, the number of people visiting this place has increased tenfold. Go back.”

“Then send your family at least! I’ll be right back as soon as I fix my emotional illness… …

“This person is real! Do you know how many people I deal with every day who talk like you? This is not even a hospital! Go back before the guards are called!”

Sirone saw the sculpture carved into the wall of the building.

‘The Pyramid of Truth.’

The image of a large pupil floating on top of the pyramid was embossed.

‘All eyes.’

Did ancient people know the eyes of the outside world?

‘Super ancient civilizations are not recorded in Omega. Otherwise, all data will be lost. but… …

The fact that ancient people came and went to the Pyramid of Truth could be known from the symbol.

Waiting for her turn, Sirone went to the table with the pass given to her by the king himself.

“hello. Pyramid of Truth “Ha.”

The staff let out a sigh.

“Hey, wouldn’t you have heard if you had ears? How many times have I made you say it! Are you making fun of people for working in the middle of the desert!”

“No, not that… …

As Sirone handed out the pass, someone at the end of the table shouted.

“What are you talking about? I got permission 4 months ago! To the Minister of Land Management!”

“That was four months ago. Do you not know the world situation? The king’s name has changed, but what use is this document?”

“Four months is a very tight time! Ruins exploration is no joke, manpower and equipment… …

“Ah, that’s all right. If it doesn’t work, it won’t work, so go back.”

The staff consulting with Sirone turned his head again and said with a sneer.

“Did you see? The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s medicine is not working. therefore… …

The eyes of the employee holding the pass with both hands and trying to hand it back suddenly opened wide.

“uh? this… …

The seal of Kitra, the king of Paras, was stamped in a large size in the middle of the pass.

“Excuse me!”

When the pale-faced employee jumped up and shouted, everyone turned around.

The explorer at the end also saw Sirone and the others, but soon turned his head to the staff.

“Anyway, if this is not approved, I will file a formal complaint with Paras Kingdom.

you… …

I heard the voice of the staff in charge of sirone.

“Come, come this way.”

The explorer suddenly realized that he was guiding the party until they left the table.

“excuse me! those people! You’re going to the Pyramid of Truth right now, right? How did this happen? A curfew?”

“What, what kind of small grain? To His Highness the King…

As if there was no need to listen, the explorer turned around and followed Sirone.

“Hey, you guys there! Wait a minute!” As Sirone turned around, the explorer, who had grown his beard to his chest, grabbed him by the shoulder and shook him.

“Did you guys lose your approval?”

“Ah, that… …

“tell me! No, take me! Our team has been preparing for a long time! It will definitely help.”

Since it was a dangerous mission, Sirone did not want to involve civilians as much as possible.

“sorry. We are separate… …

“If it’s money, I’ll pay! Is it because of emotional illness? Or an ancient artifact? don’t… … . yes’?”

The explorer, who had lost his mind halfway, changed his gaze and looked closely at Sirone.


Upon hearing the name, Sirone also made a blank expression when he saw the face hidden behind his beard.


At that moment, the explorer’s eyes glowed red.

“Hahahaha! Yes Sirone! You really are a sirone!”

“Mr. Ares?”

He was Amy’s second brother.

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