Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1093

What is God (4)

operator’s conference room.

“It is over.”

The episode ‘Dr. Martin’s Counterattack’ ended with an unprecedented victory for users.

said the black circle mark.

“It was a pretty good episode. I’m talking about you.”

Number Seven’s screen, which had been disconnected until now, was lit up.

It was Uorin’s order.

“Sheesh! So what? You can do whatever you want. Either revoke the operator’s authority.”

Smile Mark said.

“Can I say it so easily? High gear almost ended because of you.”

“know! So ask! What to do? I’ll hand over my entire stake in Undercoder! Is that okay?”

Lollipop Mark said.

“Isn’t it the order to apologize first?”

“Do you know who does this because he doesn’t want to? I just want to take responsibility. It’s dog hair anyway, and when I get out of here, there’s a knife hanging from my neck. I told you to shave it all and come back, so you guys use your creativity and stir it up as much as you can. Because I don’t want to think about high gear again.”

You can’t turn back time, and there are limits to punishing someone in high gear.

The gear mark thought.

‘But that’s the charm of undercoders. We all came here because we were attracted to that freedom.’

Yo Mark said.

“it’s okay. just turn it off What are you doing here? Anyway, we, the normal people, clean up the shit that a guy like you cheapened. Live like that for the rest of your life and die.” Number Seven’s chest was on fire, but because he had committed something, he gnashed his teeth and answered.

“You said you would take responsibility.”

“Then how are you going to take responsibility! What are you doing by asking us something you don’t even know? You shouldn’t have done anything stupid in the first place! Do you think anything will happen to me if I give you an armband?”

“ah! really!”

Number Seven shouted.

“I’ll eat as many swear words as I like, but let’s talk right! Are you saying I’m wearing an armband? I couldn’t help it either!”

“What are you doing well!”

“Why can’t I shout out loud! Who here has worked like a dog like me? High Gear Creature? All I was fair! After seeing that ridiculous draft that the operator handed over, the physics engine ran tens of thousands of times!”

If I could go back in time, I wanted to go back to when I hadn’t met the operator.

“But what did she do to me? She flirts with strangers, and that’s not enough… …

The words were cut off.

The vacancy’s screen flickered and a system message appeared on their screens.

-Operator The operator has entered.

As the mark symbolizing high gear blinked, Number Seven’s heart sank.


The best designer who was all about high gear.

“Number seven.”

It was a cold voice.

“What, what?”

“I apologize.”

“… … sorry.”

Let’s spit it out like that for now

Something I wanted to protect until now collapsed.

“Sorry. I got a fever when I saw you hanging out with a guy called Yahweh, so I wanted to destroy everything. I’m a guy like this you know? It’s narrow-minded, and it’s trash that only I know about.”

The meeting room was silent.

“What Yoga said is right. I ruined it all. You have no right to be angry. Swear at will until the anger is relieved. Whatever you say, I will take it.”

the operator said.

“It’s not a light enough matter to be responsible for that much. Do you know how you hurt me?”

“know. How can I do it? you

I will do whatever you ask me to do. tell me To be honest, I don’t even know.”

After thinking for a moment, she opened her mouth.

“Let’s see.”


“Let’s meet outside. Same goes for other operators. It’s the first true mother. I have something special to tell you.”

Lollipop Mark said.

“wow! It’s gonna be fun!”

Everyone else was silent, and their silence was filled with fear.

“excuse me… … I guess that’s a bit.”

“It’s okay if people who can’t come out don’t come out. There must be some non-humans, and it would be difficult if all operators were left behind. But number seven, you must come out unconditionally. That is my condition.”

Number Seven said in a trembling voice.

“Sir, I hate it.”

“Can I say that? I heard you die if you don’t come out with unanimous approval?”

“I’d rather die! With what kind of mug do I meet you? No, I hate leaving that out.”

“okay? Then the meeting is over. I must say that I have not forgiven Number Seven.”

Number Seven cried.

“hey! Really just look at it once. The people out there are really scary people. I’ll do anything other than that. huh?”

“Give me three seconds.”

“ah… …

Number Seven’s groans continued.

Gold Headquarters.

On the bed in the recovery room, Sirone woke up.

I saw a white ceiling. When I slowly got up, over 200 beds were empty and Fermi was nowhere to be seen.

‘There’s no sister Marsha.’

The texture of the air that came in while breathing seemed to tell me where this place was.

‘I’m back.’

It’s probably been a day, but I’ve been through a lot in high gear.

Even so… … It was a night’s dream.


While I was reminiscing about my events in the outside world, the door opened and Fermi entered.

Sirone frowned.

‘We took medicine together, but why is that guy waking up first? Anyway, it makes me feel bad.’

Fermi said with a smile.

“I can see your expression. Why don’t you pull up the duvet? I won’t eat you, so follow me. I have to settle.”

Cyrone stuck her tongue out on Fermi’s back, got out of bed, and adjusted her bodily sensations.

“Who is Marsha?”

“Looks like you woke up four hours ago. Everyone went out for a drink now. I won’t be back today.”

“Can I? Drinking straight away.”

“People live to give pleasure to the brain. There may be people whose job it is to save humanity, but there are also people who live to drink.” There was bone in his words, but Sirone ignored it.

Fermi offered a seat on the top floor of the Golden Ring, where Sirone had been to several times.

“sit down.”

I didn’t know the meaning of settlement.

“You must have made a deal with Urin too, right?”

On the condition of sharing what he gained from High Gear, the golden ring gave full support.

“I’m just getting my share of information. I think I am free to use it however I want.”

“Who said what? You just asked if you made a deal with Wu Lin. It’s not like being stabbed and getting angry.”

Fermi twisted his lips.

‘Anyway, it doesn’t suit me.’

There was a reason why they clashed since school days.

‘It’s straightforward and the head is good. I know it’s information that can shake me.’

It would be ridiculous to say that he was paid for teasing me in the recovery room, but he was definitely like that.

‘Anyway, it looks like the settlement will be done properly. Well, that’s why I’m making a deal.’

Fermi nodded.

“It’s not the same proportion. Think about it, what the queen can do for me.”


Fermi and Wu Lin were influential figures in the world.

‘Pony has to deal with these people in the temple. Of course, there’s Mr. Lufist… …

From Sirone’s point of view, fighting for humanity, all talented people were trading targets.

“I went to the outside world.”

It was a story that had been told countless times in the world of cowardice, so the explanation progressed quickly.

Fermi’s face, which had been smiling like Jeongsan, hardened towards the end of his speech.

“… … That’s how it happened.”

After a while, Fermi’s mouth opened.

“It’s shocking.”

Showing emotion meant that my head was still full of thoughts.

“So, after all, the two universes are fighting. The divine universe and the human universe.”

“It is not a fight. It’s completely eaten.”

Fermi conceded.

“Well, there’s no fighting in the first place. Because their will works for us as a result. Also, in order to maintain its status, this universe becomes a multiverse.”

“It doesn’t make sense to see it that way. In a word, the whole universe is a signal sent from the outside world. A structure in which the infinite multiverse permeates through cowardice.”

“Because it’s the same signal, your senses didn’t go away even in the world of high gear and worked the same way.”

“That’s it.”

Fermi shook his head.

“But is it possible? In the world outside of High Gear, you could be mistaken. In other words, it means that even the mind was processed as a signal. In addition to the infinite universe, to calculate all of them, what kind of technology was a problem.

“Reversal of cause and effect.”

“that’s right. I don’t care if it’s possible or not. No matter what we dream of or what this universe wants to achieve, the final result of reaching it is… …

Sirone pointed to the side.

“It’s been there from the beginning in the negative universe.”

“… … Are you a god?”

The moment Fermi understood perfectly in his head, he could imagine God for the first time.

“What are you going to do now?”

It was not the time to be sentimental.

“You have to find out. outside world. You must have felt it in high gear, but that is the key to Ultima.”

A paradox that can cause trouble because it is a world of emptiness.

“okay. My simultaneous case is staying in the Kingdom of Paras. With the king’s approval, we’ll explore the ancient ruins. They say it’s a giant pyramid.”

“You mean the place where the signal came from the outside world. Are you okay? If God is the result, as you reasoned, then no matter how hard you try, you won’t stand a chance.”

“Not necessarily.”

As Fermi narrowed his eyes, Sirone raised his head.

“Guppin wanted to be a god with a heart. And he shot a hexa into this universe. What could that mean?”

“… … Shot from the outside world.”

“That’s right. They said that they broke the perfect divine law and sent one heart. I don’t know how, but my existence proves it. That’s why I don’t give up. If I could come back from the outside world and speak hope… …

“Humanity is united by love.”

it was Yahweh

“For now, I need to focus on what I need. The operators of High Gear will be meeting tomorrow. I want to go too We will mine the Apocalypse with their help.”

It was the board that Wu Lin laid.

“Okay, that’s all sorted out. Just like the Empress, let’s not distinguish between friends and family, let’s look after each other. I leave the operator’s case to you. I’m going to make a mining plan with the parrot mercenary.”

Fermi hit the chair and got up.



When I turned my head, I saw Sirone, who was still sitting, with a serious expression on his face.

“why? Anything more to say?”

“Lost memories. I won’t ask about the deal. But shouldn’t I also know the reason for accepting it?”

Fermi smiled.

“Aha, do you want to hear that? You said you would tell me from the start. Anyway, the decision is yours… …

“I will trust you.”

The laughter is gone.

“I can’t judge. So I have no choice but to rely on your judgment. Why did I trade until I lost my memory, what would happen if I knew that?”

There was a silence that felt like it was long.

“Don’t be mistaken. I’m not your friend. do you believe in me I can think of thousands of ways to use you with that remark right now?”

“for me?”

Sirone did not give up.

“If you know, you have a chance to prepare. Now the secrets of the outside world have been revealed. How do you judge with all that in mind? Shouldn’t I still know?”

Fermi, who was staring straight into Sirone’s eyes, spat out as she walked to the door.


A voice was heard before the door closed.

“Trust me, fool.”

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